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Steven Harper Has Transformed Canada And Canadians Into Something That The World And I No Longer Recognise

Cree young men who walked from James bay to Ottawa arriving at Parliament hill with now a couple of thousand supporters

Cree young men who walked from James bay to Ottawa arriving at Parliament hill with now a couple of thousand supporters

What is up with this Canada and why are Canadians allowing this type of government to get away with actions and policies that are definitely not what Canada and Canadians stand for, or  should I be saying what Canada and Canadians used to stand for?    I say Canada and Canadians as different entities, because it is possible for the government of the day and the people of a country to see things differently, because no government can please everyone all the time and so it would be unrealistic to think that when the government thinks that it should adopt a new measure to deal with something, add more taxes, or cut services that everyone in the country will be happy, but when a government start to initiate changes so great, so wide-ranging that it changes the very core values , the very essence of what it has always meant to be a Canadian than I would expect to see the Canadian people take a stand, take to the streets, put pen to paper and denounce the government until it is forced to concede its wrong direction and either change its ways, or resign.

Unfortunately what I do see is a nation of people who keep saying they are only interested in fighting policies that this government  implements that negatively impact them in some way and refuse to acknowledge let alone get angry about the things that negatively affect and impact others.  What this causes of course is division among the citizens of this country a situation that this government more than any other in the history of Canada has fostered, encouraged, exacerbated and used to manipulate Canadians to ignore, even turn on rather than support their fellow citizens just cries for help.  This leaves the government able to carry out the worst of its policies on individual groupings of Canadian citizens only getting a raised eyebrow, a few whispered words of sympathy for the victim, or a heart-felt, “Why should we pay for the bad choices of others”.  We as Canadians have stood silently by and watched this government do so many heartless, non Canadian things that  I would say that this government has Canadians not giving a damn about anything that does not affect them personally, or at the very least someone in their circle, in a very every man or woman for himself or herself  and this was never the Canadian way and this is what I mean:

  • In a November telephone call with media during his visit to Haiti, Fantino told reporters that CIDA doesn’t exist to fund aid groups indefinitely and his job is to ensure Canadians get value for their overseas-development bucks.  Now I always thought the purpose of foreign aid such as the type that CIDA gives was humanitarian and the length of time, the amount of money, or personnel was required depended on our ability to provide such aid, not on a country who has suffered multiple natural disasters  willingness to make favorable trade deals with us, or pay us back in some economical way down the line making us a hefty profit as Fantino is suggesting.  No uproar, the majority of Canadians could have cared less a different Canadian response than from pre Harper governance.
  • Last winter the Harper government refused to even address the fact that the First Nations were at odds with his policies and laws that affect them negatively and concerns that these laws were illegal and a denial of their treaty rights.  They marched, held sit-ins, hunger strikes, blocked traffic and all they got for their troubles was more rhetoric and political posturing from the government. From a majority of citizens of Canada came a sort of wishy-washy kind of empathy with a little sympathy which at the end of everything most Canadians just wanting the First Nations People to get back on the reserves follow the law whether Harper had the right to impose them on them or not.  The problem is that Canada’s First Nations were not defeated and then subjugated, they entered into treaties which included partnership as many distinct nations occupying the same a common base according to their own laws and they have been trying to tell Canada from the beginning that we are not holding up our side.  Refusing to sit down with any First Nation group that disagreed with their policies was in my view should have triggered a response of support for First Nations People seeking their rights under the law from all Canadians, but this was not to be the case.
  • Steven Harper has reduced our immigration system into a purely economical trade-off.  Refugees not welcome, immigrating to Canada to reunite with your family then you had better enough money to support yourself, or a sponsor that is willing to support all of your needs from a-z  for as long as you remain in Canada, because you will not be entitled to get any  help from the Canadian government.  We are looking for immigrants that can bolster Canada’s economic plan.

The government has made every issue a matter of economics, because:

  • The wealthiest of people always love to hear that they will be getting tax breaks and that they are indeed the backbone and the driving force that keeps this country great.  They love to be told that they will be given a cheap work force to use and abuse and that they need fear nothing from trade unions, because all strikes, walkouts and all other disruptive measures by the commoners, the working class will be put down with back to work legislation as quick as they arise.  All this their government  will deliver unto them, so that they can generate more revenue and help keep Canada financial sound and economically healthy and strong.
  • The rich men and women, the middle class working men and women make the same mistake all of the time; they think that the same rules that apply to the wealthiest of Canadians and the biggest of companies apply to them and their medium to small businesses and as such play down the hardships and ill-treatment by the government of the poor and most vulnerable of Canadian society, until they themselves are taught through government legislation that they are not in the same class as the most rich and the largest companies and businesses of Canada.  When their small to medium businesses start to fail and their once secure jobs are wiped out and their strike actions are put down by the government and those houses, cars, boats and vacations are gone, the light finally goes on in their brain and they realise that they always had one foot on a very slippery slope and the other already below the poverty line, but now they are slipping into poverty and the government instead of preferring a rope gives them a push, because the government and the wealthiest of Canadians and the biggest of companies do not need new members to their private club they need more workers to do the dirty jobs not more bosses and competition.
  • Finally the poor, the homeless and the most fragile of Canadians are made to feel like they are the burden and the cause of the financial woes of the country, when in fact the poor have nothing to do with the management of finances in this country and the cost to support them is a mere fraction of the money spent annually.  the fact is that Canada was in a surplus when the Harper led Conservative government came to power and if they are looking for some one to blame perhaps Steven Harper and his government could look to contracts it has entered into such as the F-35 fighter Jet, the giving of big banks handouts in the form of tax breaks, the wasted money spent on legacy gifts in Toni Clement’s riding.   If the Harper government and Canadians really want to know where the money has gone and why are in a deficit they need to stop blaming the poor of this country and the most fragile of this country, because it is not they who have misplaced 3 billion dollars of tax payers money, but it is the strong majority Conservative government of Steven Harper that has misplace 3 billion dollars of taxpayer money and seem not to perturbed about it at all.  Finally perhaps if we stopped trying to emulate the USA by involving our armed forces in every uprising and revolution in the world we would not have to suffer the economical and financial strain that this type of policing the world has caused in the USA could. Maybe we could take that money we  saved and put it towards things like a national sustainable health care system; a sustainable Canadian Pension Plan; a sustainable post secondary education plan and finally a sustainable plan to deal with the poor state of seniors veterans and our First Nations in Canada.

The bottom line is that this government under the orders of Steven Harper has turned every class of people in this country against each other from the super rich to the poorest and most fragile. They the government of Canada have turned one religion against another, English against French; one culture against another, Christians against Muslims. The prime minister has even went as far as to turn what he calls real Canadians against the First Nations People of this country and he has done it all just to remain in power and to create the illusion that we need him to guide us through these rough times and turbulent waters.  Finally prime minister Steven Harper’s need to undo everything that the Liberal Government of Canada ever did as a government, (The Kelowna Accord, The Kyoto Accord, The Long Gun Registry) whether it be good for the country or not and see them wiped off the political map of this country while he is in office. I contend that wiping the liberal Party of Canada off the face of this county’s political map is why we are in this sorry state in Canada right now in just about every important governmental file.  Making the destruction of the Liberal Party of Canada his main goal and at the very top of his agenda has poisoned Steven Harper’s mind and caused Steven Harper to transform Canada and Canadians into something that neither the world, or I recognize.

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