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Pauline Marois Takes 15 Million Dollars From Private Daycares For Babies To Help Finance Her Language Gestapo

imageCAQ248K0How far will Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois go to keep the French language Gestapo? Pauline Marois will go as far as stealing daycare spaces from 4-year-old children, by cutting the subsidy from private daycare of 4 year olds to do it. Pauline Marois has decided that private daycares will stay open and offer the same services at the same rate to users, but not get any subsidy for the 4 year olds.  In case you are saying, or thinking that is okay, because at least she is leaving the government-run daycares alone, that is not true either, because originally she was going to apply this measure to all daycares government-run and private alike, but when faced with a strike from all daycares Marois and company realised that maybe they could get the money from the government-run in another way without actually touching their operating budgets and this is how it works.

Private Daycare In Montreal: Basically private daycares make a profit which they use to better their daycares, pay their rent, pay for insurance, employee benefits, food for the children’s lunches and provide a living to the owners etc.  Any intelligent person can see that the private daycares can not afford to get the subsidies cut for the government imposed $7.00 a day daycare for 4 year olds and still take these children in as Pauline Marois and he political Nimrod’s are suggesting.  This means that these daycares will have to operate without being subsidised and charge more which puts them at a distinct disadvantage and will force them out of business giving the government a monopoly on children’s daycare in Quebec, but we know what happens when the  Quebec government gets a monopoly on anything; bad service, high user rates and strikes galore.  The private daycare decided that they would strike and force Pauline Marois hand and because she at this point was saying the same thing to the government-run daycares they decided to strike along with the private ones, but Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois adept in the art of divide and conquer found a way they could get the money from the government-run daycares in another way, without actually touching their operating budgets and this is how it works.

Government Run Daycare In Montreal: Government run daycares are non – profit daycares and as such do not need to turn in a profit at the end of the year to justify staying in business and so at the end of the year their budget is supposed to be gone and their balance sheets should read a zero balance.   Pauline Marois solution to an all out daycare strike in the province came when she realised that the government daycare system had not used up $50,000  and decided that rather than cut their subsidies to their 4-year-old program she and her party would just take that $50,000 and use it for her language Gestapo.  Of course with their budgets no longer being threatened the government-run daycares quickly withdrew their support from the cause of the private daycares leaving the private daycares to fend off Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois alone.  What Pauline Marois solution does not provide for is the extra daycare spaces for 4 year olds that will be needed when the private daycares can no longer take them because of her cuts, or they chose to close down immediately rather than work for free as she is trying to force them to do.

Private Daycares One Day Protest and Strike In Montreal:  Private daycares decided to show Marois that they were displeased with her trying to claw back 15 million dollars in daycare money to give to her language Gestapo and decided to hold a one day march and protest on a weekend in front of her office.  Of course no government officials were there so there was virtually no media coverage and it was on the weekend so no daycares were closed when they were needed, the parents of the children really did not get a real sense of what would happen if private daycares felt that they had to close their doors do to the cutting of subsidies by the Marois government.  The following week the private daycares decided to go on strike for a day during the week and protest in front of Pauline Marois office where government officials would see them and hear them.  What they got before they could even leave their buildings was a threat from Pauline Marois to  impose a$4,000  fine them for everyday they were closed in protest.

What Is At Stake: Now everybody has an opinion when it come to private verses government-run daycare in Quebec and I suppose they each have very valid points, but what gets me is that the government has no alternative to the private daycare system. Say for instance all the private daycares decided tomorrow that they do not want to work without the government subsidies and feel compelled to close their doors immediately rather than take care of 4 year olds for what amounts to be for free, would Marois and her government be able to see that the children without daycare would be taken care of immediately; could Marois and her government even find spaces if it were just the 4 year olds being affected, by her subsidy cut backs, or would she try to force the daycares to operate at a loss or suffer excessive punishment to stay open like the $4,000 fines she is trying to impose if they go out on strike?

The private daycare where my daughter works was visited by an inspector the day of her protest that had to be called a, ‘PED Day’ to avoid the hefty$4,000 a day penalty by Pauline Marois and her government for daring to go on strike, or protest on a work day inconveniencing the parents who depend on this service and showing them the true impact of what will happen not only for one day but for prolonged periods of time if this government continues its financial attack on the budgets of private daycares.

I find it rich that:

  • Pauline Marois promised to have more daycare spaces than less and feels that the way to do that is to cut the subsidies to private daycares to the tune of 15 million dollars for 4-year-old children to support the budget of her private language Gestapo
  • Pauline Marois cried foul when the federal government forced the end of the postal strike and the Air Canada strike with back to work legislation claiming the right of workers to strike and seek fair wages, and working conditions, yet when challenged by private daycares to strike even for one day to get what they see as fair working conditions and pay Marois shuts it down with threats of$4,000 a day fines.
  • Pauline Marois sent inspectors to every single private  daycare in Montreal on the day they were supposed to strike, trying to figure out which ones she could fine, but PED Days are legal.

The inspectors asked where the employees were, because on PED Days employees are still supposed to be in the work place.  When asked when they expected the missing employees to be back from lunch or whatever the reason given and got an answer they left, but did call back at the specified time, by the inspector to get confirmation that indeed all of the workers were back n the building.  Now I cannot say for sure how much it cost tax payers to send an inspector to every private daycare in Montreal and then do the follow-up, but I feel that whatever the cost was it seems like a waste of money being spent by a government so down on its luck that it has to steal money from 4 year olds to fund its language Gestapo.  What will Pauline Marois and her government try next in her fight to save the French language in Quebec, put an extra tax on diapers, baby bottles, or perhaps shut down private daycare totally?  Time for this toothless, clawless tiger to go; n’est ce pas? (isn’t it)

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