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Nothing New about Quebec Politicians Being Threatened By Organised Crime, So Why The Surprise Looks

091029_top_montreal nI wrote a story years ago now about the terrible state of Montreal’s infrastructure and what seemed like either a lack of political will to do anything about it, because the mayors of this city were too busy leaving their mark of the city with things like hosting a world’s fair, hosting the Summer Olympics, creating and upgrading the Botanical Gardens, or building bicycle paths throughout the city. I also wrote of the corruption way back then that everybody knew about, but refused to act on and in truth acted like this was okay and just the way all cities operated.

I also wrote another post that talked about the corruption in this city and how Gerald Tremblay and his rival Louise Harel and Richard Bergeron all admitted publicly that they felt threatened by the Mafia and quoted an article called Montreal Is A Disaster, by Martin Patriquin on October 29, 2009.  Why was nothing done back in 2009 when 3 candidates vying for mayor of Montreal all stated fear for themselves and their families, by what they said were threats from the Mafia?

  1. Gerald Tremblay: Martin Partriquin wrote, “Five weeks into an increasingly bizarre election campaign dominated by scandal, graft and good, old-fashioned backstabbing, Gerald Tremblay wants it known that he is scared for the well-being of his family. Montreal’s mayor and leader of the municipal party Union Montreal (Quebec has parties at the city level) is vying for a third term. He says his decision to clean up city hall during the past four years has made him a target of Montreal’s criminal underbelly. He recently reminded voters of the time police found two fire bombs behind his country house in 2005. Then there was the time when, as Quebec’s industry minister, he denied a liquor permit to a Montreal-area wine producer—who was subsequently found dead in the trunk of his own car. “I’m not naïve,” Tremblay told Le Devoir last week. “I’m very well-informed. I knew exactly what I was getting into with the city of Montreal.”
  2. Louise Harel: During the same election campaign in the same article Martin Patriquin writes, “Not to be outdone, Tremblay’s opponents offered up their own brave bona fides. Tremblay’s main challenger and leader of the rival party Vision Montreal, Louise Harel, reminded voters that her late husband, journalist and union leader Michel Bourdon, was repeatedly threatened by the Mafia.
  3. Richard Bergeron, of the upstart Project Montreal, says he has requested police protection, though he makes it clear that his crusade against municipal corruption hasn’t garnered him any death threats—yet. “Everyone knows where I live,” he told a reporter recently.

In 2000, a section of the Highway 15 overpass collapsed, killing one and injuring two others. It was later determined that the collapse in 2000 was caused by a manufacturing defect.

2006 in Laval, a suburb of the Montreal area of Quebec, Canada. Three lanes of the Concorde Boulevard overpass collapsed into Highway 19. At least 5 people are dead, 6 others injured, 2 critically and least 3 cars are reported to be trapped underneath the overpass. Authorities have stated that 3 cars and a motorcycle were on the overpass when it collapsed. The cement bondings to the steel rods which held the overpass to its approaches gave way, and with nothing to hold the overpass’ central span up, it collapsed.

On July 31, 2011, part of the roof of the Ville-Marie Tunnel collapsed, sending large chunks of concrete to the road below.

In 2011 while serving as Quebec’s Minister of Industry and introducing bill 33, Quebec Labour Minister Lise Thériault says she received a threat that someone would break her legs if she changed rules governing construction unions.

Is it any surprise given these facts that Montreal’s infrastructure is in the sorry state that it is in?  For over 30 years the mayors the city councillors, the Premieres and the members of the National Assembly and the Prime Ministers and parliamentarians have chosen to turn a blind eye to the poor state of city infrastructure in Canada and a deaf ear to the cries of the people who suffered because of it. Politicians and business owners who spoke out and complained about the corruption and the threats from organised crime were ignored, until the city deteriorated into sorry state we find it in now and the construction industry was so corrupt that we had to have a public inquiry that has seen the removal of a whole city council and a couple of mayors, city councillors and the charging of many corrupt construction company heads, with fraud and collusion.  Montreal is but one city, but most cities in this country fare no better than Montreal.

People are dying and having their lives put in danger, because of governmental neglect, buck passing and in some case direct involvement in corruption and we citizens of Canada get public inquiries design to figure out what is going on, like we do not know that already.  These inquiries cost millions of dollars and  rarely have a mandate  to do anything other than to investigate and suggest ways to improve or stop the crime from  recurring.  If the government did not already know the answers that these inquiries are supposed to be uncovering this might be considered a justified endeavour, but since the government, law enforcement and us citizens do know the answers, these types of enquiries just become a stalling tactic and a way for the powers that be to appear to be doing something when they are not.

Politicians are human and as such are susceptible to greed, pride fullness, ego and fear, just like the rest of us.  it is in this light that I say that they need to held to the same scrutiny and accountability as all Canadians.  They are no braver and certainly no more noble that the rest of Canadians.  When politicians claim that they are being threatened the law should listen and they should be protected.  When politicians break the law they should be prosecuted in court the same as any other citizen and be subject to the same penalties under the law.  I do not think that corrupt politicians, or politicians that have information about corruption and wrong doing  should be given immunity, but instead be given jail terms for not revealing what they know  and charged and treated as co-conspirators.

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