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Are Canadian Unions About Fighting For The Legitimate Needs Of Their Members Anymore?


I am weary of strikes and weary of unions that seem to strike just for more money.  I think that all cost are ultimately borne by the consumer and so when a union jerks up the cost of labor just because it feels that every ending of a contract needs to see its members get a raise so that the dues paid can be higher I think we have the basis for why everything keeps rising in price and the government feels that they must put an end to this greed.  I used to like unions and used to stand behind their motives, but lately I have had to rethink the issue and ask myself the question, “Are Canadian unions about fighting for the legitimate needs of their members”? I would argue that they are not and have become far to powerful and very dangerous to the stability of our economy and the well-being of Canadians in general.

From the price of gas to buying a home if the price is rising high for no apparent reason look for a union, because at the bottom of it all is the big unions that represent all sorts of working people at the same time such as educators, trades people, truck drivers, medical personnel and so on with their power to demand outrageous things growing with how much of a strangle hold they can get based on how efficiently they can close down any sector of the economy,  in as many areas as possible.  These huge unions are no longer out to protect the just rights of their members, but are in fact out to control governments thereby wrest the power of governments for themselves.

When is the last time the post office workers went on strike for better working conditions?  They do not do it and that is one of the reasons why we pay the inflated price that we pay to get a letter delivered, $0.63 within Canada and $1.10 to the USA. I believe that this is also the reason, why the post office can’t make a profit and why people are not using the service. When is the last time the bus drivers went on strike for better working conditions?  They don’t and that is one of the reasons why the price of a bus ticket which is the transportation of the poor  is $3 in Montreal.

There used to be a time when I think that unions were important and played an important role in getting workers what was due them in a fair and just manner, whether it was wages, health plans, retirement packages and safe working conditions, but I honestly do not think that this is true in Canada anymore.  I witnessed in Quebec the power of unions first hand recently when construction in the city of Montreal was shut down because of a legal strike.  The union forced its workers off the job and their workers proceeded to go to every non unionized job in the city and threaten and harass the non unionized workers who were still working into shutting down.  Now the union insisted that they did not send these goons around and said that they told them to stop harassing non unionized job sites, but I am not aware of any threats of penalizing any striker caught harassing non unionized workers and job sites.

I do not like the fact that people are forced to join unions if they wish to work in certain fields and on certain jobs and to strike even if you do not agree with your union.  I guess that for the most part I think that unions in Canada have become to powerful and are starting to look like they are actually the power behind governments and as such seek not what is good for their members, but what they know that they can get away with, because of the voting block they control and how many essential services they can hinder by collectively threatening to put all of their members across the board on strike all at the same time.  I think at this point it is no longer a matter of negotiating in good faith and for valid reasons, but becomes extortion and muscle flexing.

I think that unions need to be broken up and definite laws put into place to keep them from being able to disable the total economy of a city, a province and the country.  I am tired of the bus driver, the postman demanding more money and driving up the price of the everyday services that I need.  I am tired of over powerful unions deciding who will govern the city, the province and the country. I truly believe that if there is to be room for unions to still function in Canada the unions have to be forced back into the role that they were created for and allowed to exist by the government in the first place and that was not to amass great wealth, political clout and drive up the price of everyday necessities of Canadians.

I think that when a unionized childcare worker can not get CSST if they get injured and the union allows this without a fight then I would suggest that the union is not doing their job.  I know this is fact, because my daughter is fighting such a claim denial now from the CSST and has received no help from her union.  In fact she had a doctor’s note to stay off work and still was denied her claim; she is now working with a work related injury to her arm and wrist.  Where is the union?

I have worked in jobs that force you into unions, or you do not work and I personally find that this sucks.  Paying a group of people whether they do anything for me, or not sucks.  My aunt worked for Bell Canada for years and just before she was due to retire the union forced the workers onto the picket line and by time the strike was over my aunt was forced to retire because of her age even though being on strike caused her to be short 11 days and ineligible to get her full pension.  When my aunt requested that she be permitted to make up the 11 days, Bell Canada refused and the union said their was nothing they could do for her, just a tough break.  My aunt worked in their cafeteria and never missed a day and in the end because of a strike the employees did not even want, she lost her right to a full pension, because of a strike and the union refused to try and fight for her.

I do not like Steven Harper and his government and I dislike Pauline Marois and he government even more, but I am starting to understand where they are coming from with toughening up on the unions and their activities.  I think that most unions in Canada are abusing their place in a democratic society and I contend that their new set priorities have nothing to do with the welfare of their members, but everything to do with power ad trying to control and manipulate government through the work place and their power over the success and failure of a city’s, a province’s, or the county’s economy.  I think that if they are not brought under control they will further damage the stability of the country economically and bring Canada to a point where the majority of people will not be able to afford the most necessary  of things, the minimum comforts such as roof over head, food in belly and clothing on back.  I think that is called a depression?

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