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First Nations And The Canadian Government

Every year these First nation people come here to ask for the government to step up to the plate and find their missing children and solve the mystery behind their disappearances and their deaths.  Every year the government refuses to meet with them and tells them they are doing all that they can.

Every year these First nation people come here to ask for the government to step up to the plate and find their missing children and solve the mystery behind their disappearances and their deaths. Every year the government refuses to meet with them and tells them they are doing all that they can.

1297358778594_ORIGINALGovernments have always treated the First Nations deplorably in the USA and in Canada and most countries throughout the world treat their aboriginal people as second class citizens if not worse, but I think the difference is that this government under Steven Harper treats the First Nations People as if they are not really there.  By that I mean Steven Harper chooses not to hear them, see them, or feel anything for them; kind of like the professor did to the student in the movie, “Paper Chase”, when the professor although he knew the student was in his class refused to acknowledge his presence.  The ramifications felt by the First Nations are the same, they effectively are cut off from the government that is supposed to be representing them and listening to them, helping them and the solution to the problem for the First Nation People is the same as the student’s  in the movie.; the First Nation’s People must get the government to recognize them publicly. As in the movie and like the student, our First Nation’s People must resort to non traditional ways to get the government to once again acknowledge their presence and them as a people and a full partner in this country with the same rights and privileges, revenue sharing and jurisdictional responsibilities of any province in confederation.

19445071When the federal government for example sends money every year to the provinces it is not called a hand out, or an aid package; it is called a transfer payment, or revenue sharing.  These transfers and monies by way of revenue sharing  help to enable  provinces to live up to their responsibilities to their citizens that fall  into their jurisdiction as the province sees fit.  By this I mean that the provinces get to pick the priorities for things like education, health, housing and infrastructure and not the federal government.  We hear this argument as citizens when we complain to the federal government about long waiting times to see doctors in emergency situations, or language issues and housing shortages all too often, so why are they denying these monies along with the responsibilities to the First Nations of Canada?  This is what First Nation’s Leaders and First Nation’s People are seeking  and have always been seeking and this is why the government is still and has always refused to recognize them as nations within a nation with full partnership rights like that of any other nation turned province to make one whole country called Canada.  I will tell you why; the why is greed.  No government has wanted to give up the control of all of the natural resources and the control of all that revenue and so have continued to treat these people as children in order to keep what is rightfully theirs from them.  this government has no business interfering in any other governments business where human right and freedoms are the issue, until Canada gets its own house in order.

068 nI was in Ottawa 2 years ago to visit the Winter Wonderland, but went the wrong way and ended up near Parliament Hill. There were 3 protest happening  that day, one in front of the building that houses the Prime Minister’s office, one in front of the Peace Monument and one in front of Center Block.  I wrote back then these words,  “Looking closer to the buildings I could see a gentleman and some ladies standing on the steps talking to a crowd of people in front of them and their were placards with pictures on them. As I zoomed in from where I was standing I recognised one of the young ladies in the picture to be a missing aboriginal girl from Kahnawake on the South Shore of Montreal. I stood there in the cold listening to the speakers with the sound of the bells ringing as they prayed for an end to violence against women and asked that their men support the end to violence against their women. I listened as they admonished a non caring government and police force who did and do little to help investigate when their children like the young women in the pictures on the placards go missing. Having children and grandchildren I could relate to the pain. If something should happen to any of my children and grandchildren and I thought that the system could care less and I could prove it, I do not think that I could just pray, and ask a non caring government to help me, but what else could they do and in reality what else could I do if the shoe was on my foot instead of theirs.  I was humbled by the patience displayed in their message and actions their actions and I was saddened and ashamed of the governments who have allowed this to go on and the Harper government who says it is not their problem and in spite of that have done all that they can.

In back of the protesting First Nations People life goes on as if they are not even there. One guy looks in their direction and smiles.

In back of the protesting First Nations People life goes on as if they are not even there. One guy looks in their direction and smiles.

I felt ashamed for the government and ashamed as a Canadian that I did not even know that this protest happened every year at this time on the hill. I took pictures and video footage that I will share with you, because I feel that this must be addressed and we must start to take these types of issues seriously and get involved. In short we must start to get involved in a meaningful way. As I turned away I heard brothers of the missing girls voicing their anger and frustration imploring and then demanding that someone in any political party on this Hill do something to help find their missing sisters and all of the other missing aboriginal girls from all over Canada.

Cree young men who walked from James bay to Ottawa arriving at Parliament hill with now a couple of thousand supporters

Cree young men who walked from James bay to Ottawa arriving at Parliament hill with now a couple of thousand supporters

As I watch what is unfolding today and the attitude of both Canadian citizens and government officials justifying there profiting off of the injustices of the past and the ongoing injustices of the present with an arrogant, angry and most times openly hostile, racist and paternalistic approach to dealing with what is being labeled as, “Canada’s Aboriginal Problem” and I begin to get it.  Every non native person in this country claims to want to do the right thing by our First Nations People and thinks that it needs to be done right now without delay as long as it does not inconvenience them, does not cost them anything in terms of what their ancestors have stolen from the First Nations People and as long as any land claims, cash settlements do not interfere with the Canadian economy, or economic recovery plan.  In other words as long as all this does not affect my way of living or give back what my ancestors have stolen I am for making things right.  Is it justice I ask if a foreign government, or a colonizing army and people take everything that you have from you and then creates laws that make it illegal for you to take it back and also refuse to honour the treaties and agreements that they have made at the same time?  I would say it is not, but no government up to this very day has thought that it was their duty, their obligation to even take up the task seriously to see our First Nations People, as anything more than children incapable of making the right decisions for themselves and so even when they march thousands of miles in the dead of winter to say look at us we are not happy, or threaten to starve themselves to death to get us to look at them, to see them and hear them and get a sense of how they feel and for the first time since we first stepped foot on this land see them as a people who are not sub-human, not savages, but as a people who ways, culture, language and religion are simply different then ours.  Everything that is them is tied to the earth and living in harmony with it and protecting it is their life, is their culture, is their religion and so if they do not give a hoot about our economic plan, if it destroys the earth that they are so much a part of then that does not make them backwards.

14It is stated in Wikipedia that Nunavut is absent as it was not created until 1999. I would suggest that not only is Nunavut not represented in the Ottawa’s Centennial Flame and what it represents, but also missing are the First Nations who are not recognized and so not represented although they should be enjoying all the rights and privileges of a province at the very least.  I would ask how is it as Canadians that we can see the right of the State of Israel and the Israelis to exist in the Middle East and the absolute need for a 2 nation solution if there is ever to be peace between the Israeli’s and the Palestinians, but we fail to see this need between Canada, Canadians and our First Nations and our First Nations People?  As in the Middle East it will take the recognition of both sides of the others right to exist if our peace is to be achieved.  I believe that the First Nations People already recognize that Canada and Canadians are here to stay and are not likely to give back what they have stolen, but are asking Canada and Canadians to recognize that they are not children and will not give up anything else and wish to govern for themselves what they have left of what used to be all of theirs.  In this Canadian’s opinion, Canada and Canadians are still guilty of not recognizing First Nations for all that it means and so peace and harmony between us remains elusive and this will continue to be  destructive as First Nation leaders and chiefs promise a long and hot summer filled with protests and civil disobedience across the country. The First Nation chefs and leaders warn that although they seek a peaceful solution, it will be difficult for them to guarantee that every protest that will happen across Canada will remain peaceful, because the youngsters of the First Nation’s People grow tired of trying to be seen, recognized, and understood by a government and a people who see no advantage to changing the status quo.

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