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Is Malaysia Airlines And The Malaysian Government Being Unfairly Treated For Their Handling Of The Disappearance And Search and Rescue Effort For Malaysia Airlines Flight HM370

The Search For Flight HM370 ContinuesI just do not get it! I do not understand what exactly the Chinese family members want Malaysia Airlines, or the Malaysian government to do that they are not doing now. I do not understand either why day after day the media is throwing fuel unto the fire by doing their best to make it appear that the Malaysian government and the airline could be doing something more to reassure, appease and inform the families of those lost.  I sympathise with the families that have lost love ones, but they are not the first nor will they be the last that will lose family members, loved ones and friends to an airplane crash, or other such tragic, but unavoidable accidents. The facts are what they are and I do not see how what these families and the media are doing in any way changes, or helps anything.  Every possible expert in every field that is relevant to this tragic turn of events has stated that all that could have been done  and should be done is being done and how difficult if  not impossible it will be to find flight HM370.  I find it disrespectful of those doing the search from countries all over the world to insist that somehow they are all involved in a grandiose conspiracy to hide  what might  have really  happened to the airplane and the people on it.

There are a lot of things that could have happened to that airplane causing it to malfunction and go down without leaving a trace from total electrical failure causing total loss of control of the airplane, to a terrorist act, but they cannot be proven.  Certain things are known like the direction that the airplane was heading in when it was last heard from, how much fuel should have been less and approximately how far it could have flown in if certain conditions were met and  it is these facts that are determining how the search is being carried out.  That the family members cannot or will not accept the fact that their family friends and loved ones have died in a tragic airplane crash in very deep treacherous waters where everyday weather conditions make searching difficult, dangerous and next to impossible.  It is not the fault of Malaysia Airlines, or the Malaysian government and I fail to see how the press dragging out their own experts to give their guesses and views on how they would hypothetically handle the situation is doing anything constructive and in fact I would accuse them of  trying to profit off the hurt and tragic loss of  the families in this accident and of those families who have suffered this kind of devastating lost I the past, like those of the Air France airplane that went down and took 2 years to find.  Both were accidents, all that could be done was, but both sets of families I feel are having their emotions toyed with by a press who seeks to jerk every possible tear and rub raw every emotional scar in a bid to make a more sellable story.

Then there are the governments like Australia who have more or less taken over the co-ordination of the search and for their efforts I commend them, but why is it that when they set up their special task force did they have to make a statement that they will be family driven in their approach when dealing with the lost travelers families; almost insinuating that  the Malaysian government and airlines have not been?  The airline and Malaysian government sending a delegation to China, flying some of the family of those lost to Malaysia and the willingness to fly family members to Perth if there is proof that something has been found, is not enough family orientated behaviour for Australia? I will ask again what exactly other than the ridiculous demands for a truth that the families will not listen to, a demand that their loved ones be returned to them and a non scientific claim that the search should be done over land can the Malaysian government and the airlines do to convince these grieving and stubborn family members that all that could be done has been done?

I could be wrong, but I do not know of any other instance where an airplane has gone missing and the government and an airline have had their integrity put into such disrepute.  The families and the press are not calling the airline or the Malaysian government negligent over faulty safety measures, but rather over the quality of the search and the accuracy and transparency of the information about the crash and all information arising from the search itself and the way it is being presented to the families of those who have lost loved ones in the crash.  Is what is going on now with the search for flight HM370 to be the norm and the new minimum standard for searches and rescues that governments and airlines throughout the world will have to engage in to prove that they are doing all that they can do and are  indeed committed  to the search and are being open, honest and transparent with whatever information they relay to the loved one’s of the dead?

Is there now to be no presumed dead finding until the airplane is found and how will that affect closure and insurance pay offs for those families and other benefits and changes that cannot be settled before the presumption of death is established and acknowledged legally by the authorities? In the past this has always been a major stumbling block for widows and family members claiming any kind of  after death benefits such as pensions, life insurance, inheritance, access to bank accounts, because bodies were not found, or the wreckage. I just feel that it is a slippery slope that the Chinese relatives are starting to climb and they better hope that the airlines and the Malaysian government does not take the out and refuse to declare their loved ones dead before they find the airplane, or the passengers.

If this is to be the new standard in search and rescue who is going to pay for it, the consumer, the airlines, the government?  Is there ever going to be a risk free flight and do we hold, or try to hold airlines and government accountable after the fact for the risks that we knowingly take getting on an airplane if the we are injured, or loose people in an airplane crash that all knew was a possibility? Is it realistic for anyone to believe that the family and friends could ever be satisfied that enough has been done in a search and are they really the ones best suited to run the search effort? I for one do not think that they have the technical expertise. Finally while all of the resources are searching for this one plane where no survivors are possible of being found to please a group of parents and family that will not be consoled and are stubbornly holding onto to what I consider anger for what I do not know, how many possible rescues will go without adequate equipment, manpower and what it takes to find their loved ones and is this fair?

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