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Is Canada’s Involvement In The War On Terror A Closet From Which John Baird And Jason Kenney Punish Anti Gays?

Baird-KennyI know the Western Alliance and the United States of America has an agenda that has nothing to do with peace and love in the world when it comes to pushing their New World Order Agenda, but it is getting a little crazy out there!  Everywhere that the USA and the Western Alliance has stuck their nose into the business of sovereign nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and most recently Egypt they have brought chaos, death, poverty and a situation so bad that the people are begging for a return to a time when they had their dictator, but there was enough to eat, travel was easy, hospitals were accessible and they had work, but most of all they want back order and stability; a time before they were supposedly saved from themselves, when the grass looked greener on the democratic side, before the Western Alliance’s  bombs and missiles started falling and before foreign soldiers occupied their lands. The Western Alliance is about bombing, destroying, installing regimes that claim to be USA and Western Alliance friendly and then leaving.  Their surgical bombing techniques leave little to be desired as their bombing raids usually kill a high number of civilians and destroy crucial infrastructure such as, roads, airports, bridges and highways.  These supposedly surgical bombings seem to be destroying buildings such as hospitals, schools, and houses in residential areas.   The USA led Western Alliance  shrugs off this murder and destruction as collateral damage, but does Canada have a secret  agenda of its own, being pushed by its conservative gay members of parliament  in influential positions like, Jason Kenney and John Baird is my question for today? What is up Canada?

The USA has decided once again that they are ready to go it alone if they must, but Syria must be bombed right now, more sooner, than later, so that a message can be sent in the blood of Syrian civilians, that they the USA will not tolerate the Syrian government using chemical weapons of mass destruction on its own people.  This message along with showing Syria which side they view as the true legal government of Syria is so important that once again the USA has decided that whatever it decides to do will be based on how it things the Syria impact the security of the USA; in other words the USA intends to put itself  and any of it lackeys that choose to follow in their footsteps into an internationally illegal war, placing itself above the law once again.  Without hearing the results of the experts they insisted be allowed in to make a report they, the USA  wish to jump the gun. The USA knows that as long as China and Russia oppose military action a UN, sanctioned military action is not likely to happen. This is the way the USA does things to advance its world dominance.  There are no tricks, no double talking, just in your face aggressive, supremacy at its worst or best depending on your moral values.

Once I say that though I am forced to consider what is in all of this for Canada? I have to consider what is Canada’s agenda and wonder what it must feel like to be John Baird and Jason Kenney; to be able to unleash the power of a nation on all of those anti gay Muslims around the world; it must be intoxicating for them like an addictive drug they cannot stop using.  I wonder is this what is shaping the foreign policy of this nation of ours?  Could our national defense policy, our foreign aid policy and even our immigration policy being influenced by certain people within the conservative party who have decided to punish all those they think are anti gay?  Is this why we are closing embassies in Canada to countries of the Muslim faith overnight, like the Iranian embassy was for no apparent reason.  If we are going to make the safety of gays in Canada and around the world our priority, the center piece of our foreign policy then why do it from the closet? Why is this government not just coming out and saying so, instead of saying we are doing it to save all  the people of these Muslim countries, when it is only the gays we seek to save in what is being called our “Underground Railway”, for persecuted gays to get into Canada?

The Prime Minister of Great Britain took his case to join the USA and most of the rest of the Western Alliance in a military strike, or bombing of Syria got voted down.  Great Britain has the same sort of democratic government as Canada minus the dictatorship qualities that Harper has imposed on Canadians following his majority victory in the last federal election and the stacking of the Senate of Canada ever since he could not abolish it.  This is important, because Great Britain has decided to enter into another war without the expressed authorisation of the United Security Council; in other words it has acknowledged that the USA has no mandate and therefore is committing another unprovoked illegal military strike, because they can and hold themselves to be above international law.  This is important, because Canada is suggesting from what I understand of John Baird’s interviews that we are ready to do all sorts of things short of putting the army on the ground to make this once again USA led non United Nation‘s sanctioned attack on a sovereign nation; including lending our political support to make something that is without that is illegal look more legal; in other words aid in the lie that there is proof and knowledge of who is responsible for using those chemical weapons in Syria; to be a party to the going to war once again on incomplete evidence at best and I wonder if it is just another opportunity for John Baird and Jason Kenney to through their gay weight around and once again punish those anti gay people over in Syria under the invisibility of helping all Syrians.

I guess that I would not even be able to say or think these things if we had an open, honest transparent government in Canada that did not pretend to believe  and push Christian traditional family values as being the basis for all of their policies and direction they are leading this country.  I have nothing against gays and I think that john Baird and Jason Kenney should do all they can to advance their cause and right the wrongs that they suffer, but that they should do it out in the open rather than from  in the closet.  What I am I supposed to think when we are throwing refugees by the hundreds at a time in jail for daring to flee to this country and jumping the line and then I hear John Baird openly stating that he has been secretly aiding persecuted gays and lesbian to flee to Canada?  I do not have anything problem with him helping these people in fact I commend him for it, but why in secret and why only them and not all persecuted peoples of the world?

Interesting Article in the National Post titled, Rise of the rainbow hawks   makes a view interesting observations concerning the conservative government of Canada led by Steven Harper making gay rights the center piece of Canada’s  foreign policy. Here are just a few passages, for more follow the link:

  1. Prime Minister Stephen Harper hasn’t just come around to gay rights: He has made the issue a centrepiece of Canada’s foreign policy.
  2. In Canada, especially, the campaign in Afghanistan was not seen merely as part of the war against terrorism. It was also seen as a war against the anti-Western, anti-Semitic, murderously, misogynistic and, yes, anti-gay hatred promoted by the Taliban, al-Qaeda and hardcore Islamists more generally. The most hawkish War on Terror intellectuals, largely conservatives, grasped quickly that standing for Western liberal values — which inevitably included feminism and gay acceptance — was a most effective way to win support from the left and right alike for the fight against fundamentalism.
  3. Supporters of Israel, in particular, often appeal to liberal critics by emphasizing the Jewish state’s especially tolerant attitude toward gays, as compared to the virulent homophobia prevalent in Palestinian and other Arab cultures. And the Israeli government itself has shrewdly branded itself as “an international gay vacation destination” — a successful marketing ploy that has given fits to anti-Israeli activists.
  4. Queen’s University student Jeffrey Ingold complains that “the U.S. government made supporting the war on terror synonymous with ‘liberating’ homosexuals in the backwards Middle East.” In the same breath, he denounces the tactic of Israeli “pinkwashing,” which he describes as “a potent method of justifying the Israeli occupation of Palestine by framing Palestinians as barbaric, homophobic and uncivilized. Homosexual acceptance has become the symbol of civilizational aptitude.”

I find it quite interesting and note that  the cost of freedom from persecution and the acceptance of the right of choice for some, all too often leads to the persecution and the loss of the right to choose for those not in agreement with the change.

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