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Bill C-23 Fair Elections Act Proves That Stephen Harper’s Majority Status Means Dictatorship In Canada

The Fair Elections Act Is fair because we say so and our majority status allows for it!

The Fair Elections Act Is fair because we say so and our majority status allows for it!

I have listened to the debate, or non debate as you will concerning Bill C-23, (Fair Elections Act) and I now understand that the Conservative Party of Canada is not against democracy, they have merely forgotten what a parliamentary democracy entails and what the very spirit and essence of it is.  Since getting elected with a majority government it would seem that the principles of a parliamentary democracy eludes them and they have somehow become confused between democracy and dictatorship. The Conservative Party of Canada under Stephen Harper seem to have forgotten that it is under a dictatorship style of governance that a governing party  can get away with deciding what is best for its citizens without asking them, rig elections that are a mere formality done to appease those who would criticize your system of governance internationally and so feign giving the people a choice. It is only under a dictatorship that a government can pretend to give the voter a choice while in reality they are rigging and cheating the electoral system, because doing so really does more harm to your opponent then to the people who have no choice but to vote for which dictator gets to decide everything for them.  The Conservative Party of Canada is doing everything legally correct, but they are not doing everything they can do  to be morally, ethically and democratically correct, nor are they doing everything possible to  uphold the principles, or the spirit of a parliamentary democracy.

Bill C-23 in my opinion further illustrates that in a majority government situation we as Canadians are paying for a ruse.  Why pay for the members of the opposition parties when they are powerless and can be ignored as the Harper Government has proved, by ramming everything they want into law? Why should Canadians be forced to pay for salaries and all that it entails to watch an illusion of democracy in action?  Why not after a majority government comes to power do we not just send the other political parties home, end the pretense of a democracy at work, end the senseless and constant  bickering and saving ourselves a bundle of money?  When a majority government in Canada means that the governing wins every vote in committee and in the House of Commons, can and will deny every suggested amendment to all bills, or proposed laws and in reality render all opposition to whatever they want moot, what is the point of the sham and why do Canadians have to pay for it? I do not think we need to be paying salaries to and benefits to powerless MP’s who are little more than straight men and women in a comedy show with the government being the main star in the act throwing barbs and making them look foolish. I think that Canadians can decide for themselves if they want to keep a majority government that does things that we do not like and since once in a majority they cannot be stopped until a future election, why not just admit that we can do nothing for 4 years let them screw up with no one to blame, but themselves and vote for someone else in the next election?

I listened to an exchange on CPAC today concerning Bill C-23 and was surprised when a member of the Conservative Party of Canada said that he was not sure that voting for Canadians was truly one of their rights guaranteed in the Canadian Constitution, or was merely a privilege accorded to them at the whim of the government.  Elizabeth May once again had to educate the Conservative Party of Canada, telling them where to find the proof in the Canadian Constitution that states that it is not only a right of every eligible Canadian to vote, but a fundamental right and duty for every eligible Canadian to vote.  I think that the member of the Conservative Party of Canada who suggested that it was not a right, but a privilege to vote is indicative of what is wrong with the thinking of this party.

What has  also been made clear in Bill C-23 that this government thinks that all of us, you and me and the rest of Canadians are fraudsters, who if not watched will take any opportunity to cheat at the polls, like voting more than once, abusing the use of voter registration cards, and the vouching system; not bad for a government who was implicated in the “Robo call scandal.”  What really bothers me though is that the Harper government thinks its citizens are so gullible that we would not be able to see the real reason behind all of the changes in Bill C-23, (Fair Elections act).  This bill has nothing to do with Canadians cheating on elections, but rather has everything to do with the Conservative Party of Canada getting caught cheating on so many levels, like the robo calls and election spending, being taken to task for it and making sure that the next time they cheat that there will be no one able to punish them for it .  This to me is at the heart of Bill C-23, which I think should be titled the “Get Back At Elections Canada Act.”  They have fired, or gotten rid of the Auditor General of Canada, the head of Veterans Affairs, The Parliamentary Budget Officer and the Privacy Commissioner just to name a few for daring to speak the truth and expose them for the wrong doing they are engaged in.  The government led by Stephen Harper governs with intimidation; dare to speak up or stand up and show them for the cheats and liars that they are and you will be fired and if possible they will have your reputation falsely smeared as they try to cover up, deny the truth and deflect the blame and their guilt onto innocent, hard-working, honest public servants like the head of Elections Canada and his staff.

I do not think that the Conservative Party of Canada is afraid to ask Canadians what they think or how they feel about the changes they have made to our fundamental and democratic right to vote, or even take the show on the road out of the Ottawa bubble, because I do not think that they lose much sleep worrying about what Canadians want, or anything beyond what is immediately on the day’s agenda and the new look they, the few have decided looks best on Canada and all Canadians.  The Conservatives have proven that they believe that they no longer have to worry about the citizen until ballot casting time and seem intent on fixing that problem with the new Bill C-23. Of course the Conservative Government of Canada would think that it is a waste of time to go across Canada and ask the people what they thought of Bill C-23 since they have no intention of changing any part of  Bill C-23, for any reason.  Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski, Parliamentary Secretary to the Government House Leader said out right in the House of Commons and in committee that talking to Canadians across Canada about Bill C-23 (Fair Elections Act) would be like being on the Gong show, or participating in a circus.  I think that the Conservative Party of Canada does not wish to waste money and effort on something that they view is irrelevant and does not matter, such as our opinion. Steven Harper and his political party feel that as long as they have the majority it does not matter what Canadians want, because we are powerless to force them to do anything they choose not to do.  Ste3phen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada in my opinion are willing to take the risk that this Bill C-23   will make the election progress so advantageous to their style of cheating that they will not lose power in the next election; I believe that this is the true desire to have this bill in place in time for the next election.

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