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Interesting Stories In Canadian Politics

Head line  for CBC.ca reads, Justin Trudeau angers NDP by quoting Jack Layton and goes on to say,

  • Trudeau said New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair is different from Layton, his predecessor.”
  •   “Make no mistake, the NDP is no longer the hopeful, optimistic party of Jack Layton. It is the negative, divisive party of Thomas Mulcair.”
  • That he stole a line from a Jack Layton speech when he said, “It is the Liberal Party tonight that proved hope is stronger than fear.”

I did not know that speaking the name, referring to, or heavens forbid quoting the late Jack Layton former leader of the New Democratic Party was somehow blasphemy, sacrilegious, or disrespectful unless you were in the NDP party, a family member, or a  supporter of his?  I must have been asleep when he was raised to God status from that of politician  and ordinary human being.  The NDP refer to dear old Jack whenever they can and use his name to sell a political brand that is not there anymore and that died with Jack Layton and the selection of  the Mad Hatter, Tom Mulcair as the new leader of the NDP.

I have heard quotes made by many people being used by all political parties and all political leaders, including Jack Layton. They all were quoting both the living and the dead, so what makes Jack Layton supporters think that it is taboo  to utter the words, or use a quote that Jack Layton used his breath to speak?  The problem the NDP has to deal with is their brand and by this I mean that:

  • Tom Mulcair is not and never will be, Jack Layton, nor does he want to be.
  • Tom Mulcair has his own vision on which direction the NDP should be moving in  and I do not think that his vision has anything to do with Jack Layton’s dream; barring the dream of winning a federal election.
  • It is no longer Jack Layton’s Party, it is Tom Mulcair’s Party now and it is wrong to expect nothing to change, or to expect Tom Mulcair to follow in the footsteps of Jack Layton.
  • If the NDP are to win in the next federal election, they need to stop asking, or expecting Jack Layton to lead them from the grave.

Everything that Justin Trudeau said in his interview about the NDP and Tom Mulcair is true.  Unfortunately for NDP supporters and party members, they elected the wrong person to lead their party, if they wanted to have a party that reflects the late Jack Layton’s dreams; to get that they should have made Olivia Chow, the late Jack Layton’s wife, the leader of the NDP.  Tom Mulcair has always went his own way, been abrasive in his style and in my opinion is and has always been a political opportunist of the worst kind.  Tom Mulcair is not a deal maker, but he is a power seeker.  Tom Mulcair is a street fighter, who will do whatever it takes to win even if that means pretending to agree with the principles and direction that Jack Layton believed in, he proved that during his leadership bid and by winning the leadership race of the NDP. Tom Mulcair is proving today that he does not care how he gets to be prime minister of Canada, what tactics he has to employ to achieve this goal, or how dirty he has to play. I believe that Tom Mulcair does not see winning as secondary to doing good for Canadians as the late Jack Layton was often heard saying; I believe that Tom Mulcair sees doing good for Canadians as secondary to his becoming prime minister of Canada.

Another funny, but interesting thing is the headlines on the internet today, like that of news.nationalpost.com  that read, Chow and Mulcair fume after Trudeau uses Layton’s dying words to denounce NDP in victory speech”  I watched and listened to Olivia Chow’s response to reporter’s repeated prompting trying desperately to get her to say that she was angry at Justin Trudeau, to which she responded, “I am surprised that he would use the words of Jack, but we all know that it is Harper we need to get rid of right?”   At no time did she give the slightest indication visually, or verbally that she was angry, or fuming as the  headlines suggested in most of the press coverage that I have seen.  The fact is that the reporters had to tell her what Justin Trudeau had said and her response was, “I am surprised that he would use the words of Jack, but we all know that it is Harper we need to get rid of right?”   It would seem that the press was trying to create a story once again where there just was none, instead of sticking to the facts and reporting the story that was obvious and factual.  I find it crazy that for the most part members of the Canadian press can not be counted on to simply report the news, honestly, factually, without trying to invent hysteria, divisiveness and without putting their personal bias and feelings into the story.

I am no lover of Tom Mulcair, but then again I was no lover of Jack Layton either, but I do believe that once you are a leader of anything you must lead your way.  I think that the supporters of the NDP need to let go and let Jack Layton rest in peace. They need to stop looking at Jack Layton as if death has elevated him to saint hood, or demigod status. Jack Layton was and always will be just another human being, who was a loved and admired politician, husband, father and friend. In life he was able to be quoted, criticized and compared to others and so he is in death as well.

I think that Jack Layton would agree with Justin Trudeau’s comments, because they are true and I think that Olivia Chow kind of agreed with what Justin Trudeau had to say about the NDP since Tom Mulcair took over as leader of the party. Although pressed by reporters over and over, Olivia Chow never made a single attempt to say that she disagreed with what Justin Trudeau said about the changes in the NDP’s brand and the negative, divisive style of politicking that has become the norm for the NDP, since Mulcair took over the leadership of the party.  Had one member of the press or the news picked up on that fact, they would have had a truthful scoop, but I guess they were too busy creating the news to just report it.

I find that this is an interesting story in Canadian Politics, because it shows how crazy Canadian politics has become; how sensationalized the coverage of each and every story is being made in the press and how we as Canadians are better served by live televised reporting.  At least with televised reporting we can see and hear for ourselves what is said and the reaction to it and not have to rely on a system of reporting that is fighting for its very survival and thinks that trafficking in gossip and non factual depictions of a situation is the best way to boost their readership, increase their market share and attract more advertising  dollars.

  1. The Scarecrow
    December 12, 2013 at 1:27 am

    Jack Layton is as close to Ron Paul as Canada has gotten in years.

    • December 12, 2013 at 3:51 am

      Perhaps that is true and why not, no one is who they really are in the world of politics and not always by their design. We treat our politicians like rock stars, movie stars and our favorite sports stars. We credit them with our successes and we blame them for our failures from everything from child rearing to why we did not make something more of ourselves and then we wonder why they have such large egos and big heads. My point is that politicians are merely human beings and Canadians need to start looking inward for the reasons they are successful and the reasons they fail. There is no wizard/sorcerous politician waiting with some magical solution to solve the crisis’s of the world; there are only other men and women just like us, with all of our flaws. They all have egos that get in the way; they all have their needs that they are trying satisfy and they all have their ideologies that they wish to push with one big difference and that is they are vying to make their country into what they believe in; good or bad. I think that if we wish as citizens wish to have more power in how things are done in Canada, then we must stop for instance turning politicians into saints and seeing them for what they are and to me that means seeing them as human beings with all of human qualities and faults, capable of love, hate compassion, honesty and greed just to name a few. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Have a great day!

  1. December 12, 2013 at 12:47 am

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