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Canadian Token Politicians Giving Wrong Impression

Are these politicians doing enough, or are they just token displays for their political party.

Are these politicians doing enough, or are they just token displays for their political party who choose to pretend all is okay here in Canada?

In my opinion the Conservative Party of Canada is using the religious conviction, ethnicity, sexual preferences of their MP’s to say to the people of Canada for example, “I am not paternalistic, my policies are not anti-First Nations,” ask Shelly Glover. Shelly Glover is a proud Metis woman and a member of not only our party, but we appointed her Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages on July 15, 2013, when other parties would not have taken the risk. We also have and Inuit on board named Leona Aglukkaq; she isn’t doing so badly by us, we have given her two kicks at the can. The 1st was her appointment to the cabinet post of Minister of Health on October 30, 2008 and now as Minister of the Environment as of July 15, 2013. Anti Gay and lesbian we are not although they do not wear their sexual preferences on their sleeves for all to see, we also have high-ranking gay ministers in our cabinet.” “Surely one of these minority ministers would have complained loudly if we were being unfair to their religion, race, culture, or gender preference, wouldn’t they?” Is it my imagination that Shelly Glover, John Baird, Leona Aglukkaq and Jason Kenney of the Conservative Party of Canada would allow themselves to be used and exploited and used as bait to lore their peoples vote?  Why else would these politicians say that the status quo is okay and that things are getting better for gays and lesbians and for First Nations for example, when they know that the opposite is true? Why would these politicians allow themselves to be used in this token fashion and ignore the injustices heaped upon their people and stand by and watch the rights of their people be taken away and do and say nothing and support this political party in the face of damning evidence for advancements to their personal political?

Is it enough for a politician like Shelly Glover to simply say I am a proud Metis woman and then watch as First Nations get ripped off by her government?  It is enough for Shelly Glover to try to exonerate Louis Real of his crimes and then watch as First nations people are arrested, jailed for protesting to keep their lands, get clean water to drink, a clean decent home to live in and to have their children educated?  When First Nations Chiefs from coast to coast to coast march on Ottawa saying that they were not consulted meaningfully with every decision that her party takes supposedly on their behalf and the prime minister the leader of her party refuses to talk to them, is this proud Metis woman really doing her part to improve the lot of First Nations people? With thousands of First Nations women missing or murdered and her government refusing to call for an enquiry into the matter, is this proud Metis woman really doing her part for First Nations people?  I would say that Shelly Glover’s actions and principles are similar to the plantation house slave in the south during the USA’s black slavery era than those proud Metis woman who believes in the principles for which Louis Real gave up his life to try to retain for his Metis people and her.

Is it enough for a politician like Leona Aglukkaq to fight for the seal hunt for her people and ignore the effects of global pollution such as acid rain, green house gasses that are contributing to global warming?  It is a scientific fact that the Polar Icecap is melting and that her people will soon have no Polar Bears to hunt if this melting trend continues, because the ice masses that the polar bears need to get out on to get to the animals that they hunt, are fewer and soon could be none.  The polar bear is on the endangered species list.  What of the thousands of Inuit young people living on the  street, sleeping on the floors of metro stations in  cities all over the country, uneducated with severe drug problems and alcoholism problems, where is her fight to save her people, all of her people, but especially for the most fragile of them? As the government of Canada’s newest territory of Nunavut has to take the government to court over implantation of the act that was supposed to give them self-government, as her people end up in jail in record numbers, dying horrible deaths on the street and global warming seeks to rob the Inuit of their hunter gatherer life style, is Leona Aglukkaq a champion for her Inuit people and an asset to her other First Nation and aboriginal people, or is she too yet another example of token ethnic aboriginal politician whose actions and principles are similar to that of the plantation house slave in the south during the USA’s black slavery era, seeking to consolidate her personal power as one of the master’s favorites if not the favorite?

Is it enough for politicians like Sikh MP’s, Tim Uppal and Nina Grewal to sit in the house of commons and speak of marches going on in their ridings and invite their colleagues and other Canadians to attend festivals and parades in their ridings while the racist graffiti can be found on the bathroom walls in every truck stop west of Ontario and when the right to wear the religious head wear of their people is being taken away in provinces such as Quebec with its Charter of Quebec Values? What Canadians do these Sikh MP’s represent and are there any Sikhs in those they choose to represent. Are Tim Uppal and Nina Grewal so caught up in acquiring personal power and accolades that they think themselves one of Steven Harper’s,  “Real Canadians,” Canadians sharing the same European heritage, culture and religion? I ask because  Steven Harper seeks to insure and  preserve and see that the population of Canada remains what he refers to as “Real Canadians,” in what he calls, ” A Canada For Real Canadians,” with every immigration policy and act and with every erosion of religious right and freedom of expression he instigates, or allows to flourish and yet these two MP’s continue to vote in favor of these policies in exchange for position and what they perceive as racial equality and prestige.

Is it enough for the likes of John Baird to quietly go about helping foreign gays get into Canada, but refuse to publicly acknowledge that he is in fact gay and never take a stand to help any of the gays in Canada out right as a gay person? What is Jason Kenney afraid of if he is a gay man, which I think that he is, why does he not say yes or no to the question? could it be that they both know that as a Conservative member of Canada they would be committing political suicide to admit such a thing in this traditional family supporting Christian backed party? I do not think that abstaining or being absent when the votes are taken to help gays and lesbians in Canada does any good for this often ridiculed, bullied, under represented group of Canadians, do you? Perhaps John Baird thinks that a good party in New York for his buddies is all the gays and lesbians need to cheer them up and make them forget that they seek equality under Canadian law in actions and not just in empty unfulfilled promises.

I think that these types of token politicians, politicians with the  principles that embody those of the house slave, do more harm than good, because they add to the perception and the credibility when their political party says that all is good here in Canada and that everything said to the contrary is just a pack of lies. I think that they need to start fighting for everyone so that all Canadians despite race, religion gender preference or cultural ethnicity can enjoy the principles of justice and equality for all embodied and enshrined in the Canadian Charter of  Rights and the Constitution of Canada.

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