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Does Canada Really Need The USA And If So For What?

Is this image really true, or are we the kid frightened of the bully and laughing no matter what to save face in light of our cowardice?

Is this image really true, or are we the kid frightened of the bully and laughing no matter what to save face in light of our cowardice?

I think about the question does Canada really need the USA and for what a lot?  I do it because I guess I do not believe we do, or not the way we think that we do, or for that matter not the way the USA thinks that we do either.  I think that they have convinced us over the years that if they did not trade with us for example we can find no other country that would be willing to buy our raw resources, like soft wood lumber, oil and gas, minerals, food and dairy for next to nothing and then have us buy them back from them once refined and worked into the finished product at extremely high prices.  The USA plays down how much money that it depends on Canada to make for them and just how much it is that they rely on us to keep them supplied with the cheap raw materials that enables them to compete on the world trading stage. Without us supplying the cheap natural resources and us allowing them to be our trading partner the USA would struggle to be competitive on a world scale and lose tons of revenue selling us finished goods. I think the USA should be grateful that Canada seems content with this arrangement and not rock the boat too much lest they wake up the true sleeping giant and we end the unfair trading partnership.  How much of what they sell to Canada would be possible for example if we stopped selling them the softwood lumber and other raw materials and started to refine and produce our own Made in Canada furniture, cars and gas?  How long could they keep the machinery running in their factories if we stopped selling them our electricity?  How long would their cars keep running their wars machines keep killing if we decided refine our oil and gas before selling it to them at the low unrefined and friendly state prices they now enjoy?  What I am getting at is the United States of America has been pulling off one of the most brilliant con games of all times for so long that both sides actually really feel that it is true. The fact is that the USA depends on Canada for its lifestyle and if the flow of all of the cheap raw materials stopped from crossing the border tomorrow few things would happen and they are:

  •   Canada would understand that there are lots of countries that want what we have to sell and would buy them at what is  considered the fair market price.
  • Canada would be forced to refine and produce finished products and really begin to be a competitor in  all markets instead of just a consumer of finished goods and a seller of raw materials.
  • Canada might decide that if they were mistaken on this issue  and maybe on others as well like, how much we need to be or should be dependant on the USA for things like defending us in times of war, when to go to war and what type of weaponry we need to defend ourselves.
  • Perhaps Canada might even realise that the USA for a very long time now has been taking our technological advances, our actors, singers, sports stars and brains and selling them back to us in movies, tapes and in stadiums, arenas to the tune of billions of dollars a year. In a nut shell, the USA has for years been importing raw Canadian talent and know how and convincing us that they and they alone can bring forth a sellable finish product for which we should be willing  pay inflated prices for and allow them to attach the label of made in the USA and in so doing assure the success of the product.  In short form, we have been taught as Canadians by our own government to believe that if it does not say made in the USA that the product being sold is somehow not of the best quality and far worse than that, if it says made in Canada it is inferior to any other label.

It is with the USA’s false sense of superiority that it bombards Canadians with and Canada’s feeling of insecurity that we  as a country and as a nation of people have allowed ourselves to become so dependant on the USA for everything.  This underlying feeling of insecurity and of being less able to defend ourselves, and all the other things that we see ourselves not being able to do as well as the USA, is what  allows the USA to feel that they do not have to respect our sovereignty as a nation from the everyday American to businessman and farmer to the highest ranking  politicians on every level; who all demand that if there is to be any changes made it will be Canada to change and if any laws are to respected it will be Canadians conforming to American laws, whether it be about trade, standard of living, or Medicare and we Canadians give in every time, to every issue.       A few examples of this are:

  • The USA’s refusal to pay back the monies it took illegally when they added taxes to our soft lumber exports to them to the tune of 5 billion dollars that the world court said that they  unfairly imposed as a penalty on the soft lumber we sold to them.
  • This is how and American ambassador could tell Canada that if we did not voluntarily opt into a satellite defense system that the USA wanted to deploy over our two countries, that it would simply do it anyway without our cooperation and do whatever they had to do over Canada as they saw fit.
  • The USA that we consider  such a friend, such an ally is constantly challenging our sovereignty in the far North, in the great lakes and our territorial water limits.

I do not think that we need them at all, but I do think that we have allowed ourselves to become too dependent on our neighbors to the south in every possible way.  We do not seem to have the business savvy to even suggest that we do not need them.  All I hear when watching television is what would we do if our biggest trading partner would not buy Canadian, or how lucky we are to have the big strong USA as a neighbor to take us under their protective wing. The USA is a bad habit that we must step back from because it is killing us. We are losing the essence of who we are and what we believe in as a people.  We are being altered as a people, forever changed we are getting hard.  We as a government, as people have changed from a caring society to an every person for themselves societal attitude about life.  We have forgotten our principles and values while adopting the American dream as our own. We need the USA because we have been brainwashed into thinking that every thing that the USA does is better than what a Canadian is capable of doing when in reality we just stopped trying and so there has been no true test of that theory for quite some time.  It is time to rediscover what it is to be Canadian, to be proud and to take back our country, our government and hold up our heads and say we love you USA, but that does not mean we want to be you.

I think the Prime Ministers of years gone by had it right when they kept a healthy distance from the USA and at the  same time did us as a country a disservice by letting Canada trade primarily and almost singularly with the USA instead of seeking other markets.  We have been led down the path of the lazy preferring to allow ourselves to ship only raw products as though we do not have the capacity or the where with all to refine and export finished products.  I think this has given Canada a low self-esteem and given the Americans a false sense of us not being able to survive without them. In closing I would like to say that I feel Jean Chretien said it best when he said that the Americans need our trade as bad as we need to trade with them. I agree with him that we must stick to our guns and not let the USA stick it to us on any trade deal because of their posturing and threats and our fear of striking out on our own.

How is it that when we talk about visas and certain legal requirements being required for travel between our two countries  that the USA always gets a free pass and their citizens do not have to comply.  They have as many if not more unsavory characters in their country as we do, the potential for terrorists living there is just as great as here, so why the exemption for them? Is it that they really represent a lesser threat, or are we afraid to challenge them on this issue like so many other issues?  I think our much touted friendship is built on a lie that we respect each other. We respect the USA, but I do not believe the USA respects Canada, but rather tolerates us in the way a bully tolerates the coward that he needs if he is to feel powerful,  They have shown us in the soft lumber dispute, in the defense of  our airspace space for example, that if we do not comply with their decisions they will do what they want regardless of law and despite our so-called friendship.

Thought a little off topic: In this new world of globalization and the repeated assertions by the most influential and militarily strong nations, that a nations sovereignty is becoming less and less important as we open up trade and how it is done from start to finish and how we defend it the world on a global level, how is it that we are afraid that certain types of people breed too much to be allowed to immigrate for fear that our race and culture will become extinct? How is it that the USA, Canada, Europe and their allies spend vast amounts of money strengthening their borders and actually try to ensure through immigration laws that only people of their kind enter. This is not in keeping with the freer movement of people and goods throughout the world, but I contend  seems like they are taking a sneaky, back door approach, which enables them to do whatever they chose in foreign countries while maintaining the sovereignty of their own borders.  Which to me is racism at its best, played by the masters.

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