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Brad Butt And The Lie That Was Not A Lie And What It Says About Canadian Politics And The Conservative Party Of Canada

The Canadian House of Commons is the only place where "parliamentary procedure" states that a lie is not really a lie and so as a result a liar is not a liar!

The Canadian House of Commons is the only place where “parliamentary procedure” states that a lie is not really a lie and so as a result a liar is not a liar!

The Brad Butt lie may be old news to most reporters and a lot of  Canadians, but to me it is one of the most important scandals of the year bar none, because it fully exposed the depth that the Conservative Party of Canada is willing :

1. To stoop to get a bad bill through parliament. Abuse parliamentary procedure to help them accomplish the impossible which is turn a deliberate lie into a case of a simple misunderstanding. 2. To take advantage of their majority status to undermine the democratic spirit of this country.

To go to ensure that they remain in power, by rigging elections, instead of keeping old supporters and winning new voters with policies that are inclusive and take all Canadians into consideration, laws that are fair to all Canadians and not just the wealthy and other conservatives and a platform of governance that all Canadians can support, feel fairly done by and could live with and under.

In my opinion, it has become obvious to me and I am sure Canadians that this government led by Stephen Harper does not understand that lies are lies no matter how many rules of parliamentary procedure, or slick tricks they use to cover them up.  Further more we the Canadian citizens and voters are not bound by the same rules that govern the opposition parties in the House of Commons which forbid the calling of an MP a liar, or saying that they misled the members of  the  House of Commons  intentionally, when that is exactly what they did.  Thanks to CPAC televising the goings on in the House of Commons live most interested Canadians have heard this whole story from the beginning and understand that Tori MP Brad Butt did stand up in the House of Commons and deliberately  and intentionally mislead the House at 2 different times, during a debate on Bill C-23,”The Fair Elections Act,” when he said that he personally witnessed election fraud taking place from beginning when the cards were delivered to the lobby of his apartment building, to its ultimate end at the polling station where he witnessed the fraud going on. I was left with 2 possible reasons that MP Brad Butt stood back up in the house of Commons 2 weeks later and  admitted publicly that he was a liar and I would like to know which one is true and they are:

1. Brad Butt a pathological liar, who can not control what comes out of his mouth and that no longer is rational enough to see that telling lies in general is not a good thing and should be resigning his seat and seeking psychiatric help for his problem, because he is no longer mentally fit to take part in the debates that make up the laws that govern Canadians and Canada.

2. Brad Butt realised either by himself, or with some help that he had witnessed election fraud, a crime in this country and did not report it to anyone and in fact allowed it to happen and did not only nothing to prevent it, but also failed to report it’s happening.

I for one believe that Brad Butt only changed his story which to me was an admission that he was a liar, because he was made to realise that an investigation was being undertaken to understand why he a member of parliament would see the act of voter fraud taking place and not do his duty as a law-abiding citizen and member of parliament and report it? Brad Butt, decided that it was easier to wiggle out of situation, by apologizing publicly and saying it was never his intention to mislead the house and was over zealous and just trying to make a point. Brad Butt knowing that he would be protected by his corrupt cronies holding a majority status in  the House of Commons to vote him out of trouble took the cowardly way out and laughed in the face of Canadians refusing to really admit that he had lied and skirted having to take responsibility for his deceit.

The problem with what the Tories did as a political party to save Brad Butt is that:

1. The whole Brad Butt affair was televised and we voters are capable of seeing a lie and a cover up.

2.There is almost a computer in every house hold with people like me either writing about what we saw with our own eyes on CPAC, or tuning into an online news report by CBC, or CTV,  in our blogs, or Facebook and tweeting about on Twitter, the minute it happens.

3. We no longer have to take someone else’s word as to what was said or the sincerity of an apology , because we have seen it for ourselves live.

To watch the Conservative Party of Canada’s secretary to this minister and secretary to that minister along with their party house leader rise and support this obvious liar, no matter what the Speaker of the House said and no matter that his reasons for lying in the first place that he gave were obviously just a continuation of the lie, left me feeling that Brad Butt was not the only rotten apple in the Harper Conservative Party of Canada barrel.  I began to remember the circumstance surrounding the need to dissolve parliament and have the 2011 federal election and how the Harper government was found guilty of contempt of parliament; in that circumstance this party did not have a majority status and could not vote their way out of trouble like they think that they did for Brad Butt, but they did get away with it and were voted back into power with the majority government that we are now suffering under.

We may not take to the street in Canada like they do in Ukraine and other places, but does that mean that we are not entitled to our franchise, our very right to vote in free, fair and transparent elections? Given that all indicators seem to be pointing directly at the Conservative Party of Canada’s election campaign headquarters in Guelph Ontario  as the of the misleading phone calls, or “Robo Call Scandal”, where the alias character Pierre Poutine directed over 6,000 voters to the wrong poling station in Guelph on election night 2011, do you not find it particularly arrogant and contemptuous of Canadians that the Conservative Party of Canada would:

  • Bring forward a bill titled the Fair Elections Act?
  • To try to limit the investigating powers of the head of elections Canada into illegal fund-raising during a campaign when it was members of their party that kept being cited for wrong doing?
  • Try to continue giving themselves an unfair advantage in raising funds through phone calling?
  • Try to eliminate the voting rights of people who do not tend to vote for them, by taking away methods used to prove their residence and eligibility to vote.

Brad Butt’s lie is important and relevant today as it was yesterday, because it represents a version of the truth that is employed and accepted on Parliament Hill as the way to communicate with each other and to Canadians.  It is a loop-hole in Parliamentary procedure that allows for a deliberate lie to be called a slip of the tongue or an honest mistake and there by allow the politician who would lie to Canadians in order to convince Canadians of the need for what their party is trying to get accepted into law, to go unpunished. It will get harder to convince children that a lie is not a good thing, when our leaders get away with it and use it as a standard form of communication.

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