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Can A Visible Minority Become A Real Canadian When They Have No Place To Hide, Or Anyway To Become Neutral?

When the person on a Canadian monetary bill must be white, what does that say visible minorities about being "Real Canadians" ?

When the person on a Canadian monetary bill must be white, what does that say to visible minorities about being “Real Canadians” ?

Is this woman, this Chief of her nation,Theresa Spence to die because Steven Harper is doing what he feels is best for her and her people, in spite of her protestations to the contrary?

Is this woman, this Chief of her nation, the Attawapiskat, Theresa Spence to die because Steven Harper is doing what he feels is best for her and her people, in spite of her protestations to the contrary? Is she to die because Prime Minister Harper does not believe in diplomacy?

I grew up in what is now considered Little Burgundy, in district South West in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Italians, French, Irish and Blacks made up the ethnicity and cultures, French and English were the accepted languages and various forms of Catholicism and Protestant were the predominant religions.  The Oriental population was bussed in to school from the neighboring China Town.  We learned the history of Canada through the eyes of the French and the English society. The settlers were the brave and hard-working people and the indigenous people the Indians now called First Nations People were the hostile, the savages, the raiders and  the blood thirsty perpetrators of massacres on the poor European settlers who had come in peace seeking a new life and to co- exists and to trade.  Of course in time we learned that this was a false history, a history made up by the conquering Europeans who called themselves Christians to justify the slaughter, the racist tendencies and the genocide that nearly obliterated a whole civilization and race of people, because the Europeans thought themselves superior and gave no value to the people who inhabited the land without fences and defenses.  To the Europeans no fence and no defenses and a belief that the land belonged to all people meant that the land did not belong to anyone and that they could lay claim to it.  Not much has changed in the way Europeans think since that time. Now their borders are not only fences and defenses, they are now laws that since that first day they have been making and altering to keep themselves in power and to give sense respectability and good intent to their selfish cruel intention, that all to often end with the deaths, suffering  and all to often extinction of whole nations people, cultures and languages and religions.  This is not co-existence, this is genocide.

 too_asianThere are many ways out of racist treatment and many cultures have done it with simply a name change as the Jews and Italians used to do. Learning to speak without the accent of your ancestry was another escape and changing your religion was yet another, but for the people of color, or the visible minorities there was to be no escape either then, or now in Canada. No matter what they tried to change there was no changing their color, or their features and with the advancement in DNA science their fates were sealed forever, unless the white race had a change in the way they viewed people of color, or people of color became the majority and with this thought the Canadian government throughout history through its immigration quotas and acts of law have tried to keep the balance of power, by at first trying to control first who could immigrate to Canada and now also adding a new definition of what it means to be a real Canadian.  The new laws which the government of Canada are going to pass by virtue of their majority status shows clearly that Prime Minister Steven Harper has no intention of letting any visual minority make the tiniest bit of head way in the battle to attain equality and the same rights as those of the people he considers “Real Canadians” (those of European ancestry and culture and sharing a common religion), on his watch.  My goodness the government is getting ready to reverse the progress it has made when it repealed the Chinese Immigration Act, its apology to the First Nations People, and its promise to the world to never allow genocide and the crimes against humanity inflicted on human beings as done by the Nazis during the 2nd World War to happen again and all Canadians do is sit like the Germans of that time making excuses and pretending not to see what is going on. Unfortunately for those who watch in silence as law after law is passed allowing for these atrocities and profiting from their passage, this is not that time and the I did not know excuse will not wash.

imagescajthefz bI have talked about the injustices that government after government and the European so-called Christian  population of this country heaped upon the people of color and non Christians who immigrated to this land.  I have tried to show you that it has not gotten better and that this is not some little isolated incident that I and a few other mal contents  seem to be making a big deal about, but something that has being quietly going on in Canada since the first European settler stepped off the boat in North America with a cross around their neck a bible in one hand and a weapon in the other and began to wage the first war that wasn’t a war to take over the new land by force from the rightful owners the people who were living here already. It was expected of the white Europeans that the Indians who already lived would be made to except Christianity as their religion learn to speak the languages of Europe and not use their own, put away their culture considered to be backward according to the white settlers and adopt the “civilized” ways of the white man.  This was genocide clear and simple, but it was also impossible, because no matter how the Indians changed, their language, religion and dress they could not change their color and the distinctive features that singled them out as not being white European and therefore considered inferior to the Europeans according to white Europeans by fact of unfortunate, but unavoidable parentage.

HATE CRIME Racist graffiti was spray-painted on numerous homes on Woodllawn Court in Dundas in February. A year-end report presented to the police services board noted a 60 per cent rise in hate crimes in 2011 over 2010.

HATE CRIME Racist graffiti was spray-painted on numerous homes on Woodllawn Court in Dundas in February. A year-end report presented to the police services board noted a 60 per cent rise in hate crimes in 2011 over 2010.

The almond shape eyes of the Orientals and the color of their skin and their inability to pronounce certain sounds properly in English and French made them stand out from white Europeans and so even though they were advised when immigrating here to be like Canadians as much as possible and adopt the ways of Canadians already living in the country(white Europeans), which they did, they could not change the shape of their eyes, the color of their skin or without years of training and practice the inability to pronounce certain letters like R, making it impossible for them to say the word “real” for example without standing out and being laughed at.  Do you remember the commercial for the liquid lemon product called “Real Lemon”.  Everyone just laughing as the oriental guy struggled with the pronunciation of the product.  This was a commercial that was so blatantly racist, yet there was no complaint to remove it. It was more than that though it was proof that since the time that the Europeans landed on the shores of this great land there was not a lot a person of color could do to escape the genocide and racist tendencies of this group of people.  A person of could not escape into religion, change of language, or name, because the evidence of your differences just could not be hidden from them and so we were the visible minorities.

CMRS_brochureWhite Europeans were also cruel to themselves each culture thinking themselves superior to the other, the British the French, the Spanish and so on warring with one another, but when it came down to the crunch they were all the same color and most shred a version of Christianity, but the their first identifying bond was the color of their skin which they protected fiercely.  They created laws forbidding the fraternization and fornication with none whites, lest the bloodline be made impure and in time those of the inferior races be undetectable and begin to consider themselves equal and to qualify for things that they were not entitled to.  This was a long hard battle that was fought and was still being fought as I was going to school as a young boy, then as a young man and even today as I watch my grandchildren try to be good Canadians, go to school and try to be treated the same as every one of the white skinned friends and peers.  I realise that not much has changed except the obstacles put in their way. It was never about the language really; it was never about the religion really, and it was never about the food we ate, or the clothing we wore either, because they could be changed and to get acceptance we people of color changed them all.  It was about the texture of our hair, the size of our lips, the shape of our eyes and the color of our skin; the things we just could not change, because they were the gifts of genetics and they were the things that made us noticeable different at a glance and inferior in the eyes of  white Europeans of old which they stated freely and most white Europeans today claim to be prejudice free in public, but advise their children it is best to marry in their own race in private.

Racist "Brown Face Video"

Racist “Brown Face Video”

I ask you this,” What possibly could a Muslim, Asian, African, Oriental, or any other person of color do to make their life in Canada a little easier, when they could not become white, or hide from you, by just changing their language, religion, or the food that they eat or the clothing that they wear? The game of becoming a real Canadian has always been rigged, the qualifications always impossible to meet, because some things are impossible to change about a person as is and still remains the color of one’s skin .    The oppressor needs to change, the racist needs to change, if there is to be peace and harmony.   I did not get it for a long time I could never find peace of mind, self-worth trying to be white, or what is considered a real Canadian in todays Canada under Steven Harper, because I was not and neither could anybody find peace, contentment becoming someone else and it was an impossible goal and task.  With the realization that White Europeans are just immigrants in this country themselves and ranked no higher as a society than any other I and many others stopped trying to be what they were not and could never be. As people of color realise that they have nowhere to hide they have ceased to try to and now seek true equality in all things that have for too long been denied them.  There is no going home for people of color, because we are home just like the white settlers who landed on these shore long ago  and it is time everyone in Canada realises that and accepts it.  People of color, immigrants with different religions, cultures are here to stay and their numbers and their political power is growing and like all Canadians people of color are seeing exactly what can be done with political might, and political will can do when the numbers are right. I would think that before white European becomes the minority and their color unable to hidden and they have no escape from reverse discrimination,  that they would seek to advance the ideals of multiculturalism and equal rights for all, before they become the victims of their own genocidal policies.”

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