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I Say Of Vic Toews Resignation, “Good Bye And Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish”

li-victoews-cp-04533456If there are people crying sad tears over the retiring of Vic Toews from federal politics, rest assured I am not one of them. If there are any tears streaming down this old face, they are tears of joy that the old walrus is finally gone, and is finally retiring from politics. I say of Vic Toews resignation, “Good bye and good riddance to bad rubbish”, because Vic Toews in my opinion was easily one of the most polarizing MPs / ministers in the Harper government. Vic Toews seemed to me better suited for a actor in a children’s show, or acting in an old wild west movie rather than that of Canada’s Public Safety Minister.

I as a Canadian feel a lot safer now that this guy is out of the decision making process of the Canadian government. Unlike some politicians this would be gun toting, shoot them up, cardboard cut-out of a sheriff in an American wild west movie, will not be missed by most normal people who enjoy having just a little privacy in their lives and who do not believe that Canada’s public safety rests in jailing refugees fleeing to this country for help from tyranny, oppression and persecution and real possibility of death, like those 400 or so refuges, men women and children aboard the Sun Sea.

Let’s make the Canadian public safer by allowing more people to own rifles and semi-automatic weapons without having to register them said the now retiring Vic Toews, it is just too unfair to hunters to expect them to pay to register their high powered weapons, so that police know what type and how many weapons could be on a potential crime scene, when they arrive. It did not matter to Vic Toews not that every police force in Canada said that the gun registry was a good tool to be able to use and would give them important vital information, making their very dangerous, often life threatening jobs a lot safer. Good old shoot them up Vic maintained the party line and fought hard as he could and brought that Gun Registry down. If someone you love is a law enforcement officer and gets shot down by a long gun that they did not know was inside a building, or house, because the gun was not registered, send Vic Toews a thank you card, because as far as I am concerned he is responsible for their death, or at the very least pushed for the law that made it not necessary for police to have the tool that could have save your loved one.

Then we have the if you’re not with me your against me ideology of rhetoric of ex-president George W. Bush, that Vic Toes tried to use to force Canadians and fellow members of the House of Commons to vote for his bill that would have given law enforcement the legal right to listen in on gather information on cell phone conversations, text messages, emails and all sorts of other private electronic personal data collected by electronic providers without the need to obtain a warrant from a judge; in other words without judicial oversight. The old walrus even went as far as to say that if you would not vote for his bill that you were in league or in support of child pornographers and the like. It has always struck me as odd that we allow child pornography to be put up on websites, answering the sick sexual needs of very sick people. No one in politics is suggesting that the law go after the site owners for allowing this type of porn on their sites, but only the user. I would have looked more favorably if there was going to be a least an attempt made to finally put some penalties on the owners of these sex sites who do not insure that kiddie porn and violent porn is not up on their sites as well as punishing the sick individuals that tune in to watch the trash.

I will glad to see Vic Toews go also because he was an arrogant, ignorant, insulting person who I feel was too long in public service and actually believed that he had all of the answers to everything, no matter what the question. His attack anyone that does not agree with the garbage that usually spewed from his mouth. I feel his accusatory, argumentative political style, made it impossible for anyone in any opposition party to work with him and so he may have fit in with the way that the Harper government governs this country, but it did nothing for the democratic process of this country, or serving all Canadians, those who voted for you and those that did not. Unfortunately for Vic Toews he will be remembered fondly by very few who worked with him and even fewer of those who sat opposite him in the House of Commons and even less still by the people he was supposed to be serving.

When interim leader of the Liberal Party Bob Rae left politics everyone had something nice to say about him despite the fact that he was an out spoken often disagreed with politician. He also had opinions on how things should be and fought passionately for them, but never once did anyone in his party, in the opposition in any party refer to him as being insulting, in fact all parties on both sides of the house heralded his talent for public speaking and his passion for what he felt. Here is what a couple of the members of the official opposition thought of his departure:

 NDP MP Francoise Boivin, her party’s justice critic, said she wishes Toews well but “won’t miss his insults.” She told a news conference in Ottawa that she hopes his replacement takes public safety seriously.

 NDP MP Charlie Angus said “Mr. Toews has been in politics for many years,” said NDP MP Charlie Angus. “I think unfortunately all too often we saw spite and short-sightedness instead of gravitas, I think that’s all I can say about Mr. Toews.” he responded when asked about the minister’s legacy

This is the warmest and kindest things that people in his own party had to say about departure:

 Defence Minister Peter MacKay said, “He’s had a long and distinguished career in public service,”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper acknowledged the resignation via Twitter saying, “my sincere thanks to @ToewsVic as he leaves Parliament. Best wishes for the future.”

This is what some of the experts in the field had to say about Vic Toews approach to getting tough on crime and what it will do to Canada’s criminal, justice system:

 Steve Sullivan, former federal ombudsman for victims of crime, said Toews spent too much responding to peripheral, high-profile cases and crafting policy that was guided more by ideology than evidence. The tough-on-crime approach, he said, will likely result in coming years in deteriorating prison conditions: bloated populations, more double-bunking and insufficient programs for treatment. “Probably in hindsight, a lot of the changes he made will end up being detrimental,” said Sullivan, now executive director of Ottawa Victim Services.

 Rob Gordon, director of SFU’s school of criminology, said in an email that Toews’s legacy included an “unnecessary and largely theatrical swing towards increased punitive measures in the Canadian criminal justice system” and “the emasculation of anything progressive in the Canadian correctional system.”

I say of Vic Toews resignation, “Good bye and good riddance to bad rubbish”, because Vic Toews in my opinion was easily one of the most polarizing MPs / ministers in the Harper government.

With files from Michael Woods, Post Media News and Douglas Quan, Post Media News

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