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Where Are The 492 Tamil Refugee Claimants of the MV Sun Sea And the 76 from the Ocean Lady?

What happened to the Tamil Refugees and do we care?

What happened to the Tamil Refugees and do we care?

What has happened to the 76 Tamil refugee claimants aboard the Ocean Lady and the over 400 refugees from the Sun Sea since they were arrested and thrown in jail for daring to hope that they could find truth in our word that if they could make it to our shores that they would be welcomed embraced and be safe and does anyone still give a damn.  Where is the press follow-up on this story, or have they simply moved on and consider it not newsworthy enough to pursue? Where is the official opposition, or the 3rd party on this one?  Is it not they who constantly say that they are the conscience of the government, are they not the self-appointed part of government that holds the government to account, are they not the ones who state that they are the eyes, ears and voice of all Canadians; where are they? Where is our place of sober 2nd thought, the senate on this one and where are you the Canadian citizen?

Did you know or do you care how long these Tamil men, women and children were kept prisoner in Canadian jails without rights or access to timely justice while laws were rewritten and made retroactive so they could include their cases in an attempt to look like Canadian law was being followed and that justice was being done? Do you know how many of these Tamil people were actually not legitimate refugees, how many were deported and how many were accepted and how many Tamils who came seeking refuge are still in jail and do you care?  If you do not care what happened to these Tamil men, women and children, have you asked yourself why and what that says who we as Canadians consider legitimate refugees and how and when they can attempt to seek refuge in our country?

The position of the Harper government appears to be that there was never a valid reason and there still is no valid reason  for any Sri Lankan national to flee their homeland and seek refugee status in Canada. What this means is that if there are no recognized Sri Lankan refugees than all Sri Lankans fleeing to Canada without their papers in order to seek sanctuary are viewed by Canadian law and immigration authorities as immigration line jumpers and subject to the laws of Canada where illegal immigration is concerned. The really sick part of all of this, is that  the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenny, Canada’s Public Safety Minister Vic Toews  and Canada’s  President of the Treasury Board and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway Stockwell Day  tried to pass this rewriting of Canadian immigration laws off as being in the best interest of all those seeking and waiting to immigrate to Canada, but more importantly being legislation put forward and needed to protect  immigrants such as the Tamils aboard the Ocean Lady and the MV Sun Sea from being exploited by people traffickers and so was in their best interest.

What this means is that if you are a Tamil fleeing for your life and those of your family the Canadian government is demanding that you go to the closest refugee camp in your area of the world and seek help from the Canadian officials you may find there and they may be able to help you to immigrate to Canada.  The waiting time for people waiting in refugee camps to immigrate to Canada legally is 10 years and many of these refugee camps are just as dangerous to be in for refugees as the countries they are fleeing from. The death rate of those waiting in these death camps/ refugee camps by starvation, disease,  and violence is mind-boggling and yet this is what the Canadian government is demanding that innocent men, women and children need to go through if they want to be accepted into Canada. Canada should be ashamed of our new laws that insist that people put themselves through this for even one day not to mention 10 years before they can have their case heard, but alas this is not the case; in fact this government led by Stephen Harper is proud of their new laws and do not care of people suffering, unless their suffering can be turned into a Canadian bottom line profit.  Stephen Harper and his conservative government know that rape, prostitution and the pimping of children are just some of the realities which women and children face daily if they want to eat, or if they want to continue living literally and they say that we have told them as a nation that, “We do not care about how you are made to suffer, or whether or not your lives are in danger; come with the proper documentation and through the proper channels or we will put you in jail indefinitely when you arrive in our country.

It is interesting to note that a story written by Stewart Bell in the National Post/ February 6, 2012/Last Updated: Feb 6 11:o2 PM ET is the most current and most up to date accounting that I can find of what happened to the Sri Lankan refugee claimants found on board either the Ocean Lady in which saw them arrested in 2009, or the Sri Lankan refugee claimants found on board the MV Sun Sea arrested in 2010 in which he writes:

“More than two years after the Ocean Lady arrived off Vancouver Island in 2009 carrying 76 Sri Lankan asylum seekers; only one has been accepted as a refugee so far, according to newly released Immigration and Refugee Board figures. Another has been ordered deported and the remaining claims are pending.”

“Of the 492 Sri Lankans who arrived in 2010 aboard the MV Sun Sea, only three have been recognized as refugees while 13 claims have been withdrawn and five abandoned. The remainder of the cases are scheduled to be dealt with over the next few months.”

This is a deadly time for you if you are a human being feeling that your life and your family’s lives are in danger and are living in a country that Canada has deemed as being on its safe and free from oppression list as was the case of Sri Lanka. It has since been proved that the Canadian government was wrong in their assessment of the danger and oppression and crimes against humanity that these Tamils faced daily and the real sense of life threatening danger that had them flee with nothing and willing to pay anything to anyone to get away from Sri Lanka and hopefully find  safety in Canada, but as you can see by the story which is the latest update to either story I could find on the situation, this new knowledge has done little to right the wrong that our government has done to these people who sought refuge from oppression in our country.

I do not know if as a people or as a nation we Canadians will ever care enough about stories like this to cover them to their final end, or as a people demand to be updated on the progress of such arrests of people who should be considered innocent until proven guilty, but it is clear to me that it is not the case right now. So far it is only when the rights of gays are being violated abroad and when they feel or it is known that they are in danger of being put in jail, or in a life threatening position that Canada steps up to the plate and government ministers get directly involved, secretly fast tracking from behind the scenes those endangered gays removal from their homelands and accepted into Canada as refugees.  I have nothing against saving these gays in danger, but ask the question instead, “Why the gays and not the Tamils of  Sri Lanka that were aboard the Ocean Lady, or the MV Sun Sea?”.  I also find it interesting that the story of Rob Ford smoking crack has  received  greater news coverage Canadians with no shortage of updates and ran longer than the story of over 560 innocent Tamil men, women and children refugee claimants thrown into jail. I say innocent because after all this time in jail they have yet to have a decision rendered on their cases one way or the other. What all this means is that the Canadian government considers Tamil men women and children claiming refugee status to be a threat to national security,  by virtue of them being Tamils and have legalised their belief through legislation; how is that for Canadian justice?

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