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Were Warrant Officer Vincent And Cpl. Cirillo Honored In The Wrong Way, For The Wrong Reasons?

Remembrance Day has passed and I feel it is time to ask what is up Canada and ask ourselves a few questions like:

  • (a) Why the Harper government and the news media have decided to redefine heroism?
  • (b) Why Canadians bought into it?
  • (c) why it was such a bad thing to do?

The Harper government did it for:

  • (a) political gain.
  • (b) a chance to push their snooping on innocent Canadians agenda.

The press went along with making these 2 tragic deaths heroic, because stories about heroes sell a lot of ads. 

The truth is that neither the death of  Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, or Cpl. Nathan Cirillo were  heroic  Their deaths were  acts of cowardly, senseless murder, committed by  deranged Canadians angry at the Harper government for refusing to let him travel and a whole slew of other things; tragic losses of life, but no act of heroism was involved.  Another truth is that neither Warrant officer Patrice Vincent, or Cpl. Nathan Cirillo were acknowledged as heroes in the eyes of the government, the branch of the military they served, by the press, or by their communities, before they were murdered, so what was the basis for them being made heroes after they were murdered? Surely it was not the fact that they were murdered, because people are senselessly murdered every day in Canada and they have not been considered heroes? Example, if being murdered by a deranged person is the criteria for heroism then why not the 5 RCMP officers ambushed and murdered in New Brunswick? Consider these facts:

  • (a) There was a  need to create and sustain a high level  of fear of Canadian Islamic radicalization throughout the country to justify Canada’s growing involvement in the war against ISIS.
  • (b) There was a need to convince Canadians that overriding the laws of privacy of this country was an acceptable price to pay for maintaining our way of life that Islamic terrorist both foreign and domestic were plotting to destroy on the internet and through acts of home grown terrorism.
  • (c) The murder of the 5 RCMP officers in Moncton just could not be used to achieve that goal by any stretch of the imagination and so they were of little political value to the Harper government and so were left as just tragic senseless losses of life?

No government outrage = no sustained news value = just another tragic senseless death; end of story.

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was run down by a car, while going about his personal business, not in the line of duty putting his life knowingly on the line to protect those around him, or anyone else.  Warrant Officer Vincent’s story got  ordinary news coverage and the normal responses to be expected coming from the government in these types of situations with no suggestion of heroism. Vincent Patrice’s family sought privacy,  his community acknowledged that he was a giving person always ready to lend a hand, but at no time referred to him as a hero, because I think that being a good person is just who Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was and I do not think he considered himself a hero for doing what came natural for him to do and should be normal for every Canadian to do.  The sad fact is that the only reason the government and the press even bothered with the death of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent to the extent that it did was because the government realizing that the murderer had converted to Islam finally got its chance to link a death on Canadian soil of a Canadian soldier to home grown terrorist activity.

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, was shot in the back while standing guard over the war memorial in Ottawa and never saw his murder who was later killed when he attacked  Center Block on Parliament Hill.  Cpl. Nathan Cirillo never went to guard that statue feeling that his life could be in danger, or that there was even a remote possibility that he would have to lay down his life to defend it. What Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was doing when he got shot in the back, was purely ceremonial.  I believe that both   Warrant Officer  Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Cirillo were killed, because the Harper government does not take care of its veterans in the way that they should and they (our mistreated, angry, mentally ill veterans)   have stopped committing suicide quietly and have decided to commit suicide in a more attention grabbing manner.

I think that Canadians have bought into this scheme of the Harper government’s to redefine the words hero and heroism, partially because:

  • (a) We were coming up to veteran’s day and were feeling  sensitive and extremely protective of our men and women in the military.
  • (b) We were desperately searching for anything that would justify our governments involvement yet another war on terrorism.
  •  (c) We were being brainwashed into believing that the government’s stated reasons for why we have to lose our rights to privacy are justified, by the never ending bombardment of government rhetoric being forced fed to us through our news media.
  • (d) It is easier to  give in and buy into the claims that there is a Canadian citizen who has been radicalized by Islamic terrorist around every corner, lurking ready to strike in every neighborhood, than to admit that we are doing nothing to help our veterans and their families to  fight for the help that they need and deserve, from this government and do what is necessary to stop the madness.
  • (e) We needed a reason to accept that we live in a country where they can have our passports revoked and refused the right to travel abroad, on the suspicion that we have or could be supporting ISIS or any other group the Harper government considers to be terrorists. It seems so much easier to go along with oppression in the beginning than it is to fight for our rights until democracy is lost along with our way of life and all that is left is fear and the madness.

What I think is wrong with what this government has done in terms of redefining the words hero and heroism  is that we have made being a hero to require no special act of valor, or anything note worthy that rises the person being referred to as a hero above that of anyone else. When a fireman sacrifices his life by running into a burning building to save another what will he or she be called now, or the soldier who throws himself/ herself on a grenade to save the lives of his, or her comrades?  What I feel is wrong is that the tragic deaths of these 2 men were used by the Conservative Party of Canada for 2 reasons and they were:

  • (a) to panic Canadians into giving up their right to privacy.
  • (b) to deflect the blame for the attacks away from themselves and place it squarely on the shoulders of ISIS and home grown radicalised Canadian terrorist.

Neither of these things are hard to achieve, because anything that is written, uttered, or expressed that suggest that the west needs to solve the root causes that encourage the growth in popularity and support for radical Islamist groups such as ISIS  and have young Canadians willing to join them, is considered pro ISIS.  To voice such an opinion  has had Justin Trudeau vilified by both the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, the NDP and in the news, the press as anti Canadian and not supportive of our military.  Any person expressing such views, or is known to have converted to Islam recently is viewed as needing to be watched, deemed to be an Islamic radicalized Canadian, until proved differently and considdered too dangerous to travel.  What is wrong with what this government has done in my opinion is that if the Conservative Party of Canada was not pushing to get their snooping bill into law the 2 men responsible for the deaths of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent  and Cpl. Cirillo would never have been labelled the dreaded, ‘terrorist’ and without the need of a terrorist to blame their ineptness on, there would have been no need for a hero. There would have been nothing in the press about it after the first day and both cases would have been recorded in history as murders, tragic loss of life, committed by deranged persons thought to have axe to grind with government.

In conclusion, angry veterans and their families are marching on Parliament Hill demanding that this government take care of them in terms of their health both physical and mental and help them in their transitions from military lives into that of civilian lives this government chooses to ignore them, preferring instead to throw numbers at them. How is it possible that while Canadian soldiers who have been injured while in the service of this country are being told that there is no money to keep their veteran’s Affairs offices and hospitals open, or give them the benefits they should be entitled to when for instance,

  • (a) the government found money to hold a big ceremony on the hill with helicopters landing on the lawn of parliament, marching bands and a jet fly by?
  • (b) under the current legislation, supplementary death benefits for soldiers are based on income — which means when a reservist (part-time) or full-time soldier dies on duty, their families are not compensated equally and yet the government has promised that Cpl. Nathan Cirillo’s family will receive the same benefits as the family of a full-time soldier.

I guess I could have said nothing and went along with Harper’s charade, but I just did not like that these tragic deaths were used by the Harper government for:

  • (a) political gain for the 2015 federal election.
  • (b) leverage to steal the privacy rights of all Canadians.

I believe that the men and women who serve our country so selflessly should receive all the support from their government that is possible to give to them and should not have to be considered ‘heroes’ by Stephen Harper and his government to get it.  There is good reason that metals of valour, distinguished crosses and other medals are not just given to all soldiers and I think that everyone knows why; if you know that why, then you know why this was not the right way to honor these 2 men and that the reasons were all wrong.

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