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Shelly Glover’s Sends Wrong Messages To Canadians Through Her Actions?

Sending bad messages to Canadians through bad actions.

Sending bad messages to Canadians through bad actions.

Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, has been guilty in my opinion of sending a few wrong messages to Canadians in recent years by her actions when it come to adhering to the laws of Canada and the voicing of her opinion publicly about  what it means to respect of the laws of Canada and the people charged with enforcing them. 

Shelly Glover’s first wrong message as I see it is delivered when she attempts to convince Canadians that, “She is a proud Metis woman and an equally proud law-abiding citizen ” and that the proof to that statement rests on the fact that she is working tirelessly behind the scenes with others to have Louis David Riel who committed treason against the Canadian government twice, exonerated of all wrong doing.  First Louis Riel instigated and led the Red River Rebellion of  1869–1870 in which he declared himself the leader of the provisional government. Then Louis Riel comes out of exile to mount a military confrontation known as the North-West Rebellion of 1885, which ended in his arrest, trial, and execution on a charge of high treason; and I wonder what is misunderstanding that Shelly Glover is talking about that would enable Louis Riel to be seen as anything but a traitor legally under Canadian law, although a folk hero to his people. Does Shelly Glover’ sympathies with the Metis struggle of the past and present have her suggesting somehow that it was okay and justifiable to take up arms against the Canadian government not once but twice to preserve Metis rights and culture within Canada and if so why just for the Metis leader Louis Riel and the Metis and not for other First Nations?

I ask because Shelly Glover is yet another supposedly tough on crime Conservative Party of Canada cabinet minister who seems to think that treason is okay if you think that your cause is justified. The message is not a good one and is not consistent with the negotiate and resolve peaceably through mediation approach which the Canadian government is hoping that the rest of the First Nations of Canada will stick to in the future as they have in the past. There are so many First Nations people who have had everything stolen from them and very little if anything given back, should they too seek the path of Louis Riel, the folk hero of Shelly Glover and the Metis?

On every bill that her government has passed to force First nations to do things that they think unfair, unjust and which rob them of their rights and culture within Canada, Shelly Glover has voted with her political party and against First Nations people in spite of the fact that they have clearly made their unhappiness with the way her government is negotiating clear through protests from coast to coast to coast. Shelly glover through her vote has insisted that First Nations must work within the framework of Canadian law as the Canadian government of the day understands it to mean; so why the difference when it comes to Louis Riel and the Metis? I think that Louis Riel was right and if there had been a lot more leaders such as Louis Riel the First Nations people would not be in the bind that they are now in with the treacherous Canadian government, but I am not a tough on crime Tory MP fighting to make a convicted, tried and executed for treason Louis Riel innocent in the eyes of Canadian jurisprudence, Shelly Glover is. What would make him and does make him a folk hero is that he did go against the law and fight for what was right and sacrificed his life to do it, but under Canadian law both back then and now he is guilty of the crimes he was accused of committing as would be any other Canadian past, present or in the future and so by seeking his exoneration, I believe that Shelly Glover’s wrong message to Canadians is that, “If you cannot get what you want through the legal processes of Canada, then get it by any means necessary as did Louis Riel.”

Secondly Shelly Glover although a police officer for 19 years also has a problem with obeying the laws of Canada as they are written and seems to insist that she be allowed to follow them as she, or her advisors interpret them; I wonder how that worked while she was enforcing the written laws of Canada on others? Did she allow for personal interpretations, or did she do her job according to the written law of Canada as recognized by the justice system of Canada? One only has to look at her argument with Elections Canada to understand that it is Shelly Glover’s and her advisors’ interpretation of the laws of Canada that matter when dealing with legal matters pertaining to her that count, although she expects everyone else to follow the written letter of the law.

Elections Canada accused Shelly Glover of undervaluing permanent election signs so that she could spend more money on her campaign in other ways. They ordered her to correct her spending files, which would put her over the legal spending limits in the Canada Election Act. Shell Glover initially filed a challenge against the agency, but days later, she agreed to correct her spending statements and at the time told CBC she was working with Elections Canada to resolve the issue. After her appointment to Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, Shelly Glover told CBC reporter Ryan Hicks, “I did nothing wrong with my expense claims and had a minor disagreement with the tabulation,” said Glover. “I’ve re-submitted my expense claims, and it’s behind me.” At a later date Shelly Glover said this about her troubles with Elections Canada and following the law, “I’m going to do exactly as I did: report my expense diligently and as understood by the rules in place,” Glover said. “I did nothing wrong.” So in essence  What Shelly Glover is saying to the rest of Canadians is, “Everyone else in Canada must abide by the tax laws of Canada as per the expert civil servants’ opinion at Election Canada and the Canadian Tax Revenue Service; those individuals charged with knowing and enforcing the law for the rest of us, but once again not good enough or knowledgeable enough to pass judgment or find wrong doing with Shelly Glover, or hold her accountable under the laws of Canada.” I believe that this is yet  another wrong message that Shelly Glover is sending to Canadians.

Last but not the least in importance. Shelly Glover seems to believe does not have to learn by her mistakes. St. Boniface MP Shelly Glover is under investigation again this time by the federal ethics commissioner. The federal ethics commissioner is investigating whether Shelly Glover broke conflict of interest rules as Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, when she a fundraiser held for her on January 16, 2013, invited members of Winnipeg’s arts community and asked for a $50 donation per person. The invitation reads, “Invitees are primarily members of the cultural community in Winnipeg. Shelly is interested in meeting with you and hearing your views.” Conflict of interest rules say, “Public office holders must not ask for donations from people who might lobby them.” Are we to understand that this is yet another example of the bad advice Shelly Glover seems to be getting from her advisors, or does this tough on crime Tory really feel that the law only applies to other Canadians and that she and her fellow Conservative party of Canada MPs are truly above the laws of Canada, no matter what the charge.

Federal NPD ethics critic Alexandre Boulerice said Glover has no one but herself to blame for putting herself in an inappropriate situation. “If you are a minister, you have to be really careful not to ask money from an organization you have business with,” he said. “It will put them in some kind of conflict of interest. I think that now she is admitting it was a lack of judgment from the beginning.” As always when a federal Tory MP is caught doing something unethical, or illegal, it is always the other people in the office that are at fault and responsible; the blind, deaf and dumb minister in charge declares their innocence as a spokesperson for Shelly Glover did when Mike Storeshaw, Shelly Glover’s director of communications said, “The minister wasn’t personally involved in organizing the event and went on to say that Shell Glover has refunded the money and has written the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner and she has instructed her electoral district association which organized the fundraiser not to hold similar events.”

To me it would seem that the only reason Shelly Glover decided to return the donations is that a CTV reporter showed up at the door to question her about the legality and ethical viability of the event which, according to the invite, specifically targeted the Winnipeg “cultural community. Yet another example and message sent to all Canadians from the Shelly Glover and the federal Tories of Canada saying, “We make the law, but we are under no obligation to follow them ourselves; after all we are a strong, stable majority government!” I thing that this is yet another wrong message that Shelly Glover is sending to Canadians.

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