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What Happens When Telling The Truth Is No Longer Considered An Option For The Prime Minister Of Canada?


What happens when telling the truth is no longer considered an option for you, or the political party you lead.
What happens when telling the truth is no longer considered an option for you, or the political party you lead.

What happens when telling the truth is no longer considered an  option for the leader of a political party and the political party they lead, (Steven Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada) is unfortunately what we see happening in Canada today.   It has become increasingly difficult for me the average Canadian to tell when this Prime Minister and this government are telling the truth about anything.  Perhaps all politicians and all Canadians need to remember what Sir Walter Scott wrote about telling lies, when he wrote, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

When telling the truth will expose all of the lies and deceit that the leader of a political party and his party have been covering up with other lies the inevitable resulting problem for both is a credibility issue, at the very least. I believe that  Prime Minister Harper, has a serious problem when it comes to how Canadians perceive  his credibility when he answers their questions; his integrity when he asks Canadians for their trust and understanding and his ability to lead his party and to govern this nation.  I could pick at any government file and find confusion, but let’s stick to Canada’s economy and this government’s economic plan, because  this government’s economic plan, is supposed to be their crown jewel, their top priority, the thing that makes all of the suffering that Canadians have  been forced to endure at  this government’s  insistence all worth while, but if you are like me, you have to be wondering, “What is up Canada?”

For instance, I am confused, I can admit it, I have no idea what shape we as Canadians are in when it comes to our economy according to what the Conservative Party of Canada is saying from one press conference to the next.  I know that they keep saying that we are  much better off than any of the other G8 countries in one press conference and then they say that they must:

  • Cut spending on all social services and make it tougher to get Welfare and Unemployment Insurance .
  • Deny workers the right to strike in the public sector where the government is essentially the employer, claiming that every strike weakens the economy, because we as a country cannot afford to pay for the benefits and non salary demands of the striking public sector.
  • Add 3 years onto the time that a person is eligible to retire and receive the pension that they have paid into, because we as a country cannot afford to sustain the Canada pension.
  • Sell the dirty oil from our  Tar Sands if we are to survive economically, because there is no other way to sustain our economy and keep all of the things that we enjoy now, because we just do not have the money to sustain our standard of living without doing so.

Now it is hard to ignore the fact that Canada had run 11 straight surpluses before entering into deficit in 2008/09, brought on by  Steven Harper’s  putting too much money into high-tech defense systems and not enough into social programs, education and environmentally friendly programs.  I believe that the truth of our economic situation is as follows:

  • We are really number one of an economically failing class of nations, who choose to spend  more money on being able to sustain war and winning them, because their hopes to improve their respective economies rests for the most part in the profits generated by war.  Look how this government boasts of how the buying of  F-35 fighter Jets will help to grow our economy with the jobs being generated as a result of maintaining the F-35 Fighter Jet; this folks is practicing what is known as enriching one’s economy with the  profits realized from being a warrior nation.
  • This government has decided also to build and sustain our economy with   the monies generated from warrior nation style international foreign aid programs like Oil For Food and medicine and economic diplomacy. Why else would Foreign Minister John Baird say that we will only help nations with aide who have something to give Canada in return as far as trading or some other benefit is concerned.
  • We have joined a group of nations that have regressed to a time when it was acceptable for nations to conquer other nations and force them through military might to adopt their way of thinking and enrich their failing economies.   Why else would we make statements like our embassies and diplomats need to consider the acquiring of trade deals their top priority?
  • This government  has even gone as far as to change our immigration and refugee laws, making it acceptable to refuse, or accept people wishing to come to Canada based solely on what they have to offer in terms of enriching our economy.  In other words if you are poor, or poorly educated, no need to apply.

The real question for me is and where all of this gets confusing for me is that I thought that we were being told what great shape we were in economically since this government came to power? If this is so then what pray tell is the real justification for the spending of more money on weapons of mass destruction with no mention of  a need to sharpen the budgetary pencil, than we do on the creation of a sustainable economy  based in the ways of peace, generosity and compassion, that will create a better life for all people within our country and all countries around the world?

Another thing that puzzles me, is why in a time when this government has forced wage freezes and reduced the benefits to its employees did they give themselves a raise in salary and traveling expenses ending their 3 year wage freeze, while insisting that it is necessary to continue the over  10 year wage freeze for its employees in the public sector?  On one hand our economy is not strong enough to support or sustain the financial implications of collective bargaining, but on the other hand it is strong enough to support and sustain the giving of every federal politician whether elected or not a pay raise and expense account boost, because those politicians feel that they are due it.

The not so funny truth is that while we as Canadians were being asked to understand that if we are to keep the economic growth and prosperity that we have been able to achieve after the world economic crisis of late that it is imperative that we tighten our belts even further and while we dutifully tightened those already tightened belts a little tighter, our government along with every MP on the hill accepted a vote that quietly gave each and every one of them a 1.6% pay increase and in doing so they automatically gave the senators a 2.3% pay increase.  It would seem that not only can’t this government decide if we are in an economic crisis or an economic boom, it seems incapable of determining what to do to make things better for any Canadians in either case scenario, but itself.  It is this type of contradiction that confuses me and I would guess other Canadians.

The problem with Steven Harper is that he has created a political monster, a black cloud that is sitting over his head and is overshadowing everything that he does and that monkey on his back, is his inability to be transparent, or take ownership of the problems unfolding in the senate and in the PMO everyday now.  This inability has led to his being thought of as a liar at the worst, or incompetent and not in control of the government at best; causing him and his government to lose the people’s confidence and their ability to trust him and them. The economy and what we as Canadians are being asked to do to sustain it and improve upon it is just one area where this government has left Canadians like myself wondering what the heck is going on and where it is in fact do we really stand.

The Senate scandal, The RCMP laying charges and implicating high-ranking officials in the PMO itself and the resigning of MP and Parliamentary Secretary Dean Del Mastro make it impossible for this Prime minister to get out of the very hot frying pan.  To continue to say I did not anything, makes Steven Harper look like he is an incompetent, bumbling fool, who has lost the respect of those working for him and makes Canadians like me wonder and ask the question just who is in charge of the Conservative government of Canada right now?

 I will in closing reiterate, “This government’s economic plan, is supposed to be their crown jewel, their top priority, the thing that makes all of the suffering that we have been forced to endure at this government’s insistence all worth while”, but if you are like me you have to be wondering, “What is up Canada?”

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