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MP Brad Butt Exposed As Another Conservative Party of Canada Liar And Party Embarassment

We are innocent.jpg pWhat is up Canada? Is there no end to what the Conservative Party of Canada will do to get at elections Canada with their proposed changes to the Canadian Elections Act.  It appears that the Prime Ministers Office is prepared to allow its members to lie in the House of Commons without sanctioning them when they are caught.  Brad Butt said in the House of Commons on Feb 6 2014, “I will relate to him something I have actually seen,”  (Version A) “On the mail delivery day when voter cards are put in mailboxes, residents come home, pick them out of their boxes, and throw them in the garbage can.” “I have seen campaign workers follow, pick up a dozen of them afterward, and walk out. Why are they doing that? They are doing it so they can hand those cards to other people, who will then be vouched for at a voting booth and vote illegally.”  Brad Butt has said this more than once, smearing the good work of campaign workers and falsely accusing them of participating in illegal activities by trying to rig elections.  I can only guess, since Brad Butt refuses to say why hew lied, that Brad Butt lacking any real reason to back the changes proposed to the Canadian Elections Act by his party decided to invent one and help his party out. Brad Butt’s trying to sway members of parliament to vote in favor of the Fair Elections Act and worse sway the voters listening and watching with deliberate lies unfortunately is a normal for the Conservative Party of Canada says their party House Leader Peter Van Loan, referring to the deliberate lies as,”. He has also been quoted as saying, (Version B) “On mail delivery day when the voter cards are delivered to community mailboxes in apartment buildings, many of them are discarded in the garbage can or the blue box. I have actually witnessed other people picking up the voter cards, going to the campaign office of whatever candidate they support and handing out these voter cards to other individuals, who then walk into voting stations with friends who vouch for them with no ID,” Butt said in the House.  Brad Butt  in no version ever says he was told by someone else, Butt said he had seen signs of cheating in apartment buildings in his riding. that was twice in the House of Commons on the same day.  Bad Butt was not done lying yet though, on Feb. 13, in a committee, he repeated a similar story but said he’d only heard of it “anecdotally.” After a one-week break from Parliament, he stood up on Monday to say it was not true.  How can  the Canadian citizen view this serial liar who appears to be incapable of telling the truth  and who has told the same lie repeatedly on different days in different places during working hours while using his influence as an elected official to sway the other MPs and Canadians be considered to be merely misspeaking and to then be expected to view the political party that condones and does not punish such behavior when its members get caught as anything but duplicitous and in fact a willing participant in the actions of Brad Butt?

How can we believe as Canadian voters that The Fair Elections Act is an honest attempt at making the elections process fair when the methods used to promote the bill and the reasons given for the need for the changes are based on false evidence and lies from the very political party sponsoring the bill.  To further add to the impression that the Conservative Party of Canada sees nothing wrong with lying and cheating in the House of Commons and to the Canadian people by extension as long as it done by them, Peter Van Loan when answering questions on CPAC seemed to be saying that it was no big deal and that Brad Butt did not intentionally mislead parliament at all, but had merely misspoken on 3 different occasions in at least 2 different places and that since he stood up and set the record straight that some how we should believe that it was all a mistake and we did not hear what we heard and just drop the matter.  Brad Butt had admitted that he had witnessed the  serious crime of election fraud from the beginning to the end and did nothing to stop it, or report it to the proper authorities. Just to reiterate, Conservative Party of Canada MP Brad Butt, observed voters registration cards being delivered by the mailman, dumped in the garbage can by people residing in his building and collected by campaign workers and passed out to people ineligible to vote so that they could vote illegally and did nothing about it.  What does that say about Conservative Party of Canada MP Brad Butt that Brad Butt did not try to stop the fraud by reporting it? Why did he not report what he saw to the head of Elections Canada?  Where was his deep concern for keeping  elections fair back then?  Why would a member of parliament who witnessed election fraud taking place not feel it his or her duty to stop it?  The answer is simple it did not happen and rather than be shown as an MP that shirked his duty to the people of Canada, Brad Butt decided to tell the truth that he had been lying from the start.  I can only guess that Brad Butt and his political party think as they have shown in the past that lying to the people of Canada is okay, because they feel that all the other parties are engaged in it.

How many  more of these  anecdotal stories have the Conservative Party of Canada based the changes deemed by them necessary to the existing election Act on? If this is not a real  question on the minds of Canadians, I would wonder why not? I think that a more important question is how much influence or impact has the out right lies of its MPs had in the reasoning for the massive changes forced into law through the Conservative Party of Canada’s omnibus bills?  Remembering that this government has use time allocation to limit debate on bills more often than any other government in the history of Canada which I feel is shutting down the democratic process, I wonder how many other allegations against public officials are as unfounded as this one by Bad Butt?  These Brad Butt types of unwarranted allegations seem to be the basis and foundation for bills such as Bill C-23, Bill C 520 being rammed down Canadians throats. Bill C-23 and Bill C-520 are supposed to make public officials more accountable and fair-minded in a hope of reducing partisanship.  The Conservative party of Canada has yet to furnish one solid piece of evidence to support its claims that the Elections Act needs to be changed, but continues to tell what it calls,”anecdotal stories” as though they are facts and all the proof they need. Unfortunately these stories portray all public workers from the ground up as being part of a grandiose conspiracy to aid in their opponents. It accuses Elections Canada employees, volunteers and campaign workers of doing things like rigging elections by drumming of false charges against them, but if the only proof of any wrong doing are lies flowing from the Conservative Party of Canada’s MPs mouths, then how can we trust this government that anything it says, is the truth?

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