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The Planet Earth (What Is Our Purpose On It?)

April 20, 2015 4 comments


I have decided to write about what I have come to realise is a bigger problem for Canadians and all the people of the world then even Stephen Harper.  With an election slated for the fall of this year and himself  still running that is saying a whole lot about the urgency I feel about this topic.  We as a species make a lot of claims about who we are, what our purpose is and the responsibility that God has given us to look out for this planet and every living thing on it.  I see death and destruction for the planet itself and every living thing on it caused by us whether our intent is good, or selfish we are killing this planet and everything living thing on it and what could be more important to discuss than that?

For as long as I can remember there have been certain questions have crossed my mind, confounded me and made me question:

  • My religious beliefs.
  • The importance of everything I was taught in school.
  • Whether we are truly the most intelligent form of life on the planet, or merely the most deadly and most willing to kill everything and anything not only for our survival, but for the pleasure we as a species get from the act of killing, or what I call ‘blood lust’.
  •  If we do have a special and different purpose related to the well-being of this planet and every other living thing on it and if so what is that purpose?

In an effort to answer these questions I have talked to religious leaders, read books, listened to the speeches of politicians, social activists and environmentalists, economists and come up with the same answers:

  • We have no specific purpose on this earth that is more important or special or unique to any other living thing on this planet.
  • We have managed to convince ourselves that we  are smarter than all other forms of life on this planet and that fact alone makes the survival of humanity the most important issue when considering the survival of this planet.
  • The earth and every other form of life that exists on it would probably be better off if humanity would become extinct.

For humanity to live with  all  the comforts it has become accustom to it has forced a death sentence upon the planet itself and all living things on it no matter how beautiful, or important to our own survival it is.  I say these things because we human beings who consider ourselves to be the most intelligent species on planet,  the most dominant species on this planet and have appointed ourselves the caretakers of the planet seem content to sit by and let Earth’s:

  • Air to become non breathable.
  • Ozone layer  to become weaker and less able to protect earth from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Water to become polluted undrinkable to humans without filtration and uninhabitable to the many forms of life that need those waters to live in.
  • Land has almost become so toxic that it could soon be unable to grow food for any creature except man who must constantly add chemicals, like  fertilizers, insecticides and weed killers that kill off entire species of insects that serve a purpose as all things do in the natural order of things.
  • Forests, wetlands and all other such areas that naturally provide all that is necessary to survive  on this planet in harmony with everything else on this planet and that naturally regulate, filtrate and regenerate all that is required to sustain life in all of the forms it is found in on this planet.

It becomes very clear to me that

  • Our only importance to the continued well-being of this planet and to everything on it including ourselves is those which we attribute falsely to ourselves, by virtue of our over inflated, misguided and dysfunctional sense of superior intelligence.
  • We are perhaps one of the dumbest, most self-serving, self-destructive species  on the planet. Faced with our own imminent self  annihilation and the annihilation of every living thing on this planet by our greed and selfishness we make excuses to carry on in our madness rather than change

 What good is all of our progress if it means the destruction of the planet we live on and everything on it, including us? We are all responsible not just the politicians and the heads of those conglomerates who kill whole forests, drain wetlands, or utilise hydraulic fracturing mining techniques to get richer than they already are, because they would not do it if there was no demand for what they are selling. Too many of us talk the talk, but in reality everyday do not walk the walk. For instance how many of the world’s human population would give up:

  • Their car and ride a bike, or go back to walking everywhere, or using any mode of transportation that does not require a fossil fuel powered engine to save the planet from destruction?
  • The convenience of buying products that are packaged in plastic that end up polluting our oceans rivers and streams, or get buried in huge land fills, because neither earth, water, or wind can break down and recycle them  naturally?
  • Using  products that use aerosol to release their ingredients from their containers like deodorants, hairspray and other household products to save the planet from destruction?
  • Working for companies and using the products made by companies who knowingly dump  hazardous materials into the earth’s oceans, rivers lakes and stream, clear-cut forests, or spew harmful chemicals into the air from their smoke stacks that destroy the ozone and fall back to the earth as acid rain?
  • Voting for politicians who do not believe in t the science that warns that life on this planet will come to an end as we now know it weather wise and in a way that will not easily support human life as we now enjoy it, if humanity does not change its ways and begin to live in a way that is beneficial to the earth and stop  polluting the soil, water and air that all living things on this planet require to exist.

The human race has proved over and over again that not even these three things will we stop doing in order to save this planet and everything on it from destruction.  Some politicians, environmental activist and ordinary citizens are just hypocrites who find it just as impossible to give up driving cars that run on gas, to stop buying things like water and soft drinks that are in plastic bottles, or give up the suds made from phosphate in their laundry detergent, as those who would say that the science behind acid rain, the destruction of the ozone is inaccurate science, or just a scare tactic, but they all make great speeches; kind of like Nero playing his violin and singing as Rome burned.