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Canadian Justice For Women Is A Death Sentence And It Just Got Worse!


In July 2013, Mr. MacKay was appointed Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada. Previously, he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency in February 2006 and Minister of National Defence in August 2007.  He has been an abysmal failure at every job given to him by Prime Minister Harper thus far and I have heard or seen nothing to date, that would indicate that his performance at his new job will be any different.

What could possibly be worse for Canadian women than to have this incompetent, bungling liar in charge of the justice system of Canada and its Attorney General.  This guy has proven to be an embarrassment not only to Canadians, but to his own party, in every file he has been put in charge of.  If he did not put Canadian soldiers in danger with his acquisition of the helicopters with the knock off parts and cost Canadians billions of dollars in the handling of the acquisition of the F-35 Fighter Jets, his getting this new file to run might even be laughable.  Peter MacKay in my opinion should have been retired to the Senate where he could live out his political life kissing the butt of Prime Minister Harper, but not being able to hurt Canada or Canadians in any real way.  The Canadian justice system is already in a mess and out of touch with Canadians especially Canadian women, but I think that with this bungler in charge now we are all in for a long bumpy ride that at the end of the day leads us nowhere.

Canadian justice for women can not be considered dead, because for something to die it must first have been alive.  Canada under the Harper government has become a country that compares itself to others in order to avoid changing itself for the better.  Stephen Harper would rather say that we are  better than that country, or those countries when it comes to all social issues, environmental issues and all issues that do not relate directly to his economic plan and so it is with our justice system where women are concerned.  When women demand better treatment from the government, or complain about the way they are being treated by law enforcement, the courts and the government, the government points to other countries around the world and says, “Our system might not be perfect and too many women are still dying, but were better than most and the women of Canada should be a least grateful for that”.

When women across the country have no protection under the law it is a damn shame. What will it take to get some justice in Canada? Women beg for help, but the police say their hands are tied. I know from my daughter’s experience that from the police to the judge’s no one in  the justice system cares about domestic violence and the evidence of this apathy is seen everyday. Everyone involved claims to care, but yet to this day the police do not protect women when they are being abused, are reluctant to press charges against abusive men and the government of Canada has gone as far to take the word rape out of the charge and turned it to assault.

Allow me to tell you this story which illustrates what I am trying to get at.  This is not one of those stories that one sees on the internet and then copy pastes to make a point, it is a real life story that happened to someone I love dearly and had help through this travesty of injustice.  This is what happened to my daughter some years back and I believe is no isolated incident as far as protection goes for women in yesterdays and todays Canada.

In my daughter’s case her husband got away with strangling her in public in front of an  emergency room full of staff and patients in a children’s hospital.  Her husband got away with it even though he did it in front of witnesses who showed up on the day of the supposed trial to testify. The strangling took place in front of her children and was caught on the hospital security video. By trial time, the video mysteriously was unavailable, had gotten lost they said.  How is it possible to lose such evidence? Are the police that incompetent, is it the crown, or is it something else?   This is her story:

This was not a nice divorce if any divorce can be sad to be nice.  the custody battle had raged on for over 3 years at this point a tempers were being lost everyday by both parties.  On this day the children were being watched by the maternal grandmother while my daughter was working and the youngest child ate a handful of pennies.  The grandmother was told by the emergency staff at the children’s hospital to bring the child in right away. all went fine until the hospital asked for the Medicare card to be produced or $400.  When my daughter arrived she called the father who was in Ottawa with his mistress and advised of the situation.  He was very angry at being interrupted and when asked why he had not returned the Medicare card with the children, flew into a rage and said he would get there soon.  to make a long story short he did get to the hospital around 11 pm that night about 9 hours later and an argument ensued.  It got so bad that he physically picked my daughter up by her throat, held her off of the ground and threatened to shut her up if she did not hold her tongue.  The hospital called the police, he was arrested and let out on a bond stating that he was not allowed within 200 feet of my daughter and order to appear in court at a later date to answer to the charges resulting from his actions and this is where the story takes a turn for the worse for my daughter and for most women who find themselves being abuse by men.

I went to court with my daughter for support and so what I am telling you is first hand knowledge. we were met by the prosecutor, before going into the court room to stand before the judge.  She commended my daughter for showing up told us she was going to get her husband punished and told us to wait in the room. After about 2 hours another person from the prosecutor’s office came out and he said that because of all the witnesses on my daughter’s behalf, the trial would have to be postponed for 6 months when a court with more time to hear the case and all the witness could be convened, but not to worry the restraining order forbidding him to be within 200 feet of her was still in force.

Well he did not respect the order and my daughter tried to complain to the police and they stated that they were too busy to come running every time an angry wife wanted to cause their husband grief. She tried to explain that she had a restraining order and they all but laughed her off the phone. Luckily for her she did not end up like the girl not so long ago dead because no one took an outraged husband threats seriously, or the pleas of a terrified wife seriously.

When she returned to the court for the trial they heard the witnesses and my daughter and said the video tape of the incident had been lost. They postponed the trial after her side was said and told her it would not be necessary for to come to court for his part of the trial they would let her know what happened.

My daughter did go to court and after his lawyer said a few words her husband walked out of court a free man. I guess no one thought that strangling your wife warranted punishment. It sent her a clear message. If she would have shot him or something like that I think she would probably have gone to jail, but what other recourse is there.

Just recently we find out that a man who convicted of raping a multitude of boys was given 3 1/2 years in prison and then was given a full pardon. I live in Quebec and this is becoming the norm not the exception to the rule. I almost took the law into my own hands and I am sure that I am not the only one who feels that they can no longer wait around while the cops, lawyers and judges sit on their hands and let our children be raped, beaten and killed and watch the perpetrators of these crimes get away with murder.

The surprising thing for me though is that the female lawyers and judges are the worst. If something is not done soon parents with dead, raped and battered children will be occupying your jail cells and we will not care!

What a time to give justice in this country over to a man who has proved just how incompetent he is.  We have children killing children, rights and freedoms being taken away from Canadian citizens in certain provinces, laws affecting the very fabric of what it means to be a Canadian in every conceivable way and Harper decides to put this walking disaster in charge of justice in Canada and makes him the Attorney General of Canada?   I guess it shows the Prime Minister’s concern for justice in Canada, or is he looking for a patsy to take the fall for past justice department errors in judgement and a way to finally rid himself of Peter MacKay once and for all at the expense of Canadians, especially women and children.

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