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Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party Of Canada Is Rotten To The Core

Conservative Party of Canada's Rotten Apple

Conservative Party of Canada’s Rotten Apple

The Conservative Party of Canada does not have one rotten apple in it that is infecting all the good apples; the Conservative Party of Canada appears to be one giant apple rotten to the core with worms eating it up from the inside. Let’s take a look at the Conservative Party of Canada’s MPs, senators and chief of staffs\worms that I am referring to.

  • Secretary to  the prime minister Paul Calandra is the 2nd Conservative Party of Canada MP to be rewarded and promoted to this position by Stephen Harper, who ended up crying while giving a speech in the House of Commons. Paul Calandra ended up  having to give a tearful apology for his  inability to answer a direct question with an answer that is on point. This guy just cannot answer any difficult questions that are put to him, which is an important part of his job when the prime minister is not in the house during question period. Paul Calandra instead prefers to sidestep questions put to him by attacking the questioner on unrelated issues. Paul Calandra proved this when he attacked Tom Mulcair about a matter concerning a statement made by some NDP fund-raiser who Paul Calandra alleges accused the Jewish state of “genocide,” when he was asked a question concerning Canada’s mission in Iraq. This is not the 1st time that Paul Calandra has done this and in fact this is fast becoming a bad habit of his. I wonder if he could be suffering from post traumatic stress due to the pressure of being a Conservative Party of  Canada MP expected to follow the rules of parliamentary procedure and answer questions truthfully. I know it is a patronage job and a way to reward loyal MP’s, but I am beginning to wonder if being able to dodge questions, be able to read pre prepared dialogue and cry in public at the drop of a hat are the only other job requirements.  Does tearful apology for resorting giving non answers in the manner that Paul Calandra  really mean anything when the next words out of Paul Calandra’s mouth are, “This is probably not the last time you will hear me give an answer that does not answer the question put to me?”
  • Secretary to the prime minister Dean Del Mastro was the 1st Conservative Party of Canada MP to be rewarded and promoted to this position by Stephen Harper, who ended up having to give a tearful speech in the House of Commons.  Dean Del Mastro has always maintained that he is an innocent victim of an Elections Canada Conspiracy. In June, Dean Del Mastro began blubbering in the House of Commons while addressing the allegations concerning his 2008 campaign expenses. The then-parliamentary secretary to the prime minister said he felt “violated” and betrayed by Elections Canada. “I feel strongly that this process has been conducted with malice and contempt for me as a member and for my family’s well-being.”  Dean Del Mastro has been charged with filing a 2008 campaign return that was false or misleading, exceeding the legal election spending limit, and filing a return that omitted required information.  Four charges under the Canada Elections Act were laid against  Dean Del Mastro for exceeding the political contribution limit of $1,000 by writing a $21,000 personal cheque that allegedly went into his own campaign. A conviction could mean fines of between $2,000 and $5,000, a sentence of up to five years in prison, or both. the prime minister’s office has issued a statement saying that Dean Del Mastro is no longer in the Conservative Party of Canada’s caucus. Dean Del Mastro is the fifth member of the Conservative  to be removed from caucus due to scandal this year. Cabinet minister Peter Penashue, senators Patrick Brazeau, Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy preceded him.

Now the problem as I see it is that MPs like Calandra who get the nod for the job of Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister,  is that they are selling their right to speak freely for the extra $16,000 added to their salary of $160,000 and in so doing become bought and paid for  ventriloquist dummies, forced to respond with scripted replies that their bosses write often making them look like they are incompetent and unable to think for themselves and useless.

Former Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Dean Del Mastro, Cabinet minister Peter Penashue, senators Patrick Brazeau, Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy  on the other hand are in my opinion  perfect examples of  the arrogant nature of the  Conservative Party of Canada under the leadership of Stephen Harper. These are perfect examples of how the politicians in this political party would rather change good and fair laws into laws that allow for their wrong doing, like they did with the “Fair Elections Act,”  rather than admitting to their wrong doing, taking their lumps and learning from their mistakes as they insist and expect that the rest of Canadians do.

Consider this:

If there was nothing wrong with the investigation by Elections Canada of those mentioned above and if indeed there was enough evidence to launch the investigations that the head of Elections Canada instigated, does it not follow that there could be no other reason for the Fair Elections Act, but to allow elected MPs of the Conservative Party of Canada to cheat and break the law with impunity?

All of these appointments and promotions  are the personal choices of Prime Minister Harper and I cannot help but say that they demonstrate his inability to choose reliable, honest, trust worthy,   law-abiding and non rule breaking MPs and staff to fill important positions, be insiders and fill leadership roles in his party.  If you consider some of his other choices like his 2 chiefs of staff forced to resign,(Bruce Carson and Nigel Wright), it is clear that he is at best a bad judge of character. Stephen Harper cannot simply remove himself from the actions of his personal appointments and throw them under the bus, because they are reflections of his judgement whether they have gone rogue, or not. Is Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has demonstrated that he is incapable of judging another person’s character, the person you really want making the hard decisions for Canada, like going to war , what side we should be supporting, what is a good trade deal, which countries to enter into trade deals with, the economy, or environmental issues?

I really get the felling that I am being emotionally blackmailed and manipulated, played for a fool and lied to every time one of these normally arrogant men gets caught breaking the rules and turn on the water works when they have to apologise for their actions, or face the penalty for their crimes. I mean are these children, or men? These are the people who are responsible for writing Canada’s laws for the rest of us to live by; these are the same people who are responsible for bringing into play life without parole for certain offenders; tougher sentencing for young offenders, that would see teenagers treated like grown men and see them incarcerated with them.  These are the same people who are herding criminals into cells and forcing them to double bunking giving opportunity for them to be raped, like prisoners are in the USA and these are the people who cry when they get caught doing something wrong and get a slap on their wrist and have to make a public apology. What is up Canada?

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