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Pauline Marois’s Hopes For Winning Election Fading

A leader and a party with and identity crisis!

A leader and a party with and identity crisis!

I do not care what language you speak, you would have to consider what transpired during the final debate anything but  debating by the four political party leaders.  The  leaders decided to have a screaming match instead and  reduced what could have been an informative last chance for Quebecers to hear their plans for Quebec into a contest whose sole  purpose was to see who could smear ones opponents the most and the loudest. Rather than take the opportunity  to let Quebecers know what their plans were for a better, stronger and non corrupt Quebec all candidates ceased every opportunity to sling mud. All that was missed from it being the “Maury Show” starring Maury Povich, was the debaters rushing to the center of the stage for a brawl.  I was left feeling that I was watching my 4-year-old grandson and his 18 month old sister argue over a favorite toy rather than 4 people trying to convince me why it was that they were they were the right candidate to get my vote.  At the end of the debate there were so many people talking at once that I could not understand one word that anyone of them were saying and I ended up with a splitting headache wishing that someone /anyone would take control of these rude children and put each ones nose into a corner for a time out.

Even taking all of that into consideration, Pauline Maoris in my opinion came off rude and obnoxious, instead of mature, experienced and confident.  It seems unlikely that this politician would be able to follow the 3  basic simple rules of debating, (a)listening to others, (b)waiting her turn to speak and (c)following the moderators instructions. I was not left with the impression that Pauline Marois would be any differently and listen to all who had something to say concerning the running of Quebec  if she was given the chance to govern Quebec with a majority government.   Paulina Marois had to be repeatedly admonished for interrupting, talking over the other debaters and finally the moderator had to threaten to turn off her microphone to try to get her to act like a mature adult and not a toddler just learning her manners.  I think that she has never recovered from the debate and in fact has lost numbers in the  polls. Allegations of her husbands not so transparent and perhaps illegal business activities have hurt her and she is once again threatening legal action as she did when her and her husband were accused of shady dealings to get the a permit to build their mansion on property designated as protected farmland not to be built on.

I do not think Marois saw the protest by the French university students coming and it was a surprise that she really did not need.  Pauline Marois tried to cut off the head of the snake when she got one of the leaders to run in the last election and I guess when another student protest leader decided to run for her party she thought that she had the student vote in the bag, but if the protest the other night in Montreal is any indication of how these students eligible to vote feel about her, I doubt very much if she can count on their vote.  the students said they were marching to voce their disapproval of what they are calling Pauline Marois’s austerity measures.  This protest was directed solely at Pauline Marois and I think that it has a lot to do with her marching with them, promising them to not raise tuition fees if they elected her, using them to bring down the Liberal government and the backing out of the deal and raising tuitions as soon as she got elected with their votes.  This time Pauline Marois is the focus of the ire of the same students that helped her to defeat the Liberals and for the same reason. I think she is understanding now that a vote gotten on false promises may get you elected, but rarely get you re-elected.

A definite drop in the polls and a hindrance to her winning the election in my opinion was the bringing on board of media, mogul, Pierre Péladeau. Pierre Péladeau,  was a bad choice for the Parti Quebecoise to introduce as the star candidate who would be advising Pauline Marois and her party in the areas of economy and job creation and this is why:

  • Pierre Péladeau has been called the worst boss to work for in Quebec  and was personally responsible for locking out thousands of workers in Quebec. He is neither respected, or liked among the working middle class in Quebec.
  •  When being introduced to Quebecers on television, by Madam Marois as a star candidate he immediately took upon himself to reawaken the referendum debate, which Pauline Marois and the Parti Quebecoise did not want to focus on as their priority for this election and in fact said they would not be asking for until the situation was deemed as winnable conditions.
  • Pierre Péladeau’s, inheriting the benefits of someone else’s hard work  does not make him some kind of economic guru and this inheritor will not help the Parti Quebecoise in this field, unless being rich is the one and only criteria.
  • Pierre Péladeau likes to hog the camera which was so obvious that Pauline Marois had to shove him back in line when he attempted to steal the camera and attention on a televised photo opt.
  • Everyone with half a brain knows that Pierre Péladeau would love to have Pauline Marois job and some in the hardliners in the Parti Quebecoise see this as grooming experience for him.

A major problem for the Parti Quebecoise and Pauline Marois is that now that it is clear that Quebecers do not want even a whisper of a referendum and have voiced clearly that they which to remain a province in Quebec the party and Pauline Marois have lost their reason for existence, or as she would say her raison d’être.  This lack of a reason to exist has Pauline Marois constantly trying to create and issues and problems that just do not exist anymore. This constant fear mongering  is an attempt to make the French people of Quebec feel that they are in danger of losing their language, culture and distinctiveness as a province to the Anglophones and the Allophones, hoping in all of this to rekindle the passion and desire through stress, tension and fear the desire for a nation called Quebec instead of a province called Quebec. This grasping at anything to rekindle the sovereignty quest was responsible for the embarrassing “Pastagate” affair in 2013, the violence directed towards tourists  speaking English visiting Montreal,the harassing of English-speaking Quebec citizens in restaurants, line ups and the refusal of bus drivers and metro attendants to even give direction to enquiries in any language but French, all exercises that do little to help Quebec’s economy, prosperity and financial well-being.

The creation of the Charter of Quebec Values has exposed the petty and out right racist level to which the quest for an independent Quebec has sunken too  internationally and has helped unite the Anglophones and the Allophones in a common cause to defeat her at all costs, or lose their religious freedoms as well as their linguistic freedoms. The attempt by the Parti Quebecoise and Madam Marois to make the Charter of Quebec Values it main issue in this election has helped to expose the true cost that  all Quebecers have had to pay in matters that truly count to them like finding a job, caring for the elderly, the economy, the high taxes, the loss of outside businesses expanding to Quebec and the businesses that were already operating in Quebec moving out. The people of Quebec are just plain tired of the poverty that this sovereignty issue has forced them to endure year after year, because of the climate of political uncertainty and unrest that the question brings.  I think that Pauline Marois said it best herself when responding to a reporter’s question of what she would do differently if she had a 2nd chance and she replied, “I would not answer your questions about our party’s intentions on calling a referendum.”

If the Parti Quebecoise has changed its priority as a government I think that they should state it clearly, or reaffirm its goal of achieving a sovereign Quebec nation, so that Quebecers can vote with clarity and confidence that they are not being duped into voting for a political party with a false agenda.

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