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Let’s Reflect On What We See Looking Back At Us When We Look Into Life’s Mirror

Life is like a mirror reflecting your feelings, your actions and your thoughts. The idea is that everything you experience in life is a reflection of yourself. Keeping this in mind what do you see when you look in life's mirror?

Life is like a mirror reflecting your feelings, your actions and your thoughts. The idea is that everything you experience in life is a reflection of yourself. Keeping this in mind what do you see when you look in life’s mirror?

What can you say about a people who went from continent to continent and country to country claiming the lands  for themselves, ignoring the fact that the land was already inhabited? What can you say about a people who would try to erase the memory of a whole nation of people from existence; religion, language and anything that made them individuals and a people? What can you say about a people who wrapped all of this up in religion and said not that the devil made them do it, but that they were acting in the name of their God?  What can you say about a people who created laws to justify what they had done as okay in the name of their God and legalized the whole sordid affair by forcing the  original inhabitants of this land to sign treaties and agreements saying they agreed that all was done in the best interest of both people in order to form one country for both people?  What can we say about a people who have never lived up to one treaty or kept one agreement that they forced the indigenes people to sign,  through coercion and the threat of extinction?  We can say that they are our parents, our forefathers to whom we should be grateful for our very existence as a country and so proud of them are we their children, the fruit of their loins and we their prodigy have taken up their cause and maintained their Godly quest.  We have decided to do them one better and retrace their steps retaking lands that were lost and vanquishing the people who one defeated them in the past.  We can say that nothing has changed, we never forgot what we were taught and that is that history is written by the winner and if the winner is smart they will leave none of the history of the loser left, so that time and history starts and ends with the winner.

We are not children anymore, there are no fledgling nations anymore. We have grown into men and women and what we have stolen from others is still ours. We are not a peaceful people and we never were and as such we still thirst for the sense of conquest that is and always have been our greatest motivator and the taste of blood of the vanquished like a sweet wine to our lips.  no matter what face we put forth, no matter what religious banner we are flying, we do not seek fair trade, or a peaceful coexistence, because we have the blood of warriors and conquers flowing through our veins.  We want what all conquers want and that is the spoils of war and a subservient class of people to do the work for us, because we do not come as diplomats ready to negotiate in good faith. We are warriors, colonizers, and empire builders always needing more, always needing to conquer, always needing to be superior, always needing to be the only one. To this end we have shed off all pretence at working for peace, working for equality for all and are now ready to once again cross the oceans and finish what we started. We are ready now to  unite the world under one God and one ideology. We are ready to carve out new territories, rewrite histories.  It has been so long since we admitted who we really are out loud that we can hardly believe that it is us talking, but there it is we have admitted it to the world that we as a nation and as a people, are no longer interested in being peace keepers, we want to be warriors and revisit our time of glory.  To this end we have begun to acquire the weapons of war needed to make the changes complete. We have allied ourselves once again with old friends who feel how we feel, believe in the same God as we do and together we will be victorious. We will make you proud ancestors and reclaim our old glory and when the borders of this world begin to close in on us like that of our countries in the past, we have already discovered a new sea to cross called space. This space is called a  universe  and has lots of planets, making for a lot of new lands to colonize and a new history to write, because there is no history but ours, there is no religion but ours, because our God says so and we know that no matter who or what inhabits those planets we will win, they will fall, they will forever be absorbed, because that is our way, that is our nature and that is our God’s will.

So who are we you ask, like you do not know while standing in front of a mirror looking at your own reflection? We are everyone who picks up a gun and kills instead of talking things out. We are everyone that seeks to colonize and subjugate the indigenise people of the world. We are everyone the choses to expand our territories at the expense of others. We are everyone who believes that their God is the only true God and that it is our duty to bring that God to everyone in the world and make them accepting of said God by any means necessary.  We are everyone who can’t admit we were wrong and still are. We are by virtue of everything mentioned above; we those people incapable of changing how we do things, how we think and how we interact with others, which makes us the most selfish people of the world, but the real question is who do you see when you look in life’s mirror and did you by chance think that I was talking about you, your beliefs or that of your country’s?

I think that it is clear what and how I feel about how we as a country came to be and pretty much where I think we are today as a people and as a country and it is not a pretty picture, but it is only fair to say that we are not alone. Now some people and governments may find comfort in that, or even a sense of vindication, but they should not, because wrong is wrong no matter how many people chose, or choose to do the wrong thing.  Some people have said in comments that every country had a beginning similar to ours, like it was some kind of unfortunate, but necessary happenstance, an unfortunate but acceptable turn of events, if we were to bring the true God to the world and along with it progress, saving the world from itself and eternal damnation; in short the ends justified the means.   All of this justification of colonization and our sudden shifts in governmental policy got me to thinking what exactly that implied and to take a look and see how that reflects on how we treat people at home  as well as internationally.  Some people would say that we have one of the best records for equal rights and democracy in the world, but what does that mean if the democratic world is moving more and more towards violence instead of diplomacy, intolerance instead of tolerance and divisiveness instead of inclusion? Once the bar is dropped on these basic fundamentals of human rights, being one of the best means very little, in my opinion.

  I am not going to rehash the way I feel about the government not living up to our treaties and agreements, because I think that everyone in our country knows the truth and can see with protests going on by student groups and indigenise peoples. The right to collective bargaining being withdrawn by government with workers in legal strike positions being forced back to work by government legislation rather than reaching an agreement through negotiation. That the pressure in the country on every level is so great that either it is released or this country will erupt in a great explosion of civil disobedience the like of which we have never experienced before.  A sense of mistrust for each other and everyone else hangs over this country and it seems we have entered an era of great discontent and we are not a happy people.  I do however feel that how you begin your life as a nation, who your founding fathers were and how much influence they had and continue to have on the way laws are made, how equality is thought of and maintained and finally how we treat new comers to our country whether they fled here as refugees, or just chose to immigrate here for other opportunities, such as jobs and lifestyle. I say this because when you break it all down and take away all the rhetoric and political gaming and posturing, this amounts to who you and I really are as people and as a nation and how we are viewed by the outside world as a nation in a community of many nations, that we are a small part of, but must live in and exists in.

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