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Very Soon We May Have To Ask Ourselves, Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

When Will We Ever Learn?

When Will We Ever Learn?

With the world teetering precariously on the edge of another world war, that has weapons capability of ending all life on this planet as we know it, I think it is time to ask ourselves is anything we are fighting about in the world today worth self annihilation and do we really want our children to have to ask and answer the questions as laid out in the lyrics to “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” written by Pete Seeger? As a country Canada used to understand the meaning of those lyrics and worked tirelessly to see that the need to ask or answer them never arose again. The Canadian government did this by devoting itself to peace keeping and supporting only negotiated settlements of disputes between warring factions in a country, or country vs. country. Unfortunately today we have become the object lesson and the raison d’être  for the need to ask the question written and answered in the song  “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” written by Pete Seeger. I ask these questions and make these statements, because this is the direction the leaders of governments all around the world seem to be dragging the rest of us towards and Canada has renounced its position as a peace keeper and joined the ranks of warrior nation, becoming in my opinion part of the problem instead of part of the solution as it once could lay claim to be with head held high and with no blood on its hands.

It would seem that what I have said  about the Western Alliance using out-and-out lies to,

  • Invade other nations.
  • Ignore the sovereignty of other nations.
  • Ignore international law.
  • Bomb other nations
  • Offer in one case up to $25,000,000 in reward money for information leading to the capture or death of another nation’s leader.

eventually coming back to bite them on the ass  is being proved to be true.

I fail to understand why the Western Alliance led by the USA, a country whose leadership in my opinion are the  biggest violators of international law where respecting the sovereign rights of other nations are concerned, continue to feign surprise that countries like Russia and radical groups like ISIS have chosen to adopt a strategy that has worked so well for the USA and the Western Alliance. while the rest of the world was busy obeying international law the USA denounced the World Court and declared themselves above this courts laws, because they were too busy  keeping the world safe to bother with details in law that would slow their efforts down. The USA did not stop there, but went on to declare that as a country it would not allow for even one of its soldiers, or citizens to be  investigated, or tried by this court, nor would they as a nation and government respect, or uphold any negative verdict the world court decided against them as a nation or one of its citizens. To this end the USA has for example,

  • Intentionally lied about a country’s cache of weapons of mass destruction and used this false, threat or  imaginary crisis to convince the rest of  the democratic world that there was an imminent threat to the people of the USA, democracy and lifestyle that the people of the west has come to enjoy. the We and the to create an , claiming they are protecting the people of a government intent on killing their own people to.
  • Allow for Guantanamo Bay prison facility which they knew was in violation of every rule in the book for treatment of military prisoners.
  • Allowing for their interpretation of international law to be the one to be considered to be the correct one.
  • When the law did not work for them twist it, or create new laws to make them work.
  • Use the plight of an oppressed people in a sovereign nation to bomb countries using humanitarian concerns as their reasoning and their justification for breaking the law and forcing regime changes not good for the people of the country but  more in line with Western Alliance ideologies.

This strategy of the USA and the Western Alliance has indeed worked and they have toppled regimes led by a king, a few sheikhs, a shahs and a couple of military dictators, but it worked so well that other nations such as  Israel began to realise that if a nation was to follow the  example of the USA and their allies and use exactly  the same excuses and the same reasoning as the Western Alliance spews out in their rhetoric that they could employ the same lawless methods to affect regime change such as,

  •   Israel has used the USA as an example to take almost all of what was once Palestine for themselves and are working hard to secure what is left of Palestine and turn the whole region into the Zionist state of Israel.
  • Russia is now refusing to follow international law and is now citing the rhetoric of the USA and the Western Alliance as it annexes off sections of the Ukraine for itself, like the Western Alliance backed Israel has gotten away with in what used to be Palestine. interestingly enough Russia is being seen by the west as threatening to destabilise the region.

The end result for:

  • The Palestinian people is that they will lose their independence and their country to an invading Israel, with the military, financial and political support of the Western Alliance.
  •   Countries like Poland, Ukraine,  the Czech Republic and Slovakia if not invaded next by Russia will go on living in fear that when Russia is finished reclaiming Ukraine for its own, that it will turn its attention towards them to reunite all of the nations that once made up the Soviet Union, returning Russia to its former glory.

All this will happen while the Western Alliance, because the Western Alliance can do nothing other than apply financial sanctions on Russian businesses and businesses persons,  because of their support for what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people.

Is it really that hard to understand  that countries like Russia are fed up with obeying the rules when the USA and its allies are busy spreading democracy at gunpoint and exerting their influence right up into their borders claiming the right to do so citing humanitarian concerns. The end result of the USA’s being able to get away with not only ignoring international law, but putting themselves above it and undermining the institutions put in place to deal with this type of abuse, because they are a super power is that there is now a total breakdown and growing disrespect and a refusal by both super powers and non super powers to abide by international law. We sit on a very thin edge and one wrong move politically is going to push us over the edge and one of two things is going to happen

  1.  The greed of some nations, the intolerant practices of most religions, the racist attitudes towards others found embedded in most cultures combined with an almost addictive lust for empire building at any cost no matter what the price is to pay financially and in terms of human life by all sides we will soon find ourselves fighting another world war with the weapons capability of destroying all life on this planet as we now know it.
  2. Or we will be propelled backwards in time to the cold war era and beyond, when military might decided who had the right to live in freedom and peace, Where nations were captured by other nations and the strong devoured the weak; where genocide was frowned upon, but the world stood by and watched it happen.

A decision needs to be made and it needs to be made very quickly or we are going to see a lot more of the of the of the every man for himself approach to global security and nation building which is more or less responsible for creating the environment in which certain leaders envision and sell themselves as the saviors of their people, promoting fear and division in the world responsible for the mini wars throughout the world, like the Russia vs. Ukraine, Israeli vs. Palestinian, and now the ISIS vs. Iraq, games of cat and mouse.  No matter whose side of what war you choose to debate, is it not obvious to you that:

  • How young the life is no longer matters as long as victory is achieved and those young lives that are wasted in death, are just used by the government leaders of the world like throwing gasoline on a fire?
  • How many innocent civilians die  no longer matters as long as they create news coverage?  How many innocent men ,women and children get displaced and turned into refugees as a result of these mini wars does not matter as long as their suffering draws either sympathy to your side , or condemnation for your enemy?
  • Winning or losing, being right or wrong matters little any more, because all the super powers are concerned about at the end of the day is what advantage can be gained out of those deaths, militarily, financially in terms of trade deals and restoration contracts as well as in an ideological and religious sense.

 I ask these questions and make these statements, because this is the direction the leaders of governments all around the world seem to be dragging the rest of us towards and Canada has renounced its position as a peace keeper and joined the ranks of warrior nation, becoming in my opinion part of the problem instead of part of the solution as it once could lay claim to with head held high and with no blood on its hands.

I would leave you with these lyrics written by Pete Seeger as food for thought.

Where have all the young girls gone? Long time passing. Where have all the young girls gone? Long time ago.
Where have all the young girls gone? Gone to young men ev’ry one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Where have all the young men gone? Long time passing. Where have all the young men gone? Long time ago.
Where have all the young men gone? Gone to soldiers ev’ry one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Where have all the soldiers gone? Long time passing. Where have all the soldiers gone? Long time ago.
Where have all the soldiers gone? Gone to graveyards, ev’ry one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Where have all the graveyards gone? Long time passing. Where have all the graveyards gone? Long time ago.
Where have all the graveyards gone? Gone to flowers, ev’ry one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?


Is How You Start As A Country Where You Are Destined To Remain?

 Is How You Start As A Country Where You Are Destined To Remain?

Is How You Start As A Country Where You Are Destined To Remain?

I am beginning to wonder if  how you start  is how you will remain when it comes to the building of a nation, in terms of its core values, ideologies, and human rights? I ask this question,  because although we claim that a lot has changed since the discovery of this land mass, its subsequent colonisation and the actual formation of the country of Canada, a lot has remained the same and in Canada’s case this is not a good thing.  I keep getting the feeling in this country that  those of us not of European heritage are being tolerated and that we should be grateful for being allowed to come here in the first place.  The feeling I get is that anyone who does not share the religion, culture and view on what is and has always been a European sense of  entitlement and superiority over all others in all things then, or “Canadian values,” does not belong  in Canada and should perhaps not come here to live, or visit.

I have listened to Steven Harper and the members of the  Conservative Party of Canada talk about real Canadians, what our values are and who they consider are good candidates to immigrate to Canada and I say to myself, “Nothing has changed since the first European set foot on this country and decided that if the First Nations people they found here wished to be allowed to remain that they would have to change and stop being who they were.” The colonising Europeans did this forcing the First Nations to, change their religion (The Gods that they prayed to and adopt the European God), their culture and their lifestyle (How they dressed, what they ate and how they hunted, and finally the way they governed themselves getting First Nations to enter into treaties that were supposed to see  a sharing of the land  as nation to nation  for certain considerations; of course we know through history that government after government has failed to live up to their obligations and promises to the First Nations people while insisting that the First Nations to uphold their end of all agreements and treaties unilaterally.  What I am getting at is that Canada  from the very beginning was founded by a group of Europeans who thought and maintained the ideology that they were superior to all others racially, culturally, mentally and religiously then any other people on the planet and went as far as to deem other human beings somewhere between the ape and a human on and evolutionary scale; a convenient way to justify taking all that belonged to them, rationalizing colonization to be  a favor done for First Nations rather than the injustice it was.

Canadian governance did not stop there though, it could not stop its racist ways of the colonisation process from spreading into its immigration system. Why I say this is because when we needed special skill, or a cheap work force Canadian politicians had no problem bringing into Canada who we felt were beneath us and expendable, like the Chinese by the thousands to do the dangerous work on things like blasting a railway line through the Canadian Rockies, but when the railway line was built they were deported and laws were enacted to see that their immigration to Canada would be kept at a very low number. One Canadian  politician called for a law that would ensure that Canada’s, European ethnicity, religion and culture which was then the majority of the population of Canada be  safe guarded from those prolific Chinese breeders that if left unchecked would overrun Canada.  A person only has to listen to the immigration policies being made into law by Steven Harper and Jason Kenney and it becomes  obvious that we have regressed back to this time period in our history.  Christianity is being touted as the religion of Canada and the moral guide line to be followed by persons trying to immigrate here, or even visit this country, even though we have laws that say all religions are to be seen as having equal status under the law and that religious freedom and equality is the law in this country.  How immigrants and people dress, what religion they follow and  their  individual cultural customs are once again coming under attack by the Canadian government  and discouraged and instead of talking equality we have back slid into reasonable accommodation.  As governments of Canada give in one after another and say no to Hijabs for Muslim Women in government buildings, offices, schools etc., no turbans for Sikhs in sports, I wonder are Canadian’s capable of the change necessary to say no to a racist backward sliding  government.

The Canadian government under the leadership of Stephen Harper in my opinion is guilty of erasing whatever little progress this country has made in trying to atone for its racist past and their sense of  entitlement and superiority in terms of the immigrants we used and then expelled from this country, by now saying that when immigrating to Canada, or merely visiting Canada, immigrants must now  drop their religious beliefs and cultural habits at the customs and not even ask nor expect a reasonable accommodation, even if it is within our power to grant without undo hardship.

I think that when giving 5 visiting male travellers, who happen to be Hindu priests, called sadhu who made a request to CBSA to be screened by males only because their strict lifestyle  requires them to avoid any contact with women, becomes a problem and a political football, responsible for national news headline coverage, it stands to prove just how far we have digressed in terms of our willingness to not only see all religions as equal,  treat them as equal, or even be willing to make reasonable accommodation for.  What harm did it do to accommodate these individuals to national security, or in any other way?

  • Did the female customs agent really have a reason to be insulted as she claimed, or was she looking to cause a scene and get her 15 minutes of fame?
  • Was this female customs agent truly concerned with a sense of fairness for all travelers crossing our borders, or were her own prejudices bubbling out and into the light of day through the cracks in her self-righteous veneer?
  • Since the 5 were checked out in all of the same ways using all of the same techniques  and procedures as they would have if the female agent would have used, exactly what risk to Canada and Canadians was risked by making the religious accommodation to these 5 visiting Hindu priests called sadhus, or is a slight inconvenience now consider a threat?

I remember once as a mover I was sent with a lady packer to unpack a group of people who had just moved into a community in the |Laurentian Mountains. My company was not familiar with the rules of men being in the presence of women for hermetic Jews.  When we arrived to move in and unpack some boxes the lady was told that she could not enter into the house or touch any of the contents inside the boxes, because of the laws governing their religion.  Now I guess we could have refused to work under those conditions since it would mean that I would have to do most  of the work, but I did not; what I did do was ask that the men help in the unloading of the truck and any unpacking that they wanted done, so that we could be finished by sundown which was another of their religious concerns.  We all cooperated and it all got done. I guess the company could have refused and started worrying about how often this would happen and thinking up all kinds of doomsday scenarios and I guess the lady packer could have claimed to be offended, but we did not make a mountain out of a mole hill we just did our job without insulting anyone and everyone was happier for it.

That these 5 visiting Hindu priests called sadhus were compared to visiting white supremacists, by this lady customs agent, representatives of her union and even mentioned in statements by the Conservative Government of Canada, I think that it becomes clear that Canada under Stephen Harper we have become a small-minded people once again with misguided views of ourselves as superior to all others from a cultural, ethnic and religious perspective, believing that only our values and rights are in need of protecting and need to be protected. What a sad day for Canada and all Canadians to have stooped to this new low to beheaded in the opposite direction of human rights and freedoms for everyone regardless of ethnicity, culture, or religion. it seems that Canada is destined to remain where we started as we revisit a time in our history in which we operated from a European sense of  entitlement and superiority over all others in all things.

Interesting note: In a debate I listened to titled, “Can Israel Exist as both Jewish and Democratic?,”  the debaters being

Mira Sucharov, Professor of Political Science at Carleton University and journalist and author, Max Blumenthal, that Mira Sucharov gave Canada’s treatment of it First Nations and Canada’s immigration policies throughout history and to this very day to justify a democratic country’s right to be a little racist.  Mira Sucharov stated several times that Israel’s policies are a little racist, but because they are driven by a need to keep the core of Israel’s democracy a  Jewish majority things like:
  • The deportation of African refugees back to their original countries where they faced certain death as acceptable.
  • The fact that only Jews can immigrate to Israel.
  • The fact that the state controlled Israeli Rabbis have been ordered by the government to accept no Palestinian, or arabic conversions to Judaism.
  • The fact that only Jews can own land titles.
  • The fact that Jewish students are taught to  fear Palestinians so that they will join the army.
  • The fact that Israel is a work in progress and has no borders, because it is not finished grabbing land.

Mira Sucharov kept saying Palestine which is now Israel like the Palestinians were a flea on the back of a wolf and kept inferring to Israel’s military might as all that was necessary in the determination of what was right or wrong or the final outcome in the dispute. Through it all  it was interesting to note that Mira Sucharov kept referring to the European racist colonization of North America and the great countries of Canada and the USA that arose out of the that racist colonization and practices that are still going on today as comparable to what Israel has done to the Palestinians in the past and is still doing to them today. I have to ask, “What is up Canada?”

Have The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender (LGBT) Community Now Become The Aggressive Bully?

The greatest fear that heterosexual people have is that their way of life and their personal beliefs and choices will somehow be taken away from them, or ignored with the rush of the government to prove that it is not homophobic and is accepting of the LGBT community.

The greatest fear that heterosexual people have is that their way of life and their personal beliefs and choices will somehow be taken away from them, or ignored with the rush of the government to prove that it is not homophobic and is accepting of the LGBT community.


I believe in the right of all people to exist freely and openly according to their choices, but that means all people no matter what language they speak, what the color of their skin is, what religion they practice, or their sexual preference, be they heterosexuals, or gay, as long as the choices they make do not harm another person, or interfere with another person’s right to live in peaceful co-existence  and allow for the freedom of choice for others. I thought what some members of the LGBT community when they decided that they would go to the Ford Fest Day Picnic for the sole purpose of disrupting an event that really had nothing to do with their cause, be it pro or negative, is yet another indication that co-existence is no longer the goal of some of the LGBT community. I think those 6 members of the LGBT community are proving that there is a growing  intolerance within the LGBT community towards any opinion, or criticism of their cause.  This of course is very immature and shows  a darker side of some members of the LGBT community’s motives pertaining to co-existence with others. Failure of the greater membership of the LGBT community to publicly denounce the actions of the 6, or so members for their actions at the Ford Fest Day to me says that they are without leadership , or that they approve of such actions. I think that if the members of the LGBT community believe as I do in  freedom of choice for all, then they should practice what they preach and extend that right to others even if their beliefs are contrary to that of their own.

I decided to write about this subject after reading that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community recently were angered by Mayor Ford’s refusal to rise and applaud while city council gave a standing ovation to organizers of Toronto’s World Pride festival, causing 6 or so members of their community to voice their anger on Friday, protesting what they called Ford’s homophobia, by going to Thomson Memorial Park in Scarborough, holding signs that called for the mayor’s departure from office, antagonizing Ford’s supporters and disrupting the Ford Fest Picnic.  Poe Liberado said, “He needs to be held accountable.” “His buffoonery is dangerous, his positions are dangerous and he needs to be taken seriously.”  The mayor has since apologised for the actions of his supporters although he was not physically present in the area where and when the opposing sides clashed. I thought this demonstrated his disapproval publicly of such behavior and in so doing was taking a leader’s implied responsibility for those claiming to represent and support him. Having said that, there has been no apology coming from the LGBT community, leaving me to believe that they agree with and support the actions of the 6 protestors involved in the clash.

Is it the belief, or the position of the LGBT community that everyone in politics and on the planet should stand up and clap for them at every ceremony and march in their parades, or show solidarity with their cause and personal choices all of the time, or be harassed and forever be labelled homophobic?  Does the LGBT community believe, or is it their position that they and they alone should be able to hold an event like a parade, or fundraiser, or even picnic without being harassed by those who do not believe, or make the same life choices as them?  If the answer is no to those 2 questions, then why did they not do onto Mayor Ford and his supporters as they would have others do onto them and just not attend the Ford Fest?  The picnic was in no way a demonstration of the mayors approval or disapproval of the LGBT community, so why did they not extend to him and the people who wished to spend a day with Mayor Rob Ford the right to do so in peace?

I believe that one’s personal choices are simply that one’s personal choices and no one has the right through coercion to alter the beliefs of another and try to force acceptance of their choice of lifestyle on another human being.  Is this a case of the oppressed becoming the oppressor, the harassed becoming the harassers,  or does the LGBT really think that Mayor Rob Ford is truly a serious threat to their existence? I do not go to the gay pride parade in my community, because I feel that for the most part it has become taken over by those only interested in promoting public nudity purely for the shock value of the onlookers and bragging rights among their peers for being the most obscenely outrageously dressed, or undressed that day.  I find that the gay pride parade has become in most cases  a disgusting spectacle of male genitalia being flaunted about  that I would not like my grandchildren to witness, or my children to participate in  and so I do not lend my support to the parade by virtue of attending it; does that make me homophobic, should I be harassed at the annual picnic I hold? Is this what the gay pride parade and day, week, month is all about and can someone enlighten me as to what foreskin power is and why such banners are in the gay pride parade?

One of the greatest fears that heterosexual people have is that their way of life and their personal beliefs and choices will somehow be taken away from them, or ignored with the rush of the government to prove that it is not homophobic and is accepting of the LGBT community.  I believe that the members of the LGBT community have a right to do all of the things any other Canadian can do and be subject to the same rules and laws that all Canadians live under, but I think that all of this comes with a responsibility to do onto others as you would have done onto you.  Unfortunately what some heterosexual people have feared has come to pass and it is getting harder and harder to preserve heterosexual institutions, such as religious beliefs and religious law the way they have been forever without being labeled homophobic and discriminatory. The fact is that to be a heterosexual and voicing ones heterosexual beliefs, or refusing to see gay marriages as okay in the Christian faith and as an acceptable practice blessed by God is now seen as being homophobic and discriminatory so much so that the tenets of the Christian church concerning marriage and sex and their main purpose according to  the very word of their God, is being altered to accommodate the LGBT community.

The Christian church and its followers are being pressured to change and rewrite the bible and its teachings to accommodate the LGBT community and that is a practice that if I were a Christian I would not find fair and refuse to be allowed to be altered.  If a person’s life choices puts that person at odds with a religion is it right to expect or demand that said religion remake itself to accommodate them? Is any religion worth anything of value if what it teaches can be changed to suit the person rather than the person changing and becoming worthy of being an accepted member of the religions community through a shared faith and a shared set of values?  I believe that religion becomes meaningless if what it teaches can become what man wills it to be rather than what the God of that faith declared it to be.  In this way the Christian faith has been forever altered at its core and divided in its faith.

Christians believe that God provided a way for all things to reproduce themselves in one way or another. Unless Christians are willing to say that their God made a mistake and is not perfect and all-knowing, how is it possible that God foresaw during creation the need to give certain creatures both sets of  sexual apparatus making the joining of any 2 an act of reproduction, but this capability was not given to humans, God’s most cherished in all of creation?  Is it fair for heterosexuals to have to change their faith, or be labelled homophobic, or is this nothing more than the LGBT community forcing its lifestyle on the Christian community, like they are doing to Mayor Ford, because he failed to believe as they do and support their way of thinking, or in this case his daring not to stand and clap for them when all others did?

We will have to decide soon whether or not Mayor Ford, or anyone else has the freedom of choice to clap or not clap, to stand or not stand, believe or not believe according to how he, or we feel anymore. Is it appropriate behaviour  for members of  the LGBT community to follow Mayor Ford, or anyone else around with the sole purpose of harassing him/them in public for choosing not to support the LGBT community? I would suggest that the LGBT community was once a passive, harassed and bullied group of unorganised victims, who were seeking  to have a peaceful coexistence with the rest of Canadians, but that today this is no longer the case in Canada. Today in Canada the LGBT has become a powerful and organised group and with that power they have chosen to become an aggressive, harassing, pushy bully, no longer content with coexistence, but now trying to force  all Canadians and the rest of the world to believe as it does and do as it says, or be labelled the dreaded, “homophobic”.  They are no longer victims in Canada, but like all groups once oppressed, the LGBT community knows how to keep playing the, “I am so abused card,” to gain political points and influence public opinion and keep their cause in the media.

What we do have as human beings is free will which empowers us to choose what works for us. What free choice does not grant us however is the right to force the change by any means necessary a historically established religion’s tenets simply to accommodate  our personal  needs. Instead what is require of one choosing to avail one’s self of services offered by a church like being married in it with the blessing of the church is to follow the laws of the church community you wish to join, be you gay or heterosexual. To change a religion’s laws and thereby the word of that church’s God to conform to the will of man I believe is to render any faith-based religion worthless and open to the whims of any man. If the LGBT community is still seeking a coexistence with heterosexuals they need to promote that and stop their members from aggressively attacking heterosexual’s right to exist. Reverse discrimination never resolves, or makes for a peaceful coexistence.

There was a time to be seen as part of the LGBT community meant that you were beat up in the street, did not have the right to marry and so were not guaranteed spousal rights, or permitted to adopt children, but all of that has changed under Canadian law to give the LGBT community the same rights and freedoms guaranteed every other Canadian under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms  as it should be, so why can those who choose to believe in something else do so in peace and not stand and clap if they so choose without being harassed? I believe in the right of all people to exist freely and openly according to their choices, but that means all people no matter what language they speak, what the color of their skin is, what religion they practice, or their sexual preference, be they heterosexuals, or gay, as long as the choices they make do not harm another person, or interfere with another person’s right to live in peaceful co-existence  and allow for the freedom of choice for others.