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Canada Is Being Attacked Becasuse Canada Is At War And Attacking The Enemy Is How Wars Are Fought And Won!

October 24, 2014 3 comments

Is what we are seeing in Canada really radicalise converts, or the rotten fruit of seeds sown by years of bad Harper changes to our laws?

Is what we are seeing in Canada really radicalise converts, or the rotten fruit of seeds sown by years of bad Harper changes to our laws?

What is up Canada? Why do we keep asking the question,  “why we are being attacked?” I would think that it is quite obvious, “We declared war on people!” Please let us climb down off of our lofty moralistic, hypocritical perch and remember that it is the Canadian government who decided to send fighter jets to bomb innocent men, women or children, where they sleep, work, go to school and pray, in an attempt to rid the world of ISIS/ISIL. Let us not forget that this government has committed Canada to take part in the murdering of hundreds, with the possibility of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq. A good many of us self-righteous Canadians are willing to refer to the senseless loss of life that we and our allies are responsible for committing on others, as acceptable collateral damage. We continue to do this rather than facing the fact that these deaths are every bit as senseless and even more brutal than anything ISIS is capable of doing to us, if indeed these killings are ISIS sanctioned at all. We are guilty of using the same propaganda and tactics in our past, like every time  a settler was killed by an Indian it was recorded as a horrific massacre by the savages, but every time a tribe of Indians was wiped off the face of the earth by the colonizing settlers in what should have been considered as a massacre, the slaughter was written up as a valiant victory against the savages. Innocence is innocence in my book, dead is dead and injustice is injustice, no matter what the ethnicity of the victim. All of those innocent people dying as a result of  our actions on their home soil have families and friends, who will harden their resolve  and refuse to be intimidated  as Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau leader of the Liberal Party of Canada have all stated they are going to commit to.   I would ask where has all this hardening of resolve has gotten anyone involved in this war so far and where is it going to take us in the future? As we mourn our dead and voice our feelings of shock horror and outrage, perhaps it would be wise to reflect for a moment about how those who are dying every day and seeing whole families wiped out hourly, for months and years at a time by our actions, feel.

I keep hearing the question asked how this will change us and I do not like the answers that are coming from our leaders, who still think that this problem can be resolved by killing and beefing up our own personal security, instead of rethinking what we are doing when getting involved in policing the world with a stick, instead of brokering for peace through diplomacy.  My heart breaks and tears roll down my face for the senseless deaths of all people, everywhere caused by politicians who sit in their cushy offices, or rug lined tents, far away from the battlefield spewing out rhetoric, rattling their sabres and sending young people to their deaths and to cause the deaths of others. Time after time this government has shut down embassies in this country and abroad. Canada of late is guilty of bad mouthing the United Nations for cautioning every nation about turning away from diplomatic negotiations to solve problems and choosing  rather to go to war to settle disputes instead. John Baird scoffed and berated Mr Ban Ki-moon for warning the nations of the west that there was a real possibility of the fight coming to the shores of the west and Canada in the not too distant future.

Yesterday Canadians along with politicians and the press got a feeling of what it feels like to be attacked where we live, where we go to offer prayers and thanks to our fallen heroes, at places where we would under normal circumstances feel safe, like when we visit our state shrines and our parliament, the hub of our democratic way of life. The attacks made us angry as a country, but the real question is did we learn anything from it as people? I ask this, because from the comments coming from the prime minister shortly after the incident it was evident that he hadn’t. Meaningless rhetoric was still flowing freely from his mouth and the empty words that amounted to little more than  sabre rattling were obviously meant to advance his agenda of more intrusion into the private lives of Canadians and more powers for security agencies like the RCMP and CISIS, then actually finding out what can be done to end the feeling of  that these young people felt so strongly about.

Everyone seems to be worried about how the gunman got into Center Block with a shotgun after killing a soldier at a war memorial and how it could be happening in Canada, but nobody is willing to say that this is a minuscule example of the suffering that the innocent people of Syria and Iraq face every day at the hands of Canada and her allies. I think that Canadians need to understand and should learn from this that war is a dirty, nasty business and people do die. We need to understand that we are no longer safe, because we are so far away from the actual theater of war.

Why would a Canadian nationals feel so strongly against this country’s treatment of the people of Syria and Iraq, or if you prefer ISIS/ISIL, that they would choose to turn their backs on all that they have been taught, their religion, their values, and their government and be willing to lay down their lives and die for those people? I believe that it is foolish at best for this country to constantly make excuses and blame Islamic extremists for actions our nationals feel that they must do to support those we are at war with, instead.  I think that it would serve everyone in this country better if our leaders spent more time trying to find out what they think is so wrong with what we are doing.  This government really needs to consider what it is that certain Canadians feel so strongly about that they are willing to kill and be killed to stop. This is not a case of some old Islamic guys hard set in their ways killing Canadian soldiers at home, it is a case of young Canadians killing their own. Could it be that the younger people of this nation are finally catching on to the hypocrisy that is our democracy and way of life in the west? Is this the only way that these young people felt that they could get through to a government that has become more like a dictatorship than a democratic government?

Is it possible that these 2 guys ended up  killing people because they were mad at the Canadian  government, because the Canadian government ignored their pleas for help? All that I read about both of these young men shows that they were in need of medical help, had been in contact with police and the court system, asked for help and the system failed them both.

  • Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who gunned down Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial, before he was gunned down himself on Parliament Hill Wednesday morning, had told a B.C. judge almost three years ago that he was homeless, addicted to crack and wanted to go to jail so he could change his ways. This young man is on record for committing crimes on several occasions, because he was a homeless addict who the system would not help unless he gave them reason to by committing a crime so that he could be arrested and sent to jail. I guess it was easier for the country and Stephen Harper and his security officials to just leave all of this out when they decided to use this tragedy to their political agenda and make Canadians more willing to give up their privacy without judicial oversight to CISIS and the RCMP.
  •  Martin Couture-Rouleau was shot to death after running his car into two soldiers killing one and injuring the other. The RCMP said that it had been working with Martin Rouleau for at least four months to help him overcome what they deemed as his radicalized,  extremist thinking. The 25-year-old  Martian Rouleau said on Facebook that he had converted to the Muslim faith and began posting messages on Facebook suggesting he wanted to fight in Syria. This got Martian Rouleau designated as a high-risk-traveller, or  too dangerous to be allowed to travel, he was arrested at the airport, stripped of his passport, denied his trip to Turkey, all to be let go, because the police had no evidence to   back up their accusations and allegations. This must have only served as proof to him that Canada no longer stands by its own laws and has become a  banana republic worse than all others, because it hypocritically calls itself something that it is no longer which is a democratic law-abiding country where every citizen is considered innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law. (Not in the offices of CISIS, the RCMP, or even in a government minister’s office)

What is clear to me is that people are dead because 2 young men who needed help were failed by the Harper government and allowed to remain on the streets, instead of getting them the mental help that they needed.

What is next for Canada, will our allies decide that for their own security that they need to bomb Canada to eliminate the threat to their nations from home-grown terrorists that threaten their nations and their people? Is it our turn now to face the judgement and justice of the Western Alliance for our failure to keep home-grown terrorists from multiplying and doing harm to others. I do not believe that sending more jets to do more bombing runs is going to solve anything. I do not believe that giving our security forces more power to take away the rights of Canadians is going to make us more safe. I think that those things only serve to make us more like the people we say that we are better than. We in Canada need to change our ways and begin to reclaim the values and respect that we once had before Stephen Harper decided to turn us from a country that refused to support any process which didn’t seek negotiated to problems,  into a warrior nation whose diplomacy is served at the end of a gun barrel. We have just felt the nip of a little dog’s teeth in some very sensitive areas of our personage and we did not like it. Only time will tell if we were smart enough to realise that no matter how tiny those little teeth are, they do hurt. I think that we the Great Dane are a little less confident today about our ability to win an easy victory, because of our size and the brute force that it allows us to use against those not as big or as powerful as us.

The news media, the Conservative Party of Canada, the New Democratic Party of Canada the heads of CSIS, the RCMP all sought to make Canadians think that Justin Trudeau’s answer of finding the root causes of the terrorists and eliminating them was the answer to stopping the terrorism with a minimum of violence and needless, senseless loss of life was a foolish answer depicting his not readiness to lead this country, but I think that he was right.  If radical Islamist are to be considered as a cancer, than I would have to say that they must view the west with its democracy and Christianity and foreign values liken to a rapidly spreading deadly virus, akin to Ebola. We in the west know what we want the world to look like and we travel throughout it declaring that all other value systems, means of governance, sets of values are  inferior to our own. The nasty little truth that we  choose to shut from our conscience minds, is that it is us in the west that are the disease and that all of the violence, the wars, the terrorism, the senseless loss of life, including the worlds failing economy and the sad state of the worlds environment are merely symptoms, or by-products of  us,  the disease.  Fever, vomiting, diarrhea are all ways the body tries to get rid of an invading, harmful attack on its normal functioning that it perceives as a deadly threat and I would suggest that terrorism and terrorists are those people who wish us to leave them alone to their own culture, their own values, their own religion and their own type of governance. I would also like to suggest that until we in the west stop invading other nations trying to force our ways on them they will continue to fight for their survival, terrorism will not on continue, but escalate and the world will continue to know no peace.


What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

What is up Canada, what do you see when you look in the mirror? How could we the people of Canada allow ourselves to forget who we are, forget what we stand for and forget all that we have learned through our history whether it be good, or bad? How could we give up our rights and freedoms and settle for a life better suited to an ass, that toils for its master, with no say? How could we become a people who show no empathy, no sympathy and no compassion for others, because we are afraid to speak up for ourselves and so accept blindly what our elected officials say to be true? Why do we answer, “We believe you,” every time a politician asks, “Do you believe me, or your lying eyes?”  When did we as Canadians decide that we did not care as much about the suffering of mankind, the state of our environment, and our freedom of choice, as we did about turning a profit? If you would say that what I have just said is a lie, then why we do we as Canadians keep proving what our politicians are always saying is true? Why do we keep loyally voting them into office time and time again, when they insist that, “turning a profit in all that they do is what Canadians expect, want and elect their politicians to do? Politicians begin by only saying what they think will get them  elected and will only do what they think will get them re-elected, so who else’s fault could it be, that we are being governed by politicians who think that turning a profit for Canada is what we as Canadians want them to do more than anything else, if they want to get our vote? I honestly do not know how, or why we as people have allowed ourselves to become blind, deaf and mute to all that is happening around us, but I will say that we Canadians deserve everything that we are getting from this strong, stable, majority, conservative government, because,

  • It was us the Canadian voter who put them into  power with a majority government after they were forced to shut down their minority government for misleading parliament, which means they were guilty of intentionally misleading us the Canadian people.
  • It is us the voter who sit in our homes quietly as this government takes our rights and freedoms away from us one right and one freedom at a time,  instead of going into the street and creating such a scene that this government would be forced to change their ways.
  • It is us the Canadian  voter who says and does nothing while this government creates laws like Bill C-23  Fair Elections Act an act most experts and me feel is designed to allow this government to legally commit election fraud, as well as deny an element of voters that does not traditionally vote for their party (students and seniors), their  right to vote.
  • It is us the Canadian voter who  has allowed this government to pass Bill C-13 into law. We have not protested Bill C-13, even when we found out that it was not the anti cyber bullying bill it was promoted as, but a cynical and sadistic use of those who died like Amanda Todd   to reintroduce Vic Toews’s Bill C-30. We the Canadian voter say and do nothing while this government presses to legalize warrantless snooping and gathering of Canadian’s private internet information, by law enforcement personnel choosing instead to lend a blind eye to this government’s sidestepping of judicial scrutiny as well as transparency with the Canadian  people?
  • It was we the Canadian voter who cheered as this strong, stable, conservative government began using  time allocation to shut down debate and using prorogation to avoid answering difficult political questions, making record use of these two things and making a mockery  of the Canadian system of democratic governance.
  • It is us as Canadians who do nothing while this government unilaterally sends our military into war ill-equipped; not because we are unable to do better and still wish to do our part to help our allies fight the terrorist threat of ISIS, but because the conservative government decides time after time not to get new equipment, but rather to refurbish and refit old out dated equipment in order to save money by balancing its budget in time for the next federal elections in 2015, making political points with us the voter by sacrificing the safety and combat readiness of those who protect Canada and all Canadians.
  • It is none other than the Canadian voter who remains silent as this government takes away every support system that our veterans have come to rely on and deserve throughout the history of Canada. We sit on our sofas and watch as this government shuts down veteran’s hospitals all over Canada, refuses to help treat veterans suffering from PTSD and refuses to find and help all of the veterans that we all know comprise a great deal of the homeless people literally living, suffering and eventually dying on the streets that they helped to protect with their service.
  • It is us the voter who stand by and allow this government to mistreat the first nation people of Canada by forcing into law bills like Bill C-25 to legislate away the right to exist for some Mi’ckmaq First Nations People. Bill S-6, Yukon and Nunavut Regulatory Improvement Act: Proposed Amendments to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA). Problem is that first nations people were not consulted for about the amendments at the time of the meeting involving first nations leaders and the government in other words the government tried to back door the amendments.
  • It is us the voter who would prefer to hear political rhetoric that be told the truth, like we witnessed when Canada’s Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney used a 10-year-old reports to create an immediate threat of an attack from ISIS directly on Canadian soil
  • It is us the voter who continues to allow this government to change who we are in terms of foreign policy when dealing with things like humanitarian assistance, by (a)refusing to help nations that have nothing we want in terms of trade, or strategic military value, or only offering to put in what the equivalent of what private donations can be collected by a government decided cut off date. (b)rewriting our immigration system so that it discriminates against certain type of refugees, who now will find themselves thrown in jail upon their arrival to Canada detained without benefit of trial and treated as a possible terrorist and enemy of the state, instead of made to feel welcome, helped and assured that at long last they have found safety and refuge in Canada. It is we the voter who sat quiet and debated intellectually amongst ourselves while this government imprisoned 492 Tamil men, women and children of the MV Sun Sea, because they believed that there were terrorists among them. To date how many were found to be terrorist? How many of these Tamil refugees that this government re-victimized once they stepped foot on Canadian soil were actually deported as proven terrorists? How many of them were resettled in Canada and how many of them still are in jail as the government delays and stalls the case in the courts? Was Bill C-4, the Preventing Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act really necessary and why do we as Canadian voters not care?
  • It is us the voter who have allowed this government through our collective silence to make a mockery out of our democratic system of government. To allow for the most part agencies like Elections Canada, Privacy Commission, Parliamentary Budget Office and Auditor General’s Office  to be reduced or are in the processes of being reduced to little more than powerless  symbolic shells;  their decision-making and oversight power given over to the government’s ministers.
  • It is us the Canadian voter who have allowed this government to turn this great country into little more than another American state. The most common answer used  by this government when asked why Canada is doing anything concerning  environmental issues, economic issues and even issues concerning decisions about when to go to war is, “We have no choice but to do what the USA asks of us…”
  • It is us the Canadian people who are doing nothing as this government tries to remove judicial oversight from the our way of governance, by demeaning it and marginalizing it value, seeking to steal authority from the Supreme  Court of Canada, take its powers and add them to its own.

Canada is being governed by this government with the same lack of  democratic principles as the banana republics and maniacal dictatorships that we denounce as not representative of their people’s desires and needs, oppressive, dangerous to themselves and the rest of the world and in need of regime change.  How could we the people of Canada just bend down our heads and without even a fight, or a modicum of resistance allow a yoke to be put over our heads and a bit placed in our mouths? When the people of a country can  be made to forget who they are, forget what they stand for and forget all that they have learned through their history whether it be good, or bad they become little more than jackasses that toil for their master, with no say?

How could we become a people who pretend to feel no empathy for others, because we use the excuse of our world-renowned passiveness as our excuse to not speak up for ourselves and not to take meaningful action to bring down this despotic regime  with every legal means at our disposal?  Instead we make the choice every day to quietly go along with what our elected officials say we must do, even though the evidence proves that they lie about everything and are motivated solely by profit and personal political gain?  I do not know how, or why we as people have allowed ourselves to become blind, deaf and mute to all that is happening around us, but I will say that we Canadians deserve everything that we are getting from this strong, stable, majority, conservative government. What is up Canada? When you look in the mirror, is it the face of an ass that you see string back at you?

If CBC News Reporters No Longer Report Just The Facts, What Have They Become?

I believe that Canadian political reporters, critics as well as the hosts of Canadian political talk shows have become little more than personal media managers and consultants for those politicians they favor. To see them casually agreeing that our politicians use shameful attack ads  against their political rivals  simply because the use of such tactics has proven to be such an effective tool when trying to win an election without ideas to make Canada a better place to live in for all Canadians and for the most part justifying their doing so, in my opinion is nothing new.  I say this, because in my opinion who should know better than they do ; they are the tool which Canadian politicians use to spread the attack ads.  When for instance CBC decided that their political reporters should not only report the facts of a story but interject their personal views, I believe that the CBC allowed for their reporters to become part of the propaganda machine for the reporters personal political party of choice.

It is unfortunate for the average Canadian that the CBC has decided that it would prefer to control who gets elected in this country rather than educate Canadians by sharing with them all that they have learned  and know about all of our politicians who represent us now and also those who wish to represent us in the future, in a nonpartisan, professional way.  The CBC used to be part of a broader world of reporting that the Canadian people had come to depend on not only for letting us know what all the politicians were up to in a fair an impartial manner, but for forcing politicians of all political stripes and on all levels of government to hear our concerns as citizens. Unfortunately  in todays Canada the CBC in my opinion has allowed for their political reporters to become the spin doctors and therefore become a part of the political propaganda machine that all political parties and politicians use to confuse, manipulate and misinform the Canadian voter.

If I was a political candidate, or sitting politician in todays Canada I would be very careful of who I gave an interview to at the CBC, because in my opinion there is no professional sense of impartiality associated with being a political news reporter if you work for the CBC.  I find most of CBC’s political interviewer’s questions to be both biased and intentionally phrased to make the politician answering the question look bad, simply because their political beliefs vary from that of the interviewers.  I have seen too many times how a CBC program host will take a 30 minute question and answer session and reduce it all to one slip, or mistake made by the politician being interviewed like they seem to do with Justin Trudeau constantly, just to make him look bad. These reporters are doing this in an effort to get their personal point of view across instead of just letting the interview play in its entirety and letting the viewer decide what they think by themselves.  This type of manipulating of the news makes it a more unreliable source of truthful information whether it is a radio broadcast, television news program, or newspaper article. From the Rob Ford story to how the news media views Justin Trudeau, I feel that there is no place in political reporting for the reporter’s personal views to enter into the mix and the story still lay claim to be  impartial news reporting.

In fairness to CBC all Canadian news reporters are guilty of this personal input style of reporting, but only CBC  in my opinion is running an ad on their stations telling the world that they are guilty of doing it and unfortunately for them I watch CBC news programming and their ad caught my attention. CBC political reporters  are also  suggesting on every show, that the Canadian voter not only wants a good mud-slinging contest to help decide who to vote for, but demand it. They are cynically stating that politicians need not worry about what Canadians think, want or need, because we as Canadians vote for the dirtiest political leader. who gives the best performance during an election campaign. These reporters are quick to admit publicly that politicians trying to get elected need not worry about how their party policies will affect Canadians, or whether or not  their platforms are achievable, because Canadian voters are only interested in who can dig up the  most believable dirt on their opponent, which by the way does not have to be true. Finally these reporters are defending their actions by asserting that Canadians are getting what they ask for and want and that they (the press) are just the producers, directors and now also the actors bringing to Canadians the show that they want to see.

The sad part is that for the most part the reporters assertions and assumptions would appear to be true, or how on earth could we as Canadians not only re-elect the Conservative Party of Canada, but do so giving them a majority government after they were found guilty of intentionally misleading parliament/the Canadian people and because of that being found in contempt of parliament/the Canadian people.

 I believe that the CBC has made a serious error in judgement when it decided that it was okay to allow and even encourage its reporters to insert their personal opinions and feelings into their reporting of a story, because it make all that they do not balanced.  When I look at the news all I want to hear is the facts on both sides of a debate or story, so that I can make up my own mind; not the impressions of a news personality trying to convince me that I should be on the side they believes in.

I believe that CBC reporter Ian Hanomansing  says in an ad that CBC is running that his bosses have encouraged their reporters not simply report just the facts, or interview people with neutrality, but to allow their personal opinions to enter into their coverage of a story, which until recently would have been seen as unprofessional.  One only has to look at the CBC show  Power and Politics to witness what I am talking about as political critics, reporters and program hosts all sit around and casually do their best to promote their personal political party and take an active part delivering their party’s attack to as many Canadians as possible, while claiming to they are maintaining good reporting practices and journalistic integrity.  There isn’t one day that goes by that this show does not excuse the behavior of their bosses for running the attack ads and themselves for becoming the cheerleaders of dishonest, and unscrupulous politicians by suggesting that it is their duty to do so and that after all  they are only giving Canadians what they want, or some one else would do if they refuse and that would cost them huge amounts of advertising revenue as viewers turn to another news program that is willing to give them what they want.

There is not one Canadian politician that is above using attack ads and all have done it; some maybe be more subtle and some blatantly pure attack, but all try to avoid talking about their parties intentions, their ideologies, their policies, in sort they all try to avoid telling Canadians what they themselves stand for in terms of serving Canadians and I think that the news media should hang their collective heads in shame for participating in the manipulation and misleading of Canadian voters. Canadian news media has become the  vehicle, or the tool that the government is using to get us to forget who we are as Canadians and what we stand for in every way that counts.

Is it enough for the CBC  to say that freelance reporters associated with the CBC giving reports as annalists instead of “real journalists” makes it okay for them to give slanted news reports? Is it okay for the CBC to employ these people to intentionally back door what would not normally be acceptable news reporting?  they readily admit that it is confusing to viewers, but stand by and say they are comfortable with their decision all the same.


Is this really good enough? Is this what Canadians really want from the news and news providers like the CBC? This some of what I read online in a posting titled, “A question of conflict?”

We’ve received a number of questions in recent weeks about Rex Murphy and his views on the oil industry. Rex has delivered speeches supportive of oil sands developments based on their economic benefit. And he’s been critical of those opponents who, he believes, overstate the environmental dangers.  The questions to us asked whether there’s a conflict of interest here: how can Rex be an objective journalist when he’s going out and speaking to oil executives? And if he’s paid for those speeches, does that compromise his ability to be on our airwaves talking about the issue?  The most important thing to understand is that Rex is not a regular reporter. He appears on The National as a commentator precisely to do analysis and offer his point of view on issues of the day.  As much as Rex is identified with the CBC, he is not a full-time employee of the CBC. We have a wonderful freelance relationship that allows him to appear on The National and host CBC Radio One’s Cross-Country Checkup. As a freelancer, Rex has the ability to do other work. So yes, he writes opinion pieces for The National Post. And yes, he does speaking engagements.

He is not alone. Other prominent CBC personalities are freelancers, too. Our regular staff abides by rules in our Journalistic Standards and Practices which state that “CBC journalists do not express their own personal opinion because it affects the perception of impartiality and could affect an open and honest exploration of an issue.”

It’s understandable that this is confusing to people. But, remember this is ultimately about our programs and their content.