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Harper’s Only Priority Is To Destroy The Liberal Party Of Canada

2007-10-19 bnI like most Canadians have been watching this government very closely, because whether or not you voted for this political party or not, they are making some pretty drastic changes to the way Canada has always been and to how Canada is viewed around the world.  It has used its majority status to push through omnibus bill after omnibus bill with little or no debate.  Anyone who reads any of my blogs knows that I do not like this government and I think that this government has pushed the people of this country beyond mere ideological differences of opinion.  I think that this government could careless what is best for Canadians, because what is best for Canadians is not their priority.  The Conservative Government of Canada is being led right now by a man who has stated publicly that his top priority is to rid Canada of the Liberal Party.

If you look at what has transpired in the House of Commons, the Senate, or to environmental protection, social programing, long gun registration, veteran’s affairs, First nation relations and in labor across Canada, you will have to agree that the reasoning for all of these rushed through changes that have been happening, just do not make sense and have non supporters and supporters of this government asking the questions, “Why is this being done and why now? The answer to these questions and all questions is always the same and always repeated by any member of the Conservative member of Canada you ask regardless of the subject of the question,  “We are doing what real Canadians want and promoting jobs, economic growth and prosperity.”  This might have satisfied the staunchest of Harper’s supporters at one time, but as their jobs start to get cancelled by this government, or they are forced back to work with anti union back to work legislation by the Harper government  they are finding it harder and harder to swallow the Harper government rhetoric.  As the staunchest of this Conservative Government of Canada’s supporters find themselves being told that they might not qualify for unemployment benefits under the changes that Steven Harper and his government have made to the unemployment act, I think that even the staunchest of  Harper’s supporters are beginning to see the truth, that Harper does not see them as real Canadians either.

I think that the biggest problem is the single-minded obsession of Steven Harper to total erase, altar, or dismantle anything ever seen as a Liberal Party of Canada  accomplishment, whether the target was, or is good for Canada and Canadians, or not. Steven Harper has done this under many guises and always at a cost to Canadians, either financially, or in social services. So obsessed is Steven Harper with the removal of the Liberal Party of Canada’s credit for anything, that he is constantly removing what they have done in the past denouncing them as bad for Canada and Canadians only to reintroduce his version of the same thing under a new title, but with the credit going to him and his party, and at a later date.  The problem with this practice is that this is monetarily costly, causes delays in funding to much needed social programming and forces everything from environmental impact studies to negotiating treaties and land claims with our first Nations to start all over from the beginning, for the sole purpose that it was started by the Liberal Party of Canada and as such is automatically deemed not good enough for Canada and Canadians, examples of this are the Long Gun Registry, the Kyoto Accord and the Kelowna Accord.

In ancient times when a ruler wanted to show his hatred for a hero of the people they had their names stricken from the record books, their names scratched off of statues and other public symbols of their achievements and then had them killed in the most ghastly, humiliating way as possible; I think this about wraps up the Harper plan for the Liberal Party of Canada, but it is being accomplished at the expense of Canadians and with the sacrificing of Canada’s reputation in the world, as a just, caring and generous nation both at home and abroad.  In just 7 years being governed by this Conservative Government of Canada,  we have gone from being one of the most respected countries in the world by just about every country in the world, to a country tolerated by our allies in war and hated in the countries we seek to help by bombing them into seeing things our way. Being a peace keeper is no longer all right, because the peace maker approach to solving disputes in foreign lands was the path chosen by the Liberal Party of Canada as were programs such as Universal Medicare, a safe harbour for refugees  and foreign aid policies intended to  assist the most needy of countries instead of bolstering trade deals, so had to go.  Even though other Conservative governments of Canada have taken the peace maker approach and only supported nations committed to the resolving of problems through negotiation rather than violence, it was no good for this Harper government, because it was considered by this government to be a Liberal Government of Canada way of doing things.  That Conservative governments of Canada in the past had always refused to support, or participate in any acts of violence against another country unless these acts were sanctioned by the United Nations, this was deemed unacceptable by the Harper government, because it was deemed a Liberal Party of Canada way of doing things and therefore had to be changed and our policy on such matters shifted to that of a warrior nation.

For the first time in the history of  Canada the leader of the governing party of Canada has decided that his gift to Canada, his legacy would be to rid the country of the Liberal Party of Canada and if possible erase its deeds from the memory of Canadians.  The Prime Minister is so obsessed and his party so drunk with the power of a majority government that   they have dared to declare war on supporters and non supporters alike with equal vigor.  It appears that they have forgotten that there were conservative supporters caught up in their back to work legislation, civil service job cuts, cuts and changes to the unemployment insurance programs and seniors who found out that they were going to have to work another couple of years, due to the Conservative Party of Canada‘s changes to retirement age and eligibility to receive the Canada pension benefits.   I have said it before that this obsession of Steven Harper has been attempted in many ways and using many different tactics, but always the goal is the same tear down what was a Liberal deed and replace it with a Conservative deed, even if it means the latter is just a modified costly replica of the former.  Canadians can not get a handle on what is happening to them because it has never happened to them before and most Canadians, supporters of this Prime Minister or not want to believe  that all of this forced change in Canadian policy and law has a real reason other than the one I just described.  Who in their right mind could have thought that one man with enough power would totally destroy all that we stood for as Canadians both at home and abroad for a chance to indulge his all-consuming hatred of another political party?  Who would have thought that Steven Harper would go to war with the people of Canada and systematically strip them of their rights, just to humiliate and obliterate the Liberal Party of Canada?

It is the only promise that he and his government have kept and it is a promise that no one wanted to hear.  There appears to be no rhyme, or reason to most of the things that this government has rushed to do, because for the normal human beings the truth of what is going on is incomprehensible, because Canadians regardless of political stripe believe that politicians may be corrupt, may lie through their teeth, but that they all care enough about getting re-elected to do some good for Canada and that no political party could hate another so badly that it would make its top and only priority. That this strong, stable majority Conservative Government under the leadership of Steven Harper  has made the totally wiping the Liberal Party of Canada from the face of Canadian politics, by any means necessary and at all costs its top priority proves it is out of touch with what Canadians really need and what is best for Canada. Any person that considered suicide to be an option to solving their problems would be considered unstable and in need of professional help and removed from positions of authority, responsibility for others and decision-making. I believe the same should be done in the case of a political party such as the Conservative Party of Canada intent on committing political suicide, by going to war with the majority of its own population. That the destruction of the Liberal Party of Canada is the focus and only real concern of the Harper government is a sad day indeed for Canada.

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