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Harper Keeps Firing People He Hired For Telling The Truth About Things He Wishes Hidden

Harper Fires People's Heroes

Harper Fires People’s Heroes

It would seem that the people who get fired on Parliament Hill are the people actually doing their job in an honest and transparent way, putting Canadians first, while those who lie, cheat, deceive and divide Canadians get to govern. Maybe we should look to our civil servants, or make it mandatory that if you choose to run for public office that you must have 1st worked for the civil service that you hope one day to control and not just in the legal profession, business world, or perhaps have been some kind of celebrity, or hero. Maybe we need to get away from voting for politicians who have risen through the ranks and honed their dubious skills in the civic and provincial school of dirty tricks and are now being called up to the major leagues in recognition of their ability to play the game dirty. I think it is often thought that it is the latter who are the best to govern because they already have experience in governing and managing companies and the pressure of public life. I say that the experience they bring is that they are already corrupt.  If these politicians are already adept at how to play the game and avoid getting caught when they are wronging Canadians, is that really the kind of politician we want running the country?

I do not want to go too far back so let us just start with Auditor General Sheila Fraser. Sheila Fraser’s only crime was telling the Canadian people the truth, the facts about how the government was doing on behalf of all Canadians and whether or not we were getting the full bang for our tax buck, at a time when the government was being non transparent, misusing funds and not living up to its obligations to Canadians, such as the elderly, the First Nations, the homeless, the veterans and the list goes on and on. That she was doing her job that for which she was hired did not matter the prime minister fired her, for exposing his party’s irregularities in spending and for failing to put needed resources where they were needed and thereby alienating and not providing for whole segments of the Canadian population. Since the Auditor General serves at the prime ministers choice, the prime minister may remove the Auditor General as they see fit. Quite simply put Sheila Fraser was removed from her job by Prime Minister Harper, because she was honest and believed that the Canadian people deserved to know the truth about how they were being governed for the good or for the bad of it and she cared more bringing the truth forward more than keeping her job. It was at this point that I began to realise that our non-elected civil servants were behaving and conducting themselves and treating Canadians with respect, honor and openness and holding elected official to account as they were hired to do and getting fired for it by the unscrupulous politicians running the country. Government said in a nut shell that they did not agree with Sheila Fraser’s facts and figures and did not extend her term of employment. It did and still comes out every day that Sheila Fraser’s audit reports were spot on, her warnings were accurate and the government knew it then and chose to ignore her and instead fire her for speaking out.

Then we have the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO). Another supposedly arm’s length position who can be fired by the Prime Minister without reason which means if you say anything or do anything that I do not like I can and will fire you. What happened to Kevin Page and what happened to the terms of employment of future PBO’s says it all. Kevin Page the 1st PBO had a 5 year mandate and so he was able to do his job for at least 5 years without the worry of getting fired because Prime Minister Harper did not like his advice or his reports. Take note fellow Canadians that whether or not you agree with PBO Kevin Page’s methods or whether or not you feel he overstepped his mandate, or what you think his motives might have been for bringing his findings out to the public attention, you must admit that everything he said was indeed true. Kevin Page’s analysis and his facts and figures concerning the true cost of the Afghan mission, the state of the federal deficit, or on the F-35 jet procurement project were all true and the government was proven to be lying through their teeth. Kevin Page’s cost projections turned out to be right, whereas the government’s numbers turned out to be wrong. He has more than proven the value of the office to taxpayers, in other words so why was he fired, keeping in mind the Conservatives created the PBO, as part of their 2006 Federal Accountability Act? The Prime Minister has made sure that this does not happen again though the next PBO can be fired at any time by the Prime Minister without reason having to be given and so eliminating the chance of any truth getting to the people of Canada in this fashion that the Prime Minister deems he would like kept hidden from the people of Canada. Another example of a civil servant willing to lose their jobs in order to expose corruption in the government and bring the truth to Canadians whether it be good or bad about the way we are being lied to by the very people who we have promised to work for us and be transparent in their governance of this country.

I see another firing on the horizon after the statements and the rather damaging report given Thursday by Suzanne Legault, Information Commissioner of Canada. Here we go again Steven Harper loyalists must be saying, another non-elected public servant who just cannot keep their mouth shut when they catch us in a lie, falsifying records, perverting the law and undermining democracy and ruining the country. I guess they are wondering just how many of these watchdogs they are going to have to fire before they learn that it is not wise, or career advancing to bite the prime minister’s hand that is feeding you. Suzanne Legault spoke to:

• The underfunding and under staffing of her department and how this I hampering her departments ability to service the department efficiently.

• The out of date equipment and methods of the department and how this is causing her department to do its job efficiently.

• The deliberate withholding without just cause of requested and the unjustified delaying tactics used to frustrate and make documents requested moot.

• The need for the Information Minister of Canada to have the power to seek information of the ministers as well.

• The fact that complaints about not being able to gain access to information is on the rise in the last few years and that the legitimacy and integrity of Canada’s democracy is being eroded by the present government.

The government is supposed to be the safe keeper and caretaker of documents and the country’s written record, not the jailor of them. That those deemed assessable under the law should be given up to the public and not withheld from the public to suit the best interest of the government of the day and to keep the ordinary Canadians ignorant to the true goings on of the government whether legal or illegal, corrupt or not corrupt.

I agree with Suzanne Legault,  Sheila Fraser and Kevin Page, but I doubt if this will save Suzanne Legault from the ” Ottawa Muzzler”, because as I stated before he does not appreciate, “People’s Heroes”.

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