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Thomas Mulcair And Stephen Harper Have A Lot In Common / Do Canadians Dare To Compare them?

Dare Canadians compare Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair?

Dare Canadians compare Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair?

I see Thomas Mulcair as having a lot in common with Stephen Harper the politician and Stephen Harper the man. Thomas Mulcair insists that Canadians must rid themselves of Stephen Harper in the next federal election and I agree with him on that, but would go on to say that a vote for the NDP with Thomas Mulcair at the helm would be subjecting ourselves to yet another 4 years of dictatorship, by yet another confused cowboy.  I must say that looking at his career from start to just recently, Thomas Mulcair seems preoccupied with advancing his desire to lead rather than any particular political party line, or fundamental belief in the way things ought to be in this country.  I think that he has proven that he is as ruthless as the big shark Stephen Harper and that he too will stop at nothing to get total power and keep it once he has gotten it.

I have tried my best to find some saving quality in Thomas Mulcair, but as of yet I can not find one single thing that would make me say, “Well okay I could vote for him because of this or that.”  To me Thomas Mulcair comes off as though he thinks that he is better than everyone else in the room, in every way.  I find him pretentious and exhibiting almost a greater lust for power than that exhibited by Stephen Harper.  Thomas Mulcair is quick to ask the awkward question in the House of Commons of others, attacking them with the persistence and precision of a prosecuting attorney, but when his honesty, integrity and transparency are put to the question in the House of Commons he  refuses to answer questions put to him in a direct, honest and transparent manner, choosing rather to ask a question of his own.  It would seem that Thomas Mulcair’s and the NDP’s conduct are not so squeaky clean and perhaps Mr. Mulcair is not as worried about corruption in his own party as he should be considering the headlines of late. Thomas Mulcair seems quite content to allow his NDP to touch the fringe of corruption, that grey zone, the hard to prove corruption took place zone, if such corruption can be exploited for his and his party’s political gain, while pointing the finger at his opponents for their political misconduct.

Reasons I would not vote for Thomas Mulcair

  • During the senate scandal he ranted and raved about the Conservative Party of Canada helping out senators with their legal expenses, but when asked about the Liberal Party of Canada helping to pay his legal expenses when he was fighting a libel suit while a liberal party member he refused to answer or give explanation.
  • Then we have the business with the Gate keeper on parliament hill asking Mr. Mulcair for his identification and Mr. Mulcair driving through the gate ignoring the guard and continuing to ignore a patrol car signalling for him to pull over; only pulling when he felt like it.  He avoided answering questions by not coming to the House of Commons and when he did decide to show up and respond said it was all just a big misunderstanding. Where is the misunderstanding in, “please show me your identification and you not doing what is asked of you, or, the police car siren is blaring signal lights are on and you ignore both of these things and keep driving?” I would ask again, “Where and what was the misunderstanding and who misunderstood who?”
  • The never-ending references and attacks where Justin Trudeau’s personal wealth is concerned makes him look angry, bitter  and jealous in my eyes.  Mr. Mulcair constantly implies that because Justin Trudeau inherited his wealth that he is incapable of  understanding, or empathizing with the needs and desires of the middle class hardworking Canadian, or the very poor and most fragile of Canadians.  Since when has this been proven, or is this just Mulcair’s personal opinion about those who were born into money; either way he will not get my vote until he grows up and realises that we should not be negatively bias stereotypically against those who are wealthy  or those that are poor. What Mulcair implies about Justin Trudeau would be like suggesting that since the NDP has never governed Canada that they would are always talking out of their hat and would have no idea how the system works or should work.
  • The latest  scandal concerning the offices has Mulcair allegedly using underhanded means, illegally methods and definitely tactics against the spirit of Canadian election rules and regulations tactics to charge his party’s advanced campaigning to the tax payers of Canada.  This seemed to me like a politician and a political party that is not against taking advantage of rules when they figure they can get around them using a technicality, or a loophole, but scream foul when one of their opponents is doing it. I do not want to give my vote to this type of pompous hypocrite; we have one of those in office right now.
  • The main reason though is because Thomas Mulcair reminds me of Stephen Harper, with his arrogance and sense of entitlement, but Thomas Mulcair is much worse. Thomas Mulcair is worse because he pretends he cares about Canadians and that he and his party would never knowingly violate the laws of Canada, or the rules of his position and would work within the framework and spirit of democracy and yet we see time and again that given the opportunity to do the right difficult thing, Mulcair and his party choose the easy way out and begin to cheat, bend the truth and break the rules just like Stephen Harper and his strong, not so stable majority government.

I think that Thomas Mulcair is already tipsy with the power he has managed to acquire by jumping the Liberal Party of Canada  for position and the promise of position rather than any overriding  principle that just forced him to leave his party for that of another; in other words Thomas Mulcair went to where his career was more promising rather than where he thought that he could do the most good for Canadians, or to follow his political beliefs. I believe that Thomas Mulcair sold out to the highest bidder and in my opinion became merely a paid whore, who by outlasting all the other whores  inherited and now runs the whorehouse. I have nothing against whores, or whorehouse, I think that they both have a long history in Canada and definitely fulfill a need for some Canadians.  I know that the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed that prostituting oneself was and is not illegal, but is that the type of person we  really want heading our government and is that the kind of house we want the House of Commons turned into? I am afraid to contemplate Thomas Mulcair  ever getting the power that would come to him if he were to win a majority NDP government.  I am afraid to contemplate it because he is already tipsy with power, just being the official opposition leader  of a moot official opposition party.  I am afraid for Canada because what is in the news these day is not crime on the street growing out of control, but crime within all levels of government and across all party lines under the noses of party leaders who if are not involved in the scandal themselves are claiming that they had no knowledge of what was going on in their own parties.

Reading about Thomas Mulcair’s career in Wikipedia I came to the conclusion that all Thomas Mulcair cares about is the advancement of his personal ambitions. This is a little of what I read just to give you an idea of why I say the things I do about him, “A lawyer and university professor, Mulcair joined the federal NDP in 1974.  He was the provincial Member of the National Assembly of Quebec for the riding of Chomedey in Laval from 1994 to 2007, holding the seat for the Liberal Party of Quebec. He served as the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks from 2003 until 2006, in the Liberal government of Premier Jean Charest. Elected MP for Outremont in a by-election in 2007, he was named co-Deputy Leader of the NDP shortly afterwards, and has won re-election twice.”

Interesting note: Thomas Mulcair joined the federal NDP in 1994 and also held a seat for the Liberal Party of Quebec  at the same time from 1994 until 2007, confirming my statement that Thomas Mulcair was for sale to the highest bidder and I do not think that a lot has changed in the way he sees party loyalty on his personal and professional level since then.

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