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The World Lost Its Humanity A Long Time Ago, Paris Was Just Another Reminder Of How Far We Have Fallen

me.jpg2I think that the world has never recovered from the USA’s dropping of an atomic bomb (nuclear weapon) on the civilians of Hiroshima and 3 days later having had time to reflect on the senseless loss of life that their actions had caused, returned with their bombers and dropped another atomic bomb on the civilians of Nagasaki and got away with it.  I think that mankind allowing the USA to get away with the murder of all of those innocent people set the tone for what was going to be considered acceptable civilian loss of life in war, or justifiable collateral damage when using the  excuse of self defense.  The lack of political will to punish the USA after World War 2 prepared the way for the final dark steps needed for man to take that would see the end of  mankind’s final slide down the slippery slope of man’s inhumanity to man that could end in his own  self annihilation. That not one American leader has ever faced a charge related to war crimes, or crimes against humanity has in my opinion set the tone and precedent for the horror we see today in Paris and all over the world.

The USA makes claims to be sorry for their actions, but since they dropped those bombs and got away with they have built up their arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and have used them as a threat to pressure and bend the world to their will.  The USA has put into action an arms race that I believe can only result in catastrophe and the end of life on this planet as we know it, literally.   All you hear in answer to why the use of such deadly force when talking to world leaders is, “We are just defending ourselves like the USA does.”

No sane person can condone the type of attack that the people of Paris, France was subjected to at the hands of ISIS. This was indeed a cowardly act meant to spread fear and I feel is in retaliation for the many deaths and vast destruction that the American led alliance is inflicting on them with their none stop bombing runs.  That so many innocent civilians were killed and seriously injured in the Paris attack was a sin before anyone’s God, but to pretend that it was unprovoked and was not in retaliation for what France is doing in Syria is a misrepresentation of the truth and moves the world no closer to finding a solution that does not include more senseless death.

   For France’s president to pretend that his country was not already at war with ISIS and make claims that the attacks on France was a declaration of war has me wondering a few things like,

  1. Just why France’s jets were bombing in Syria in the 1st place if France was not at war with ISIS.
  2. If France thought that conducting bombing runs over the sovereign territory of Syria without the permission of the Syrian government constituted an act of war against Syria and ISIS?
  3. How the president of France justifies bombing  Syria in an attempt to destroy ISIS is not an act of war against either, but an attack on its homeland by ISIS was?

I do not understand why everyone in the media, the government of France and the member states of the American led Western Alliance are shocked that France was attacked.  I guess I do not understand the depth of western arrogance that allows for the member states of the Western Alliance to continue to think that,

  1. No matter what atrocities we commit in times of war that we are still to be considered the civilised world and our enemy is somehow inferior to us and are to be considered the uncivilised ones.  I feel that it is this wrong vision of what is considered to be the actions of civilised nations that leads to the lack of respect and priority that is brought to bear when dealing with the concerns Muslims nations in a respectful way that could possibly avert and even stop what obviously certain factions within the Muslim world consider the only way they can get the west’s attention and show them what it feels like to be hunted and killed in your own country by those with no real authority and permission to be there.
  2. That we can control and manipulate war in such a fashion that we pick the battle field, we pick who dies and we pick what weapons that are to be used, even if our enemies do not have any of the weapons chosen.
  3. That only we who belong to the civilised world have the right to not only brag and gloat about hunting down and assassinating leaders of sovereign nations and those we feel are terrorists, but even the slightest acknowledgement of what is the driving force behind ISIS’s attacks that differs from that of the USA led coalition is considered suspect and treason and could get you arrested as a terrorist sympathizer or home grow radicalized person.

I am dismayed by what actions that France and the rest of the Western Alliance have threatened to take as a direct result of the Paris attack and what actions have not even been talked about such as,

  1. Talk about escalating the intensity and the merciless indiscriminate violence by France and the USA led coalition that up to now has done nothing to stop ISIS or terrorist attacks in the countries like France.
  2. Showing pictures of the dead, which only serve the escalation of Islamophobia in coalition member states. I find it ironic that when over 1,000 Palestinian children were killed by Israel in a couple of weeks not one picture went up telling of the loss of those children’s family, but instead came the reaffirming of Canada’s unconditional support of Israel and its right to defend itself.
  3. Zero talk about trying to find out what are the root causes of these types of attacks.
  4. Zero talk from now prime minister Trudeau about the need to find out the root causes that provide the environment for groups like ISIS to come into existence in the first place and what makes them so attractive that our own Canadian born youth are drawn to them and are so easily radicalized by them. I am saddened that he chose to spit out the same political rhetoric as the previous government instead of holding true to his  beliefs and convictions he publicly stated when he was in 3rd party leader in the House of Commons and not the yet prime minister with a majority status in the House of Commons.

Considering all that has led up to the Paris attack and all that has transpired after it I believe that both sides have learned nothing from all of the senseless deaths and are now poised to drag the entire world into the 3rd world war that I truly believe will either destroy the world to a point where all of this becomes moot and survival of the human race will become the people of the world’s only priority, or bring forth a new species to be the caretaker of the earth, one without the petty prejudices and need to feel superior that are doing such a lousy job at the present time.  I think that there is more at stake this time around than human values, religious freedoms and the right to self-determination.  What I think is at stake this time is man’s very existence and somehow I do not see man coming out of this in very good shape. Think about it the strongest most powerful nation in the world has placed itself above international law.  How far do I think the USA is prepared to go when it comes to war and getting what it wants? I do not have to guess, I just have to go back a short time in history and see how the USA responded to Japans attack on a USA military installation to see what lies ahead for the world, but in case you have forgotten let me refresh your memory of what this civilised nation proved that it is willing to do to win.

  • On August 6, 1945, during World War II (1939-45), an American B-29 bomber dropped the world’s first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The explosion wiped out 90 percent of the city and immediately killed 80,000 people; tens of thousands more would later die of radiation exposure. Three days later, a second B-29 dropped another A-bomb on Nagasaki, killing an estimated 40,000 people

   What will it take this time for them to launch such an attack on those they believe to be the uncivilised people of the world?

When the USA 1st decided to get involved in this quagmire of yet another never-ending war I remember Barrack Obama saying something to the effect that he knew that there would be no solution reached that would last using violence and yet there has been nothing else but violence by both sides and no meaningful attempts made to get both sides to the negotiating table. There have been talks without one side at the table as is par for the course when the Western Alliance is negotiating anything a regime change in a sovereign nation by military force as they did in Iraq. No country in the Western Alliance would allow for some other country to force a regime change on them no matter how justified the other country was in demanding it and yet the Western Alliance members states seem confused and angry that Syrian president refuses to step down and offer himself up to be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Will the USA offer up George W. Bush Jr. to face his war crimes and crimes against humanity? Will the USA force Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to resign and offer himself up to face the war crimes and crimes against humanity that he has committed and that he is still committing? I do not think so, but if the answer ever becomes yes then I might be inclined to say that they have a right to demand such a thing of another country’s leader in the interest of world order and justice.


  • We the “civilised people of the world” can always find a way to justify our heinous acts and have sought, expect and demanded forgiveness for them, or simply rewrote history to make ourselves the adventurous hero fighting to bring civilisation to the “savages, or the uncivilised people of the world; the fact that they did not want to be civilised did not matter much, because refusal of assimilation meant annihilation, ask the aboriginal peoples of North America, if you think that I lie.
  • Germany murdered 6 million innocent Jewish men, women and children in gas chambers and conducted scientific experiments on hundreds of thousands of others and blamed it on the Nazi’s as if they were another race of people.
  • Israel killed in one set of battles over 1,000 innocent Palestinian children, but insists that they are not to be blamed for defending themselves and all of the so called civilised countries of the world supported them and agreed.
  • Canada being the worst of these, declaring their unconditional support for Israel’s murdering of innocent children and intentional targeting places where civilians had trying to find safe haven like United Nations Hospitals which were clearly marked and all knew about. Civilised Canada further proved its unconditional support for Israel by trying to interfere with a case the Palestinians were trying to get heard before the world court in which the Palestinians were alleging that Israel was guilty of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity against them.  Canada fearing that if the case was accepted that indeed Israel stood a good chance of losing decided to interfere and get the Palestinians to withdraw their case on Israel’s behalf.   Civilised, law-abiding Canada did this by threatening to withdraw much-needed and depended financial and other humanitarian support given to the Palestinian’s if they continued with their case. In other words withdraw your case and forget that Israel killed over a 1,000 of your children and bombed hospitals or we will cut off your humanitarian aid. ” Bravo Canada?” Are these things mentioned above how civilised and law-abiding nations behave?

All this for me makes Paris look like nothing more than par for the course in a world that  lost its humanity  a long ago.


Some Members And Supporters Of The Western Alliance Seem To Be Still Asking Why Their Citizens Are Under Attack At Home And Abroad?

c557919c9244d4cb9576e67236544003What is up Canada?  There seems to be a lot of confusion within the governments and the people of the Western Alliance and their allies as to why they are being targeted by what they are describing as Islamic, Jihadi  terrorists by both home-grown and foreign, at home and abroad. That is all except for Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, seeking to look statesmanlike in an election year declared to anyone that still listens to him  and takes what  comes out of his mouth with any degree of  respect, or seriousness that:

  1. There is no difference between teens messing around in their basements and someone who is radicalized. Prime Minister Harper said, “It would be a serious offence no matter who you are.” “It doesn’t matter what the age of the person is, or whether they’re in a basement, or whether they’re in a mosque, To him  or somewhere else.”
  2. “We are being attacked by these Islamic Jihadi terrorist groups, simply because we are Canadian.”

Minister of Public Safety  and Preparedness Steven Blaney and Minister of Defense Rob Nicolson, keep changing the definition of what a Islamic Jihadi terrorist is.

  1. The latest definition of what a Islamic Jihadi terrorist is seems to be any Canadian citizen who for whatever reason commits an act of violence against the Canadian government, who has  declared publicly that they are an Islamic convert. Safety Minister Steven Blaney  referred to a man who was  a paranoid schizophrenic and who was suicidal, as being a Islamic Jihadi terrorist for no other reason than he stated publicly that he recently had converted to Islam.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, is walking away from his cabinet post and politics, but not before he was successful in insuring that Canada’s international reputation in several areas was totally destroyed, such as:

  1. Canada’s reputation as a peace keeper.
  2. Canada’s reputation as a country that adhered to international law.
  3. Canada’s reputation as a country where all  refugees regardless of religion, culture and ethnicity were welcomed with open arms.
  4. Canada’s reputation for helping other countries in times of disaster without looking for repayment in terms of trade deals, or the acquiring things like a country’s water and mineral rights.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, is walking away from his cabinet post and politics, after insuring that those who do not believe in the Western Alliance’s  way of governing a country; the Western Alliance’s religious beliefs; the Western Alliances culture,  know that Canada believes that the only other way to insure the world a long-lasting peace and the end to terrorism can only be achieved by:

  1. Canada’s supporting  and taking an active role in sanctions, embargos and blockades of one sort or another designed to totally decimate a perceived enemy’s economy.
  2. Canada’s participation in totally destroying the infrastructure of an enemy, through bombing and other means of military action
  3. Canada’s closure of embassies in Canada and abroad and by the  expulsion of certain diplomats from this country without provocation.
  4. Canada’s declaration that we are against the Palestinians taking Israel to the world court, for war crimes they feel that Israeli’s were guilty of perpetrating against them and that if they did not desist in such provocative action that Canada would consider withdrawing promised financial support to them.
  5. Proving that who do not believe as the Western Alliance does and refuse to convert willingly, will be forced to bow down, or be crushed by the Western Alliance’s military superiority.

The Western Alliance’s theory on what constitutes acceptable rules of engagement in war amounts to, “We make the rules of war and we expect those we fight to follow them no matter how one-sided and ridiculous they are; such as:”

  1. Their right to attack a sovereign nation, kill  their enemies in their own land and demand that there be no resistance and no retaliation of any kind, be it in the form of returned violence, or the seeking of justice in the international courts.
  2.  Their right to carry out assignation attempts, or put out contracts for the murder, or capture of their heads of state, or religious leaders and demand that there be no resistance and no retaliation of any kind, be it in the form of returned violence, or the seeking of justice in the international courts.
  3. Their right to intentionally target their civilian populations and some how at the end of the day be able to say that we are justified and demand that there be no resistance and no retaliation of any kind, be it in the form of returned violence, or the seeking of justice in the international courts.

I think that you are very naïve, delusional, or mad, or all of the afore-mentioned if you go into a war thinking that you can expect your enemy not to answer violence with violence, or that calling them terrorists would alter their use of what they think will win for them, because you do not approve of their methods.  Mentally I do not think that the west can win this war because their civilian populations have been convinced by their politicians that war can be won without loss of life to their side. This has allowed for the populations of the west to lose sight of the fact  that war is a dirty business where people on both sides die.  What is worse is that the populations of the west are now demanding that wars come to an end before they are won, because soldiers are dying in combat, or demanding that a war be fought without putting their soldiers at risk; both impossible tasks.  Why else would there be such a public outcry when a soldier is killed, be it at home or in another country, or a need for a vigil, and televised funeral every time  a soldier or a peace officer is killed in this war against terrorism?

I wonder does Stephen Harper’s reasoning as to why we are being targeted by what he calls Islamic Jihadi terrorist groups brought on by the same type of  ignorance he and his caucus seem to have adopted about how to deal with  the problems that have developed between First Nations and the rest of Canada? That age-old paternalistic attitude that makes it hard for him to believe that First Nations could actually want implemented what was written in the treaties they signed with the rest of Canada (self governance and nation to nation sharing of Canada for a start), when the government of Canada already does what is best for them?

Japan chose to take an active role in the war against terror and offered to donate $200 million dollars to aid the Western Alliance and their allies to aid them in their fight to degrade and defeat ISOL and then wonders why their citizens are being targeted by ISOL in Iraq; “Really?” The answer is simple one as far as “why” for Japan. ISOL used the deaths of Japan’s 2 citizens to:

  1. Teach them and the rest of the so-called neutral countries of the world that if you  wish to be considered a neutral party as far as these 2 fanatical entities are concerned, then  as a person, group, government or country, your actions and words can never belie that neutrality whether it be  spoken, financial, military, or any other form of support.
  2. When it comes to these 2 fanatical, relentless foes there can be no partial participation. These 2 evil entities have battled each other through history, using many different names, many different approaches and a whole bunch of promises that are but worms on a hook designed to catch fish.  The Western Alliance as  one fanatical side calls itself today promises rewards of this world (money, citizenship etc.,  if you will just join them in their war against terror, but what good is any of it, if your lifetime could be reduced to tomorrow? ISOL/The Islamic State as the other fanatical side calls itself today promises those who would support them rewards only diminished by one’s lack of imagination, in the glorious afterlife, (riches, women but no one has ever come back to say that this promise was true. In reality  Japan and the world is being shown once again that the  only real reward that either side can honestly give to any person, group, or government stupid enough to answer yea to either side’s call for support, is generations of  suffering, ending only when your citizens are mercifully put out of their misery by death.

Japan has hardened its heart and vows never to forgive those responsible for killing 2 of their citizens, all too soon Japan is forgetting that it was they as a country that chose to no longer be innocent bystanders, but rather become financial supporters of the Western Alliance, making them no longer a neutral country, but an ally of the Western Alliance sworn to degrade and defeat ISOL, or  at war with ISOL’S with all of the penalties that one suffers by making that choice.

The governments of France,  Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Canada and all other “coalition member states” are the Western Alliance,  the other evil entity in this never-ending war that seeks to dominate and make the world over in their image. This makes them no innocent victims in this war that has slowly infected the world with hatred, divisiveness and mistrust of anything that is different from themselves.  In my opinion they have already lost this war on terror despite their superior weaponry, because it is they who:

  1. Have made enemies of their own minority ethnic and religious citizens,  by treating them deplorably, especially when it comes to Muslims. In all of these countries Muslims are being treated with all of the mistrust and face the same accusatory suspicion as the Japanese people were exposed to in Canada during the 2nd world war.  Thank God for small mercies that this government has not seen the need to round them up for the safety of “real Canadians” and put them in internment camps.
  2. Have turned from their democratic principles that they claim to be fighting for and are changing all of their laws to take the power from the people and give it to the government, making these countries more autocratic than democratic.
  3. Their own citizens of European heritage and Christian upbringing are renouncing their faith, culture and heritage and picking up arms against them, both at home and abroad.

I would suggest to all of the governments  should to take a good look at their  foreign policies, their treatment of religious, cultural and ethnic minorities within their countries and the violence that they inflict on the innocent civilian’s in other countries when debating terrorist attacks in their countries and on their citizens abroad, for the answer to the question of ,”Why us?”

Food for thought:

  1. When as a nation you become so terrified of your enemy that you start arresting and detaining children as young as 8 years old as they did in France because he declared, “I am with the terrorists” and because he refused to take part in the national minute of silence for the victims of the slain, can you really consider yourself winning the war on terror or giving into an irrational nation wide hysteria?
  2. When the only way you can get followers is to raid villages of your own countrymen and kill off all of the adult men and leave all of the adult females alone, capture, rape all of the teenage girls and force them to wed and become forced converts and slaves, capture and force all of the male children to convert and join your army and force them to fight for your cause, have you gained real support for your cause or created an enemy that will secretly fight against you from within?

None of these measures have worked for either side and they never will, because you cannot starve a people, kill a person’s whole family, subject them to persecution, oppression and in some cases ethnocide and genocide and expect no retaliation of any kind.  This kind of behavior from anyone only leads to resistance and retaliation, leading to a vicious circle of revenge with every hostile action being met with one more horrific than the other, until the end of time. The answer to why us is clear and it is so simple, For the  Western Alliance (whose majority of member states are religiously Christian) they only need look to their bibles for the answer of why they are being targeted by Islamic Jihadi terrorists, “Live by the sword, die by the sword” is a saying derived from a saying of Jesus, quoted in the Bible, to the effect that if you use violence, or other harsh means, against other people, you can expect to have those same means used against you; “You can expect to become a victim of whatever means you use to get what you want.”

Let me conclude by saying that I think that there is no room in the world for the violence that we are seeing from either side of this ideological, religious and toxic war that has span multiple generations, turned nation against nation and threatens to cause another world war.  Innocent people are being killed, because of intolerance, fear mongering and divisive actions of 2 old and fanatical enemies. I speak of the Western Alliances role in this war not because I agree with the actions of ISOL, al Qaeda, or any other group that kills innocent people to make a political point. I speak to the Western alliances actions in this war,  because there are too many people in too many countries who think  wrongly that the Western Alliance’s use of violence and torture to convert those in other lands to its way of thinking is justified and understandable and that its deplorable treatment of its cultural, religious and ethnic minorities is justified to preserve the security of the majority. I speak to the role of the Western Alliance in this war, because to many of its citizens believe that  violence leads to peace, if the words behind the killing sounds good and makes their country and them look like heroes.

Are Machine Guns For The RCMP, New Powers For Our Politicians, Police And Spies To Snoop, Or The More People We Kill The Answer To Canada’s Terrorism Problems?

c557919c9244d4cb9576e67236544003What is up Canada? Are machine guns for the RCMP, new powers for our politicians, police and spies to snoop on Canadians at home and while they are traveling, or the more people we kill, the answer to Canada’s Terrorism Problems?  Has anything that this government has done since they decided to join the USA in exacting its never-ending revenge on all the Islamic states in the world for the few Islamic extremist who ordered and carried out the attacks  in the USA on 9/11 helped to protect Canadians from terrorist threats and attacks in Canada, or abroad? I do not think so. Has anything that the USA led allies including Canada has done up to this point helped to reduce the number of terrorists, or terrorist attacks in the world, or has it all gotten a whole lot worse? I would say that for Canada it has gotten a whole lot worse since everything that happens of a violent nature is deemed to be a terrorist attack and in some way related to radicalization of a young Canadian into a Islamic terrorist group.    It is like the more power the government takes for itself, the better they arm the RCMP and the more snooping power they give to the police and our spies, the less Canadians are being protected. We are being asked in the name of  aiding in our own protection by this government and these protection agencies to give up our rights listed below and are getting nothing in return, because all of these things do not seek to solve the problem, but instead seek to mask the problem.

  • Right to have the police obtain a warrant before they start collecting information regarding our internet,  our cellphones, or anything else digital.
  • Right to have the police get a warrant before they search our homes and other private property from which they feel may contain evidence of a crime that has been committed or will be committed somewhere in the future.
  • Right to a fair and open trial based on evidence deemed relevant to the case by a judge, with evidence and witnesses that can be cross-examined and allow for ourselves to be able to be arrested without a warrant and to be judged by hearsay from witnesses that will no longer be identified and can not be cross-examined even by the presiding judge.
  • Right to travel freely whenever and wherever we want, because somewhere at sometime some cop, or  pencil pusher working in a policing, or spying agency somewhere within Canada or within the Five Eyes has determined that you could be a home-grown terrorist looking to engage in terrorist activity abroad, based on evidence that no one else including you, or a judge will ever see.

None of the things mentioned above are the way of doing things in Canada, but they are in line with how nations we call oppressive regimes operate.  The Harper government is changing Canada into a  country where the government and the policing agencies do not need to answer, or prove just cause to an independent judicial oversight body for their actions when restricting, or denying the rights of its civilian population.  Even while Stephen Harper and his government are bombing other countries, participating in the torture of captured enemies and engaging in diplomatic isolation tactics for other nations who they deem to be oppressive regimes, Stephen Harper and his government are rewriting the laws of Canada to give themselves and Canadian policing and spying agencies the very same power over Canadian citizens as those countries we call backward, lawless, inhumane, totalitarian and anti democratic. How he still insists on the validity of Canada’s claim to be a leader in the fight for democratic governance and an end to social and legal injustice with a straight face, I do not know. I do know however that lasting peace can not be achieved through coercion such as trade  sanctions embargoes, diplomatic isolation and in some cases helping to enforce no fly zones, naval blockades and even going to war to unseat what we call rogue governments.  History has shown that these tactics only increase resentment and the hardening of positions.

I do not think that any of the measures in the new laws will help protect Canadians from any type of terrorist threat, whether it be foreign, or domestic, because none of these measures address the real problems that must be solved before peace can be won. Everyone made fun of Justin Trudeau when he talked of getting to the root source of the problems that are causing young Canadian males to turn away from their government and country and try to go abroad and fight for organizations like ISIS and kill Canadians and her allies. Everyone tried to make Justin Trudeau seem idiotic when he said the answer to the war on terrorism could only be found by finding out what the root causes are that make people chose to be terrorists in the first place and relieve the source of such desperate actions, but I think in both scenarios Justin Trudeau was right.

Canadian home grow terrorist attacks: How many people can we put in jail, stop from traveling abroad and even if we could stop them all what are we asking for more soldiers run down in the street, more shootings at historical sites, or attacks on government building, police stations, maybe city halls, national assemblies, or parliament hill once again?  Is this so much better than finding out what is hurting people and driving them to commit such senseless acts of violence, whether they are real or imagined? I like Justin Trudeau do not think so.

Neither do I believe that arming the RCMP with machine guns will keep them from getting killed when they are ambushed.  those that died in Moncton did not die because they were out gunned they died because they were caught off guard, ambushed and had no chance to defend themselves. Maybe the Harper government could make those types of weapons that killed the members of the RCMP illegal in Canada instead of insisting that they are the right of every Canadian to own, or barring that reinstate the Long Gun Registry so that those officers who answer emergency calls are not walking into incidents where the  criminal has the potential of being better armed.

Terrorism abroad:  The USA and it’s better gunned allies have bombed, civilian targets and military targets in almost every Islamic nation trying to win it’s so called war on terrorism. These so called anti terrorist groups have crippled economies, denied access to trade markets, starved and denied innocent men , women and children food, water, medicine in an effort to break them and force them to give in to what the participating countries in the Western alliance want, which in my opinion means the end to their existence as free independent Islamic nations; much the same as they did to the North American Indians, the people of the African nations especially South Africa, the people of Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands.

They have named themselves, The Coalition of The Willing, The Western Alliance and made it clear that they support Israel no matter what crimes against humanity it perpetrates and I am sure in the eyes of most of the Islamic nations they invade, bomb, occupy and kill innocent people they are called terrorists and considered enemies that need to be resisted by any means necessary.  In its latest act of stupidity the Harper government along with the Tom Mulcair’s NDP and the Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada have come together to acknowledge that the Palestinians not only have reason, but it is also their right under international law  to sue for Israel for what it considers war crimes that Israel has perpetrated against them and in the same breath denounce such an attempt calling such an attempt ill-advised and detrimental to a lasting peace achieved through negotiations.  The USA and its allies are not only denouncing the Palestinian effort  to avail themselves of their legal right to sue for justice, but are threatening to withhold a promised financial aid package, claiming that to sue Israel for the war crimes it has committed, is counter productive to a negotiated settlement with Israel for a 2 state solution.   How productive is giving these people no solution other than doing what they are told? The USA and their allies have only one offer on the table for the nations of Islam and that is to accept the USA and their allies which includes Israel as their betters and accept the paternalistic arrangement that would leave them without a way to defend themselves militarily, legally in the world court, as well as leave them financially dependant on handouts from it handlers, who at anytime could simply withdraw that support to get compliance to new rules and regulations imposed by the west, as they are doing to Palestinians right now.  How can any sane person in this day and age think that this is the road map to peace in the Middle east or anywhere else.  If you killed my grandfather, grandmother,  father, mother, uncles and aunts and now you are killing my children, my grandchildren, nephews and nieces and call them collateral damage, do you think that you are making more terrorists as you call them, or allies ready to work towards peaceful solution?

The answer to the terrorist threats both international and domestic is very clear, but is being muddied by glory seeking greedy politicians and a fanatical leader in the Middle East who does not want a peaceful negotiated settlement and has stated publicly that he would not allow for a 2 state solution as long as he is the leader of his country.  If countries like Canada who claim to want terrorism to end  and be replaced by peaceful negotiated settlements and truly seek the end to the never-ending wars and the senseless deaths of millions around the world and now at home to end, all sides must be able to see the value in such a brokered peace. I think there needs to be:

  • Support for those who work towards a legal solution whether it is in the world court, or at the negotiating table and condemnation for those who do not, no matter which side dispute we align ourselves with.
  • A realistic offer for peace put on the table.
  • An understanding in the west that it cannot win this war by employing bombing raids that target civilians, embargoes and trade sanctions that end up starving and denying medical supplies to innocent men, women and children, by creating no fly zones that allow the side we are on to bomb the other side.
  • An end to the USA and its allies putting wanted dead or alive contracts on the heads of other countries leaders.
  • An end to all of the interfering by Canada and its allies with another country’s right to seek legal recourse within the confines of international law.

The war is now in our country thanks to Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada and their unfair, unjustifiable, unconditional support of Israel no matter how many innocent lives they take, no matter how they violate treaties, and no matter how much land they illegally occupy and resettle.  John Baird thought only to laugh at the Palestinian display of their ill feeling for Canada and in fact sought to mock their efforts.  John Baird acknowledged that the only reason Canada supports Israel unconditionally, because it is the only democratic government in the Middle East .  The names freedom fighter and terrorist mean little and are used by the west according to what side of a confrontation they backing at the moment.  When the Russians were in Afghanistan they armed the Afghanis and called them freedom fighters, today they call those who would repel them and reject their control the way they repelled the Russian invaders, terrorists. Canada used to call the Tamils of Sri Lanka freedom fighters, until we decided to back the other side who we knew were guilty of crimes against humanity, Canada now calls them terrorists now as well and has put them on a terrorist list.  There are too many, Palestinians, Syrians and Afghanis living in Canada for example to just keep being a party to the killing of their innocent loved ones back where they originated in the name of democracy and peace and expect no type of retaliatory action from any of them, in any fashion, ever.

Now thanks to Stephen Harper and his government we have Canadians joining terrorist groups and  killing Canadians at home and abroad. What is up Canada, do you think we are really winning the war on terror, either internationally, or domestically? Do you really think that giving the RCMP machine guns, policing agencies and spy agencies the power to violate your privacy rights and the government the authority to remove someone’s citizenship will really help to keep you safe? I don’t.

This Is What Happens When You Give A Fawning Sycophant A Majority Government In Canada

We elected a prime minister who behaves more like the fawning sycophant Chester than like the prime minister of a independent government of a sovereign nation.

We elected a prime minister who behaves more like the fawning sycophant Chester than like the prime minister of an independent government of a sovereign nation.

What is up Canada? Stephen Harper promised Canadians that he would change Canada so much that Canadians would no longer be able to recognise their own country and I think that he unfortunately delivered on it. I think that Stephen Harper is and never was a proud Canadian, had no respect for Canadian law, or Canadian core values. I do not think any Canadian old enough to vote can say that this is the same Canada that Canadians and all nations of the world used to admire, trust and even envy. Written in this post are some of what I believe we used to be and how we were thought of, but  now have lost due to the changes to the very core of what it was to be a Canadian.  Canada used to be one of the only trusted players in the game of international affairs and we blew it, because Canada’s Chester (Stephen Harper), who shortly after being elected with a majority government, began  surrendering our sovereignty to his hero the USA; because the USA was so big and strong.

Thanks to Stephen Harper, Canada can no longer lay claim to being a fair-minded and neutral seeker of peaceful solutions; a supporter of only solutions  that are arrived at via the negotiation table with all stake holders present and participating, because Canada in my opinion is no longer neutral, or fair-minded.

  • Under the absolute rule of Stephen Harper Canadians will no longer going to be allowed to think, or speak any sentiments that are not in keeping with the governments point of view on the internet, especially where those views are contrary to what the government feels about Israel, or Christianity.
  • The new law fails to address the hateful views being espoused about Muslims and their faith, allowing them to be fair game. I believe that the law in spite Harper will protect Muslims if things get too far out of hand, but Stephen Harper has ensured with his laws that they will be forced to  just understand that: (a) It is members of their faith that are the terrorists. (b) That is just too hard to distinguish between the good Muslims and the bad Muslims, since the good Muslims refuse to cast of their religious garb. (c)They will of course be expected to be patient and understanding while the government stops them from traveling. (d) That it is they who the government will be targeting with their online and digital snooping laws. (e)Finally it is Muslims that will be asked to understand and be patient while they are insulted on the street, attacked on public transit and go through all manner of racial denigration., because this government has decided to make every person with or without mental issues, committing a violent acts against private citizens, security force members, or politician a  radicalized Canadian in the service of an either ISIS or another group it considers to be terrorists.
  • Under the governance of Stephen Harper Canada has unfortunately made it clear through his government’s rhetoric, policies, laws and actions that Canada is no longer interested in continuing in its historically respected  role as a peace broker, but has surrendered to the will of it allies to commit itself to the war against terrorism through the taking military actions on the behalf of those countries it supports, or sees as being important to itself and it allies strategically, or economically. Canada has joined its allies who decided long ago that the way to settle international disputes is not at the negotiating table, but instead preferring to use sanctions, embargoes and a show of military force instead. Embargoes and sanctions serve no other purpose then to achieve through a siege, one-sided unfair agreements that cannot be achieved through what used to be normal diplomatic channels.  As a nation through this government, we have chosen to ignore the suffering that is caused to the innocent people of the countries we are helping to put under siege and spout rhetoric to all who will listen about the importance of  saving  innocent lives unable to share in our values, preaching about the importance of bringing our beliefs and values to the non civilised world; in short what we are saying is that we have found some new savages to civilize, through rape and pillage and total assimilation to our way of life. Our government knows that a siege is designed to deprive a nation of their ability to provide for its people the  amenities of life needed for every day survival(food, medicine and other supplies) until the leader of the country under siege surrenders; but Canada does it anyway. I cannot see how anyone  would not see a siege for what it is which is a deliberate attempt to sabotage a country’s economy, undermine its legitimate government and  strip it of its sovereignty, under the guise of negotiations aimed at achieving a fair outcome for both sides of the dispute. How can Canada still lay claim to always seeking peaceful non violent solutions to problems when the first thing we do now under Harper rule is close down embassies in our country and abroad every time a tough dispute arises between a country will value as an ally, or asset with one we feel we do not have a lot or anything in common with?
  • Canada once considered country who had a conscience and a set of values of its own under the rule of Stephen Harper looks more like a cowardly bully, who will only stand up for what it believes in if the enemy is weaker militarily than it is, or if allies suggest it contribute to the struggle. Stephen Harper is quick to send Canadian military advisors, Canadian fighter jets to kill people with missiles and bombs into countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, but like its allies are afraid to act with its military might in situations like: (a)The Ukraine vs. Russia conflict where Russia actually annexed Crimea a part of the sovereign Ukraine and is supporting financially and militarily the dismantling of Ukraine’s sovereignty as a nation by pro-Russian rebels. (b) The Hong Kong vs. China conflict where the free will of the people to vote in fair democratic elections is being denied them by the government of Hong Kong with the support of main land China and has the possibility of escalating into another Tiananmen Square. (c) No military intervention to end once and for all the constant instability in the world that the North Korea vs. South Korea conflict is causing. North Korea has actually threatened the USA and its allies and yet they have not been labeled terrorists as far as I know and the western alliance of which Canada is a member refuses to take action against it militarily.
  • It would seem that the only countries the Western Alliance is interested in fighting is those with a predominantly Muslim population; followers of the Islamic faith and that makes us now not only cowards something we could never be accused of before, but racist in our reasoning as well.
  • As I said earlier when I think of Canada and its relationship with the USA  I am reminded of the relationship between Looney Tune’s  cartoon characters “Spike and Chester”.  In this cartoon  a little dog named Chester would scamper around a big bulldog named Spike saying, “Can we Spike, huh, can we?” Spike would end up back handing little Chester, sending him reeling backwards. getting up visibly shaken Chester would say,” Spike is my hero, because he is so big and strong. “
  • Canada under the leadership of Stephen Harper has become a country only willing to stand up for human rights and freedoms abroad where it can be assured victory with little cost and where there is some economical or strategic benefit and only if instructed to do so by its allies.

Canada used to be the envy of the world for the rights and freedoms that all Canadians used to enjoy, respected for our values and sense of justice and loved for our generosity and compassion,  but I believe that thanks to Stephen Harper, that all of those things  are no longer true when talking of Canada.

  • Under the leadership of Stephen Harper the very fabric of this countries democracy and democratic processes have been made a mockery of and changed, in order to (a) enacting laws that removed any oversight that was put in place as a mechanism to ensure that the government’s executive powers did not overstep their bounds. (b)changing the way one can prove their eligibility to vote in federal elections in a deliberate  move to impede the ability of all Canadians eligible to vote to do so. (c) through what it calls its Fair Elections Act, remove any power the head of Elections Canada had to ensure that the government held fair elections and adhered to the rules, or was punished.
  • Stephen Harper only protects Christians and Jewish people in his laws against hate as is proven in legislation that he and his government draft and the speeches given by  his MP’s and ministers when talking about new legislation to prevent the ability of those on the internet from inciting hatred for Israel, Jews and Christians going as far as to seek arrest and prosecution for those actions, but no mention of penalties for inciting Islamophobia, or the hatred of any other culture, religion or ethnicity, for example. This is not this simply an oversight, this is in my opinion is intentional racism and what would never have happened pre Stephen Harper. When government made laws in the past concerning racism and hate crimes, it did not single out specific groups for special protection we included all groups in the umbrella of the protection.
  • We used to be compassionate as a nation helping those in distress from natural disasters and welcoming of refugees fleeing certain death in their own countries, but of late under the harper government is to discourage refugees from fleeing here and have put in place laws to imprison them should they arrive by sea. (This is a direct attack on fleeing Muslims as it is they in reason times who have been using this mode of transportation and it is they who this law was designed and implemented to deter).  If this is not bad enough Stephen Harper and his government are putting forward a law that would permit the provinces to deny refugees Welfare. How they are supposed to survive while they learn the language and get accustomed to where they now live is beyond me and seems rather mean-spirited at the least and not at all in keeping with our historical compassion and generosity.

It was interesting to see public Safety Minister, Steven Blaney, pretend that we all misunderstood him when he accused the Ottawa shooter of being a terrorist in league with ISIS, telling a reporter asking him why he called the shooter a terrorist, to look up the meaning of terrorist in the dictionary.  This is why I do not trust this government, but more importantly why I believe that this government has betrayed all Canadians and turned away from our core values and turned us into some kind of hateful Nazi like puppets. I know, how dare I say such a thing, but remember very soon in Canada I could be arrested for terrorism, being a terrorist sympathizer, found guilty without my accusers evidence going before a judge, tried in secret and sentenced to jail, by the government and its security agencies for daring to post this on the internet. The Nazis of Germany used the same tactics against the European Jews and look what happened when the people believed in the rhetoric and allowed the fear mongering of politicians make the accomplices in the deaths of over 6 million innocent Jewish men, women and children. Dare we compare us to them?

  • The government has decided to blame everything wrong with this country on radical Islamic thoughts and deeds whether they are born of real radicalization, or of some Canadian so displeased and feeling so trapped with no way out decided to act out violently against the government, or commit suicide in an effort to vent their anger and draw attention to a series of problems that they feel are being ignored and is hurting all Canadians.
  • The government is asking children to spy on their parents and their parents to spy on them as well as asking neighbor to spy on neighbor and then report anything they find to be suspicious activity to security officials.  This all to me sounds more like Nazi Germany, then the Canada that I grew up in.
  • The government is asking that their special police,(CSIS and the RCMP) be able to arrest and detain certain citizens based on suspicion of doing something wrong, or on a hunch that they intend to doing something wrong, without having the required proof to lay charges.
  • The government wants informants of CSIS never to enter a court room, or go before a judge to validate their accusations and so the accused does not get to face their accuser and could possibly end up deported, in jail, only to find out that the person doing the snitching had a grudge against the accused, or was coerced in some manner by the security agencies to give false evidence, was offered a deal by the government to collaborate evidence to get rid of a potentially aggravating, or embarrassing problem that a government would like to go away.
  • The government has decided to turn husband against wife and wife against husband, by forcing them to testify against one another with no regard for the impact this will have on marriages and relationships in Canada.
  • The government has decided to cease passports based on hunches rather than proof that would stand up in a court of law.
  • The government has decided to restrict the travel of Canadian citizens that it deems to be too dangerous to travel, without proof enough to lay charges that would stand up in a court of law.
  • The government has stated that it will punish radicalized Canadians who are going abroad to fight on the behalf of  others, such as what the government considers radical Islamic extremists or terrorists with jail time, possibly loss of citizenship and deportation, but does this apply to Canadian Jews who could be considered radicalized in some cases going abroad to fight for Israel in the Israeli army, or raising money to aid and abet anti Islamic thoughts of hatred, calling for the death of all Muslims, or is this law focussed solely on Muslims and those who would fight in their behalf. I remember Canadian Greeks going back to Greece to fight against the Turks, in today’s Canada would those Greeks be considered radicalized and punished?

In my opinion to get around all of this action it has already been caught doing illegally, this government has decided to do what it does anytime it is doing something illegal and unconstitutional; this government changes the law to support their position without benefit of meaningful debate, or consideration of it constitutionality so that innocent people are caught up in the political and judicial war, having their lives torn apart for years, only to be proven innocent, but with no way to seek legal remedy, or compensation, for all that was taken from them by the government.

There was a time not so long ago before Stephen Harper and his strong, stable, majority Conservative government came to power that:

  • Canadians could travel the world without fear of being attacked by anyone, because Canadians were loved and respected.
  • Canada never had to worry about home-grown terrorists, or terrorists attacks from abroad, because  Canada did not commit terrorist attacks in other countries prior to Stephen Harper.
  • Prior to Stephen Harper Canada donated its foreign aid with no strings attached. instead of only offering aid to those who can repay in some fashion, like trade deals, giving up their water rights or rights to other natural resources, like is the policy now. Canada used to welcome refugees instead locking them up in jail. In short Canada used to be to valuable as a friend to ever consider making an enemy of.
  •  Prior to Stephen Harper things like health care, homelessness and other domestic concerns relating to poverty took priority over balancing budget and although things were not perfect Canadians thought that they were being not only heard but that their basic needs were being met and when they were not that when they voiced their discontent that they were not ignored and their needs became the governments priority.
  • Prior to Stephen Harper killing one’s own soldiers, or taking up arms against one’s own country was considered treason, not terrorism.

I do not know if going back to our old Canada is a possibility anymore, but I think that we have got to try, because it some ways we were the sanity in all of the chaos; the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of countries facing seemingly insurmountable problems. I think that Canada used to be one of the only trusted players in the game of international affairs and we blew it, because we elected a prime minister Spike’s, Chester, who surrender our sovereignty to his hero, because he was so big and strong and has been getting slapped by Spike ever since.  If there is to be any consolation it is that Chester one day does become the hero when Spike is proven to be not so brave, but merely an untested, untried bully.

Very Soon We May Have To Ask Ourselves, Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

When Will We Ever Learn?

When Will We Ever Learn?

With the world teetering precariously on the edge of another world war, that has weapons capability of ending all life on this planet as we know it, I think it is time to ask ourselves is anything we are fighting about in the world today worth self annihilation and do we really want our children to have to ask and answer the questions as laid out in the lyrics to “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” written by Pete Seeger? As a country Canada used to understand the meaning of those lyrics and worked tirelessly to see that the need to ask or answer them never arose again. The Canadian government did this by devoting itself to peace keeping and supporting only negotiated settlements of disputes between warring factions in a country, or country vs. country. Unfortunately today we have become the object lesson and the raison d’être  for the need to ask the question written and answered in the song  “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” written by Pete Seeger. I ask these questions and make these statements, because this is the direction the leaders of governments all around the world seem to be dragging the rest of us towards and Canada has renounced its position as a peace keeper and joined the ranks of warrior nation, becoming in my opinion part of the problem instead of part of the solution as it once could lay claim to be with head held high and with no blood on its hands.

It would seem that what I have said  about the Western Alliance using out-and-out lies to,

  • Invade other nations.
  • Ignore the sovereignty of other nations.
  • Ignore international law.
  • Bomb other nations
  • Offer in one case up to $25,000,000 in reward money for information leading to the capture or death of another nation’s leader.

eventually coming back to bite them on the ass  is being proved to be true.

I fail to understand why the Western Alliance led by the USA, a country whose leadership in my opinion are the  biggest violators of international law where respecting the sovereign rights of other nations are concerned, continue to feign surprise that countries like Russia and radical groups like ISIS have chosen to adopt a strategy that has worked so well for the USA and the Western Alliance. while the rest of the world was busy obeying international law the USA denounced the World Court and declared themselves above this courts laws, because they were too busy  keeping the world safe to bother with details in law that would slow their efforts down. The USA did not stop there, but went on to declare that as a country it would not allow for even one of its soldiers, or citizens to be  investigated, or tried by this court, nor would they as a nation and government respect, or uphold any negative verdict the world court decided against them as a nation or one of its citizens. To this end the USA has for example,

  • Intentionally lied about a country’s cache of weapons of mass destruction and used this false, threat or  imaginary crisis to convince the rest of  the democratic world that there was an imminent threat to the people of the USA, democracy and lifestyle that the people of the west has come to enjoy. the We and the to create an , claiming they are protecting the people of a government intent on killing their own people to.
  • Allow for Guantanamo Bay prison facility which they knew was in violation of every rule in the book for treatment of military prisoners.
  • Allowing for their interpretation of international law to be the one to be considered to be the correct one.
  • When the law did not work for them twist it, or create new laws to make them work.
  • Use the plight of an oppressed people in a sovereign nation to bomb countries using humanitarian concerns as their reasoning and their justification for breaking the law and forcing regime changes not good for the people of the country but  more in line with Western Alliance ideologies.

This strategy of the USA and the Western Alliance has indeed worked and they have toppled regimes led by a king, a few sheikhs, a shahs and a couple of military dictators, but it worked so well that other nations such as  Israel began to realise that if a nation was to follow the  example of the USA and their allies and use exactly  the same excuses and the same reasoning as the Western Alliance spews out in their rhetoric that they could employ the same lawless methods to affect regime change such as,

  •   Israel has used the USA as an example to take almost all of what was once Palestine for themselves and are working hard to secure what is left of Palestine and turn the whole region into the Zionist state of Israel.
  • Russia is now refusing to follow international law and is now citing the rhetoric of the USA and the Western Alliance as it annexes off sections of the Ukraine for itself, like the Western Alliance backed Israel has gotten away with in what used to be Palestine. interestingly enough Russia is being seen by the west as threatening to destabilise the region.

The end result for:

  • The Palestinian people is that they will lose their independence and their country to an invading Israel, with the military, financial and political support of the Western Alliance.
  •   Countries like Poland, Ukraine,  the Czech Republic and Slovakia if not invaded next by Russia will go on living in fear that when Russia is finished reclaiming Ukraine for its own, that it will turn its attention towards them to reunite all of the nations that once made up the Soviet Union, returning Russia to its former glory.

All this will happen while the Western Alliance, because the Western Alliance can do nothing other than apply financial sanctions on Russian businesses and businesses persons,  because of their support for what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people.

Is it really that hard to understand  that countries like Russia are fed up with obeying the rules when the USA and its allies are busy spreading democracy at gunpoint and exerting their influence right up into their borders claiming the right to do so citing humanitarian concerns. The end result of the USA’s being able to get away with not only ignoring international law, but putting themselves above it and undermining the institutions put in place to deal with this type of abuse, because they are a super power is that there is now a total breakdown and growing disrespect and a refusal by both super powers and non super powers to abide by international law. We sit on a very thin edge and one wrong move politically is going to push us over the edge and one of two things is going to happen

  1.  The greed of some nations, the intolerant practices of most religions, the racist attitudes towards others found embedded in most cultures combined with an almost addictive lust for empire building at any cost no matter what the price is to pay financially and in terms of human life by all sides we will soon find ourselves fighting another world war with the weapons capability of destroying all life on this planet as we now know it.
  2. Or we will be propelled backwards in time to the cold war era and beyond, when military might decided who had the right to live in freedom and peace, Where nations were captured by other nations and the strong devoured the weak; where genocide was frowned upon, but the world stood by and watched it happen.

A decision needs to be made and it needs to be made very quickly or we are going to see a lot more of the of the of the every man for himself approach to global security and nation building which is more or less responsible for creating the environment in which certain leaders envision and sell themselves as the saviors of their people, promoting fear and division in the world responsible for the mini wars throughout the world, like the Russia vs. Ukraine, Israeli vs. Palestinian, and now the ISIS vs. Iraq, games of cat and mouse.  No matter whose side of what war you choose to debate, is it not obvious to you that:

  • How young the life is no longer matters as long as victory is achieved and those young lives that are wasted in death, are just used by the government leaders of the world like throwing gasoline on a fire?
  • How many innocent civilians die  no longer matters as long as they create news coverage?  How many innocent men ,women and children get displaced and turned into refugees as a result of these mini wars does not matter as long as their suffering draws either sympathy to your side , or condemnation for your enemy?
  • Winning or losing, being right or wrong matters little any more, because all the super powers are concerned about at the end of the day is what advantage can be gained out of those deaths, militarily, financially in terms of trade deals and restoration contracts as well as in an ideological and religious sense.

 I ask these questions and make these statements, because this is the direction the leaders of governments all around the world seem to be dragging the rest of us towards and Canada has renounced its position as a peace keeper and joined the ranks of warrior nation, becoming in my opinion part of the problem instead of part of the solution as it once could lay claim to with head held high and with no blood on its hands.

I would leave you with these lyrics written by Pete Seeger as food for thought.

Where have all the young girls gone? Long time passing. Where have all the young girls gone? Long time ago.
Where have all the young girls gone? Gone to young men ev’ry one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Where have all the young men gone? Long time passing. Where have all the young men gone? Long time ago.
Where have all the young men gone? Gone to soldiers ev’ry one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Where have all the soldiers gone? Long time passing. Where have all the soldiers gone? Long time ago.
Where have all the soldiers gone? Gone to graveyards, ev’ry one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Where have all the graveyards gone? Long time passing. Where have all the graveyards gone? Long time ago.
Where have all the graveyards gone? Gone to flowers, ev’ry one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

What Happens When Telling The Truth Is No Longer Considered An Option For The Prime Minister Of Canada?


What happens when telling the truth is no longer considered an option for you, or the political party you lead.
What happens when telling the truth is no longer considered an option for you, or the political party you lead.

What happens when telling the truth is no longer considered an  option for the leader of a political party and the political party they lead, (Steven Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada) is unfortunately what we see happening in Canada today.   It has become increasingly difficult for me the average Canadian to tell when this Prime Minister and this government are telling the truth about anything.  Perhaps all politicians and all Canadians need to remember what Sir Walter Scott wrote about telling lies, when he wrote, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

When telling the truth will expose all of the lies and deceit that the leader of a political party and his party have been covering up with other lies the inevitable resulting problem for both is a credibility issue, at the very least. I believe that  Prime Minister Harper, has a serious problem when it comes to how Canadians perceive  his credibility when he answers their questions; his integrity when he asks Canadians for their trust and understanding and his ability to lead his party and to govern this nation.  I could pick at any government file and find confusion, but let’s stick to Canada’s economy and this government’s economic plan, because  this government’s economic plan, is supposed to be their crown jewel, their top priority, the thing that makes all of the suffering that Canadians have  been forced to endure at  this government’s  insistence all worth while, but if you are like me, you have to be wondering, “What is up Canada?”

For instance, I am confused, I can admit it, I have no idea what shape we as Canadians are in when it comes to our economy according to what the Conservative Party of Canada is saying from one press conference to the next.  I know that they keep saying that we are  much better off than any of the other G8 countries in one press conference and then they say that they must:

  • Cut spending on all social services and make it tougher to get Welfare and Unemployment Insurance .
  • Deny workers the right to strike in the public sector where the government is essentially the employer, claiming that every strike weakens the economy, because we as a country cannot afford to pay for the benefits and non salary demands of the striking public sector.
  • Add 3 years onto the time that a person is eligible to retire and receive the pension that they have paid into, because we as a country cannot afford to sustain the Canada pension.
  • Sell the dirty oil from our  Tar Sands if we are to survive economically, because there is no other way to sustain our economy and keep all of the things that we enjoy now, because we just do not have the money to sustain our standard of living without doing so.

Now it is hard to ignore the fact that Canada had run 11 straight surpluses before entering into deficit in 2008/09, brought on by  Steven Harper’s  putting too much money into high-tech defense systems and not enough into social programs, education and environmentally friendly programs.  I believe that the truth of our economic situation is as follows:

  • We are really number one of an economically failing class of nations, who choose to spend  more money on being able to sustain war and winning them, because their hopes to improve their respective economies rests for the most part in the profits generated by war.  Look how this government boasts of how the buying of  F-35 fighter Jets will help to grow our economy with the jobs being generated as a result of maintaining the F-35 Fighter Jet; this folks is practicing what is known as enriching one’s economy with the  profits realized from being a warrior nation.
  • This government has decided also to build and sustain our economy with   the monies generated from warrior nation style international foreign aid programs like Oil For Food and medicine and economic diplomacy. Why else would Foreign Minister John Baird say that we will only help nations with aide who have something to give Canada in return as far as trading or some other benefit is concerned.
  • We have joined a group of nations that have regressed to a time when it was acceptable for nations to conquer other nations and force them through military might to adopt their way of thinking and enrich their failing economies.   Why else would we make statements like our embassies and diplomats need to consider the acquiring of trade deals their top priority?
  • This government  has even gone as far as to change our immigration and refugee laws, making it acceptable to refuse, or accept people wishing to come to Canada based solely on what they have to offer in terms of enriching our economy.  In other words if you are poor, or poorly educated, no need to apply.

The real question for me is and where all of this gets confusing for me is that I thought that we were being told what great shape we were in economically since this government came to power? If this is so then what pray tell is the real justification for the spending of more money on weapons of mass destruction with no mention of  a need to sharpen the budgetary pencil, than we do on the creation of a sustainable economy  based in the ways of peace, generosity and compassion, that will create a better life for all people within our country and all countries around the world?

Another thing that puzzles me, is why in a time when this government has forced wage freezes and reduced the benefits to its employees did they give themselves a raise in salary and traveling expenses ending their 3 year wage freeze, while insisting that it is necessary to continue the over  10 year wage freeze for its employees in the public sector?  On one hand our economy is not strong enough to support or sustain the financial implications of collective bargaining, but on the other hand it is strong enough to support and sustain the giving of every federal politician whether elected or not a pay raise and expense account boost, because those politicians feel that they are due it.

The not so funny truth is that while we as Canadians were being asked to understand that if we are to keep the economic growth and prosperity that we have been able to achieve after the world economic crisis of late that it is imperative that we tighten our belts even further and while we dutifully tightened those already tightened belts a little tighter, our government along with every MP on the hill accepted a vote that quietly gave each and every one of them a 1.6% pay increase and in doing so they automatically gave the senators a 2.3% pay increase.  It would seem that not only can’t this government decide if we are in an economic crisis or an economic boom, it seems incapable of determining what to do to make things better for any Canadians in either case scenario, but itself.  It is this type of contradiction that confuses me and I would guess other Canadians.

The problem with Steven Harper is that he has created a political monster, a black cloud that is sitting over his head and is overshadowing everything that he does and that monkey on his back, is his inability to be transparent, or take ownership of the problems unfolding in the senate and in the PMO everyday now.  This inability has led to his being thought of as a liar at the worst, or incompetent and not in control of the government at best; causing him and his government to lose the people’s confidence and their ability to trust him and them. The economy and what we as Canadians are being asked to do to sustain it and improve upon it is just one area where this government has left Canadians like myself wondering what the heck is going on and where it is in fact do we really stand.

The Senate scandal, The RCMP laying charges and implicating high-ranking officials in the PMO itself and the resigning of MP and Parliamentary Secretary Dean Del Mastro make it impossible for this Prime minister to get out of the very hot frying pan.  To continue to say I did not anything, makes Steven Harper look like he is an incompetent, bumbling fool, who has lost the respect of those working for him and makes Canadians like me wonder and ask the question just who is in charge of the Conservative government of Canada right now?

 I will in closing reiterate, “This government’s economic plan, is supposed to be their crown jewel, their top priority, the thing that makes all of the suffering that we have been forced to endure at this government’s insistence all worth while”, but if you are like me you have to be wondering, “What is up Canada?”

Is Canada’s Involvement In The War On Terror A Closet From Which John Baird And Jason Kenney Punish Anti Gays?

Baird-KennyI know the Western Alliance and the United States of America has an agenda that has nothing to do with peace and love in the world when it comes to pushing their New World Order Agenda, but it is getting a little crazy out there!  Everywhere that the USA and the Western Alliance has stuck their nose into the business of sovereign nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and most recently Egypt they have brought chaos, death, poverty and a situation so bad that the people are begging for a return to a time when they had their dictator, but there was enough to eat, travel was easy, hospitals were accessible and they had work, but most of all they want back order and stability; a time before they were supposedly saved from themselves, when the grass looked greener on the democratic side, before the Western Alliance’s  bombs and missiles started falling and before foreign soldiers occupied their lands. The Western Alliance is about bombing, destroying, installing regimes that claim to be USA and Western Alliance friendly and then leaving.  Their surgical bombing techniques leave little to be desired as their bombing raids usually kill a high number of civilians and destroy crucial infrastructure such as, roads, airports, bridges and highways.  These supposedly surgical bombings seem to be destroying buildings such as hospitals, schools, and houses in residential areas.   The USA led Western Alliance  shrugs off this murder and destruction as collateral damage, but does Canada have a secret  agenda of its own, being pushed by its conservative gay members of parliament  in influential positions like, Jason Kenney and John Baird is my question for today? What is up Canada?

The USA has decided once again that they are ready to go it alone if they must, but Syria must be bombed right now, more sooner, than later, so that a message can be sent in the blood of Syrian civilians, that they the USA will not tolerate the Syrian government using chemical weapons of mass destruction on its own people.  This message along with showing Syria which side they view as the true legal government of Syria is so important that once again the USA has decided that whatever it decides to do will be based on how it things the Syria impact the security of the USA; in other words the USA intends to put itself  and any of it lackeys that choose to follow in their footsteps into an internationally illegal war, placing itself above the law once again.  Without hearing the results of the experts they insisted be allowed in to make a report they, the USA  wish to jump the gun. The USA knows that as long as China and Russia oppose military action a UN, sanctioned military action is not likely to happen. This is the way the USA does things to advance its world dominance.  There are no tricks, no double talking, just in your face aggressive, supremacy at its worst or best depending on your moral values.

Once I say that though I am forced to consider what is in all of this for Canada? I have to consider what is Canada’s agenda and wonder what it must feel like to be John Baird and Jason Kenney; to be able to unleash the power of a nation on all of those anti gay Muslims around the world; it must be intoxicating for them like an addictive drug they cannot stop using.  I wonder is this what is shaping the foreign policy of this nation of ours?  Could our national defense policy, our foreign aid policy and even our immigration policy being influenced by certain people within the conservative party who have decided to punish all those they think are anti gay?  Is this why we are closing embassies in Canada to countries of the Muslim faith overnight, like the Iranian embassy was for no apparent reason.  If we are going to make the safety of gays in Canada and around the world our priority, the center piece of our foreign policy then why do it from the closet? Why is this government not just coming out and saying so, instead of saying we are doing it to save all  the people of these Muslim countries, when it is only the gays we seek to save in what is being called our “Underground Railway”, for persecuted gays to get into Canada?

The Prime Minister of Great Britain took his case to join the USA and most of the rest of the Western Alliance in a military strike, or bombing of Syria got voted down.  Great Britain has the same sort of democratic government as Canada minus the dictatorship qualities that Harper has imposed on Canadians following his majority victory in the last federal election and the stacking of the Senate of Canada ever since he could not abolish it.  This is important, because Great Britain has decided to enter into another war without the expressed authorisation of the United Security Council; in other words it has acknowledged that the USA has no mandate and therefore is committing another unprovoked illegal military strike, because they can and hold themselves to be above international law.  This is important, because Canada is suggesting from what I understand of John Baird’s interviews that we are ready to do all sorts of things short of putting the army on the ground to make this once again USA led non United Nation‘s sanctioned attack on a sovereign nation; including lending our political support to make something that is without that is illegal look more legal; in other words aid in the lie that there is proof and knowledge of who is responsible for using those chemical weapons in Syria; to be a party to the going to war once again on incomplete evidence at best and I wonder if it is just another opportunity for John Baird and Jason Kenney to through their gay weight around and once again punish those anti gay people over in Syria under the invisibility of helping all Syrians.

I guess that I would not even be able to say or think these things if we had an open, honest transparent government in Canada that did not pretend to believe  and push Christian traditional family values as being the basis for all of their policies and direction they are leading this country.  I have nothing against gays and I think that john Baird and Jason Kenney should do all they can to advance their cause and right the wrongs that they suffer, but that they should do it out in the open rather than from  in the closet.  What I am I supposed to think when we are throwing refugees by the hundreds at a time in jail for daring to flee to this country and jumping the line and then I hear John Baird openly stating that he has been secretly aiding persecuted gays and lesbian to flee to Canada?  I do not have anything problem with him helping these people in fact I commend him for it, but why in secret and why only them and not all persecuted peoples of the world?

Interesting Article in the National Post titled, Rise of the rainbow hawks   makes a view interesting observations concerning the conservative government of Canada led by Steven Harper making gay rights the center piece of Canada’s  foreign policy. Here are just a few passages, for more follow the link:

  1. Prime Minister Stephen Harper hasn’t just come around to gay rights: He has made the issue a centrepiece of Canada’s foreign policy.
  2. In Canada, especially, the campaign in Afghanistan was not seen merely as part of the war against terrorism. It was also seen as a war against the anti-Western, anti-Semitic, murderously, misogynistic and, yes, anti-gay hatred promoted by the Taliban, al-Qaeda and hardcore Islamists more generally. The most hawkish War on Terror intellectuals, largely conservatives, grasped quickly that standing for Western liberal values — which inevitably included feminism and gay acceptance — was a most effective way to win support from the left and right alike for the fight against fundamentalism.
  3. Supporters of Israel, in particular, often appeal to liberal critics by emphasizing the Jewish state’s especially tolerant attitude toward gays, as compared to the virulent homophobia prevalent in Palestinian and other Arab cultures. And the Israeli government itself has shrewdly branded itself as “an international gay vacation destination” — a successful marketing ploy that has given fits to anti-Israeli activists.
  4. Queen’s University student Jeffrey Ingold complains that “the U.S. government made supporting the war on terror synonymous with ‘liberating’ homosexuals in the backwards Middle East.” In the same breath, he denounces the tactic of Israeli “pinkwashing,” which he describes as “a potent method of justifying the Israeli occupation of Palestine by framing Palestinians as barbaric, homophobic and uncivilized. Homosexual acceptance has become the symbol of civilizational aptitude.”

I find it quite interesting and note that  the cost of freedom from persecution and the acceptance of the right of choice for some, all too often leads to the persecution and the loss of the right to choose for those not in agreement with the change.