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Expressing Negative Views In Public About Jewish People Or Israel As A Nation Ends Your Right To Freedom Of Speech, Says The B’nai Brith Canada

Isaac Mayer Wise was the founder of Reform Judaism—the branch practiced by most Jews today. He disparaged Native Americans and Blacks. Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise supported slavery and cited the Talmud as his main source.

The Jewish organization B’nai Brith Canada is demanding an apology from a Quebec talk show host who sympathized on the air with anti-Semitic statements.

It would seem that what constitutes freedom of speech in Canada shall once again be determined by what offends our Jewish community. It was disgusting what the woman said on the talk show about Hitler and his lack of success with the Holocaust, but having sais that, why is it that ones personal opinion is not allowed to be voiced when talking about the Holocaust and Israel’s actions in the Middle EastI think Anti Semitism is just as bad, but no worse than any other form of bigotry and should be treated accordingly and not like it is more of an insult than any other.  I keep hearing people say that the conversation between Maria and Jacques Fabi on his late night radio talk show, which is aired on 98.5 FM,was not freedom of speech, but rather it was hate conversation and say shame on people like me who do not know the difference between debate, meaningful conversation and hate rhetoric and I say, “Shame on anybody who would try to use the tragedy of the Holocaust to elevate themselves above the law of the land and redefine freedom of speech in such a way that it gives them alone the opportunity to voice their dissent of others actions, religious beliefs and very right to live on the same planet as them, on their radio shows, in their newspapers, on their television programs and in their schools. It is this special treatment the Jewish community demands from every person on this planet as payment, or compensation for their ancestors suffering in the Holocaust that others find annoying and unreasonable.  The insistence of Jewish leaders and our political law makers that any negative voicing of a person’s opinion in public of  negative Jewish, or Israeli behavior in the Middle East or anywhere else, is no longer to be tolerated and is no longer to be considered within the realm of freedom of speech, but must be considered as anti-Semitism and now violates Canadian law, leaves the rest of Canadians with the impression that our government seeks to protect only the Jewish and seems to trivialize the hardships and past suffering of all of its other citizens. It is from this premise that Slimovitch, the B’nai Brith Canada and the Jewish community demand a public apology from Jacques Fabi on the air. It is from this premise that Slimovitch, the B’nai Brith Canada and the Jewish community feel they have the right to demand that on hearing the first anti-Semitic word that would offend the Jewish community at large, Fabi should have cut her off the air rather than trying to engage her in conversation. I happen to disagree, because as ignorant and vile as the women’s worst comments were, they still amounted to just her opinion, she called for no violence and asked no one to join in any hate campaign against anyone.  The caller Marie and Jacques Fabi were talking  about a subject sensitive to the Jewish community and  was speaking out of anger and frustration, but is their anyone on this planet including our Jewish citizens that is innocent of negatively speaking of another race, religion, or culture in public and in private and do we not claim the right to be heard.  I believe that Marie is an example of what happens when a group of people hold themselves and a great tragedy in their history above that of the tragedies that other people’s ancestors have had to endure.  What we see and hear in Marie is the frustration, the anger and the annoyance of having to look over one’s shoulder for the Jewish anti-Semitism patrol, before voicing an opinion on the Middle East, or anything else that displeases, or might offend the Jewish community, whether or not it is truth and whether or not you have proof to back up what you are saying.”  Why is it at a time in Canadian history when our government seeks to as it calls it preserve our European heritage by forcing everyone to leave the ancestral baggage at the door, (culture, religious practices, religious wear) and anything else that would make them stand out and give them trouble blending in with the rest of Canadians, is the Jewish community allowed to hang on to its baggage, (culture, religious practices, religious wear) and everything else that makes them stand out and gives them trouble blending in with the rest of Canadians?

People say that Canada is doing well by First Nations People and that the poverty that these people now find themselves in is their own fault, because they mismanage the funds allocated to them, this type of lie offends me and them, but there will be no thousands of e-mails sent to anyone on the First Nations behalf and the telephone lines to government officials and media station heads demanding firings and punitive actions  for words said, will not happen; so what is it that puts the Holocaust above all other tragedies known to man, or committed against our fellow-man? What sets the Jewish person in a special position to be able to call Anti Semitic and get freedom of speech altered and anything negative said about them considered hate speech? Was the Holocaust really more of a tragedy, atrocity, more of a genocide then the fate that be felled our North American Indians? Were not millions of these people not slaughtered, because others wanted what belonged to them?  Were not whole tribes wipe out never to be seen again, made extinct? Does their suffering not continue today? I ask you. where are the phone calls blocking the switchboards for these people?  Why is it not illegal to make movies making them the bad guys, the makers of massacres on innocent settlers? Why is this lie okay, but any denial of the Holocaust, or the down playing of it illegal and gets Jewish peoples dander up? I would point out that a lot of the producers of such anti First Nations movies were Jewish, but I have yet to hear one Jewish leader, or even person express sorrow for their part in making money off of one of the greatest acts of genocide in modern times.

Is it because Jews consider themselves the chosen people of the true God, that they feel that they and they alone are above the laws the govern the rest of us ordinary folk?  I as a Black man who have had millions of my ancestors thrown overboard in the middle of oceans while being transported against their will into slavery aboard Jewish owned slave ships, sold on Jewish auction blocks and worked to death on Jewish plantations, get offended when Jewish people deny their  part in the African slave trade, but nobody has ever been arrested for the denial and nobody has ever said sorry, so what gives?  Am I to be expected to down play the African slave trade and the Jewish peoples part in it and does my assertion of the facts publicly make me anti-Semitic? Freedom of speech must mean just that freedom of speech and if we are going to redefine its terms then the new definition must apply to all equally and not to one race, or one religion in a special way that gives them a stronger position then all other races and religions.

Are we so far gone that we would ask a radio host who deals with controversial material on his show to just allow favorable conversation when debating Israel, or other Jewish sensitive subjects.  What of the Anti Muslim comments flowing quite freely everyday from the mouths of Jewish people and even our parliamentarians?  What about the Brown Faced Video? What happened to that investigation?  Who got fired and why was it not considered an outrage, by anyone and merely distasteful? I can tell you why, because as distasteful as it was, as stupid as it was, as racist as it was, it was not directed at Israel, or Jewish people. Black people are called lazy, shiftless and depicted as ignorant and slow-witted in countless movies produced once again by Jewish men, but there is no public outcry to stop the anti-Black propaganda. For the record whose news papers posted those anti Barack Obama racist pictures,  depicting him and his wife as chimps, or the Muslim machine gun-toting terrorist?  Whose book Is the Talmud which says that God’s punishment to Ham for seeing his father naked and buggering him, turned his skin to black and cursed him to be the servant of the world and beneath all men, thus giving acceptability and divine reason for the lucrative business of buying and selling of human beings as though they were mere cattle?  Are these facts that anger the Jewish race to be considered anti-Semitic as well; hate talk and therefore not included in what is considered freedom of speech?  If I were having this conversation on the air with Jacques Fabi should he throw me off the air? Should I be arrested and he suspended? What is up Canada?

I guess I am wondering how long are we ordinary people are going to be expected to accept being told what to think, when to say and how to say it, when it comes to sensitive issues concerning Israel and the Jewish community? I guess I am also wondering how long we have to put up with the Jewish population of this country deciding and determining what constitutes freedom of speech?  Is there a difference between freedom of speech and hate speech, or is it all just opinion no matter had bad, how distasteful and are we not all entitled to it?

The problem with making special words for special people like the holocaust and anti-Semitism, is that it tends to set one group of people above the other and before you know it, their peoples tragedy becomes more of a tragedy than anyone else’s on the planet and although it is not true in time it becomes the reality we see today that a 4 minute tirade by an ignorant bigot expressing her own opinion on the air of a late night radio show, is enough for the Jewish community to cry Anti Semitism and demand an apology of the host of the show for allowing the obviously racist woman to finish her tirade and daring to agree with some of her calmer non racist comments.  I have never heard of the Jewish people here, or in the Middle East apologising for anything they have ever said negatively, or hatefully about anything or apologising for atrocities they have committed in their past, or they are committing today; have you?  Are Jewish hands that free of innocent blood? Can they say every drop blood that they have spilled, or have caused to be spilled on their behalf to date, has been with just cause. Are they innocent when it comes to the spreading of, anti people, anti religion rhetoric, or hate speeches against others?  I think we know that the answer to all of the above is no, but I think that we know that some Jewish organisation, or readers will probably see this post as anti-Semitic and lobby to have it removed from WordPress, even though there are most likely blogs written by others giving the other side of the issue that they find okay.

Another problem with getting special treatment that you are not entitled to, is that people begin to resent you and find you to be nothing but a spoiled brat incapable of defending yourself against even words. They begin to be annoyed at the sensitivity of your thin skin, so sensitive that the mere words that others have had to endure since the concept of freedom of speech came into play,  make  you bleed.  Maybe it is that some people just get annoyed at having to tip toe around the truth, because you as a people find the truth offensive. Maybe some people are annoyed at hearing that the hardships and sufferings that their ancestors have had to endure while your Jewish ancestors made profit from directly or indirectly can never properly be addressed, because they know you will call foul, anti-Semitic and hate talk. The more that the Jewish community seeks what they will not give in terms of acknowledgment that all genocide is equally bad and that it must not be tolerated by the rest of the world, even if that means Israel must be called to task for it part in the atrocities being committed by them and in their name in the Middle East, then they will as a people always be regarded by some as shallow, self-serving and only out for their own good.  Everyone has a right to express themselves and the more the Jewish community makes government progress stifling what others have to say about them the more they will be resented by other Canadians.  Is it not bad enough that Israel has by its position has surrounded itself by enemies; is this what the Jewish community wishes to see itself faced with in every community in Canada and around the world?

I think that there is no room for Marie’s tirade and she should learn to speak properly and express her views differently, but I did not find anything offensive in Jacques Fabi expressing how he felt.  It was his opinion and I have heard worse said about others on every media everyday.  Every time I complained about somebody calling me a Nigger, I was told to ignore them; if it is not true do not let it get to you; sorry about what happened to your ancestors, but just because I am white does not mean I owe you anything and finally the KKK has the right to hold rallies and march down the street, because they have the same rights and freedoms as you the 2 strongest being freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

I do not take the Holocaust lightly, but I do see it on the same level of all acts of genocide throughout history, no greater or less. I fight for the rights of all people to live free and in peace and exist, not just the one, or one more than the other.  I think the word Holocaust needs to be removed from all language, or made to mean any and all genocide of any people and in so doing remove for all time the impression that some lives are more valuable than others and that some people should be protected more than others and that we owe some an apology, but not others.  Maybe then we will not have angry, annoyed people ranting and raving on the radio and talk show hosts saying what they believe to be true and the Jewish community crying anti-Semitism every time someone voices their disapproval over Israel’s war actions and being told what they can and not say in public about Jewish people.

What is wrong with this picture when taking about freedom of speech in Canada?  The talk show host says that, “I wouldn’t dare say something like that.” Later he said, “You know that in this democratic country, you can’t ever say anything offensive toward Israelis because it could cost you dearly. You can’t ever have negative views of any nature toward the Jewish people, or there will be serious consequences. That’s how it is.” A few minutes later, Fabi said that one must “wear white gloves when talking about this nice Jewish population of Montreal.” According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., he also said, “If you asked me if the Jewish population can sometimes be annoying, I would say yes.”  Now he appears to have a point considering this got him suspended after a call from was placed to his bosses at the radio station from the B’nai Brith and we are once again debating the difference between freedom of speech and hate talk.  What he said sounded like his opinion to me and was maybe not what the Jewish community wanted to hear, but I do not feel it falls in the hate talk definition either.

To make matters worse in my opinion, Slimovitch is asking for Fabi to apologize on air formally, saying “There’s no place for comments like that on a radio station. These are unacceptable comments and they beg a formal apology on the air’, but then says that the  B’nai Brith has asked CBC not to post the full interview, because it would further publicize anti-Semitic comments.  What is up Canada?

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