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Is Voting NDP In Quebec A Vote For The Bloc Quebecoise And The Sovereignists?

Unfortunately the NDP chose not to run provincially in Quebec, because they were too busy, so I will not reward them for this bad decision and vote for them federally.

Unfortunately the NDP chose not to run provincially in Quebec, because they were too busy, so I will not reward them for this bad decision and vote for them federally.

I received a NDP news letter in my mail the other morning with the picture of Helene LeBlanc the federal member of parliament for LaSalle- Emard on the front page.  So what you might think out there in the rest of Canada, is that I am thinking great a letter from my MP, but that is only because you are not a Quebecer like me a federalist Anglo, or a French sovereignists, who has to listen to the trash that flows from their new leader’s mouth about the situation in Quebec.  A leader whose party got its opportunity to the be official opposition party due to the support of the people of Quebec for him and his party federally, by putting known sovereignists on their party’s ticket in the last federal election like Jonquiere-Alma MP Claude Patry who recently crossed the floor and joined the Bloc. It makes you wonder how many other MP’s are sitting in the NDP caucus pretending to be federalists, voting for sovereignty at every chances and doing their best to weaken the federalist position from within the party. In other words is a vote for and NDP politician really a vote for a united Canada? Thomas Mulcair and his party should be ashamed to show their faces in Quebec after Mulcair answered the question of why he and his party were not fielding candidates in Quebec’s last provincial election answered that he and the NDP were too busy to make sure that the NDP represented the people of Quebec where it really mattered to Quebecers; on the ground in the in the National Assembly.  I personally found this to be a  slap in the face not only to the Anglophones of Quebec, but also to the non separatist Francophones of Quebec who voted for this party.

Thomas Mulcair has changed the NDP as he said he would if he got to be leader and I for one did not like the NDP in the first place, but I thought there might be hope that they might actually end up standing for something real, realistic goals and a comprehensive strategy to see them through, rather than the everything for everybody pandering that has them promising everything to everybody and unable to deliver on one thing to anyone, with the exception of more empty words. I think that Thomas Mulcair has turned the New Democratic Party into a mirror image of the federal Conservative Party of Canada and is acting much like Prime Minister Harper. Mulcair’s direction for the NDP has turned the party  into a power seeking party and not the let’s all work together party which it once pretended to portray.  Under his guidance the NDP in my opinion has adopted the practices of the tyrannical, self-absorbed, non democratic government who was given a majority in the House of Commons by 47% of the people of Canada.  By this I mean that they have set the sights above merely representing the people of Canada and trying to make government work.  They have stopped trying to make deals and have started mud-slinging and doing whatever it takes to trash talk all other members of parliament, in order to make themselves look like they are doing something effective for Canadians, when in fact they have done nothing with their majority other than bring sovereignists wolves into the House of Commons dressed as federalist lambs .

Helene LeBlanc’s problem is the same as the rest of her fellow NDP of Canada MPs, their leader is obsessed with winning a federal election and becoming the next Prime Minister  and does not care what that victory costs Canadians. Thomas Mulcair is willing to let Quebec separate from Canada to get it.  Separatist give me your vote, make me your Prime Minister and I will give back to you in return the terms you want for separating from the rest of Canada seems to be his message, or the deal.  When Mr. Mulcair announced that if he and his party were governing Canada he would reduce the requirement from 51% to 50% approval of Quebecers to prove Quebecers indeed want to separate from Canada I knew that he was willing to throw Quebec and every non Francophone in it to the Sovereignists wolves for a chance to wear Harper’s crown and become the next Prime Minister of Canada.  I somehow resent a party and a leader who could not be bothered to run candidates in Quebec’s provincial election, because they had bigger fish to fry, sticking their nose in something as  important as Quebec’s remaining in Canada. I also get just a little angry when a leader and a political party who has shown no interest in what is actually happening in Quebec on a provincial level comes flaunting its political arse like a 2 bit whore promising all manner of things for my federal vote.

I never much cared for the NDP, because I felt the NDP never cared much about Canadians of which I am one. For the most part I find that these break away factions of political parties that form their own political parties are the extremes of what their parties stand for and have proven by their departure from the parent party that they are both incapable of working with others and can not be loyal if they lose a debate on policy.  The NDP has a history of promising things to Canadians from a 3rd party opposition spot in the House of Commons that it knew it would never have to deliver that sounded good to Canadians, but to anyone in the know politically knew that the empty promises of the NDP could not be delivered.  Unfortunately this practice has not diminished since they gained Official Opposition status, but has intensified making them in my opinion a political party without credibility. A red light has gone on with the defection of Jonquière-Alma MP Claude Patry to the Bloc and it seems to be warning that a vote for an NDP candidate in Quebec  could be a vote for the Bloc Québécois and the sovereignty movement.

As a Canadian Anglophone and a federalist, I remain a firm believer that Quebec and Canada are better off remaining together than they would be apart, although sometimes I think it would be easier if I just moved out of Quebec and left its distinct society behind to drown in the political quagmire and quicksand of its own making. No I can not quit and abandon all that I believe to be within my rights as a Canadian and run, that sounds too much like what the NDP would have Canada do and so I will not vote for them on any level, provincial, or federal, because the NDP is in my belief the most opportunistic political party out there right now.  Does it have some really good people in that truly care about Canadians in it? I would say of course they do, as do all political parties, but a couple of decent politicians on the bottom of the heap does not a good party make.

I would suggest that the NDP is acting like the political nouveau riches, not quite sure what to do with their new status.  They are running around calling themselves the next government, strutting like peacocks and patting themselves on the back for not having stopped one of the bills being introduced by the Conservative Party of Canada. I know and you know that they are powerless to stop anything going on, but what I do not understand is why they keep up the political rhetoric suggesting that they are making a difference, instead of simply stating that they are doing their best as the Official Opposition to keep us informed about the goings on of the most undemocratic, arrogant and most non transparent federal government in the history of Canada? This task alone would be appreciated by the people of Canada who in increasing numbers know that this government with its leader now running the country must be defeated at all cost come the next election.  It would also stop the NDP from looking as cocky as the conservatives.

In Quebec there is only one party I would vote for as an Anglophone and a believer in federalism and that is the Liberal Party of Canada and of Quebec, because they are the only party that has shown that they want to represent me provincially and federally.  I say,” No more federal votes for political parties who choose not to represent their constituents provincially as well. Neither Helene LeBlanc, or any member of the NDP are worthy of any Quebecers vote, because they fight for the right to govern Canada, but do not respect, or care about Quebec or Quebecers to run candidates and try to win the right to govern in our provincial elections.

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