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Israel Steals Palestinian Land And Gets UnConditional Support From Canada / Russia Accepts Crimea’s Request To Become Part Of Russia And Gets Condemned By Canada?

What Canada supports and condemns, depends on who you are.

There are some interesting contradictions as far as Canadian policy is concerned when it comes to what the State of Israel has done in the Middle East for which it gets unconditional  support from Canada, the USA and the members of European Union and what Russia has done with the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula for which it has received the condemnation of the west. Canada has broken diplomatic relations with Russia and the rest of the west although keeping the lines of communications open have tried to restrict the travel of certain Russians and their supporters in a theatrical effort to punish and alienate Russia. Canada, the USA  and the European Union are also trying to bring down the Russia’s economy through sanctions and reducing its ability to access international banking.

If we take a look at the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements and the reason they give for them like,

  • The protection of Israel itself.
  • The protection of the illegal settlers who are Israeli nationals.
  • The protection of their real boarders

I think it becomes easier to see  that governments such as Canada employ double standards when it comes to,

  • Dealing with what a country can do to maintain its interests in any given area.
  • Keeping its nationals safe when they live in another sovereign country.
  • Protecting its boarders and its people from outside threats.

Canada has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that if it considers you a friend, or an ally such as it does Israel than you can,

  • Illegally occupy, resettle and kill with impunity.
  • Get unconditional, non wavering support from the government of Canada for what it would without such a friendship deem to be crimes against humanity and attempt to seek justice and attempt to put right, by any means necessary.

Now on the other hand if you are a nation that Canada does no consider to be a friend, or an ally such as is the case with Russia then the Canadian government will condemn you as a nation for doing the same thing as one of their friends or allies are doing and will,

  • Impose sanctions, embargoes and no fly zones in an attempt to injury your country’s economy and hurt your people so you will have no choice but to agree to our terms.
  • Close our embassy  in your land and your embassy in our country, expel your diplomats in an effort to isolate your country on an international level.
  • If you are militarily weaker than us and we can be assured that will not lose too many soldiers, attack you from the air, ground and sea.

I think for this reason Vladimir Putin of Russia missed a golden opportunity to expose Canadian government the government of the United States, the governments of the European Union for the hypocrites that they truly are, by making no reference to the State of Israel and its occupation and resettling of lands that do not belong to them in any of his speeches.  I believe that the member states of the Western Alliance  should never talk about  international law and the need and importance to respect the sovereignty of your neighbors borders, because no one believes a word that they say anymore except them.  Putin should have used the Israeli / Palestinian conflict as an example of  the west’s hypocrisy  instead of what transpired in Kosovo to expose the true purpose of the west’s opposition to Crimea becoming part of Russia again. I feel that:

  • As long as the members of the Western Alliance continues its unconditional support of  Israel’s right to  hold onto the lands it took by force and is holding onto by force from its sovereign neighbor state then  the USA, Canada and the member states of the European  Union have no basis for their sanctions against Russia, or its supporters for its role in supporting the annexation of Crimea and its becoming a part of Russia once again.
  • As long as the members of the Western Alliance are guilty of aiding and abetting  Israel in grabbing more territory from its neighbors in the Middle East in the form of Israel’s continuous building of permanent settlements on land that is not theirs, but the sovereign land of its neighbor, these western nations  have no business telling Russia or Crimea about violating international law, or the sanctity of another nation’s borders.
  • As long as the United Nations stands by their 1947 plan that saw the state of Israel, unjustifiably and illegally carved out of the sovereign nation of Palestine without invitation, consultation, or consent, but by military force at the whim of a group of nations looking to appease their consciences and make restitution to the Jews of Europe for the Holocaust that these countries allowed to happen they should stop throwing stones at Russia over Crimea.  These so called democratic countries, these seekers of justice did not give up Texas, London, or Paris in an effort to give the displaced Jews of Europe a homeland but instead gave up the land of another to pay their perceived debt. The Middle East has not seen peace since. As long as this decision is being supported as democratic and hailed by these nations as fair and just, it will always be acceptable to do what Russia is being condemned for doing to Ukraine.

It seems that western foreign policy is being based on whether the Western Alliance likes you or not, or whether we share common values, or politics instead of international law and for a long time now the west has been pushing the boundaries of international law, twisting it and molding it to suit its purposes and when it will not be twisted we invent new bodies like the Western Alliance, the Coalition of the Willing for example and bad mouth existing international bodies like the United Nations and even NATO and in the case of The USA the World Court .

Ask yourself why are so many people in so many different areas in Ukraine are literally putting their lives on the line to join what appears to be a re-emergence of the Soviet Union? Why are these citizens of Ukraine rising up against Ukraine instead of fighting to stay in what is being portrayed by the west as a democratic nation that respects the rights and freedoms of all of it citizens and is in compliance with the international treaties and laws it is a signature state to?  If we in the Western Alliance are able to say that what goes on in the Middle East is relevant and important to our national security and way of life, how could we in all honesty and common sense hope to Russia who shares borders with Ukraine, has military bases in Ukraine and has a vital history with Ukraine that the Ukraine is not as vital to Russia as Israel is to the Western Alliance?

That the people of Crimea and the parliament of Crimea actually wanted to be part of  Russia is the only difference in what Russia is  doing in contrast to what Israel is doing in the Middle East. No one invited the 2nd world war Jewish survivors to carve out the State of Israel from an existing sovereign State of Palestine with the military might of the UN, or any of the land grabs and resettlement of Jews further into the occupied Palestinian lands since 1967.  Look at what is left of Palestine and tell me again how bad the Russians are and how great the Israelis are?  There is something wrong with the way that the west thinks and they really need to stop and rethink what they are doing in the world.  The countries not considered our friends are getting tired of the duplicity, the hypocrisy and the double standard when it comes to invasion and empire building and are beginning to stand up and follow our lead and carve out more of the world for itself. Since all areas of the world are already spoken for they have decided to take what they want using our methods of, “Making an offer best not refused”.

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