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Is It An Unspoken Right To Bear Arms In Canada, Or Is It Still A Privilege?

lighthouselaw.wordpress.com says it best in the post titled “Gun Control: No Right to Bear Arms in Canada Whatsoever …”

Dawson College shooting crime scene

Dawson College shooting crime scene

There is an argument in the USA going on right now about the right to bear arms and although we do not have that right in Canada, some of us in Canada do try to mimic the USA in all things whether they make sense or not, as we have seen with the repealing of the long gun registry.  Before I get started though I would like to put this out there and it is this, (1) There is no law unspoken or otherwise that gives Canadian citizens the right to bear arms; it is indeed a privilege afforded us and can be removed at anytime the government feels it wishes to or feels that it is justified in doing so. (2) There was and is not one politician in this country that disagreed, or disagrees with the long gun registry, it was good for the police, it was good for public safety and therefore it was good for Canada. I believe it was also a good way for the Harper government to divide Canadians once again for votes and political gain; hunter and rural folk against anti gun and city folk to get votes and a rallying point and that is what the Harper government did. Steven Harper traded the security and safety of children in our schools, law enforcement officers answering calls and people walking on the street to gain votes.

I think that the police should know where guns are and that those who fail to disclose how many guns they have and where they are should be put in jail for a very long time for failure to comply.  I would go further and move that it is time to reject the idea that it is acceptable to hunt animals for sport, for no other purpose but to sate a lust for humans to kill. I would suggest that if one chooses to target shoot that they should have to rent the guns and if they choose to own them for that purpose be forced to store them at their gun club and never be allowed to remove them unless it is to transport them to another such facility.  In other words no guns in the home for self-defence, let the police do their job.

École Polytechnique Massacre crime scene

École Polytechnique Massacre crime scene

If gun owners are going to insist on their right to have guns then I think that they should be made to be responsible for everything that their guns are used for, whether in their hand or in the hand of another unbeknownst to them, or without their expressed permission. Far too many illegal guns start off as legal  guns that get stolen from homes and then are used to commit crimes; some guns are found by children and used to commit crimes, settle scores, or accidentally kill a friend or sibling; my thought is that the original owner should be held accountable for allowing his or her firearm to fall into the wrong hands and be used in a crime and all such instances be deemed neglect on the part of the original gun owner and therefore to be held as guilty and as liable as the perpetrator of the criminal offense.  I feel that they the original gun owner should be subject to the same jail time and penalties as the person using their weapon to commit the crime and that they should have to make restitution to the injured party, or their families.  I wonder how many people would find it within their rights and demand that they be allowed to own a firearm if the were going to be held jointly   responsible for that firearm until they handed it over to the police to be absolved of the responsibility for it and the consequences that would befall them by law if it were to fall into the wrong hands and used in the commission of a crime?

I am for:

  • Putting to death those who have taken a life in the commission of a crime where there is a firearm used and mandatory jail time for those found to be in possession of a stolen firearm whether they knew it or not.
  • Making it illegal to transfer any firearm to another party, or the loaning of a firearm to any party without notifying law enforcement and if any person should be caught doing so be made to realise that they are guilty of committing a crime punishable by a fine and mandatory jail time for both the receiver and the lender or seller.
  •  Illegal arms dealers and smugglers of weapons  facing a mandatory death penalty for their crimes there by completing the circle of mitigating the responsibility for safe gun habits to the people who think that it is their right to have firearms and punishing those who would seek to  make  profit illegally from the buying and selling of instruments of death.

In short if your gun causes either death, pain. or suffering to another human being, I believe that everything you have should become forfeit to the injured person or surviving family in a form of restitution, even that means your life is to be forfeit.  I wonder who would want to own a gun with those types of responsibility laws and penalties were enacted.

Crime scene where Doval, Quebec minor shoots 16 year old brother dead.

Crime scene where Dorval, Quebec minor shoots 16-year-old brother dead.

We in Canada are not exempt to tragic deaths caused intentionally by maniacs, or unintentionally by young children playing with loaded firearms. We in Canada are not exempt to the gangbangers using illegal or stolen legal weapons to commit murders and robberies to advance their criminal stature. We in Canada know that too many legally acquired guns find their way onto our streets through burglaries and unauthorised resale of firearms, that go unreported until they kill someone, or are confiscated by police in the commission of a crime and tracked back to the guilty original owner. I think that it is time to give the so – called responsible gun owners what they have been asking for, but force them to take personal responsibility for the privilege of being able to own a fire arm.

This maybe the only way to un-glamorize owning firearms and reducing the unnecessary senseless deaths and harm that they cause each and every day.  The little boy who accidentally shot his older brother in Dorval, Quebec with a legal firearm. One of many that his father owned and according to news reports had threatened his own son with.  That is right even though he had previously been accused of threatening his son with a firearm they were still in his possession.  the young boy will have to live forever knowing that he is responsible for killing his brother, but what of the father and the system that made it okay for him to have not only one gun with no apparent need for one, but several?

Marois Quebec Shooting

Marois Quebec Shooting

How soon we forget the shootings and deaths of those innocent students at Dawson College, by a person with a firearm.  Until the shooting the system did not recognise him as not eligible to own a firearm.  What about the École Polytechnique Massacre how soon we forget and how easy we trivialize horrific events  so that justify collecting and using guns.  The Ecole Polytechnique Massacres just another example of not being able to tell the person should not be allowed to have guns and another example how someone’s legal gun found itself committing murder and where no guilt or penalty was given the legal gun owner.  Do I really believe that the orignal gun owner should face the same penalties as the person using their legal gun to do illegal things? My answer is you bet yep, yes sir and mam, I do.

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