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Canada And Canadians Unhealthy Preoccupation With Saving Canada For Real Canadians And Quebec For The Francophone

welcome-to-canada bCanada and Canadians unhealthy preoccupation with saving Canada for real Canadians and Quebec for the Francophone, in my opinion is hurting Canada, in every way possible and ruining Canada’s reputation as a defender and steward of democracy, a follower of international law as it pertains to human rights and diminishing its ability to help negotiate peace and human rights throughout the world.  We have convinced ourselves that ethnic cleansing needs to see the death of those being removed or denied access to our country on our soil and what happens to them after deportation, or because of refusal to enter our country is not our problem and that in my opinion is a wrong thought and an equally bad immigration policy. Our leadership has become inhumane and a lot less human, reflecting the characteristics of a machine, a calculator to be exact, unable to feel any emotion and unable to comprehend anything that does not have to do with capital gain, or economic success.  To understand this one only has to look at what is driving this government and the direction the leaders of this country are leading this country in terms of, democratic process, foreign aid, immigration policy, religious rights and freedoms and language rights to name just a few. What were once considered basic undeniable rights for Canada and the corner stones of what it is was to be a  Canadian has been watered down to not that important and unsustainable, or economically bad for the country.  We were in trouble the minute the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was called not  that important a document by Prime Minister Steven Harper.

Every once in a while I like to take a look at what I feel is driving the governments of the day across Canada. What is the thing that both the provinces and the federal government and the majority and the minorities of voters seem to think is important. I find the thing that seems on everyone’s mind at the same time is holding on to ones way of life, one’s ethnicity, one’s culture, one’s religion, one’s heritage. All across Canada this debate rages on in one form or another, but it always boils down to the same thing everyone trying to ensure that they are either not so assimilated that they lose their heritage and those who are the majority see their heritage be swept away in the flood of new immigrants, bringing their customs, religions, culture and heritage in such great numbers as to alter the face of Canadian culture forever and in essence erase all that they think that makes them who they are from existence.

I have traveled this country in a moving truck from coast to coast to coast and I am reminded of the bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah, when Abraham asked the 3 angels sent by God to destroy the cities because of their evil ways to spear the city in the end if they could find 10 righteous people living there, but finding not even ten righteous people destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and everyone in it. It is the racist, prejudice intolerant behaviour that I witnessed in just about every province of this country that shocked me in those days. All you had to do was go to the bathroom that once had graffiti talking about girls and phone numbers and pictures of sexual acts drawn on the walls, now changed to swastikas, rag heads go home and other nasty racist remarks. English against French, everyone against Muslims and anti-Semitic trash all depending on what province you are in, or passing through.

As laws start to pop up in every province and our Prime Minister goes public talking about Canada for real Canadians and saving the European flavour of our heritage and culture it is easy to understand how people can be drawn back in to a time when it was acceptable to use racial slurs, blame immigrants for everything bad that is going on in our country from the failing economy, the lack of work and for a in grown terrorist threat in the making; in fact blaming the new guy for the very instability of this nation brought on by the very governments that the majority of real Canadians voted into power in the provinces as well as federally.

It is this unhealthy preoccupation with saving Canada for the real Canadians and Quebec for the Francophone that has the people of this country afraid every time a Sikh Temple, or a Muslim Mosque is erected in their communities. It is this unhealthy preoccupation with saving Canada for real Canadians and Quebec for the Francophone that has the people of this country desecrating Jewish grave stones and vandalising Synagogues. It is what has the people of this country ready to accept laws that would seek to disallow the wearing of religious symbols, scarves, hats of any kind in schools and government work places. It is this preoccupation with keeping Canada for the real Canadians and Quebec for the francophone that has this country saying that freedom of religion is only a right in Canada as long as it does not overtake the popularity of our heritage, that being Christianity. This is the reality of religious freedom as a right in Canada.

To be a real Canadian is to be of European heritage according to the Prime Minister of Canada, everyone one else born here, or just immigrated to this country are Canadians, but just not the real Canadians he is working so hard to save their heritage, their way of life and culture for them, with all of the new immigration laws. It is as if he thinks that by stemming the flow of ethnic minorities he can somehow stop the contamination of the European culture, religion and values so that in time we are not left with some hybrid European culture that in no way resembles the European culture, or the heritage of our past.

In Quebec they are so afraid that their language can not stand up to the test of time that they have done little else but wage war over it. They too feel that by forcing the population to speak French that it will somehow convert people into speaking French when they do not have to; I think that it is having the reverse affect and English have simply learned to speak it out of necessity, but are so turned off at the way they were forced to do it that they refuse to speak it when given the choice, but all of these things speak to racism, prejudice, violation of basic human rights and make us a lesser people and a lesser nation and one of the biggest phonies and hypocritical nations out there every time we open our mouths and talk about equality and equal rights for all people in every country, city and town.

The make up of a country is forever changing and it has been this way for all time. I think to seek to stop the inevitable is foolhardy at best and the strategy and the laws necessary to implement this type of policy requires the cold-hearted, single-mindedness willing to do whatever it takes to realise the ethnic cleansing, such as that of a Hitler, a Slobodan Milosevic, a Muammar al-Gaddafi, or a Saddam Hussein. Is this truly who we as a country and as people are seeking to be like; is this how we want to be seen? Is our politically correct version of ethnic cleansing to become our way? I have looked in all provinces in Canada and if the angels who visited Abraham were to say they came to destroy this country, because in all the country there was not one righteous province to be found, never mine ten righteous ones; I would have to agree with them. I think that Canada has been visited and it is being destroyed and there is little we can do about it, because we choose not to change as did the people and the leaders in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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