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Who Will Be The Varian Fry To The Arabs, Muslims And Palestinians Of The Israeli Occupied Middle East?

Picture Trophies ?

Picture Trophies ?

What is happening in the Middle East particularly to the Arabs, Muslims and the Palestinians reminds me of what the Nazis did to the European Jews during the 2nd world war, or perhaps I should say just before it when the USA had not seen sufficient cause to enter it. (They had not been attacked) In the movie Varian’s War there is an interesting statement made by one important, “French citizen, a Jewish lady” who says, “Having to live in this manner is like being dead without dying”.  I agree with her statement what they were being asked to do even though it represented a chance for safety and the saving of their lives represented dying while still being alive, because when one is asked to give up their homeland, their identity, their religion and all of their rights in order to just live, this is truly like being dead without dying, no matter what the race of people, no matter how others value their religious beliefs, or their culture.  It is obvious that this government under the leadership of Steven Harper, along with most of its western allies  does not see it this way.  I would suggest that it has something to do with the misconception that the promise to never allow the atrocities that were inflicted on the Jews of Europe to ever happen again, is being misinterpreted as meaning, “Again only to the Jews”, but we all know that it was meant to mean never again to any race of people, of any faith, in any country.  Having said this I wonder who will be the Varian Fry to the Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians of the Middle East?

Why I the Israeli soldier hurting the little Palestinians girl?

Why is the Israeli soldier hurting the little Palestinians girl?

It would appear that the Harper government and Canadians by virtue of this government’s majority status in both chambers will continue to ignore the rights of Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians in the Middle East and continue to assert the legitimacy of all Israeli actions of aggression whether they are the building of illegal settlements, whether they are using their iron fist techniques to kill innocent women and children and whether or not they are acting like the Nazis who partitioned them off, forced them to be publicly identified and finally killed them by the millions, almost wiping them off the face of Europe.  Everyone gets angry when I say that Israel and the Israelis are acting no better than the Nazis who committed such vicious acts against and say that I am  anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian, but I am neither anti-Semitic, nor pro-Palestinian, I merely speak the truth as I see it and understand it. I stopped listening to the political rhetoric spewing from the mouths of both sides and their allies long time ago and began to use my own sense of what is right and wrong, based on my understanding of human rights. No matter what reason Israel comes up with (self-defence, right to exist), they still come up looking like the Nazis of the 2nd world war.  When I compare what happened to the Jews under Nazi Germany’s occupation of Europe and what is happening to the Palestinians under the Israeli occupation of the Middle East I tend to wonder what would be found in Israel’s jails and prison encampments if anyone cared enough to take an objective look. Everyone keeps talking about the Holocaust and how it plays a vital role in what is going on now in the Middle East and about the religious, military jihad, of radical Muslims and I say that I agree that the memories of the Holocaust are being used to keep fear in the hearts and minds of the average Israeli citizen and when religious rhetoric fails, the Israeli government and their religious leaders fall back on and start using the same fanatical jihad like tactics that it accuses the Muslims of using against it.

  • Every Israeli is taught from a child of the impending new Holocaust right around the corner, their enemies waiting, poised to strike at the slightest sign of weakness.
  • Israelis are taught that their government is following the laws of their God and the path that God has laid out for them and so it does not matter what any law of man states is illegal, or illegal, Israel is to be judged by a higher authority. In making that  statement Israel is saying that they are indeed better than any other man or woman on this planet and not subject to any laws, other than the ones laid out in their scriptures by their God.
  • The citizens of Israel are taught from children that they and their government are holding the mountain of God over the heads and I believe that is this symbol that has made the end  justify the means to the everyday Israeli citizen and has allowed the Israeli government to get away with committing atrocities similar to that of the Nazis, during the 2nd world war. The actions of their government says it must engage in if it is to keep its sworn promise to never  let the horror of the Holocaust happen again to its people, no matter what it must do, who else might have to die to keep it and how it looks to rest of the world.

If this does not represent the philosophy and ideology of radical fanatical religious  jihad than tell me what does, or is there a double standard, a different justification for warring and killing it the name of ones God, when it comes to Israel?  In all war one side, or both truly feel that they are justified in the actions they are taking.  It is a popular misconception that the west engages in thinking that the more people who believe in your cause makes it more just; in today’s world all it often means is that you are able to get away with atrocities on a grand scale.  Did not Hitler justify the killing of over 6 million Jews; did not the USA justify the dropping of the atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima where the effects of their actions are still being felt today and the cost in human life is still rising?  There are always those who claim to have God on their side; the Christian Crusaders, the African slave traders and their Jewish financiers and let us not forget The Hutu slaughtering of 500,000 Rwandans, mostly of the Tutsi minority, in ethnic bloodshed after a suspicious plane crash on April 6 at Kigali killed President Juvenal Habyarimana and President Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi, both members of the Hutu majority. In the end though, wrong is just wrong and like the saying goes, “If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and swims like a duck, it must be a duck”.

  1. Israelis are partitioning off the Palestinians and denying them access to their families, creating Palestinian ghettos and denying Palestinians the ability to travel freely, just as the Nazis did to them, before the extermination started.
  2. Israelis are guilty of torturing and even killing their Palestinian prisoner’s men women and children, just as the Nazis did to them.
  3. Israelis think that all Palestinians are a threat to their very existence no matter how irrational the statement is, just as the Nazis thought about them.
  4. Israelis have set about conquering and ceasing land that does not belong to them and then when met with resistance seek to threaten, impose embargos, deny access to and literally deny medical food and the basic humanitarian aid to the people of which they occupy in hopes of breaking them. I submit is genocide.
  5. Israelis have threatened to destroy everything in the Middle East both innocent and guilty and some further innocents not even involved in their conflict if their existence as a state is threatened, by use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nuclear Devices) they do not acknowledge they have, but secretly boast of as their Goliath Project
Why would Israeli Police arrest and detain a 5 year old Palestinian boy and make him sit beside his blindfolded and handcuffed father?

Why would Israeli Police arrest and detain a 5-year-old Palestinian boy and make him sit beside his blindfolded and handcuffed father?

Israelis believe their cause is just because it has been ordained and sanctioned by the one and only true God making them not like the Nazis at all, but I beg to differ.  That their argument uses the will of God to justify their actions makes it a Jihad (religious war), in my eyes.  By the very nature of the Israeli government’s claim that they are taking action based on orders given to them by their God, the one and only true God to its people must render everyone else’s claims to have a God-given right and title to the same lands moot to its people and the accepting of its government’s use of fanatical, irrational actions and the committing of unanswered for war crimes, an act of faith; not even the Nazis as horrible and vile as we look upon what they thought and did made the claim to be doing God’s will.   They were a people following the will of a maniac and his followers and a people who sought to take advantage of a government that was willing to dismiss the rights of some of its none German citizens and give over everything that these citizens had to what the government, the Nazis considered real Germans.  Adolf Hitler openly stated that he was taking back Germany from the foreigner that was now occupying it not with an army, but by exerting a strangle hold on its economy.  Adolf Hitler felt that the Jews of Germany not only threatened the very existence of the German race, but considered them an infestation that needed to be removed from all of Europe and so as part of his strategy to have Germany for what he considered real Germans and Europe for real Europeans he began to first identify everyone with Jewish blood, next he ordered them partition and forced them to live in Jewish ghettos, then he ordered them transported to prison camps and finally kill them.  This I submit is what makes the state of Israel’s way of thinking the same as Nazis Germany’s and why no civilised, democratic country should be in support of  their actions.  taking out revenge on the ancestors of the people you feel have wronged you in the past is not-self defense, it is the oppressed becoming the oppressor.

  1. The Nazis and the Israelis both put themselves above the laws of the world and are guilty of committing atrocities against other human beings because they felt that their very existence depended on it.
  2. The Nazis and the Israelis both have laid claim to being superior to everyone else on the planet. One by virtue of its genetics and the other on its special relationship with the one true God, “Theirs”.
  3. The Nazis and the Israelis both put themselves above the laws of man and therefore felt that they had no obligation to follow the laws that did not suit them.

imagesCA16KJ2D aThe world ignored the Nazis terror and atrocities as they are doing so again in the Middle East by the Israelis, let us hope that we do not find any mass graves and proof of the other atrocities when the smoke clears and the world takes a look at what is really happening in Israeli prisons and prison camps. The 2nd world war was fought because of the Nazis attempt to conquer Europe, and not to save the Jews of Europe.  These countries would later claim like the people of Germany that they had no idea of the Jews plight despite all of the reports on the matter,  rather than admit that they chose not to get involved. It was not until the Germans were being forced to retreat near the end of the war that the true extent of what was going on was finally realised and the world could ignore the plight of the Jews any longer and were forced to intervene   and finally bring and end to the Nazis murdering ways.  This is part of the world’s shame and guilt and I believe that it is this shame and guilt that is blinding the leaders of the world and allowing Israel to get away with what it is doing in the Middle East, breaking its promise never to allow anything like the Holocaust, or the events that led to the Holocaust to happen again.  The promise that the world made was to not allow what happen to the Jews of Europe to happen to anyone else ever again. It was not just to the Jews of the world that this promise was made although up to this point they are the only people who seem to claim it and it is upheld for.

 1275286603The USA did not enter the war to save the Jews of Europe it entered the war because it was attacked by Japan, if it had not been attacked, the Jews of Europe would still be waiting for help from the USA. Canada did not enter the war to save the Jews either unfortunately and if Hitler had been content to stay in Germany and cleanse it of all Jews instead of attacking Britain, the Jews would still be waiting for Canada to save them.  If Hitler would have been content with the conquering of France and Italy instead of attacking Britain he would not have had to fight the entire British Empire and  the Jews would still be waiting for the world to come and save them.  What I am getting at is the saving of the Jews of Europe was a by-product of another war and although we are all grateful that the atrocities finally were realised and put to an end, the war had nothing to do with saving them and that other events triggered the whole world getting together to bring down Hitler and his allies.  I believe that if Israel is not very careful, it faces the same consequences of Nazi Germany and that it stands to lose in the near future all that it has gained through the generosity and the guilt of its supporters.   Israel is starting to make noises loud enough to wake up the sleeping giants of the world and I believe that once their eyes are open and they truly wake up, they will have no other recourse than to put an end the oppression and the atrocities that Israel is guilty of.

    • May 1, 2015 at 7:13 pm

      Isn’t it funny that no matter the circumstance, no matter the evidence and no matter who brings that evidence forward, Israel and it’s supporters always say, It wasn’t me!”

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