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Caught With Their Hands In The Cookie Jar Again Conservatives Sing Their Favorite Song, ‘It Wasn’t Me’

3 monkeysI do not know  and I had no knowledge is fast becoming Steven Harper‘s answers to questions he should know everything about.  Does this man, this leader of our country not know that  to keep saying that he does not  know what his MP’s, his personally appointed senators and his personally hand-picked advisor and right hand man are up to and were up to does not excuse him from ultimately being responsible for their actions? Does prime minister Harper not understand that to keep saying I knew nothing of their actions only makes him look irresponsible, and out of the loop and not in control of his party?   When Steven Harper says I do not know, or I did not know what that was happening, happened or who did what, when, questions pop into my head like why not? How could you not know? What else do you not know? Why are senior members of your party keeping things from you?  In short in my eyes Steven Harper is either the most ill-informed leader that this country has every had, totally incompetent, or he is the biggest liar and the most corrupt leader this country has every had, but I believe no matter which is the scenario, Steven Harper needs to retire, resign from office and let the real leader of the Conservative Party of Canada show his or her face.

Well the leader of the  government in the senate Majory LeBreton thinks we need to give her party credit for changing the rules on transparency and as she puts it , “The only reason the Red Chamber is in crisis is because her Conservative government changed the rules to open the door to scrutiny of its spending”, failing to mention of course that 3 of her party’s senators are embroiled in a scandal concerning defrauding the Canadian tax payer, by claiming untrue expenses.  Does Majory LeBreton really think that this statement makes her, her party, or the senate look better in Canadians eyes?  What amuses me though is how the conservatives in the senate and the house continue to blame every other party for not being able to achieve their goals, despite the fact that it is they who control both chambers of government by virtue of their majority status and can and have been passing every bill that is important to them without much debate.  I find it rich, but not surprising that Majory LeBreton would feel that because the conservative party made possible the changes to the senate that is now finding them in one scandal after another thinks that this should get them thanks and absolve them of any wrong doing, or allow them to not face sanctions or penalties for the fraud that members of her party in the senate are guilty of.

Senators Wallin’s and Duffy’s laments about not knowing the rules or finding them unclear to me is a joke considering they covered politics in their jobs as reporters and news media personalities.  These 2 seemed to know a lot about how things worked for other’s when they were reporting the news, offering opinions about other politicians conduct and misdeeds in both chambers.  How did they do that without very in-depth knowledge of how these places worked, their rules and what was appropriate, or not?  Or were they really just reading off someone else’s hard investigative work back then and basically frauds pretending to know what they did not? The latter is what they both are now claiming to be true as far as I am concerned with their insistence that they did not know that their behaviour was inappropriate and that the rules are somehow not clear that it is not legal to rip off the Canadian taxpayer, because you think that you can get away with it.  I think that this is a clear case of what happens when you start to bend the rules, appoint people to high places in government as a reward for their support, or ability to attract voters to your political party and that have no knowledge, no training, no clue of what is expected of them, or the rules of the job they are accepting as these 2 senators are claiming.

The prime minister’s argument and that of senator Majory LeBreton is that if the opposition parties will  not get onside and abolish the senate than they will stack in their favor and abuse it for all that it is worth, until the cry is so loud from the public that all will be forced to join them in their cause to force an elected senate.  The problem is that what they are doing to raise awareness is illegal and constitutes fraud, cover up and collusion and is hurting their brand in a way that may not be salvageable.  I think this government is behaving like a child who got caught doing something wrong, got away with it and has not been able to stop doing it ever since and in fact has grown bolder with every act of wrong doing, acting out of a sense that no punishment will be forth coming, because no one really cares what they do. This Conservative majority has lied, cheated and abused the democratic process and been rewarded by Canadians instead of punished and now they feel that Canadians believe in this type of government and have become over-confident, cynical and arrogant enough to play Canadians for fools incapable of thinking and deciding what is good for them and so must be told what to do and not given any choices that might confuse them.  Harper used to sing his favorite Shaggy song, “It Wasn’t Me” solo, but now he has got his whole party singing it whenever they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar stealing from Canadian taxpayers, caught in a lie, misusing funds, or not being transparent, because they the majority Conservative Party of Canada think that the Canadian voter is too stupid, too unsophisticated, to tell the truth from a lie if they hide the evidence, or cause long delay before it is exposed.  It is also their practice to do all of the mean-spirited stuff on their political, ideological agenda near the beginning of their term, or within the first couple of years of their governance and then try to sway voters to re-elect them with a few scraps left over from their table, or rely on what they think is the voter’s short attention span, hoping that the Canadian voter has forgotten what they are mad at them about.

I think that this government led by Steven Harper has become deluded, has started to believe its own spin and is too proud to admit that it was wrong. It has:

  • Committed election fraud in the last federal election.
  • Withheld  pertinent facts about things such as war detainees.
  •  Misused the monies ask for to bolster our borders against terrorism in order to give pork belly gifts to townships in Toni Clement’s riding.
  • Deliberately lied and falsified the books to mislead Canadians into thinking that the F-35 Fighter Jet  was cheaper than it was and that it was the only aircraft for Canada and therefore it did not have to go through the normal bidding process.
  • Used its majority status in the Senate and in the House of Commons to shut down debate by time allocations and just about shut down the democratic process as it applied to federal politics in Canada.
  • Used its majority status in the Senate and House of Commons to change the law of Canada to detain over 400 men, women and children who sought refuge in Canada as refugees to first arrest them, then put them in jail without due process while they changed the law to suit themselves all without proof, or just cause.
  • Used their majority status in the Senate and in the house of Commons to try to shut down the trade unions of this country, by rewriting the Canadian tax system where it applies to just trade unions and in such a way that it would compromise them.
  • Used it majority status in the Senate and the House of Commons to deny our First Nations their rights and to keep them living in 3rd world conditions for the most part.

These are only a few things that I mention to give you an idea of the contempt that this government has shown for parliament, the Canadian people and the way things are done in Canada and for Canada itself and what it stood for and set out to alter the very fabric of being Canadian from A-Z with their omnibus budget bills.  From the environment to the economy this government thought that Canada was less of a nation than the rest of the countries in the world, with a majority of lazy shiftless people, who would rather be on social service than work. they also thought from the very beginning that Canada not only had too many other races,  cultures and religions in it, but that they also were the wrong type of ethnic diversity and so has sought to close our borders to all those it thinks are not of, or do not have the right stuff. This why I feel that this government must go; I want to remain Canadian with Canadian values, not a Canadian with American, Australian, or even European values.  The members of this Steven Harper led Conservative Government that this government have never thought that Canada, or the Canadian people were good enough in any way and that is why they have done everything in their power to make us like they think are.  I think that a simpler solution and perhaps a better one for Canada, Canadians and the Harper led conservative government as well, would be for the members of the Harper led Conservative government to just move to one of the counties that they find so much more better than Canada in every way and leave Canada for real Canadians who are proud and love Canada just the way it was before they came to power.

A verse in Harper’s song:

Senators stealing money, “It wasn’t me”.   F-35 Jet over budget, “It wasn’t me”.  Refusing to deal with First Nations issues, “It wasn’t me”.  Canadian research scientists muzzled, “It wasn’t me”.   It does not matter what you catch me doing, or how Canadians feel, I will continue to do what I do best, lie, cheat and steal.  I am a proud member of the Conservative Party of Canada and as you must realise by now, “It is never, ever  me!”.

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