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Speaker Andrew Scheer Opens Door For A Return To Democracy On The Hill

8166720I am so ignorant when it comes to Canadian politics and so very naïve; I thought I was living in a democratic country.  I am one of those sally people who actually thought that the MP you elected from your riding actually could stand up and speak freely at some point in the house of commons and often wondered why the MPs from my neighbourhood never stood up and said anything about what was needed in my community, or its needs, but now I understand.   I have been blaming the wrong people.  We have a political system in Canada it would seem that is similar to China, Russia or any other communist country where we are given political parties to vote for in the end, only we are not as open about it and are still trying to pass off what is happening  in government as a democracy.

Oh sure we get MPs top vote for on election day, but if they must follow their parties directives at all times and are never allowed to talk of  matters of importance and bring problems relating to their constituencies to the floor and out into the open to be resolved what is the point ?  In a democracy everyone is supposed to get a chance to speak, in order that the whole country and all of its people is given an equal opportunity to be heard.  Is it honest to claim to be a democratic state when the party line is more important than the peoples representatives right to be heard.  Why not just vote for the party who has already chosen who will be in its caucus and do away with everyone else.  It would save the country a lot of money for people who never get to speak and would ensure that only party puppets got into office there by ending the myth of Canadian democracy and dispelling any thoughts of those MPs who actually think that they can better the lives of their constituents by running for public office.

It would actually give Canadians a chance to put the blame directly on those who are really ignoring their cries for help, “The Party Cabinet  The Party Whip and The Prime minister”, instead of the local politician who tried to bring forward the problems of his community, but is often quietly blocked from doing so, by political cabinets who would prefer to use the time doing so by only allowing members of the back bench to speak if they are willing to use their time promoting the party’s agenda as a whole, or are willing to submit to the party whip what it is they intend to speak about in advance, so that it can be decided if they will be allowed to speak.  Considering these facts I do not see how this is still a democratic system.  I could cast a vote for my cat to represent me and have the same chance of getting what concerns me the most heard, or looked after as to vote for my local MP.

The problem is that the political party elite have taken over political parties and in doing so have stopped governing with the true spirit of democracy and has turned toward dictatorship and the communist way of party rule.  We can debate what democracy means and break the word down to where it comes from and argue about what was really intended, but the one truth is that the people are supposed to have a say in their government and to do so in Canada and to maintain this democratic principle it is necessary for those we elect to represent us at a local level be allowed to do so in a meaningful way.  Simply being allowed to vote for a party puppet is not in keeping with the democratic spirit or its principles.

Although all political parties in Canada have muzzled their back bench MPs in the past and present no one has done it to the extent of  the Conservative Party of Canada under the leadership of Steven Harper.  When you consider that Preston Manning pounded the tables of parliament arguing that every member of his party were entitled to and enjoyed the privilege of voting their conscience on every vote put to the floor and in committees, I find it interesting indeed how a small group of elite Tories could make their back benchers little more than pawns on a board sacrificed and powerless until the party decides how best they can serve the party in so little time.  I think that the very same conditions that separated the Conservatives before Steven Harper are once again present within the party and threatening to rip it apart; keeping the party together might not prove an easy task this time around, remember 11 MPs were not happy with the Party Whip and sided with the back bencher and support for the Tories is at a low, with the Liberal in the lead.


  • A government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
  • A state of society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges.
  • Political or social equality; democratic spirit.

I think though as I have already stated that it is the non democratic nature of Canadian politics since Steven Harper came to power and the total mockery he and his party have made of democratic procedure that bothers most Canadians.  I do not care if it is technically legal, I care that it is morally wrong and not in keeping with the spirit of democracy.  Slavery was once legal in the democratic country called the United States of America; Indian Residential Schools were once legal in the democratic country called Canada, the extermination of Jews  was once legal in the democratic country of Germany, but none of the afore-mentioned was in keeping with democratic principles, or in the spirit of democracy, but all show what happens when the government decides that the population does not count and it elects to force the members of the caucus to follow the party and serve the party line, before and instead of the people.

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