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“The Interview” Should Never Have Been Made But there Is Another Lesson To Be Learned By The Militarily Strong

c557919c9244d4cb9576e67236544003What is up Canada? Why are the governments of Canada and the United States of America surprised at the reaction of Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s Supreme leader to a movie that Sony Pictures made called, “The Interview?” The stars of the movie are 2 American reporters on a USA sanctioned mission to assassinate him during an interview he granted them. I would ask what if this movie had been made in North Korea, Syria, Russia, or by ISIS and the person to be assassinated was  President Obama of the USA, or Canadian Prime Minister Harper? Do you think that they, the secret services of both countries and the citizens of both countries would still be referring to, “The Interview,” this as a satirical comedy and saying that although we may find the subject matter personally distasteful that it falls within the grounds of freedom of speech and expression? I think not, but then again I think that the west is being taught a different type of lesson and that is that through technology the battlefield has been changed and the weapons that used to make a nation most powerful now make it the most vulnerable.

In Canada our government is passing all sorts of laws that restrict what we say in any form about Jewish people calling it anti-Semitic, or anything that is supportive of any person, or persons that it has deemed to be a terrorist, a terrorist group, or a nation supporting, or promoting terrorist activity I find it rich that it would spout rhetoric about freedom of expression and allowing for the freedom for everyone to have the right to say what it is we are feeling, without fear of threat from our government, or any other government.

Stephen Harper and his government have gone as far as to repeal the citizenship of any dual citizen, revoke the passport of any permanent resident and arrest and charge any Canadian born in Canada if it can be proven that they are guilty of espousing what it calls terrorist propaganda, or contributing to a terrorist cause whether they knew they were doing it or not. In other words Stephen Harper is willing to strand people with Canadian passports in foreign countries without due process for availing themselves of their right to freedom of speech.

Am I wrong in saying that during the  Iraq war the USA interfered in the freedom of the press and in doing so interfered with freedom of speech by embedding reporters and forcing them to sign a contract and agree to allow their reports to be reviewed by military officials prior to release, to be escorted at all times by military personnel, and to allow the government to dismiss them at any time for any reason?

Would it be such a far stretch to say that Kim Jun-un could think of the USA as a terrorist regime out to remove him from power by any means necessary? Are the USA and North Korea both not guilty of taunting each other, each knowing that the other will do nothing overtly in terms of taking action that would cause the other to go to war.

 I find it discomforting that the only thing that Harper and Obama can agree on lately is their nations and allies justification for the taking of innocent life along with the guilty in bombing raids and shelling. (Israel’s intentional shelling and bombing of civilian targets that killed over a 100 children.) Obama and Harper have finally found something else on which they agree and once again they do not seem to care that it puts at risk innocent lives even though those innocent lives are those of their own citizens. Both leaders publicly stated that Sony should not have pulled the movie and given into threats and that it was a mistake to give into terrorist threats and demands. Obama was of the opinion that Sony should have talked to him 1st and in Harper’s opinion they should have shown it and Canada would have done something to show their support. I agree with Sony that in the end they could not have opened that movie in theaters for several reasons after they received the threat:

  • All those saying that Sony caved in and shouldn’t have I believe would be the 1st in the land where suing is a national past time to hold Sony responsible for every injury, or death resulting from the movie being shown after they were prior warned of the possibility of harm to movie goers.
  • What kind of movie theater owner would endanger the lives of its patrons by showing a movie that has received terrorist threats saying that they will harm movie goers if the movie is shown. When places where important work is being conducted are  shut down when a terrorist threat is received until the threat can be proven to be false, like, office buildings, schools, Capitol Hill, Parliament Hill, airports, metros, train stations  and a whole lot of other places, why in this instance with the threat to lives of people going to see a movie would the  president of the USA and the prime minister of Canada both state publicly they felt Sony made a mistake not releasing the film? Would they really have sent their children to see the movie, or were they both just willing to risk the lives of our children and other citizens to show that the USA and Canada cannot be intimidated?
  • What kind of nut would have brought their children, or attended a movie that had received threats of terrorism after 9/11 and what does that say about them. I do not think that people who run to danger for thrill seeking reasons instead of away from it to safety are brave I think that they are sick and in need of help and anyone who would bring their children into a possible potentially life threatening situation, just to prove they cannot be intimidated, should have those children taken away from them, because they do not deserve them until they get their priorities straight.I feel that we in the west only care about how we envision what the world should look like and what should be practiced in it in terms of governance, environmental controls, religion, culture and rights and freedoms? I feel that we have created a world where the word justice in reality has come to be defined as, “just for us.” I feel that we have created a justice system that is filled with double standards and half-truths, where punishments for breaking laws and treaties fall swiftly and mercilessly on our enemies, but are justified when we are the one found to be guilty.  We in Canada and in the USA might not  threaten to blow up movie theaters, but we do kill innocent people every minute of everyday in our pursuit of what we call justice and the spreading of our values.
  •  I think that before we begin bragging about of American and Canadian values and why we should be trying to get the adopted all over the world, that we should consider that those values allowed for
  • The government of Canada and the government of the USA have proven through their actions of late that they are willing to sentence and  condemn whole countries, the along innocent with the guilty to a future with no hope, where it is every citizen will die a slow torturous death due to hunger, thirst, or sickness, because our governments  have  imposed trade restrictions, sanctions, blockades and embargoes against their countries making it next to impossible to be able to get enough food to eat, clean water to drink and medicine to save the lives of their injured and sick, because we do not like what their governments stand for and yet both the government of Canada and the government of the USA seek to claim some high moral ground  protecting what in my opinion a  racist movie that glorifies the assassination, or the planning of it by the government of the USA. Why is this movie not considered promoting terrorism, or terrorist activity, or is it only these things when these actions are planned and carried out against members of the Western Alliance?
  • The intentional torture of prisoners by the USA that actually caused the deaths of some of the prisoners
  • That torture was casually explained away and justified, with the simple statement that after 9/11 they needed information, so that they exact revenge and that Canada actively participated in that effort.
  • Both the Canadian and American governments insist that the use of this type of methods as rectal feeding was not torture, but done to save lives and that waterboarding was just a way of seeking information and getting justice and not extremist in the slightest; just them protecting themselves.Is this really a movie that should have been made considering the USA’s recent history of not only sanctioning, the assassination of foreign leaders that it feels are a threat to their people and the USA, but putting a bounty on the heads of  leaders they are at odds with? If you were Kim Jong-un, would you consider this movie funny, or a serious potential threat? this is not the 1st movie of this nature that American movie makers have made and I guess it will not be the last, but I think that in the interest of doing what is morally right and decent they should be discouraged.

I think that the real lesson in the whole America’s Sony versus North Korea’s Kim Jon-un is that  this is an example of how small the world has become with the advances of modern technology. What has happened to Sony is a mild example of what can be accomplished by a knowledgeable person in procession of a sophisticated computer. This is irrefutable evidence that military might alone is not enough to keep even the most powerful of countries safe anymore. Any knowledgeable person in procession of a sophisticated computer has the capacity of either disarming a militarily strong nation, destabilising a nation’s economy, or turning a nations weaponry against it by hacking into its systems, or simply shutting down that country’s ability to use their technology. With hackers being among some of the most knowledgeable in the cyber world they have in effect acquired the power to influence how the world is to be run.

  • It should also be noted that when an Islamic nation, engages in this type of retaliatory action, no matter how obvious it fits the circumstances and reasoning and criteria that prompted the American and Canadian government to engage in torture and war after 9/11, they are called terrorists.

Why I Feel That Videotron Is A Greedy Company That Scams Its Customers

I hate greed and I hate feeling I am being gouged and that is how Videotron made me feel.

I hate greed and I hate feeling I am being gouged and that is how Videotron made me feel.

What is up Canada? I have been with Videotron for a very long time; not so much for their great service, their great equipment or even their great price, but more because I had always been with  them since getting cable in my 1st flat and there was a certain comfort in that for me.  I do not know remember when Videotron 1st decided to start renting you the equipment or offering to let you buy the equipment rather than do what was right by their customers and simply provide the equipment that their customers needed to be able to receive the channels that they wanted to beam into your living room for a hefty charge, but what a big money maker this has turned out to be for Videotron at the expense of their customers; in my  opinion.

I have Videotron  cable in three rooms and over the course of the years Videotron has rented me one receiver which I agreed to and sold me 2 without my knowledge and so obviously without my consent.  I am one of those foolish consumers that does not check their bill as long as it remains pretty much the same every month, so I never noticed that they had sold me the damn things. Why would I buy and take on the responsibility for the cost of upgrading out dated Videotron equipment and paying technicians to do repairs to Videotron equipment? It seems clear to me  why Videotron would  engage in this type of  shady business. I think that they did it because they got greedy and back then they had a monopoly in Quebec.  They did it because at the time they could get away with it they were the only game in townthey c in order not to have to replace their old equipment as it got out dated,  or as my recently did just stopped working.

Here is how this scam works: When I moved into my 41/2 room lower in a 6plex in Lasalle Que. I had the living room, spare room and master bedroom wired for cable, because of a promotion they were having although I only installed receivers for the master and the living room  Some years ago the Explorer 2000 Videotron receiver in my living room stopped working properly, so I called Videotron and their representative told me that the receiver that I had was out dated and that they would be sending a technician to my house to install a new receiver; I said okay. The repair guy came and installed an Explorer 3200 and I once again had cable in the living room and was informed that the installation was free.  I asked the repair guy what I should to do with the old box and he said, “whatever you want.” I thought that was strange, but I never gave it a 2nd thought. Since the box was working when it felt like it (after a few reboots) I decided to hook it up to the spare room outlet where I did not have a receiver, but had Videotron install the cable. Not long after the outdated box in the master bedroom emits sparks and shorts out.  I called Videotron again and again they sent a technician who replaced the outdated box with a new small no name receiver; I got my cable service back and this time they took away the box that almost caught on fire. I now owned 2 Videotron receivers and didn’t even know it.  What that means is now Videotron was off the hook for the updating, repairing and exchanging faulty equipment and all that had become my responsibility at my cost, without anyone at Videotron ever telling me and in my opinion Videotron has just scammed me.

Yesterday after disconnecting my Videotron Explorer 3200 so that I could rearrange my living room when it was time to reconnect, the receiver would not turn on, so once again after trying everything possible I was forced to call Videotron to see what could be done and that is when I found out that I was not renting the receivers, but rather that I somehow owned the receivers. According to the very nice Videotron rep representative I talked to on the phone, as far as Videotron was concerned I only had 3 options if I wanted to keep Videotron as my cable supplier and they were to:

  1. Rent a newer receiver from them and have it sent to me through the mail for no charge. No pick up allowed for renters.
  2. Rent a newer receiver from them and have a technician deliver and install it for $56.00
  3. Buy another receiver from them and start the whole mess all over again with me paying for equipment in order to make it possible for them to sell me cable service.

Note: Nothing that the Videotron representative offered me could be done within a day or 2.

  • Option 1 would take a minimum of 48hrs and really depended on mail delivery service.
  • Option 2 and 3, the service person could not even hazard a guess when they could send a technician. It being winter and the holiday season the service person explained that delivery would have to be determined based on the availability of a technician  and I would be notified about when that would be within a few days.

When I explained to the Videotron representative that I had my house phone with Bell, my internet with Bell and in light of what I was being told was seriously considering completing the package and giving Bell my cable business as well, the rep kind of laughed and said that Bell was their major competitor and they both were aware of each other’s pricing and I would find no major savings with Bell, but if I would be willing to give them my internet and phone business they would be able to save me some money. It was now my time to laugh as I told the rep that I could not imagine doing that and finding out that I was responsible for replacing all servers, modems and terminal boxes in my house as they needed to be replace, because they were outdated, or malfunctioned do to no fault of my own.  The Videotron rep said that they would e-mail me a quote for the 3 service package and send me a receiver in the mail and we hung up.

Note: I did get the quote from Videotron via e-mail and it wasn’t that far off of Bell, but it was all in French even though the whole conversation with the Videotron representative was conducted in English.  They could not even get that right and so I decided that I did not want to do business with a company that could not be bothered to communicate with me in my mother tongue when sending me a quote in which they were asking me to transfer files I had with another company to theirs.

I realised that it was time to look at my only option as I saw it and that meant taking my business elsewhere and so I picked up the phone and called Bell. They will have their technician at my house between 8am and noon on Tuesday, I could have had Monday, but I have a doctors appointment that day. To be fair the prices were in the same ballpark for sure, with the exception of the long distance perks guaranteed as long as I keep all 3 services with Bell. Bell will even offered to do the cancelation of my account with Videotron so I didn’t have to bother and I accepted.

I wonder if PKP will run the Parti Quebecois in the same manner if he becomes their leader, the province if he ever becomes the premier of Quebec and Quebec  as a country if it ever gains its independence under his watch, as he does Videotron?