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Conservative Party Of Canada And big Business Declare War On First Nations, Trade Unions And Transparency

MAC1455_pvw xI must say this about our Prime Minister Steven Harper and his stable majority Conservative Government of Canada and that is that they are consistent, relentless and equal opportunity haters.  It seems that every week there is a new challenge to the laws and the fundamental changes in Canada’s policies that this government is imposing on Canadians through its omnibus bill that allow very little time for debate and many would argue are making a mockery out of democracy.  This week it seems that the target of Steven Harper’s vengeance this week will be none other than our First Nations People, former civil servants and trade unions and as usual he and his government are going to pretend that what they are going just has to be done right now for the good of all Canadians and Canada.

In the case of the First Nations they are going to try to make us believe that if they do not enact this new law that our economy is going to suffer terribly. They are also going to try to convince us that the selling of contraband cigarettes by some First Nations People to people living off the reserve is going to ruin any chance of  this country maintaining our  economic recovery.   Every since the First Nations Chiefs embarrassed The Harper led Conservative government with their protests, marches blockades, court challenges, hunger strikes and letter to the British crown I have being wondering how Steven Harper was going to do to punish them? I wondered how he thought he could punish them without it being obvious whatever he was going to do was directed solely at them and with just enough legal justification to say the law is the law and it must be obeyed by everyone and now I know, we know the whole world knows, Steven Harper will use his new beefed up anti smuggling law to go after the First Nations People who sell contraband cigarettes to non natives.

I knew something was up when talking about the fact that there are too many young First Nation youths sitting in our jails the Prime Minister smugly inferred in his best racist voice tha he supposed some people were just predestined to violate the law.  I knew then that there was to be no attempt at rectifying the wrong position that this government chose to take this winter when it refused to talk or meet with First Nations representatives and insisting that they were acting in the best interest of the First nations at their leaders and peoples requests.

This is a very cynical, cruel and mean-spirited government that punishes all that oppose it in any fashion and they do not care who or ow many are questioning their actions not even what their credentials are, if you are not with them your against them and any information you are offering is considered partisan and not worthy of consideration. We saw this when the 2 men who have worked in public service for over 30 years, for both liberals and conservatives were attacked personally by Prime Minister Steven Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty this week when they dared to criticize

In an article written  by Mark Kennedy, Postmedia News I read, “The political firestorm erupted in the House of Commons in the wake of a report by Postmedia News that the two former officials had written a biting critique of the government to be published in Inside Policy magazine.  In their article, former bureaucrats Scott Clark and Peter DeVries write that the Conservative government has eroded the “integrity and credibility” of federal budgets through a system of secrecy that keeps parliamentarians and Canadians in the dark about how their money is spent. They blast Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government for keeping internal budget records secret, for designing a system that means MPs don’t know what they are approving when they vote on billions in spending, for engaging in a useless war with the parliamentary budget officer, and for acting disgracefully through its omnibus budget bills.” You can read further by following this link.  Harper and Flaherty attack former  public servants as ‘partisan’ Liberals.

In another article I read lately I  read talked about  what is happening in the work place in Canada and the attempt made by this government to discredit and destabilise the trade unions in Canada, in an article titled  Harper Goes After Trade Unions With Bill C-377.  which states, “Work to move policy discussion in Canada off to the far right goes back decades. The main group agitating for “democracy in the workplace,” meaning restriction and repression of trade union freedoms is the National Citizens Coalition (NCC). It was founded by Colin Brown, a life insurance agent from London Ontario, who as early as 1967 expressed concern about public spending for social security. It is not hard to see why he thought public pensions and other social programs would undermine the comfortable life insurance industry centred in London Ontario — its business depended on people fearing for the future.  Relying on insurance industry money, in 1974 Brown founded a “citizens” organization to promote anti-government spending views using paid ads. From 1998 to 2002, Stephen Harper was NCC president.  It is a measure of how successful business-funded politics has become in Canada that leading a far-right lobby group would be a stepping-stone to becoming prime minister.  In 1976, major corporations formed the Business Council on National Issues to create a climate of opinion favourable to business ideas about policy. The main driver behind the BCNI was William O. Twaits of Imperial Oil (interestingly, Stephen Harper’s father was an accountant with Imperial Oil in Toronto.)”  Follow this link for rest of article and see where Jason Kenney fits into this governments plans to put the workers of this  country at the mercy of big business.  Harper goes after trade unions with Bill C-377 | rabble.ca

Ladies and gentlemen of Canada we are under attack from within our own country, from big business, who have managed to install their man, their puppet into the government of Canada and he holds the position of the Prime Minister of Canada.  This puppet of theirs has brought other big business puppets on board like Jason Kenney and they are systematically turning back time in tis country and will not stop until we have not one right left.  knew this government had a hidden agenda, but untill I actually read how deep harper and his cronies are entangled with big business and how long they have been trying to remove or suspend trade unions, I was just reacting to the constant forcing back of workers through legislation rather than negotiations and or arbitration, but I must say that reading the 2 articles above has made me understand just what is behind all of the rhetoric, the economic recovery plan and I must say it stinks and advise anyone who has not read these 2 articles to follow the links I provided and do so.  They both have confirmed what I always thought, but never knew the details of, but now that I do I will never look at this government as wanting what is good for Canadians and Canada again, because Canada is more than just big business and Canadians deserve more from their government than to be sold to big business with no rights for political power as is happening now.

As for the First Nations I now understand how what is happening to them fits into all of this. I can understand the panic running through all those big companies that see all of those developement profit dollars being lost if they have to deal with the First Nations themselves and face the fact that the First Nations may want a little more than the deal the government has bargained for with them and guaranteed without First Nation agreement or consultation. How tragic it would be for big business if it were forced to renegotiate all of those leases to drill for oil and gas or for licences to cut lumber.  I get it now, do you?


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