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Canadian Confederation In Trouble… First Nations Declaring Breech Of Contract…Federal Government Already In Sovereignty Association With Provinces

GE_P1_2_illustrationThe more I look at the way Canada was put together to form a single nation the more I am beginning to understand why it is falling apart.  When Canada was formed the founding fathers assumed too much and you know what they say about making assumptions?

The first assumption that they made which was so wrong is that they could make treaties nation to nation with the indigenous people already here and then pass laws and acts to shut the indigenous out of all decision-making, take steps to make them forget who they were in every way that counted to them as a people and  as a civilization and break the treaties.  In my opinion it is from this point that Canada is doomed to survive as a country, because it has already broken the deals that gave it partial sharing rights to its land base as a country making them null and void; No land , no provinces no provinces no authority to make decisions that make Canada a united country.   Now Canada’s governments can choose to ignore these facts, because the truth is inconvenient and make a thousand new laws to try to hide their first mistake, but it does not change a thing.  I think the place the Canadian governments find themselves in today with our indigenous people speaks for itself. Neither residential schools, or banning tribal customs have made the First Nations People forget who they are, or what the deal was.  We keep making laws to make ourselves right, but short of physically subduing the First Nations by force, like turning our police and armed forces against them, I see no court decision, no law that can stop the rightful flow of discontent and the rising crescendo of the First Nations People from crying out in unison demanding that they need to be heard, need to be recognised and need to be consulted as the nations that they are.  It is sad that the Canadian government forgets the principles of law when it becomes convenient to do so, but the truth like has a way of raring its head when you least expect it to.  Since when can a bargain or treaty that was made in good faith, be violated by one side and the deal or treaty not be rendered null and void in the court of law in Canada.  In my opinion the court has no choice but to agree that Canada has not lived up to its  part of the deal and so the agreement then everything that transpired after that point even the Confederation of provinces that brought Canada to the status of a country is null and void, unless the two parties being The First Nations and the federal government can come to a new mutual agreement that satisfies the both stake holders.  The onus to do so of course would rest with the federal government with an expiry date that if not met annuls all treaties and everything that came after it.

The second assumption still has Canada’s shaky confederation of provinces and  territories in trouble as far as I am concerned.  Even  if the governments of Canada  were by some miracle able to negotiate a settlement with every First Nation, which I do not see happening based on Stephen Harper’s past and present actions in deal with First Nations protest and his insistence that he is doing what is best for them and Canada already; the federal government  in my opinion has a new problem and that its second wrong assumption has rendered it a powerless entity in the country, because it does not have the authority to hold this country together. (1) From the very beginning the founding fathers paid bribes and gave up far to much power to get provinces to enter the confederation and is still paying bribes and giving up power in an effort to persuade the provinces to remain in Canada, undermining its own authority. (2) In my opinion even without the First Nations issues, their has never been anything other than  a promise to stay in Canada by any province as long as it was convenient to do so and was  in the provinces best interest; Canada’s best interest was never in the equation.  (3) They failed to secure Canada as a nation by laws that would make it impossible to revert back to sovereign states.  (4) In this case they assumed that once the provinces saw the advantages of being together as a nation that they would never want to be on their own again and so left the provinces with the weapons to render the federal government moot and the threat of secession always looming over their heads.  The federal government has had its powers reduced by the provinces to that of banker and has seen their powers eroded away with the decisions of everything important to the average citizen being legislated by the provinces at for the most part laws that don’t agree with the province’s government of the day pushed aside, or opted out of and the provinces laws put to the forefront as  is seen in Quebec with its language law its own charter of rights and its constant push for secession and the return of it sovereign state status. From Newfoundland to the West Coast The Confederation of Canada has been challenged by succession every time the government tries to assert it political dominance over the provinces and one has to wonder if the whole country is not already operating under what the PQ was called Sovereignty Association?

Whether it was to assure that the USA did not encroach on British and France’s territory, or that of economical common sense our founding fathers assumption are proving to be wrong on all fronts.  We as a country seem to be torn apart at our very core, from our living up to our initial agreements with the First Nations being challenged in all courts of the land federal and provincial, to the provinces challenging the authority of the government to pass laws on just about everything barring national defence and matters they individually as provinces agree with.

This is not a country to me this is a farce and a very expensive joke.  I think if Canada is to remain together it must:

  • Make peace with the First Nations in terms that the First Nations are willing to accept and to this day have been offered, but never acted on by any government representing Canada.
  • Must start over asking the question of provinces, “Do you wish to remain in Canada? included should be this disclaimer that before you agree to repatriate or not do so with the understanding that (1)If you do not  wish to remain in Canada you are free to go with the land mass you had before entering confederation, (2) If you do chose to remain in Canada, you are agreeing to the  surrendering of  your right to seek secession and are forevermore bound to Canada and the laws of Canada, (3) That by choosing to remain in Canada you are agreeing that the laws of Canada are to be set above all other laws, provincial or territorial and where there is conflict or grey area the federal law of Canada will prevail, (4)  There will be no opting out or not with standing clauses and all programs deemed good for Canada and Canadians will be complied with by the provinces.

Now this may break up Canada as we know it and maybe it is time to do, so that a smarter, more honest Canada can rise up out of the ashes, because we do not have a united Canada now.  I know that it unsettles the mind of average Canadians, the ancestors of the settlers to understand that it is the arrogance of their forefathers and the continuing arrogance of every government since, both federal and provincial that has us in the pickle that we find ourselves in today, but denying our mistakes, ignoring the truth and creating laws to cover up the assumptions will change nothing, because neither the First Nations or the provinces will give up their fight and the victory which is within their grasp, by the laws of Canada and the free democratic world.

There are times when a an apology alone is not enough especially when one seeks to profit and keep profiting off of one’s wrong doing.  There are many solutions to the predicament that Canada finds itself in, but there is only one solution that is just  and that will put Canada on the right track to peace within its borders, with both the First Nations and the provinces, but it will take honesty and action and the onus  is  on the governments of Canada to do just that and the clock is ticking.

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