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One Day Event Cheaper Than Doing Right By Those Serving In Our Armed Forces, Veterans And Their Families Every Day!

This should shut them up!

This should shut them up!

I think that a day of honor for the vets who served in Afghanistan was well deserved and I like most Canadians I felt glad that they finally received some small token of this country’s appreciation for the sacrifices they made in Afghanistan. Our troops served honorably, believing that this government had sent them on a mission to improve the everyday lives of the Afghani people and by doing so, they were doing their part to make the world a safer place for all people to live in. As is customary in military interventions people die and some of our own had to make the ultimate sacrifice,  some lost limbs and still others suffered mental disorders that could not readily be seen in order to complete a mission that was not always clear, but which they did  with honor and without complaint. I do not think that those who died over in Afghanistan could have imagined that their wives children would be abandoned by this Harper government.  Nor do I believe that any of those soldiers would have to battle the Harper government in court to get support in the form of monetary compensation to cover their inability to work due to physical and illnesses like PTSD. This is the type of  thanks that the dead’s family received and that every injured soldier that could no longer serve received.  The Harper government made it clear in statements from their lawyers in court, that they had no social contract with the injured soldiers and that they would not be supporting them, their wives, or their families in any way and that they the government were ready to fight for their right to do nothing for them all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada if necessary. Every court case that the vets have won in the lower courts that would see the veterans and their families get the services that they were asking for and that would have made their lives a little easier the Harper government has appealed to the higher courts to overturn.  While this day of honor played out these court cases were still being fought and veterans of that war were not getting the services that they need.  This is why I say that this day was little more than a photo opt for  Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper  taints everything he touches and somehow even managed to darken a day of honor by making his underlying motivation for this day  appear suspect. Stephen Harper’s selfishness and hypocrisy over shadowed  this event from start to finish and so the day  never got to be the bright and glorious day it could have been if the government had taken the time to plan and think things out, rather than hastily throw together an affair designed to quiet the rapidly growing concerns and discontent of Canadians about the mistreatment of vets in this country by Steven harper and his not so stable and not so secure majority government. I believe that Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada does nothing that is not beneficial to them politically and this day was no different.  This hurried up event only came to pass because the government is coming into an election year and the horrible, intolerable shameful way they have been treating vets was coming to a head and needed to be diffused and what better way than to throw a party with a lot of pomp and circumstance, but this money could have gone to pay for some of the services that the vets and their families need.

As the government closes veteran’s hospitals, veteran’s  service offices, and watches legions across Canada closed by virtue of their charity tax status being revoked, I wonder if a one time parade and campaign style photo opt for the Prime Minister Harper was the right way to show veterans of Afghanistan and their families appreciation for their sacrifices they faced in the field and they now face at home? With vet committing suicide, living on the street homeless and parent’s, wives and families feeling that they have been abandoned to care for their wounded loved ones on their own, I wonder how much this day cost the Canadian tax payer , because I feel that all that money could have gone towards making the lives of those same vets and their families better.

The government of Stephen Harper is a cheap Scrooge type beast and this day of so called remembrance will cost the veterans and their families dearly in the days and months to come; one can almost hear it now as this government refers back to this day to remind us all how much they cared and continue to care about Canadian veterans and their families, or they would not have thrown such and elaborate day of to honor them in this time of fragile stability.  When the bagpipes can no longer be heard and the speeches have all be said and the vets and their families have stopped dining with members of parliament and the headlines are once again focussed on another veteran committing suicide, found dirty, suffering from malnutrition, in pain from wartime, or post wartime injuries, or dead on the street, will the veterans, their parents and families feel that this one time only event went far enough and did enough to truly honor veterans and the sacrifices they have made?

I think that it is unfortunate that this day of honor was also marred by the fact that this government chose to try to force the families of the vets to pay their own way to this event honoring them.  It is this type of cheapness that we see from this government all the time and serves to make Canadians feel that they do not care about veterans and their families and it keeps happening over and over again.  What was Afghanistan? Was it a war, a peace keeping mission and since we seem to be driven to use military actions like these more often now foregoing diplomacy and diplomatic solutions, is every such mason to see this type of day of honor and if not why not?  I will forget the question of why we were over there in the first place, because our soldiers go where they are ordered and follow the orders given to them leaving the right and wrong of this and the justification for their being there up to the higher command and the government the right and the wrong of it and so the job they do in service of the Canadian government needs to be respected no matter what, especially by the government who chooses to prefer the methods of war and seeks to turn Canada into a hated revile, mistrusted warrior nation instead of the respected, trusted, loved peace keeping nation we was were known to be.

This government in my opinion has betrayed the military in so many ways that even having a day to honor the brave men and women that served in Afghanistan, trying to pretend they give a damn about them is an insult to Canadian’s intelligence.  We can not as a country be bothered to keep statistics on what happens to our veterans once they leave the force due to mental illness and other job related injuries; we can not tell how many of those who served this country are begging and sleeping on the street, but yet we have these memorial day events and days to commemorate battles in which brave men and women died and were injured in the service of this country and we now have days of honor for missions that were not quite wars, but in which brave Canadians died when this government chose to send them off to help secure and provide security in order to enhance democracy by insuring a fair election in another country; something that they are denying Canadians with their “Fair Elections Act.”

The acquisition fiasco of the F-35 Fighter Jet which left our troops flying out dated, inferior aircraft incapable of communicating  with our allies is simply unforgivable and was totally avoidable if Stephen Harper would have only consulted with all parties and took into consideration the advice of  all experts and not only the ones who had something to gain by telling him what he and his government wanted to hear.  The list of procurement fiascos is a long one and covers every branch of our military.  First the Harper government decided that it would not buy new light armored vehicles for our troops and then they decided that upgrades to light-armored vehicles have made new close-combat vehicles unnecessary and so cancelled the 2 billion dollar purchase those, breaking promises to our troops to provide them with new state of the art tools to enable them to do their job.

This inability to buy military equipment without scandal and having to rethink every failed acquisition  directly impacts our troops, because it is they who must go into battle and risk their lives unnecessarily using old out dated equipment only to see that equipment arrive in Canada after the mission for which it was intended, see the acquisition cancelled altogether and force them into using old refurbished equipment for a long time until new military equipment can be ordered. This consistent inability to get it right tells me that the Harper government does not care what state the equipment our troops are using in the field is in as long as they get good press reviews for promising said equipment and seem to be looking like they give a damn.

These are my reasons for saying that, to the Harper government a one day event is a whole lot cheaper than doing the right thing by those serving in our military, veterans and their families every day!

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