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Defeating ISIL Will Be A Hollow Victory Indeed, If The Price To Be Paid Is The Loss Of Canada’s Democracy Or Worse At Its Own Hand

me.jpg2In Canada being ignorant of the law is no excuse for breaking it.  This rule applies to all Canadians including the government.  This means that if you break a law that you do not know about this will not stop you from being arrested for said crime, because it your duty as a Canadian citizen to keep reasonably informed and up to date about the laws that you live under. If you are planning to do something in business for example and you are not sure of the laws governing the legality of you are considering, you are required to seek out professional legal advice to ensure that you are not in violation of any laws of Canada before you begin whatever venture you are considering getting involved in. So I would ask what is up Canada with this strong, stable majority Conservative government’s inability to understand either Canadian or international law, or their out right refusal to adhere to either one?

I ask this  because in my opinion the Conservative Party of Canada which has a majority government and holds a majority in the senate believes that neither body of laws applies to them.  They have repeatedly forced through laws that will not pass constitutional mustard, because they violate the both the international safe guarded rights of all citizens of the world as well as the constitutional rights of  all Canadians. These court battles not only represent billions of wasted tax payer wasted dollars that could be avoided if the government first sought out and then took some legal advice before ramming legislation through parliament and into law, but also highlights their view that their majority status puts them above the laws of Canada and in fact entitles them to disregard it totally and change it according to their whim. Of course this attitude and method of creating policy has seen a record number of their new laws and changes to Canada’s old laws  stricken down on appeal to the Supreme court of Canada and also in the courts below it. Since there are a staggering amount of cases in which this has happened to this majority Conservative Party of Canada government, I will just offer these few examples of the latest in a string of key legal defeats for the government:

  1. The Federal Court of Canada ruled that cuts to health care for rejected refugee claimants were “cruel and unusual.” and gave the government four months to reverse the changes introduced in 2012.
  2. June: Supreme Court upholds privacy rights, ruling that internet service providers must not disclose names, addresses and phone numbers of their customers to law enforcement officials without a warrant. This expected to force the government to change bills on cyber bullying (C-13) and digital privacy (S-4) currently before Parliament.
  3. April: In a unanimous ruling, the high court affirmed that offenders can receive extra credit for time spent in custody before they are sentenced, a blow against the government’s Truth in Sentencing Act, which attempted to curb the practice by allowing it only in “exceptional” circumstances. The ruling, which was precedent-setting but did not strike down the law, gave judges the right to apply the extra credit for time served but did not reject the government’s limit of a 1.5 credit.
  4. March: March:  The Supreme Court strikes down section 10(1) of the Abolition of Early Parole Act, which tried to retroactively abolish accelerated parole for offenders who had already been sentenced as a violation of the offenders’ charter rights.
  5. September 2011: The Supreme Court ordered the federal minister of health to grant a Vancouver supervised injection clinic an exemption under Canada’s drug laws so it can remain open. The ruling gave the minister discretion to approve or deny future requests for exemptions, but required the government to balance public safety and charter rights when making the decision.

Is it so hard to believe that Canadians who used to believe that the idea of “democracy” and the phrase, “rule of law” really meant something are now becoming cynical of both and see neither really applying to the governance they are receiving from this government of Canada? Unfortunately in today’s Canada it would seem that the present government feels that the rules, principles and spirit of democracy can be sidestepped, ignored and rendered moot simply by their creation of new legislation. I believe that when a government continually rams through legislation that is constantly in violation of its citizens constitution and charter rights as this government is constantly trying to do that  it is guilty of leading its country away from it being able to lay claim to being  a democratically governed and a law-abiding country, because it is not enough to simply declare to be, a nation must also demonstrate their democracy and rule of law through its actions and treatment of every citizen equally and without prejudice. These are a few of the things that concern me and have me beginning to wonder if  Canada’s boast of being a supporter of democracy, human, civil and religious rights are still true:

  1. This government’s chipping and stripping away of more and more of our rights and freedoms that are the corner stones of Canadian democracy.
  2. This government’s mocking of  our democratic processes with its altering of the Canadian law with its creation of its “ministry of democratic reform.” I believe that this ministry was created by this party to change existing Canadian law that made the governments  continued violations of Canada’s election laws (which were  landing them in hot water). Instead of seeking all party consensus this government did as it has done on so many other occasions and simply rammed the legislation into law, by virtue of the majority they hold in all committees. (senate and parliamentary) The Canada Election Act of old was put in place to ensure fair elections for all political parties; this is not the case with the changes the Conservative Party of Canada has forced into law with their strop, stable majority government.
  3. This Conservative Party of Canada majority  government uses its majority  to force closure and shut down debate using time allocation at least 75 times in this parliament alone.
  4. I see this Conservative Party of Canada majority government refuse to consider and adopt even one amendment from any opposition party into any of their legislation.
  5. I see this Conservative Party of Canada use its majority to make irrelevant and fire the heads of parliamentary oversight agencies like, the head of Elections Canada, the Parliamentary Budget Officer, The Privacy Commissioner, the Auditor General of Canada, just to name a few for doing their jobs.
  6. I see this government refuse to be transparent on anything that it is trying to accomplish, even withholding the cost of the war to degrade and eventually defeat ISIL which we as Canadians are paying for and have a right to know, but something that our allies freely given to their citizens and I great detail.
  7. I see the government passing laws that ask judges who are supposed to uphold the constitutional rights of all Canadians to ignore them if they are to by the police  the RCMP or CSIS

Some would argue that in  order to protect ourselves from terrorist attacks and the loss our, values, religion as well rights and freedoms that we must we must be willing to pay the price for this protection, namely:

  • Some loss of our right to privacy.
  • Some loss of legal rights for example (a)the right of an accused to face one’s accuser, (b)the right to have a judge examine all of the evidence of a case before him or her and decide on its merit and its legality and (c)the right to know that the judge has not allowed for the violation of you civil, human, Canadian Charter or constitutional rights.

I would suggest however that if the price of victory over ISIS is the loss of our rights and freedoms guaranteed us under the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and all international act and treaties that Canada is supposed to be a willing participant in, then the price tag is too high. What good is there for Canadians if in saving Iraq from ISIL for instance and bringing democracy of a sort to that region for another we have to violate and ignore the fundamental principles of our own democracy? These principles that this majority Conservative government of Canada are doing an end run around  are the core values that comprise the very bedrock that supports and allows for our way of life for any governing party in Canada to try to do away with any of this core is to make us the same as any other people governed by a dictatorship, or authoritarian regime.

Canadians are allowing the Conservative Party of Canada to capitalize on the fear they are guilty of inciting in this country.  I believe that the Conservative Party of Canada has nothing against Muslims and could careless about the plight of Jews or Israelis whether in Canada, Israel or anywhere else in the world; both of these groups are just a means to a political end for the Conservative Party of Canada. I believe that the Conservative Party of Canada has and is still exploiting those fears to such a dangerous level. Canadians are suspicious  and leery of other Canadians and  so divided that the majority of Canadians are willingly being led down the slippery slope of  going along with things that we know are racist, non democratic and in fact have a lot in common with those of Adolf Hitler’s Germany and Joseph Stalin’s Russia.

Since the war on terror began after 9/11 I feel that it is us who call ourselves the civilised nations who have become more like the terrorist we claim we are fighting rather than they becoming more like us.  We are more like them than they have been made to be like us, for instance:

  • The RCMP,CSIS and the police will soon be able to  legally pick up a Canadian citizen and hold said person in a secret location for 7 days without charge, on the suspicion that they may be going to commit a terrorist act at sometime not known and somewhere not known against some one or some thing, again unknown. Does this not sound like what happens in those regimes that we are supposed to be trying to change and the others as strong or stronger than us militarily that we very vocally criticize?
  • The RCMP, CSIS and the police will now be able to spy on Canadian citizens, take down whatever they believe not posted in the best interest of the country without the knowledge of said citizen.  This to me smacks of anti freedom of speech and expression the, like we see in China and Russia for example where the state controls what is seen publicly and what is okay to express publicly.

ISIL, Boko Haram, al-Qaeda and all the other organizations referred to as barbaric terrorist organisations do commit atrocities against women like kidnapping them and forcing them into marriages and the like, but these atrocities that I agree are despicable and need to be stopped unfortunately are all that separates them from the America led coalition, including Canada, this is what I mean:

  1. Both sides do violent, deplorable things to their captives  in order to extract information, or for some other advantage from them and both side have killed their captives.  ISIL out in the open and bragging and the American led coalition in secret and denying everything like in Guantanamo Bay.
  2. Both side knowingly target innocent civilians and consider their deaths and suffering as collateral damage again one side openly acknowledging and even bragging about and the other denying they do it at all.
  3. Both side say that they are right and are being threatened by the other and are only defending themselves and their very existence.
  4. Both sides now believe that it is okay to enter and cause war in a sovereign country without legal grounds. Although the prime minister and Jason Kenney  seem to believe that it is unlikely that Canada will be taken to court over violating international laws and that it is okay to do because the USA has been ding it for months without legally being  challenge by any international body where crossing over into to Syria to wage war on ISIL is concerned, does not make what Canada is doing legal, it simply puts them in the same illegal place as the terrorists they seek to degrade and defeat.(defiantly refusing to abide international law that gets in their way of accomplishing the political agenda)

What a hollow victory we Canadians will have won if we must lose all of what makes us Canadians to win the mission to degrade and hopefully defeat ISIL.


Are Canadian Politicians Believing Their Own Rhetoric And Spin About Muslims Being Treated With Respect, Dignity And Equality In Canada?

Dressed Inappropriate For Court Room, Racist Judge, Or Judge Incompetence

Dressed Inappropriate For Court Room, Racist Judge, Or Judge Incompetence

What is up Canada? Why are all levels of the Canadian government claiming to have no idea why highly intelligent young Muslim males and females are fleeing this country, willing to give up their families, their education and their citizenship to take up arms and fight for groups like ISIS in ever increasing numbers against Canada and her allies? I personally believe that killing for any reason is wrong and to kill innocent people to prove a point is non defensible, but  in my opinion for Canadian politicians to continually ask the question why young Muslims are easy targets for  recruiters of Jihadi extremists terrorists groups like ISIS proves that they  are beginning to believe their own rhetoric and spin and believe that Canada is actually treating its Muslim community with respect, dignity and equality.  I would suggest that  Stephen Harper and all Canadian politicians take an honest, hard look at the openly hostile anti-Muslim environment they have created all over Canada.

Consider these things:

  •  Every single Muslims who refuses to prove that they have accepted European culture, values, traditions and religion have been labeled a Jihadi terrorists in waiting.
  • Every day women and men who dare to wear their traditional or religious clothing are threatened, harassed and literally told to go back where they come from by other Canadians, because all levels of Canadian government say that if Muslims want to live here they should try to be more inconspicuous and try to blend in.
  • If any female Muslim shows up in court wearing the required religious clothing of her faith, she risks the possibility of a Canadian judge refusing to hear her case even though her face is open for the court to see.

 This is the anti-Muslim environment that Canada’s political leaders of all stripes and at all levels need to understand that they have created with their so called reasonable accommodation limitations speeches that they make, anti-terrorist rhetoric that they spout and the anti-terrorist laws that they enact. If they the politicians would just look at the anti-Muslim environment that they are guilty of creating and sustaining they would  understand the reasons Canadian Muslim youth feel that the only entity offering them real citizenship, fellowship, the freedom to practice their religion without fear of reprisal of any kind and eventually a country to call their own if they are willing to fight for it, are unfortunately those recruiting for ISIS and groups like them.   I would ask the MPs of Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party of Canada the likes of Diane Ablonczy to consider that Canadians and that includes our Muslim population are not stupid and know exactly who is being targeted with the anti-terrorist act 2015 and every other law that this government has passed by the use of its majority status in the House of Commons and in both the senate and parliamentary committees.

Muslim’s in Canada in general are getting the impression by the way they are being treated by every level of government in Canada and the justice system that they are not welcome in Canada and that they are not really worthy to be Canadians by any stretch of the imagination.  I believe the case of  the Canadian Muslim woman, Rania El-Alloul, residing in the province of Quebec speaks volumes as to why  young Canadian Muslims are so easily  radicalised by groups like ISIS .  Rania El-Alloul in my opinion was only saying out loud what the majority of Canadian Muslims feel, but do not dare to say publically for fear of  governmental and societal persecution when she  said,  “I felt that I’m not Canadian anymore.”  after Judge Eliana Marengo told her that, The courtroom is a secular place and that she was not suitably dressed saying that, “Hats and sunglasses for example, are not allowed.  And I don’t see why scarves on the head would be either.”  

I do not believe for one second that had it been a Jewish male appearing before Judge Eliana Marengo wearing a Kiper that she would have objected, or referred to it as an ordinary hat, or a pair of sunglasses; let alone, refused to hear the case. Does a priest, wearing a collar, or another citizen with a cross in open sight have to remove their religious wear to be heard in any court in Canada?  This is not just one isolated case of  discrimination in Canada regarding the wearing of religious head covering; Canada’s past problems with religious head coverings range from wearing turbans on the soccer field to Muslim women being allowed to vote wearing a face covering veil, for example as noted in an article I read on the net posted by CBC titled 5 head-covering controversies in Canada:

  1. Sikh wearing their turbans if they wanted to join the RCMP (Baltej Singh Dhillon fought for his religious rights and was permitted to wear his turban while training, and in 1990, the federal government ended the ban preventing Sikhs in the RCMP from wearing turbans.)
  2. In 2011, then immigration minister Jason Kenney announced new rules banning face coverings for people taking the Canadian citizenship oath. Until then, a citizenship clerk or other official could pull aside a woman wearing a niqab at the ceremony and have the woman lift it for identification. In February 2015, a Federal Court judge ruled that women can wear a niqab while taking the oath.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said the federal government will appeal the ruling, a decision critics have questioned.
  3. ​In 2013, the Quebec Soccer Federation announced a ban on players wearing turbans or related religious headwear on the pitch. The ban, which the federation said was a result of safety concerns, came despite a directive from the Canadian Soccer Association that said turbans were OK. Only after hearing from FIFA, the international soccer body, the federation reversed the ban and said it was “deeply sorry” if anyone was offended.
  4. In April 2013, an Ontario judge ruled that a woman had to remove her niqab to testify in a sexual assault case. The decision came after the judge applied a new test set out by the Supreme Court of Canada dealing with witnesses wearing a veil.  In the split decision, the majority ruled that judges have to do a four-part test to determine if a Muslim woman can be allowed to wear a niqab when testifying:- Does she have a sincere belief in her religion?- Does wearing a veil create a serious risk to trial fairness?- Is there any other way to accommodate her?- If no, does what the court called the “salutary” effects of ordering her to remove her niqab outweigh the “deleterious” effects of doing that? The woman had been fighting for six years for the right to wear her niqab during the trial of her uncle and cousin, who were accused of sexually assaulting her when she was a child in the 1980s.
  5. To In 2007, Quebec’s chief returning officer said Muslim women would be able to wear a niqab when receiving a ballot for the provincial election, a position that set off fierce debate. Party leaders urged him to reverse the decision, which he eventually did. A similar controversy arose in Quebec six months later during federal byelections.  On the Elections Canada website, it currently says if an elector wearing a face covering arrives to vote, the deputy returning officer will ask the elector to show their face. >”If the elector agrees to remove their face covering, the election official will follow regular voting procedures,” the website says. > “If the elector does not wish to remove their face covering, the deputy returning officer will advise the elector that they must provide two pieces of authorized identification, one proving their identity and the other proving their identity and address, and then take an oath attesting to their eligibility to vote.”> If that is done, regular voting procedures will follow.

Cases of discrimination against Muslims go largely unheard in Canada, because Canadian Muslim’s fear if they speak out they will labelled terrorists or sympathetic to terrorists and an enemy of Canada and all Canadians. These Muslim children are leaving Canada, because they feel like Canada looks upon all Muslims with suspicion and infers that all Muslims should be treated in all ways and at all times as the enemy within and so these Muslim children no longer feel that they are considered as real Canadians, or accepted, or wanted in Canada; this is what is allowing for the radicalization of Canadian Muslim youth, by groups like ISIS; this is what comes from  Canada’s  highest ranking politicians using fear mongering to get voters to submit to the idea of giving more power to the government, to give up their constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms, to things as important as:

  • Speech and expression.
  • Movement and travel.
  • Practice one’s religion without being discriminated against.
  • Be viewed as equal under the law and treated equally under the law at all times and by all persons responsible for creating the laws and for those in charge of enforcing the law.

Since Stephen Harper was given a majority government Canada has become just another nation with a government that is afraid of  any person residing within its borders that is different then that of  the majority its citizenry. In Stephen Harper’s new Canada I believe that  discriminatory practices and laws that once were acknowledged as shameful that needed to be removed are now being encouraged, justified and made legal by Stephen Harper’s majority government. In Canada this means that anybody that is not White in skin color, who’s heritage cannot be traced back Canada’s European founding fathers and who do not share the same hysterical culture, religious beliefs, languages and values of the majority of Canada’s citizenry find themselves in a new Canada that grows more dangerously intolerant, more judicially unfair and increasingly more inescapable for them every day and with the passing of every new made for real Canadians law that the Stephen Harper led majority Conservative Party of Canada government passes into law.  The Canadian government by restricting travel to Muslims who they feel could be going abroad to commit a terrorist act, may be guilty of blocking the exit/escape of Muslims who have done nothing wrong and who simply feel that they can no longer stand to live under the tyranny, persecution and oppressive laws of Canada as they see them and wish to do as this government has suggested so often and that is that they should immigrate to a country better suited to them and their way of life.

This government has decided to target the Muslim minority population in this country and make them all look like they are the enemy within waiting to strike out at the God fearing decent white, Christian majority, because it is easy to do, because of  the tactics used by groups like ISIS to accomplish their goals, but in reality, in so doing they have become like ISIS and all of those other groups and have instead begun to change what set Canada apart from them.  I love the Canada that knew that it had to change and do better with the way it treated people of this country that were different, I am not so crazy about the Canada that the likes of   Judge Eliana Marengo, Diane Ablonczy, Steven Blaney, Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper are creating and hope that with a federal election being called in 2015 and hopefully a change in government at a federal level that we can return to a Canada where everyone is welcome and where our diversity and differences are considered something to be proud of and not feared. A Canada where children do not fear for their cultural and religious existence so much that they become easy prey for radicalisation by terrorist groups.

Interesting Stories In Canadian Politics # 3

Story #1: Headline in the Yahoo News/Canada Politics, posted by Andy Radia on, November 29, 2013 at 3:12 PM  reads, Harper government tracks ‘missing’ $3.1 billion” and goes on to say, “Conservative MPs finally has a good news story to take home to their constituencies this weekend.  You’ll recall, in May, the Tory brand took a hit when the Auditor General slammed the government for losing track of $3.1 billion earmarked for national security. The media and the opposition parties somehow turned ‘losing track of $3.1 billion”, into ‘losing $3.1 billion.’ Nevertheless, that money has now been tracked.  According to the National Post, the problem was due to mis-categorizations between departments.

Well there you have it Canadians have nothing to worry about now (smile) according to the press; our government did not steal the money they are just incapable of keeping track of it and since they eventually found it, no real harm done. The story does not stop there though it goes on to imply that there is a vast difference between the Harper Government standing up in the house of commons and saying that we somehow lost track of the money and the opposition parties saying that they lost the Harper government lost the money.  In other words this government did not bother to do the paper work which caused them to look like they could not find$3.1 billion dollars.  The story fascinates me, because it seems to be saying that we as Canadians should be happy and see it as good news that we have a government that has been proven to not be a crooked in this instance, but has rather been proven to just be careless and incompetent when it dealing with large sums of money and doing the appropriate paper work when transferring large sums of money from one department to another.  This story also makes the claim that this government should somehow feel good about telling its supporters that they are incompetent, sloppy, careless, but they are not crooks.

Story #2: Headline in CBC News, posted by Blair Rhodes on Nov 07, 2013 at 7:50 AM, reads “Condom piercer’s sex crime appeal goes to Supreme Court” with the slightly less bold sub title reading, “Craig Jaret Hutchinson convicted in December 2011 and sentenced to 18 months in prison”  I guess I found the whole debate fascinating, because of the implications of the defense of this guys decision and what the impact the final outcome will have on a woman’s ability to rely on an agreement between herself and her mate to only engage in safe sex. How will this impact the ability of a woman to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies to poke holes in a condom and what happens to the unborn child of this deception?

The other thing that fascinates me is the assertion by the defense that this guy did nothing illegal and although what he did could be considered reprehensible that it was no way assault, because he had permission for the act. We are to ignore that he only had permission to engage in sex with her providing it was safe sex, (with a condom on). No condom equals, no permission; no permission means to engage is sexual assault.  You engage in sexual assault you will be punished.  We are being asked to forget that because this guy poked holes in the condom and impregnated hos girlfriend who said she did not wish to be pregnant that he caused the death of an unborn child. We are being asked by the defense that because of his actions the young woman was put through stress, hardship, physical and mental anguish.  What if he had a sexual transmittable disease that he was not aware of and because of his action he gave it to her?  Should she have had to carry the baby and  given it to the guy? I find it incredible that this idiot did not just do his time and be glad he was not charged with the murder of that unborn child.

Story #2: Headline in, published  by Jordon Press on December 6, 2013, 4:26 pm reads: “Conservative Sen. Jean-Guy Dagenais accused of unleashing ‘personal attack’ on NDP MP Charmaine Borg”  What I found so interesting in this story is the reasoning of Conservative Senator Jean Guy Dagenais in writing this letter to NDP MP Charmaine Borg. Everyone in Canada, and around the world knows that this Senate is embroiled in scandal when it comes to the misuse of travel expenses and household allowance expenses.  The fact that the Conservatives have a majority in the Senate and that they also seem to be in the majority of the scandals in both chambers and even in the PMO’s office does nothing to improve how Canadians feel about this non elected body of government.  This government is an embarrassment to Canadians and the flyer was an attempt to rid Canadians of an ineffective, embarrassing body of the government that has gotten worse since Steven Harper added his patronage appointments to the senate,   so again I ask why the personal attack on NDP MNA Charmaine Borg for stating the obvious.

Story #3: Headline in, reads: Jason Kenney‘s Rob Ford comment sparked profane rebuke from Jim Flaherty.  That they argued is one thing, but to do it right out there on the floor of the house of Commons is not what the conservative government of Canada and Steven Harper  need at this point in time.  That it is happening because of Rob Ford I find amazing. that 2 senior members of the conservative party of Canada and high-ranking cabinet ministers would use profanity and almost come to blows I find almost Liberal and anything but conservative.  It appears that the prime minister is losing control his party as continuous scandals and inner conflict seem to be tearing his party apart from within. The Conservative Party of Canada is going to great lengths to paint the Liberal Party of Canada as protecting the conservative  senators who have broken the law and at the same time  their finance minister almost gets in a fist fight with Jason Kenney over Jason Kenney calling for Rob Fords to step down; talk about contradictions. I am guessing that Jim Flaherty wants Rob Ford covered under the same, “It wasn’t me ” Tori operating procedure as the prime minister and the rest of the prominent Tories are. At best they looked like a bunch of children and their use of profane language showed a complete lack of respect for where they were (the House of Commons) and their colleagues, of whom a large number were women.  This party can ill afford this type of public display especially over a self-confessed liar and crack smoker.  What were they thinking?

Is Canada’s Involvement In The War On Terror A Closet From Which John Baird And Jason Kenney Punish Anti Gays?

Baird-KennyI know the Western Alliance and the United States of America has an agenda that has nothing to do with peace and love in the world when it comes to pushing their New World Order Agenda, but it is getting a little crazy out there!  Everywhere that the USA and the Western Alliance has stuck their nose into the business of sovereign nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and most recently Egypt they have brought chaos, death, poverty and a situation so bad that the people are begging for a return to a time when they had their dictator, but there was enough to eat, travel was easy, hospitals were accessible and they had work, but most of all they want back order and stability; a time before they were supposedly saved from themselves, when the grass looked greener on the democratic side, before the Western Alliance’s  bombs and missiles started falling and before foreign soldiers occupied their lands. The Western Alliance is about bombing, destroying, installing regimes that claim to be USA and Western Alliance friendly and then leaving.  Their surgical bombing techniques leave little to be desired as their bombing raids usually kill a high number of civilians and destroy crucial infrastructure such as, roads, airports, bridges and highways.  These supposedly surgical bombings seem to be destroying buildings such as hospitals, schools, and houses in residential areas.   The USA led Western Alliance  shrugs off this murder and destruction as collateral damage, but does Canada have a secret  agenda of its own, being pushed by its conservative gay members of parliament  in influential positions like, Jason Kenney and John Baird is my question for today? What is up Canada?

The USA has decided once again that they are ready to go it alone if they must, but Syria must be bombed right now, more sooner, than later, so that a message can be sent in the blood of Syrian civilians, that they the USA will not tolerate the Syrian government using chemical weapons of mass destruction on its own people.  This message along with showing Syria which side they view as the true legal government of Syria is so important that once again the USA has decided that whatever it decides to do will be based on how it things the Syria impact the security of the USA; in other words the USA intends to put itself  and any of it lackeys that choose to follow in their footsteps into an internationally illegal war, placing itself above the law once again.  Without hearing the results of the experts they insisted be allowed in to make a report they, the USA  wish to jump the gun. The USA knows that as long as China and Russia oppose military action a UN, sanctioned military action is not likely to happen. This is the way the USA does things to advance its world dominance.  There are no tricks, no double talking, just in your face aggressive, supremacy at its worst or best depending on your moral values.

Once I say that though I am forced to consider what is in all of this for Canada? I have to consider what is Canada’s agenda and wonder what it must feel like to be John Baird and Jason Kenney; to be able to unleash the power of a nation on all of those anti gay Muslims around the world; it must be intoxicating for them like an addictive drug they cannot stop using.  I wonder is this what is shaping the foreign policy of this nation of ours?  Could our national defense policy, our foreign aid policy and even our immigration policy being influenced by certain people within the conservative party who have decided to punish all those they think are anti gay?  Is this why we are closing embassies in Canada to countries of the Muslim faith overnight, like the Iranian embassy was for no apparent reason.  If we are going to make the safety of gays in Canada and around the world our priority, the center piece of our foreign policy then why do it from the closet? Why is this government not just coming out and saying so, instead of saying we are doing it to save all  the people of these Muslim countries, when it is only the gays we seek to save in what is being called our “Underground Railway”, for persecuted gays to get into Canada?

The Prime Minister of Great Britain took his case to join the USA and most of the rest of the Western Alliance in a military strike, or bombing of Syria got voted down.  Great Britain has the same sort of democratic government as Canada minus the dictatorship qualities that Harper has imposed on Canadians following his majority victory in the last federal election and the stacking of the Senate of Canada ever since he could not abolish it.  This is important, because Great Britain has decided to enter into another war without the expressed authorisation of the United Security Council; in other words it has acknowledged that the USA has no mandate and therefore is committing another unprovoked illegal military strike, because they can and hold themselves to be above international law.  This is important, because Canada is suggesting from what I understand of John Baird’s interviews that we are ready to do all sorts of things short of putting the army on the ground to make this once again USA led non United Nation‘s sanctioned attack on a sovereign nation; including lending our political support to make something that is without that is illegal look more legal; in other words aid in the lie that there is proof and knowledge of who is responsible for using those chemical weapons in Syria; to be a party to the going to war once again on incomplete evidence at best and I wonder if it is just another opportunity for John Baird and Jason Kenney to through their gay weight around and once again punish those anti gay people over in Syria under the invisibility of helping all Syrians.

I guess that I would not even be able to say or think these things if we had an open, honest transparent government in Canada that did not pretend to believe  and push Christian traditional family values as being the basis for all of their policies and direction they are leading this country.  I have nothing against gays and I think that john Baird and Jason Kenney should do all they can to advance their cause and right the wrongs that they suffer, but that they should do it out in the open rather than from  in the closet.  What I am I supposed to think when we are throwing refugees by the hundreds at a time in jail for daring to flee to this country and jumping the line and then I hear John Baird openly stating that he has been secretly aiding persecuted gays and lesbian to flee to Canada?  I do not have anything problem with him helping these people in fact I commend him for it, but why in secret and why only them and not all persecuted peoples of the world?

Interesting Article in the National Post titled, Rise of the rainbow hawks   makes a view interesting observations concerning the conservative government of Canada led by Steven Harper making gay rights the center piece of Canada’s  foreign policy. Here are just a few passages, for more follow the link:

  1. Prime Minister Stephen Harper hasn’t just come around to gay rights: He has made the issue a centrepiece of Canada’s foreign policy.
  2. In Canada, especially, the campaign in Afghanistan was not seen merely as part of the war against terrorism. It was also seen as a war against the anti-Western, anti-Semitic, murderously, misogynistic and, yes, anti-gay hatred promoted by the Taliban, al-Qaeda and hardcore Islamists more generally. The most hawkish War on Terror intellectuals, largely conservatives, grasped quickly that standing for Western liberal values — which inevitably included feminism and gay acceptance — was a most effective way to win support from the left and right alike for the fight against fundamentalism.
  3. Supporters of Israel, in particular, often appeal to liberal critics by emphasizing the Jewish state’s especially tolerant attitude toward gays, as compared to the virulent homophobia prevalent in Palestinian and other Arab cultures. And the Israeli government itself has shrewdly branded itself as “an international gay vacation destination” — a successful marketing ploy that has given fits to anti-Israeli activists.
  4. Queen’s University student Jeffrey Ingold complains that “the U.S. government made supporting the war on terror synonymous with ‘liberating’ homosexuals in the backwards Middle East.” In the same breath, he denounces the tactic of Israeli “pinkwashing,” which he describes as “a potent method of justifying the Israeli occupation of Palestine by framing Palestinians as barbaric, homophobic and uncivilized. Homosexual acceptance has become the symbol of civilizational aptitude.”

I find it quite interesting and note that  the cost of freedom from persecution and the acceptance of the right of choice for some, all too often leads to the persecution and the loss of the right to choose for those not in agreement with the change.

Conservative Party Of Canada And big Business Declare War On First Nations, Trade Unions And Transparency

MAC1455_pvw xI must say this about our Prime Minister Steven Harper and his stable majority Conservative Government of Canada and that is that they are consistent, relentless and equal opportunity haters.  It seems that every week there is a new challenge to the laws and the fundamental changes in Canada’s policies that this government is imposing on Canadians through its omnibus bill that allow very little time for debate and many would argue are making a mockery out of democracy.  This week it seems that the target of Steven Harper’s vengeance this week will be none other than our First Nations People, former civil servants and trade unions and as usual he and his government are going to pretend that what they are going just has to be done right now for the good of all Canadians and Canada.

In the case of the First Nations they are going to try to make us believe that if they do not enact this new law that our economy is going to suffer terribly. They are also going to try to convince us that the selling of contraband cigarettes by some First Nations People to people living off the reserve is going to ruin any chance of  this country maintaining our  economic recovery.   Every since the First Nations Chiefs embarrassed The Harper led Conservative government with their protests, marches blockades, court challenges, hunger strikes and letter to the British crown I have being wondering how Steven Harper was going to do to punish them? I wondered how he thought he could punish them without it being obvious whatever he was going to do was directed solely at them and with just enough legal justification to say the law is the law and it must be obeyed by everyone and now I know, we know the whole world knows, Steven Harper will use his new beefed up anti smuggling law to go after the First Nations People who sell contraband cigarettes to non natives.

I knew something was up when talking about the fact that there are too many young First Nation youths sitting in our jails the Prime Minister smugly inferred in his best racist voice tha he supposed some people were just predestined to violate the law.  I knew then that there was to be no attempt at rectifying the wrong position that this government chose to take this winter when it refused to talk or meet with First Nations representatives and insisting that they were acting in the best interest of the First nations at their leaders and peoples requests.

This is a very cynical, cruel and mean-spirited government that punishes all that oppose it in any fashion and they do not care who or ow many are questioning their actions not even what their credentials are, if you are not with them your against them and any information you are offering is considered partisan and not worthy of consideration. We saw this when the 2 men who have worked in public service for over 30 years, for both liberals and conservatives were attacked personally by Prime Minister Steven Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty this week when they dared to criticize

In an article written  by Mark Kennedy, Postmedia News I read, “The political firestorm erupted in the House of Commons in the wake of a report by Postmedia News that the two former officials had written a biting critique of the government to be published in Inside Policy magazine.  In their article, former bureaucrats Scott Clark and Peter DeVries write that the Conservative government has eroded the “integrity and credibility” of federal budgets through a system of secrecy that keeps parliamentarians and Canadians in the dark about how their money is spent. They blast Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government for keeping internal budget records secret, for designing a system that means MPs don’t know what they are approving when they vote on billions in spending, for engaging in a useless war with the parliamentary budget officer, and for acting disgracefully through its omnibus budget bills.” You can read further by following this link.  Harper and Flaherty attack former  public servants as ‘partisan’ Liberals.

In another article I read lately I  read talked about  what is happening in the work place in Canada and the attempt made by this government to discredit and destabilise the trade unions in Canada, in an article titled  Harper Goes After Trade Unions With Bill C-377.  which states, “Work to move policy discussion in Canada off to the far right goes back decades. The main group agitating for “democracy in the workplace,” meaning restriction and repression of trade union freedoms is the National Citizens Coalition (NCC). It was founded by Colin Brown, a life insurance agent from London Ontario, who as early as 1967 expressed concern about public spending for social security. It is not hard to see why he thought public pensions and other social programs would undermine the comfortable life insurance industry centred in London Ontario — its business depended on people fearing for the future.  Relying on insurance industry money, in 1974 Brown founded a “citizens” organization to promote anti-government spending views using paid ads. From 1998 to 2002, Stephen Harper was NCC president.  It is a measure of how successful business-funded politics has become in Canada that leading a far-right lobby group would be a stepping-stone to becoming prime minister.  In 1976, major corporations formed the Business Council on National Issues to create a climate of opinion favourable to business ideas about policy. The main driver behind the BCNI was William O. Twaits of Imperial Oil (interestingly, Stephen Harper’s father was an accountant with Imperial Oil in Toronto.)”  Follow this link for rest of article and see where Jason Kenney fits into this governments plans to put the workers of this  country at the mercy of big business.  Harper goes after trade unions with Bill C-377 |

Ladies and gentlemen of Canada we are under attack from within our own country, from big business, who have managed to install their man, their puppet into the government of Canada and he holds the position of the Prime Minister of Canada.  This puppet of theirs has brought other big business puppets on board like Jason Kenney and they are systematically turning back time in tis country and will not stop until we have not one right left.  knew this government had a hidden agenda, but untill I actually read how deep harper and his cronies are entangled with big business and how long they have been trying to remove or suspend trade unions, I was just reacting to the constant forcing back of workers through legislation rather than negotiations and or arbitration, but I must say that reading the 2 articles above has made me understand just what is behind all of the rhetoric, the economic recovery plan and I must say it stinks and advise anyone who has not read these 2 articles to follow the links I provided and do so.  They both have confirmed what I always thought, but never knew the details of, but now that I do I will never look at this government as wanting what is good for Canadians and Canada again, because Canada is more than just big business and Canadians deserve more from their government than to be sold to big business with no rights for political power as is happening now.

As for the First Nations I now understand how what is happening to them fits into all of this. I can understand the panic running through all those big companies that see all of those developement profit dollars being lost if they have to deal with the First Nations themselves and face the fact that the First Nations may want a little more than the deal the government has bargained for with them and guaranteed without First Nation agreement or consultation. How tragic it would be for big business if it were forced to renegotiate all of those leases to drill for oil and gas or for licences to cut lumber.  I get it now, do you?