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“Marry Out Move Out,” Is Grand Chief Michael Delisle Seeking Reconciliation Or Isolation?

We are not being racist! We are being forced to do racist things by  non native government rules and laws?

We are not being racist! We are being forced to do racist things by non native government rules and laws?

What is up Canada, why is it that political leaders feel that just because history has allowed them to get away with doing something wrong for a long time (The Canadian Government ignoring the treaties entered into with First Nations and Kahnawake’s, Marry Out Get Out law) that it is not incumbent of them to change with the times and do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do, rather than try to keep justifying their continued use of wrong actions using the negative deeds of  the past as prcedence to justify present day discrimination against others who have done them no wrong. Someone needs to tell the Grand Chief of the Kahnawake reserve that he cannot have it both ways. He can’t keep talking about the injustices of the Indian Act and how it needs to be scrapped totally out of one side of his mouth, while quoting from the  Indian Act the passage he feels justifies and legitimizes  his reasoning for evicting non natives from the homes they share with their native spouses based on racial discrimination. I believe to do so weakens the claim of all First Nations that they are seeking conciliation, rather than confrontation and isolation and makes the Grand chief at best a hypocrite and at the worst no better than the founding fathers of this country and every government that has governed Canada ever since. I believe in the adage that says that, “You cannot come to court with dirty hands.”

 If I were to suggest  to Michael Delisle, the  Grand Chief of the native reserve of Kahnawake that perhaps it is time to forbid all natives from leaving  their reserves for any reason, so that,

  • Natives and non natives need never again have to worry about inter mingling.
  • Native anti inclusive, non multi cultural, divisive and anti social ideologies would not be exposed to non native children and further add to the hate already infecting our society.

would this be okay with him, or would he rightly consider me just another ignorant racist person, who is part of the problem, rather than being part of a solution?

 If I were to suggest to Michael Delisle, the  Grand Chief of the native reserve of Kahnawake  that  all natives living off reserve should be rounded up wherever they are and forced back onto the reserve, because the non native society of Quebec can do without the extra burden  placed on it financially, because of  all the alcoholic and, drug addicted natives who live off reserve, living amongst  our non native alcoholic, drug addicts in order to reduce

  • The stress that natives living off of reserve are causing to our civic, provincial and federal budgets, because of their alcohol and drug abusive behavior that usually finds them in trouble with the law
  •  The  ever-increasing number of natives found living amongst our own non native homeless persons, who sleep and beg in our non native metros, streets and in our public parks.
  • The number of native women and girls who stand outside of  our non native bars willing to prostitute themselves for  a few beer and a bed to sleep in for the night.

would he feel that the reasons I just gave for rounding up all natives and forcing them back onto the reserve be considered  as  sound reasoning necessary to the survival and quality of life for the non native society of Quebec, or would I rightly be seen by him as an intolerant, ignorant person, looking for a reason to continue the hating and the blaming and the need to punish anyone even if it meant punishing the innocent, rather than a person seeking reconciliation?

I ask because non natives have laws making it illegal for a native to be refused anything based solely on the fact that they are a native. I grant that we have our racists too who just cannot and will not live together in harmony and true inclusiveness and who think that the races should be kept a part and blood lines kept untainted and pure for “survival reasons” and so the laws against discrimination are not always followed by some racist folk, but we non natives have the laws in place.  Grand Chief of the native reserve of Kahnawake, Michael Delisle needs to understand that in the non native world, there are no laws and therefore no penalties for marrying out of your race, working, owning property, or socializing off reserve even if some natives are alcoholic drug addicts. I guess we non natives are not  that afraid that our culture, language, religion and values could be threatened with extinction due to  marriages between native and non native people entered into for the sole reason of love.

I cannot believe in the 21st century Canada that natives on one hand could ask us non natives to help them  find their missing women and girls, join in their Idle No More protests, fight alongside them for their right to self governance and self-determination, would say to us non natives on the other hand that we are not good enough to marry their men and women and live amongst them, sharing in their culture and way of life. What kind of leader is Michael Delisle, that he would support a law that would deny his own people the right to choose whom they wish to marry, have children with and share their whole life with by supporting and promoting a racist, exclusionary and discriminatory law that stands to force families apart and evict non native spouses off of Kahnawake reserve, solely on the basis of race saying , “Marry out, move out?”

I guess there is always a good reason in some peoples minds and hearts for their exclusionary practices and mean-spirited laws, while they feel justified in complaining about the same things when it is them on the receiving end. Pauline Marois and her Charter of Quebec Rights and Values, or Stephen Harper and his Real Canadians  speech talking of saving Canada for real Canadians sharing the same  European culture, language and religion. In my opinion  in spite of all that they have been through in Quebec and Canada, Grand Chief of the native reserve of Kahnawake and most of his people have learned nothing about the fate awaiting those who would practice, bigotry and intolerance in the name of survival.

Michael Delisle  has just swatted a hornets nest and might find that the price to pay for engaging in a racist, isolating and divisive manner comes with a hefty price tag.  He claims that non natives can live anywhere they want, but his band is forced to live on a small reserve, but the last time I looked natives can live anywhere they choose to, go to school anywhere they choose to, work anywhere they choose to, own property anywhere they choose to and seek medical assistance etc., in our non native towns and cities? Now I have always supported First Nations in their right to self-determination as all post up to this one have shown, but I have also shown my distaste for racism, no matter who is doing the hating.  I am no supporter of reverse discrimination, or racism no matter what the justification for it is said to be.  This kind of behavior is not working for Stephen Harper, did not work for Pauline Marois and will not work for Grand Chief Michael Delisle either.  I would like to continue to support First Nations in their struggle to overcome the many hurdles that they are still facing, but do not want to be supportive of a racist culture of exclusion based solely on race. I hope that Grand Chief Michael Delisle will rethink his position and remove this clearly racist, discriminatory law. Is this what the right to self governance and self-determination is all about for all First Nations? I hope not, because I as a non native supporter of First Nations do not want to be supporting over 600 separate governments within Canada that have apartheid  type laws, policies and ideologies.

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