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Do Canadians Want To Be Governed Or Do We Secretly Want To Be Ruled

i_prorogue aTake a good look at the political leaders in Nova Scotia campaigning to lead the province’s government after the next election and you get  the sense of what has become the recurring theme in all Canadian elections, in all three levels of government.  We have a bunch of people playing at politicking, but not one leader willing to put their platform forward and not one leader the people can trust to stick to their platform should they be brave enough to put their platform forward and win the election.  I think that we and they have missed the point when it comes to what is promised by a candidate on the campaign trail and what they really think that they need to deliver on.  We the voter on the other hand have decided that we can accept the fact that they will not deliver on their campaign promises anyway and so have decided to vote for the politician who can sling the most mud at the opposing political party, or parties; we the voters of Canada have decided to vote for the best show instead of the person with the best platform. We have already decided that no matter what leader, or political party wins the election they will do what they want, or nothing at all based on their status be it majority or minority government and that none of it will have the slightest inkling to do with what was promised out on the campaign trail.

At one time most people grew up and are pre programmed by their families, communities, financial circumstances and what party their family had a history of voting for, rather than choosing a party based on what they knew to be true, or the belief in one political leader over another.  In other words once a person was brainwashed by the people they loved into believing in the virtues of a political party they very rarely switched political affiliations and so political affiliations were an inherited entity rather than a real conscious choice made after careful consideration of the record and fact of any given political party.  In those days who to vote for was also determined by ones community leaders, priests activists and such and so the average voter felt their was no need to follow politics for themselves they usually showed up on voting day to vote for who they were told or according to their family history.  As bad as this method was at least the voter wanted something from their political leaders and their political leaders knew that they had to deliver, or chance losing a whole voting block, a whole community; there was community and voter expectation.

With mass media and 24 hour news the voter now wants to be entertained and no one really cares about the issues, or what the politician stands for and why should they the politicians are but actors their words delivered from a script and the campaign itself  a performance to be forgotten once the curtain is dropped.  Politicians are now saying one thing in one riding to please the voters and something totally different on the same subject matter in another riding and at election time the voters seems not to care. Take a look at the televised debates in the House of Commons they have all showed up to work all right, but with the introduction of the cameras the show is on they are  all actors who never stop campaigning.  There can be no agreements reached no matter how good they are for the people of Canada, because the House of Commons has been turned into a glorified three ringed circus with the three parties trying to out do each other trying to get us the screaming children to look their way and clap the loudest for them.  The same can now be said for the Senate since it allowed cameras into the chamber.  It is a sad day when who wins an election in Canada boils down to media coverage, with who uses that coverage the best to lie to the people winning the right to govern.

No matter what political group we aspire to belong to, all sides feel that they know all that they need to know about their party and the other party.  For example just about everyone thinks this of the Liberals (a) That the Liberals are only for the poor people and are more likely to be generous when it comes to making monies available for social programming and are most likely to be hard on big business and drive down the economy doing what they think are good deeds for the less fortunate by throwing money at most problems instead of for example putting the poor to work. Liberals are often considered to be less willing to give big business a break so that they can expand and provide the jobs needed to make the poor middle class citizens. (b) Conservatives are for big business only and the rich. Most people consider Conservatives tough on the poor and are more likely to reduce the funding for social programming and give it to big business claiming they are stimulating the economy and forcing the lazy hoards of poor people back to work where they belong and changing them into good contributing Canadians. (c) The New Democratic Party are always the wildcard, the long shot the party that the average Canadian would love to see, but as they always prove once they get into power, they make promises that they can not keep.  Now one may say that so do the others, but I say that there is a difference and that is that the New Democrats have fashioned themselves as the party of the people, the party that tells the truth, the alternative to the other two liars and they are the party to which the person who has always voted Liberal or Conservative turn to when they feel they must choose outside of their norm and for a lot of people this takes a lot and so when they do not deliver the smack in the face to the voters seems to sting that much more.

I would suggest that until we the voter start expecting the truth from our politicians and start punishing those who do not keep their word and reward those that do, I think that politicians will continue to lie, cheat  and hide the truth from us.  We the voters of Canada complain that we are not being governed in a democratic way, but I wonder if it is us who have become so complacent, so dependant on others judgement, that we choose to be ruled rather than governed. Are we too ashamed to admit that we no longer care who governs, who it is that wins the election as long as they do not bother us with the dirty little details and keep up the pretense that they are working for us and that they care what we think.  My mother once told me, “Son life is not always what you make it, most of the time it is what you settle for.”  I say that the Canadian voter is getting from democracy what they have settled for and this will not change until they stop settling for the crappy way they are being governed.

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