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Jim Flaherty Laughs And Jokes As He Introduces His Do Nothing, Hurt Everyone Budget

Let the poor eat cake!

Let the poor eat cake!

I have seen many a poor, ill-conceived budget in my day, but I have to admit that this is the first time that I have seen it delivered in such a condescending, unprofessional, sarcastic and arrogant way.  I might have been able to see why there was cheering from his party and the smiling and telling of jokes if Canadians were actually getting some good news from Canada’s Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, but to tell Canadians that they need to continue under the austere regime and continue with the budgets cuts to services  such as health care, education, veteran’s affairs, unemployment benefits, infrastructure, senior’s care and that the retirement age still must be kept at 67 years old up from 65 years old, I find insulting. Telling Canadians that we must learn to get by with less and to expect less in the future at every turn and in all possible ways as the norm, so that a few at the top can enjoy even more prosperity, has become the trade mark of this government, but to stand there in his place in the House of Commons  and  refer to what used to be considered normal services that Canadians enjoyed as now bobbles, I find quite frankly unforgivable and disgusting.

I found nothing funny in this budget and I found nothing worthy of one standing ovation, even though the conservative’s saw the need to give several throughout its introduction into the House of Commons.  I found this to be a budget that reflects the cynicism and the arrogance of manner which this government has governed since it came to power with a majority status.  What is being offered in this budget is more of the same so I decided to look at what more of the same could mean. I say could mean because this government never gives details to it proposed programs, or changes to laws it just promises to give greater details at a later date.  What really offends me though are what this budget does to retired civil servants, veterans who have dedicated their lives to  serving this country and the freeze on EI premiums .

Freezing EI premiums for 3 years under the false pretense of saying the budget is not balanced when it actually is an inconsiderate plan to leave citizens and business paying inflated premiums and breaking an election promise in the process, is all part of the stay the course approach of Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty and Steven Harper. That Canadians like to see a balance budget I will agree, but I would disagree when it is said that Canadians do not wish to see the big banks and other big business paying their fair share of taxes rather than getting big tax breaks from Jim Flaherty and Steven Harper that they do not need.  That all political parties try to save their giving to when it does them the most political good like just before they call an election is nothing new, but to increase the hardships in hard times for the middle class and the now forgotten poor and homeless seems to be a new approach to winning an election.

Throwing money at veterans to bury themselves seems appropriate since it is this government’s policy to close down the centers where they are now getting help for all sorts of job related problems, including mental health issues. I feel that this is serious and I believe that Canada will see more of its modern-day veterans committing suicide, or dying on the streets homeless and alone, because this government sought to save money and get to a zero deficit on their backs.  In a time when the legions are losing their tax exempt status and the legions where they come together to talk, share experiences, problems and find solutions and support are being forced to close all over this country was this a good time for Jim Flaherty to kick them when they were down and have lost so much already? This is just another policy that this Minister of Finance introduced in his budget with a smile and jokes to which  his Conservative Party of Canada rose up from their seats and gave him a standing ovation and many a laughs on national television.

Retroactively cutting the health service plan coverage to a 50 – 50 sharing plan from its original 70% government and 30% retiree sharing plan  for the already retired civil services workers which by the way includes our military who have no chance to alter their retirement savings to accommodate this increase in their budget seems unfair and   will lead to serious dangers and choices for those civil servants, who are not rich and are just making ends meet.  I heard a retired civil servant call in and say that he was living on a fixed income of $1,168.00 a month and that his room and board at the place he lived came to $1,100.00, leaving him only $68.00 a month for other things.  The government contends that it only will cost the civil servants an extra $20.00 per month with it going to a 50-50 cost sharing scheme and that isn’t so bad.  I happen to agree with the caller with the $68.00 left to get through the month, that the extra $20.00 is indeed a lot of money.  What of those who are not in homes and still have to divide that $1100.00 into room food clothing transportation and other monthly bills like heating phone and internet that they will need for everything governmental as the government goes digital and refuses to send paper? these are the real people who are getting hurt by this Finance Minister’s do nothing / hurt everyone budget.

I wonder at what point in time did  the suffering and the hardships that Canadians are being put through  by the recession and what this government is asking us to endure become a joke to Jim Flaherty, Steven Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada?  We know from the words of  Prime Minister, Steven Harper and his ministers find, (a) environmental activists to be nothing more than fear mongering terrorists, (b) civil service workers both in the past and now to be nothing more than over compensated slackers who are and were always looking for ways not to work and get paid for it, (c) organised labor unions are responsible for this country’s economic difficulties and need to be put down at any cost so that businesses can flourish and set all of the terms when it comes to benefits, salary and raises and finally (d) people who are poor, or find themselves on the street only have themselves to blame, because all of them have made bad life decisions, and that the government and society have nothing to do with their circumstance in life and therefore these poor and most fragile of our citizens should be grateful for any help that is offered them, stop complaining and should by no means be considered in the equation, because they do not contribute much in the way of tax dollars to the economy, but rather are a drain on it.  We also know that Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander has expressed the sentiment that Canada’s doors are still open to the rich Chinese and that Steven Harper himself has stated publicly that the people at Elections Canada are in his words are, “Jack asses that are going too far.”  I guess I have answered my own question, because when you take into consideration that all of the above members of  Canadian society are not thought of very highly, or with respect, by Jim Flaherty and the Conservative Party of Canada it leaves only a minority of the population that this government could honestly say it does respect. This I my opinion does make it easier to understand how Jim Flaherty could deliver his do nothing  / hurt everyone budget with such a condescending, laughing in your face you poor bastards, and I could care less how feel about it way. Jim Flaherty did not have to feel bad, or deliver his budget with respect, because I feel he does not feel bad for Canadians and he and his party have proved time and time again that he does not respect the majority of Canadians.

This is what comes of electing the only party to ever in the history of Canada and the Common Wealth to be forced from governing, because they deliberately misled  Parliament (The people of Canada), in the very next election they were forced to call.  The Conservative Party of Canada managed to convince 40% of Canadians that even though they were found guilty and removed from office for their inability to tell the truth  that they were somehow to be trusted to steer this country into a time of government accountability. What is up Canada, is that this government has been laughing in the face of Canadians and taking advantage of how gullible we are as Canadians from the moment they started to lie and we as citizens bought into it. When we bought into their ideology that it is okay to lie, cheat and steal from Canadians as long as you can say that as a government that you are not the only ones guilty of these violations of the peoples trust, nor will you be the last to do those things so we should all just see what they did as in keeping with the status quo, we had sealed our fate.  They were emboldened by the fact they not only got re-elected but did so with a majority status government with less than 40% of the voting population.  Why would they respect us, care about us  and be transparent, when all Canadians wanted was to punish the Liberal Party of Canada and to be told lies?  This do nothing / hurt everyone budget introduced by minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty and the Conservative Party of Canada is just another example of if you lie down with political dogs you wake up with the political fleas.

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