Public Debating Not Good Idea For Pauline Marois!

"I hoping the wizard can give me a brain!"

“I hoping the wizard can give me a brain!”

“Oh my, she needs to be off to see the wizard to see if she can get herself a brain” is what I was thinking  from the first question that was put to Pauline Marois and the way she answered it.  In the first debate between the party leaders vying to be Premiere of Quebec. Pauline Marois, the queen of Quebec looked truly hurt, confused and then angry as she was questioned by the other believers “Sovereignists” in the debate, (Quebec Solidaire’s, Françoise David and Coalition Avenir Québec’s leader François Legault), who she thought should be on her side trying to attack the Liberal Party leader, Philippe Couillard.  When she wasn’t doing that, Madam Marois seemed to be constantly looking at and gesturing the moderator, silently begging for help.  What was made clear during the debate was that Pauline Marois should not do debates in any language, because last night’s debate proved that the Queen of Quebec is ill-informed, an inadequate debater and because most of all Pauline Marois shows her every emotion in her face, in her body language and in her voice.  Pauline Marois forgot that they all were vying for the same job and that Françoise David and François Legault were not going to simply set aside what were what they felt major difference I their political platforms and saw as the direction Quebec should be headed for and finally shoot themselves in the foot so that she could march to victory in the upcoming election.

Pauline Marois vs. Francois Legault: There are definitely issues between Pauline Marois and Francois Legault that stem from him once being in the Parti Quebecois and Mr. Legault not only seems not ready to put them aside for a sovereign Quebec, but is willing to put aside a sovereign Quebec to bring down Pauline Marois.  Francois Legault was very aggressive and very hostile when addressing Pauline Marois even suggesting that she was deliberately misleading Quebecer’s, when she says that she would not call a referendum if her party get elected with a majority, reminding her that he was once in her party and therefore knows  how she operates and what her agenda is.  Pauline for her part kept reminding him that before he became a traitor to Quebec, he used to be pro sovereignty and that he should be backing her and her party in her efforts to make Quebec a prosperous country when the conditions were right for another referendum.  I do not think that Pauline Marois convinced Francois Legault of anything by the way he kept on her at every chance given to him trying to prove that she was not credible, trustworthy and definitely not the person of the three to lead Quebec anywhere. Francois Legault set the tone for the debate and from that moment on Pauline Marois was to be showed for a politician of questionable  integrity, a politician who cannot be transparent with Quebecer’s about what she will do if she is given a majority government other than to pass the Charter of Quebec Values in its entirety and present form and finally a leader who has lost the control of her party.

Pauline Marois vs. Philippe Couillard:  Pauline Marois could not put Philippe Couillard on the defensive. Marois  tried to push the charter issue with Couillard, accusing him of selling out Quebec’s distinctiveness in language, culture and values and asked him to be honest about it and tell Quebecer’s the truth. Couillard replied as did all the other debaters something like this, “We could have had a Charter of Quebec Values with all party consent and that all Quebecers could have lived with and that made sense, but you and your party wanted to divide and turn Quebecers against one another for political gain, as you have in the past.   Couillard even hinted that Pauline Marois could teach him nothing about honesty, or integrity. As with the other debaters Pauline Marois’s attitude became combative as she pointed her finger and threatened  Couillard like she really thought that she was a queen holding court admonishing a one of her subjects who she felt had forgotten his station and worst of all hers and was closed to earning her wrath. Pauline Marois kept stating that they were there to talk about electing a party to run Quebec as though that meant that keeping the people of Quebec from understanding her party’s platform, or when or if she would hold a referendum on sovereignty was not on the table for this debate.

Pauline Marois vs. Francoise David: I have never seen a queen beg before, but that is what Pauline Marois looked to be doing as she admitted that she would love to have Francoise David become a member of the Parti Quebecois, because she  acknowledged that Francoise David and her party wanted the same thing in the end and just had a different way to get at it and that having another party splitting the sovereignty vote  would kill any chance of her party getting the majority government status they needed to pass the Charter of Quebec Values setting the ground work to get the right conditions for a referendum on Quebec’s separation from the rest of Canada. Francoise David smiled at hearing the invitation, but basically said that her party did not believe in duping the people of Quebec who had the right to know that a vote for her and her party was a vote for a referendum on sovereignty.  Francoise David agreed with the other debaters who said they would not agree with the Quebec Charter of Values as it was in its present form and also suggested that it could have been passed with all party consent with amendments, but the Parti Quebecois were look ling to score political points rather than make sense.  About Pauline Marois integrity, she mentioned how Pauline Marois backed the students to get votes in the last election and then once elected refused to honor the deal she had made with them for a zero tuition hike.

I can only conclude that Pauline Marois’s opponents must have been feeling sorry for her and decided to take it easy on the old girl, because they did not asked her about the wiretapped conversation which allegedly has someone apparently trying to get Pauline Marois’s husband to get the Parti Québécois through Pauline Marois to thwart the setup of an enquiry to look into the corruption that is plaguing Quebec’s construction industry. Philippe Couillard could have also questioned her about why the land her castle was built on was bought through a friend and business associate of her husband, how the rezoning was made possible and the allegations that the evidence given in an affidavit used to get the rezoning permit was not valid and indeed false according to the witness that signed it.

In closing Pauline Marois went into the old party line and stated what is supposed to reassure Quebecer’s that things will not get harder for them as an independent nation because for some unknown reason the rest of Canada will continue to bail out Quebec’s poor economic growth and zero prosperity present day status and future hopes.  Pauline Marois cannot guarantee that the rest of Canada will remain want to remain good friends with Quebec if it chooses to separate if it means supporting a welfare state, perhaps share the same currency even.  Why does Pauline Marois continue to lie to Quebecer’s and continue to recite her, “after all we have had a great relationship with the rest of Canada up to now speech?”

 What liars is a statement that pops into my head upon hearing the tired old promise that the Parti Québécois and other pro sovereignty parties make to Quebecers that they cannot deliver on. I ask myself  the question that begs to be asked, “Why is Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois trying to fix the relationship between Quebec and the rest of Canada with her Charter of Quebec Values and her referendum on separation, that obviously only a small minority of Quebecers want, if as she is always saying is correct that, “We get along fine with the rest of Canada,” inferring that it isn’t broken?

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