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Conservative Party Of Canada’s Newest Circus Clown Mark Adler Defends His Private Members Bill

Duh, please wait I'm trying to get through to the PMO as we speak, so they can tell me what to say!

Duh, please wait I’m trying to get through to the PMO as we speak, so they can tell me what to say!

What is up Canada?  The Conservative Party of Canada is like the gift that just keeps giving, I say to myself with tongue in cheek.  Conservative Party of Canada’s newest circus clown Mark Adler has to be the biggest patsy the PMO’s office has had the pleasure of using to date.  Why a person smart enough to run and win an election would allow the PMO to make him look like a total ass for lack of a better word is beyond my comprehension. Every time Mark Adler enters the center ring at the Stephen Harper Circus to defend his private members bill the sound of circus music calling me to the witness the greatest show on earth comes to mind and I see him as pictured above.  I mean this guy might as well be wearing clown makeup and a big round red nose, for goodness sake. To be fair I will state from the start that I do not like the Conservative Party of Canada right now. Anyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about Stephen Harper and his political party and what I think that they have done to hurt this country.  If there is anyone who did not know, or is new to this blog there you have it, my admission, “I am partisan in my opinion and action.” I feel the way I do mostly, because in my opinion Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada feel that they are above the laws of Canada  and seek to undermine the workings of the checks and balances, put in place to keep parliamentarians from breaking the rules of parliament, elections and the laws of Canada.

What really aggravates me though and gets under my skin is when the Conservative party of Canada MPs leave the pig sty they have turned parliament into and sling mud at decent, hard-working, honest government employees who are trying to do the job that they were hired to do. This Harper government does this in an attempt to ruin their careers, assassinate their characters and diminish their integrity in an attempt for members of the Conservative Party of Canada to appear justified and to be able to continue  committing crimes like cheating in order to win elections.  This new private members bill, (C-520)  that Mark Adler is trying to get passed into law is a typical of the type of bill designed more to get revenge on the agents of parliament, Canada’s watch dogs on the government, for doing their jobs.

When questioned in committee by opposition parties, Mark Adler was almost reduced to tears as he was asked to show just one example of where one of the 9 agents of parliament, or one instance where any one in their staff acted in a partisan manner that would make Bill C-520 necessary as he stated it was in his opening statement.  It became torturous to watch this man not be able to answer any of the questions put to him about the need for this bill, or provide any proof to substantiate his claims.  What we got from Mr. Adler instead when the opposition parties asked him direct questions concerning the merits and reasoning behind  his, “Bill C-520”  was a prepared PMO statement that went like this, “I am not here to talk about any specific case, or how this bill relates to it, I am here to talk about Bill C-520.”   When his Conservative colleagues asked him questions on Bill C-520 we got at the end of each question this, “Transparency is a good thing and so I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would object to more of it?”  What he was able to do however was when given the opportunity run down the Liberal Party of Canada on matters that had absolutely nothing to do with his Bill C-520.

When asked directly did he think that the Chief Electoral Officer, the Auditor General and Ethics Commissioner, or any of the other 6 agents of parliament that are listed in his private members Bill C-520, or any of their staff were guilty of the partisan activity that made supposedely prompted  him introduce his bill,  Mark Adler goes silent, his lips quiver, his face get’s the look of a little child looking for help and admits with silence that he does not have any proof.  Mark Adler’s  Bill C-520 is a bill has a different agenda and purpose than the one that is being put forward and it would appear that he his is not privy to that agenda or purpose, or that he is not willing to share that purpose with the rest of parliament and therefore the rest of Canadians.  With that said, and all of the trouble the Harper government has been going through because of their dishonesty, their refusal to follow the rules and laws of this country and electoral system, I  think that I as a citizen could deduce the purpose and agenda behind this supposedly private members bill put forth by Mark Adler.  I think that the Conservative Party of Canada has decided that they wanted to smear and put into question the partisanship of  9 agencies of parliament, their executives and their staffs so that come election time they would hope to have convinced the voters of this country that, “The only reason that they were accused so many times for breaking the rules and the laws of Canada is that they were fighting a grandiose conspiracy.  the conservatives I believe hope to convince Canadiains to put our faith in them just one more time  now that they have fixed the partisanship problem and and allowed the sunlight shine in  on the darkness of the conspiracy and elimunating it. They hope that by shedding light on what they are calling a conspairacy will get the voters to vote for them  and which they feel would be best for Canada and Canadians.

I think that this is a grab for more power by the government and a move to keep the institutions in place that lend the appearance of  government being held accountable by independent arms length agencies of parliament. The reality is that thes agencies and their agents have been stripped clean of all of their investigative powers and of all of their ability to seek out the punishment that those found guilty should have to pay.  Mark Adler is correct in one thing and that is that this bill is not only beneficial to the Conservative Party of Canada it is beneficial and handcuffs the 9 agencies of parliament from doing their jobs related to all  political parties no matter what their status in the house.  All one would have to do to delay an investigation if Bill C-520 did come into effect was say I think that I am being treated unfairly, talk about senators and MPs having their cake and eating it too.  What a joke, if I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, “Canada when it comes to holding the government to account and having transparency in the government is a joke. When it comes to Canada there are two classes of law and justice, what is allowed and what is not allowed and that is one for citizens who have to obey them and one for the senators and MPs that make them and are allowed to ignore them, because they view themselves and enact laws that put them above the law.  The question really is are we as citizens going to sit on our collective asses and allow this injustice not only continue, but allow it to get even worse?  I do not suggest anything as bad as what happened in the Ukraine, but I do think it is time to get up take to the street and protest and make ourselves heard, or we deserve everything that will be coming our way in the near future from the next set of fraudster, cheats and liars passing themselves off as honest politicians out to do good for us, our children and Canada.

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